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 Julia Kim’s Short Reflection - Happy 2

Happiness is something I must cultivate.



Happiness is something I must cultivate.

Whatever grace I receive,
it depends on how I think.


How much grace we can receive is up to me.


As I always tell you, happiness is not far away.
We should grow happiness.
And we should cultivate happiness.


Happiness is not brought by others.
If I think ‘I’m happy’, then I’m happy.

But if I think ‘I’m unhappy’,
then I’m endlessly unhappy.

Jesus must receive Glory, Honor, Power and Adoration,
but Jesus hiding Himself performs Miracles of Love for us.

Jesus and the Blessed Mother call us
to Heaven through the Five Spiritualities.

Now we don’t know when this world will be chastised.
But you are chosen as grains of grains.


Dear pilgrims,
I told you, “To feel is important.” right?
Truly, to feel is very important.

Let us all feel the Love of the Lord and Mother Mary.