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 Julia Kim’s Inspiring Spiritual
Message and Healing Prayer on February
 1, 2020



bullet03_glitter.gif  Praise Jesus! Praise the Blessed Mother!

Nice to see you! I think everyone has a hard time with COVID-19 these days. But you made it here despite the outbreak. Then Our Lord and the Blessed Mother will drive out the epidemic from you! (Amen!)

In the year of the 25th anniversary of the Blessed Mother’s weeping tears, H1N1 Flu Virus broke out. And in the year of the 30th anniversary of the Blessed Mother’s weeping Tears, MERS-Cov broke out. This caused many foreign pilgrims to cancel their pilgrimage to Naju. But Peter Ting, the nephew-in-law of Fr. Su, organized 80 pilgrims from Malaysia to visit here. They gave us a call, “Definitely we will go! What should we be afraid of? If we get infected with MERS and die on our way to Naju, it will be our MARTYRDOM and we will go straight to Heaven!”

How great their faith is! Isn’t it? (Yes!) You came here with that same faith as well, right? (Yes!) Then Our Lord will pour out His overflowing grace from Heaven to you. The feast of ‘Presentation of the Lord’ is approaching. On February 2, 1995, I stepped forward before the statue of the Blessed Mother and prayed, holding Her hands.

“Mother! You said, ‘I will help you with my power that crushes the serpent!’ Please save and embrace all the children of the world in Your bosom!” It was the day when the Blessed Mother presented Her Son Jesus in the temple and also the day when it was foretold by Simeon that She would experience the pains of Her Heart being pierced with a sharp sword. The Blessed Mother responded to my prayer, saying “I have received numerous pains of my heart, being pierced by a sword, from my beloved children, but, at the same time, I am comforted by the little souls like you.”

And today, Jesus and the Blessed Mother will be consoled by all of you. The Blessed Mother has been shedding Tears and Tears of blood for so long, and She has spoken repeatedly to Her children in the world, but they still don’t understand. And, the majority of leaders of the church and society who are captains of the sailing ships are deaf and blind spiritually. It makes the world like a rudderless ship losing its direction.

So, through all of you gathered here, Our Lord and the Blessed Mother are comforted and God the father is withholding the punishment that ought to be sent upon this world. In the times of the Old Testament, ‘Sodom and Gomorrah,’ ‘Noah’s deluge’, and ‘Tower of Babel’, the Blessed Mother was not there yet. That’s why God sent down His punishment upon the world.

But now the world is even worse than those old times. At the time of the Tower of Babel, people tried to be as high as God. That made God punish the Tower of Babel. But now, the Blessed Mother is with us! So all of you, who know the Lord and Blessed Mother! Let us be a Tailor of Love, sewing the torn Hearts of Jesus and the Blessed Mother.

And let us be the Handkerchief of Love that wipes away the Bloody Sweat from Jesus and Tears of Blood from the Blessed Mother. Let us be the Plier of Love that pulls out the nails, which were driven into Jesus and the Blessed Mother because of our sins. Let us not be the hammer that pushes the nail in, but the Hammer of Love that punishes the devils.

Actually, it was not possible for me to be here today because of severe pains, but I have offered up all my pains for you and came here. I’ve never felt such severe pain before in my life. It feels like there is no way out.

Yes, I am still in deep pain. I am suffering for the COVID-19 patients and also for repentance of homosexuals. I suffer on their behalf. My pains were not just given to me, but I asked the Lord to allow me to suffer. It was during Lent, 1982. The Lord revived me nine times from death. I am deficient, unworthy, vulnerable and ignorant one, but the Lord dispatched me, from Heaven back to this world.

I said to Jesus that it’s unbearable for me to see the priests committing sins because of me, the deficient and unqualified one. (note: Priests who don’t accept Naju phenomena, judge and condemn Naju and Julia) So I told him “If I were not in the world, priests wouldn’t commit sins anymore,” But God the Father answered me, “Even if you do nothing but breathe, you are saving countless souls.” So, I came back down from Heaven to this world, risking my pain.

