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 Julia Kim’s Short Reflection 4

The truth that only through pain

we can resurrect



Everyone can do wrong

But if we repent immediately, praying



“Jesus, I really did wrong.

I did wrong like this without

realizing it. Please forgive me.”



Then He will forgive us.

The Lord loves even

the most wicked sinners,


then how would He not love children

who ask for His forgiveness?



I always meditate on

St. Mary Magdalene.


Mary Magdalene who

deserved to be stoned to death



repented with her tears asking for His forgiveness



and she was

loved most of all by Jesus.


Dear pilgrims,

we can also be loved

the most by Jesus.


The pains given to us

are hard and tough,



But realizing the truth that

only through pain we can resurrect,


let’s make a new start from today.