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 Julia Kim’s Short Reflection - Happy 1

Happiness, where can we find?



If we don’t get off

‘Mary’s Ark of Salvation’,

and live with ‘the Five Spiritualities’,

on the last day,



we’ll surely be

escorted by angels

to Heaven where there is no hunger,


no quarrel and

no envy and jealousy

but only filled with Love,

enjoying eternal happiness.



Everyone has his or her

own cross to carry.

Every cross is different,

whether it is big or small,



but everyone has

their own cross.

‘Oh, that family must be very happy.

I wish to be also like them…’


That’s not what should be thought.

That’s just what it looks like.

There could be a greater misfortune behind.


So at least we who know the Lord

and the Blessed Mother,



let’s offer up the pains given to us

more graciously,


and arming ourselves

with the Five Spiritualities


let’s grow our own happiness.

Happiness is not far away.


Happiness is not given by others.

“Happiness” is what we

should cultivate for ourselves.


Let’s cultivate together for our own happiness!

We must not look back or even look aside

but follow Jesus and the Blessed Mother,

to Heaven. Let’s Go! Go!