One of our Sisters said to me, “Mama, it’s already the 9th time, I have a feeling that if you go to Heaven once more, you won’t be able to come back to the earth again.” Everything depends on God’s will. So, I have said, “Lord, I am Yours if I die; I am Yours if I live. I entirely belong to You, Lord.” Some people told me today that I shouldn’t be here because I am so vulnerable now. (Her immunity is too low.) But COVID –19 can’t be the reason that stops me from being here with you! Back then, when I was suffering from septicemia, I did come here to see you! Also, after operation for my myocardial infarction, I was told never to be here. But, I made it here to see you!

Because my adrenal gland is in a really bad condition, I’ve been taking steroids for years, which makes it impossible to receive any shots or to do anything (medical treatment). I should have been getting better, but I heard it is no way for me to be healed. But I entrust everything to the Lord and the Blessed Mother, and I offer it up for your healing, for the repentance of myself first and all of us. So, I offer up all my pains for the repentance of all sinners in the world. But more importantly, I offered it up for you first, dear pilgrims who are so closer to me Right? (Yes.) It’s for you. Not far away people but you first!

This time, I first offered up all the pain for our religious, especially who make their perpetual vow today, and for the sake of all of you as well. So, though I’m in pain now, I hope all of you will be healed from every disease. I hung in there without going to the hospital to the end.

Doctors said to me “There’s no proper treatment for you in the local hospitals here, you should go to Samsung Hospital or Asan Hospital in Seoul.” But I didn’t go. I offered up all my pains for all of you instead. So, be healed, everyone! The Best healing is internal healing, rather than external ones. When we repent, we’ll also receive physical healing. What is the best medicine for healing? (Repentance!) Oh, you know that so well! Yes, Repentance. Many people have been cured by repentance.

Before, when we had a prayer meeting at the Blessed Mother’s House, more than 1,000 people came into that small space. It was so crowded, so some people were even sitting on each other’s lap. There were also many people on the road outside of Chapel. Three men came into the Chapel and sat there. Then, a lady suddenly sat on one of their laps. So, they thought ‘What just happened? What a strange place!’ Pushing her away, those three got of the Chapel. But it came to their minds ‘Anyway, we came this far. It will be our loss if we leave here early.’ So, they came back in. It was the Blessed Mother Who called them. That day, they received a lot of blessings and went back home.

Let me tell you how the Blessed Mother protects Her children. There were three ladies. Their husbands drove them to Naju. Those three men were planning to go off for a drink without joining vigil prayers. But when they were driving, the car turned over and fell into the stream in front of the Blessed Mother’s House. But they didn’t get hurt at all. The car was OK also.

So, those three men exclaimed, “Wow, the Blessed Mother is really here! She held us up! Because we were thinking of going off for a drink instead of vigil prayer.” Eventually, they joined the prayer meeting all night. That’s how the Blessed Mother protects us.

Now, so many extraordinary events are happening around the world. However, the Blessed Mother indeed protects Her children who believe and follow Her who appeared in Naju.

In 2011, a 9.0 magnitude earthquake and tsunami occurred in Sendai, Japan. Here, Agnes Chang is with us today. Her elder sister Julia Chang lives in Sendai, Japan. Dear Pilgrims! Make full use of Naju Miraculous Holy Water. When your Miraculous Holy Water is running out, you may add the Miraculous Spring Water to it to be multiplied.

Since Julia Chang lives in Japan, she can’t visit Naju regularly. But whenever she visits Korea, she comes here. So she is also our Naju pilgrim. She sprinkled the Miraculous Holy Water all the time around her house for two years. She lived in the center of Sendai. Due to the disaster, 18,000 were dead and missing in Sendai. It wasn’t only the 9.0 earthquake in Sendai that hit, but a tsunami struck also.

Everything was swept away. 130,000 houses collapsed. All the other houses next to Chang’s collapsed. But her house was FINE on the 1st floor with just minor cracks on the 2nd floor. (The damage evaluation team inspected all floors.) So, she received compensation from the insurance company. After repairing the house, she still had a lot of leftover money. So she even made money. The Lord let her gain money through that incident.

At the time, it was almost impossible to make a call to Japan. So, Agnes Chang felt really frustrated because she couldn’t reach her sister. Sendai was at the center of the disaster. So, she desperately sprinkled Naju Miraculous Holy Water on the phone and called again. Her sister answered her call! Despite the scattered and dying people there, only she was connected! What do you think? So, you don’t have to worry about the COVID - 19, right? (Amen!)

