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 Julia Kim’s Short Reflection 5

We should also resurrect with Jesus, right ?



As Jesus resurrected,


shouldn’t we

also resurrect with Him?

Dear pilgrims!

All of us! Let us clean and

tidy up ourselves


so that we can receive Jesus

in our hearts as a tabernacle,

as a palace and as a Kingdom




Let us empty our

hearts totally and prepare ourselves.


So, we should drive out

all the bad friends from our hearts.


Let us today send out

the bad friends completely.


Pride / Envy & Jealousy / Ego

These three. Among these…


We Trample, Trample, and Trample

But it wriggles up again.


We should drive out ego first.

Because of ego, we may even ruin our lives.



Pride and Ego can even spread

over to our neighbors.


Let’s pull them out today

cleanly by the roots.

The devils of Obscenity,


let’s drive them out Completely, too.

Let’s also completely

repel envy and jealousy.