In Naju, Our Lord and the Blessed Mother appeared, and They are present with us now. Every step you take on the Blessed Mother’s Mountain is filled with graces. Our Lord keeps pouring down the Water of Mercy, rain of His Precious Blood and His Precious Blood. The Blessed Mother keeps shedding Tears, Tears of Blood, and the Fragrant Oil.

Jesus always accompanies us on the Way of the Cross here. Even Jesus’ Precious Blood descended on the sleeping baby’s head and has been pouring out everywhere until today. One day, our volunteer in a worship team went back home after pilgrimage to Naju and she found the Precious Blood on her underskirt and inner legging.  

If it had descended on her outer clothing, she might have thought, ‘Did anything drop on my clothing?’ But how could blood be there under her clothes? She didn’t even have any wounds. Like this, although we can’t see Jesus and the Blessed Mother, They are always with us. Last September, Typhoon Ling Ling was about to hit Naju directly.

Although it’s been a long time since I stopped watching news on TV, I noticed on the internet that it would hit Naju directly. ‘Jesus, please let this pass away to avoid hitting Naju. Please don’t let it come this way.’ I prayed hard to make it go away into the ocean. Thanks to God, on the day that Ling Ling was supposed to hit here, the sky was very clear.

Even if SARS, H1N1 flu, MERS, COVID-19, or whatever more dangerous virus may appear, if you wholeheartedly believe in the Lord and the Blessed Mother, and if you don’t glance sideways or turn back from Them with your free will, the Blessed Mother of Naju will always embrace you in Her Mantle and guide you. Have full faith! Then She will protect you all.

I had many chances of getting into a car accident. But the Lord always protected me. The Blessed Mother flew over and protected me. When I didn’t notice it, Jesus told me (how He protected me). Before, I used to go to 10 a.m. Mass in my parish on the 1st Sat. I was on my way to the church. Nowadays, there are four lanes on the road but two lanes at that time. Many cars were coming from Gwangju. So, I only looked in that direction.

Although the other lane from Mokpo was more dangerous, I wasn’t careful enough on that road as there was no car. So I was only looking at the lane over there. Usually I went to Church 30 minutes before Mass for Eucharistic Adoration. Seeing no more oncoming cars, I just ran across the road (There was no crosswalk) My Goodness! The bus coming from Mokpo “Screech!” It really touched my body. That couldn’t be. It was express bus! (on the highway). All the passengers in the bus felt pity on me. I apologized, “Oh, I am sorry!” But the driver didn’t scold me.

I said “I am sorry” and ran again. Then the Bus “Screech!” again. It was another approaching express bus. I apologized again “I am sorry.” In the bus, “What good luck you had, young lady!” “Thought you’re dead but you’re alive! Wow!” Before Mass began, I was trembling (because of that incident). And Jesus told me that it was He who saved my life. Then I asked Him, “Was I really in danger in that accident?” Jesus answered, “Think of that situation again.” Then, I realized I was caught in extreme danger!

If you experienced driving a car, you know how it is. Are you able to stop a car by braking quickly like that? I ran across the road and the bus touched me only. Then I ran again and another bus also touched me again. Later, I came to know the Blessed Mother flew over to me and stopped the bus.

Therefore dear pilgrims! When we trust in the Lord and the Blessed Mother entirely and follow Them, They will do everything for you. (Amen!) Let’s not think in human way, ‘Should I do this or that?’ But let us arm ourselves with the Five Spiritualities completely.

It was Feb 3, 1994. As I came closer to the statue of the Blessed Mother, It became larger. The Blessed Mother showed me that She is alive coming down. She was wearing a crown with a white veil on Her head, and donned in blue mantle. She looked exactly like Her statue and came down alive. Then She spoke to me. Let me summarize Her words.

“All the children in the world! Do not think that the many disasters that are occurring all over the world are just random accidents. You must wake up quickly and divert God’s wrath from you. As I told you before, the natural order is now being disturbed and abnormalities are occurring frequently.

Floods, fires, famines, earthquakes, floods, droughts, tidal waves, traffic accidents, illness, large-scale destructions, and many kinds of environmental disasters, and unusual weather, wars etc., thousands and thousands of people are dying. Also, because of incurable and contagious disease, the countless victims are increasing.

Internecine conflicts and those who are casing division and confusion by spreading heresies in the Church. Church is indifferent to my plea. Major events that have changed the world drastically. This cruel world is going to destruction.

Meanwhile, despite this serious apostasy, some Bishops, priests, religious and many lay people are leading sinful lives, having been trapped in the snares laid by the cunning and wicked Satan, they are walking toward hell without realizing that they are in sins. And Satan is leading them to think what they are doing is good and of a true value. They are totally ignorant about this, because they are not awake. This is why my Heart has been burning so intensely that it is gushing out blood.

When snow falls and cold wind blows, you know winter is beginning. When new buds sprout, you know it is spring.

Then, why do you still not understand that these disasters are the signs of the beginning of great tribulation? Through these many signs, you should know that the time of great tribulation is close at hand. Do not bring about the chastisement of darkness, fire and blood upon you. People were eating, drinking and marrying until the very day Noah was entering the Ark. They were all swept away by the flood.

They were not aware of anything, and they faced the flood head on. You should not subject yourselves to the same situation by not listening to my voice with which I am imploring you ardently. Depending on whether you accept my powerful words well or reject them, the time of the Second Pentecost and Purification can be advanced of delayed. Therefore, rush to me as innocent children listening to your Mother. Then, you will be saved through a New Resurrection and a New Birth and this world will surely be saved through the Lord’s Resurrection.” Amen!

May the Message of Love from the Blessed Mother be fully realized to all of you! (Amen!)

130,000 houses were swept away by earthquake and tsunami in Sendai, Japan. It was a great disaster, indeed. But people tend to forget those enormous disasters. When it becomes a past incident, people just forget it. Even if many people die because of COVID-19 epidemic, but if we stay awake, we can feel more of love of the Lord and the Blessed Mother under those situations.

As I told you earlier, you can feel the great love the Lord has for those three men. They were planning to get a drink, leaving behind their wives in the Blessed Mother’s House. You know sometimes guys flirt with women when drinking. Preventing such things, the Lord deliberated the car to turn over. And nobody got hurt. Even the car was fine! After the incident, they attended the 1st Sat. prayer meeting under normal condition.

Even if you have any little pain or difficulties, if you think, ‘Ah, the Lord loves me so much that He calls me through this pain!’ the pain will become Graces from God. But many people complain even with a small pain, “Why did the Lord allow me to suffer?” “Why is it happening to me?” “Why me, of all people!” Of course, I don’t think you who are here say that. But there are many people who think like that. Instead, ‘Ah, the Lord loves us so much that He allowed me to suffer!’ If you think in this way, what a blessing it is!

Weeks ago, there was a severe volcanic eruption in the Philippines. There was a huge amount of volcanic ashes. To this day, the Philippines has suffered a lot from volcanic ashes, causing one million victims. They had to rake out volcanic ashes. It was a tremendous amount! (Daily average of emission of sulfur dioxide, 4,353 tons) Fr. Restie, who spreads the Messages of Our Lady of Naju vigorously, visited the area where the eruption occurred.

When he was there, another eruption was predicted to occur. So he sprinkled Naju Miraculous Holy Water toward it and prayed. Then, the next morning, the breaking news reported that the alert level declined. The volcano did not erupt! So Fr. Restie exclaimed, “Naju Miraculous Holy Water is very powerful! Strongest power EVER!”

There are so many priests, like him, who are spreading Naju to the world, although we don’t know them all. They are testifying to the graces of Naju. When they brought the Statue of Our Lady of Naju to their countries, they let the statues visit from house to house to pray together.

In Naju, pilgrims can get the replica statues of the Blessed Mother of Naju. And fervent prayers are offered up to help them get the statues full of grace. Before, I suffered the pains of hell and purgatory, and I screamed like an aborted baby in the pains of reparation for others’ abortion, “Mommy! Mommy! Let me live! Let me live! I want to live!” “Mommy!!!!” I offered up all those enormous pains in my attic. We bring the statues of Our Lady of Naju and all other holy items up to the attic.

The floor of the attic has broken down due to my struggles in suffering. Our volunteers who work for the religious articles make a lot of efforts. All the holy items of Naju are filled with the Prayers of Life. Despite the very narrow stairs, they bring up the statues to my attic, climbing steps one by one while offering up the Prayers of Life so that people may receive graces with these statues. ‘May the Blessed Mother visit the families through statues and set the fire of love and perform the miracles of love in them.’ And while going down from my attic, they pray, ‘As Jesus and the Blessed Mother came down to the lowest place, please let everyone praying with these statues and holy items come down humbly to the lowest place.’

Many foreign pilgrims take our statues to their countries. In India, people were praying with the statue of Our Lady of Naju. To their amazement, a cow came into the room and it suddenly sat before the statue of Our Lady of Naju, and was looking at Her! Although they couldn’t understand its prayer in its language, they were all shocked!

When we sent you Naju Holy Water, in order for you to receive much grace even with piece of card or paper, we included the holy cards made with All Signs of Graces of Naju. It has more than 100 million googol (10^100), countless images of All the signs of Naju within them. Even 1 Googol is tremendous. Before, even with a single picture of a Naju sign such as the Blessed Mother weeping Tears and Tears of Blood, cancer patients have been healed.

There was one man in Prison. He was sentenced to death row. He had a lump on his neck. So he touched the picture of Tears of the Blessed Mother (of Naju) and touched it on his neck, asking for removal of the lump. Then, it disappeared! He was healed. (He eventually was released for good behavior.)

Also in India, a mother of the mother superior of a convent had cancer. But the mother superior wasn’t able to go out to see her mother because she was in a cloistered monastery. she sent the holy card of Tears of the Blood of Our Lady of Naju to her mother so that she can put it on her bosom when she dies. But her mother became totally healed with the holy card of Tears of Blood.

Such as this, Jesus and the Blessed Mother bestow the sublimest and purest love upon us abundantly. With Naju Miraculous Spring water, the blind sees, the deaf hears, the dumb speaks, the cripple stands upright, and the dead revive! One woman had an ear ache since she was a little girl. It didn’t get any better even after she gave birth to her child. she was in such tremendous pain that she poured the Miraculous Spring Water into her ear. Immediately her ear was cured. What great faith she had! Pouring water into her ear was like a drowning man clutching at straws. There are quite a lot of people who have strong faith like her.

In the past, when I was invited to the Philippines, I delivered messages in front of 100 thousands of people, and every time I went abroad, tens of thousands of people gathered. But the devils of division must have hated it. Because a lot of miracles of love occur in Naju, devils who became so jealous of it began to persecute Naju through some priests in Gwangju diocese. So now, the cunning schemes of freemasons are rampant. Like this, devils afflict us from receiving graces.

What I am really sorry about is : Even though countless people were healed when I was abroad and I still receive invitations from many countries, I refused to go there because devils are so jealousy that they are working so hard through the priests who are against Naju.

But you came here under persecution and difficulties, regardless of COVID-19 outbreak. So Jesus will pour down His Holy Spirit upon all of us!

When a lady, the Naju pilgrim who had never missed any 1st Sat. prayer meeting, was on a plane back home, the plane crashed. The plane was broken into pieces and passengers died except for her who survived! Can you imagine that? After the accident, the lady didn’t hurt much and, came here only with wearing a cast on her neck to thank the Blessed Mother. It’s amazing, isn’t it? This is how the Lord and the Blessed Mother Who appeared in Naju are doing for us.

Now, there are so many, countless false prophets in the world. And all of them are apparently specious. In so many places in the world, there have been a large number of them who suggested me to join hands with them. Some of them, who were extremely rich, even said they will open a bank account for me. Even in Korea, many suggested such things. But, I have never joined hands with anyone of them. Because, when I thought ‘Do they truly follow Authentic Catholicism? No, they don’t.’

The gift of prophecy is given for the benefits of the community. It is not like telling somebody’s fortune, “You are like this, you are like that.” or “Your mother went up to heaven.” If they answer all the questions this way (for personal interest), then it is not ‘true prophecy’. events. If I had joined hands with such people like them, I would already accumulate wealth enough to have buildings and a great cathedral here now.

Although this place is so shabby and trivial, we gather here to go to Heaven together by holding the hands of the Blessed Mother who is the string that ties Heaven and earth. Jesus wasn’t born in a luxurious palace, either. He didn’t eat all sorts of delicacies.

He was born in a stable. Likewise, the Lord and the Blessed Mother appeared in Naju and are present in this shabby place under persecution. Still, how peaceful and how blessed we are to meet Our Lord and the Blessed Mother in this place!

After I was revived from death, I joined the charismatic movement. There were a lot of people who were given the gift of prophecy. Dear pilgrims, please do not ask for the gift of prophecy. Let’s just follow the Message of Love given to us by the Lord and the Blessed Mother. When we go forward by arming ourselves with the Five Spiritualities and practice them, we will enter Heaven on the last day.

Even if we are given the gift of knowledge, prophecy, or healing, but if we don't practice love and the Five Spiritualities, we are like a clashing cymbal.

If you show yourself off, “I’ve done great things!”, it means that you are further away from Heaven. The more the rice grows, the more it bends its head. We should resemble Jesus, who always humbles Himself!

Many of you think that the Five Spiritualities is difficult to practice. Dear pilgrims, is it easy or difficult? Difficult? (Yes.) Please don’t think it is difficult. It’s not difficult to practice. Under all circumstances in your daily lives, just open your hearts and you can practice it. Because you close your hearts, you feel difficult to practice it.

What is ‘the Five Spiritualities?’? ‘Turning our daily lives into prayer’ is not difficult. When you forget to practice it, here is a good point of ‘Turning our daily lives into prayer.’: If you forgot to pray at that time, you may do it now! When you put on your shoes and walk, you may realize, ‘Oh, I didn't pray? Aw, I forgot it…’ Please don’t stop there.

‘Jesus, I wear shoes of the world, but please Jesus, let me put on shoes of the Holy Spirit.’ You can pray like this. When you remember things of the past, you can turn into prayers.

If you dropped your handkerchief, ‘Huh? Where’s my handkerchief? And finding it said, “Oh Jesus, I almost lost it. Thank you for finding it for me.” but instead, you should pray like, “Jesus, you found your lost sheep, and indeed my soul is the one. Please let me grow renewed. I am your lost sheep, Jesus, please hold me back into your arms.’

Lile this, these prayers can be applied to various situations. You don’t have to pray exactly as the book “Turning our daily lives into Prayers” says. But if it’s hard for you, you can refer to the book. However, there are many ways in turning our lives into prayers. It’s very easy.

In the past, when I was invited to Pittsburgh, U.S.A., I had my big toe broken before the visit. I offered up the pain so joyfully. It swelled up very quickly. But I still delivered the messages to the pilgrims. I never even thought of going to see a doctor, but some people insisted, “Oh in this case, you must have a fracture. Let’s go to hospital.” So I went there.

So I did. And they found my big toe was broken in the shape of “V”. Wow, I became extremely grateful for this injury. ‘Wow, this means a ‘Victory’. Wow, it is a victory to visit Pittsburgh.’ But they said I couldn’t make it. So I wore a soft cast. When you wear a soft cast, the big toe should be covered up like this, not exposing it, shouldn’t I? But they left my big toe out of the cast like this.

In the hospital, doctors found my big toe was broken in the shape of “V”. Wow, I was so grateful for that. ‘Wow, this V means a Victory! Wow, it will be victorious visit to Pittsburgh!’ But doctors said I could never go there. They let me wear a soft cast. Of my, when they put a soft cast on me, my broken toe should be covered up, not exposed. But they left my big toe out of the cast.

A week later, when I saw the doctor again, they said it was very serious, so they made me wear a plastered cast which came up to my lap. You know, I broke only my toe! And how thick the cast was, it was really thick. When I was going up to my attic, 2nd Floor, I had to push my leg upwards like this. So I had to crawl up there, but my leg was so heavy that I couldn’t even lift it up.

Look, how great love it was! Dear pilgrims, you should feel the love. When I was delivering Messages in the Chapel, Rufino Park came up to the altar. He came up and unintentionally stepped on my foot all the time. The foot with the big broken toe, without cast on it. It was the Love of God. Well, would Rufino really want to step on my foot?

So one day, I delivered messages sitting like this to avoid being stepped on. However, while I was delivering a Message, he came over suddenly here and stepped hard on my broken toe again! And he watered the flowers behind me! Wherever my foot was, he would step on it. But I felt blissful. ‘Ah, this is how the Lord gives me love.’, ‘No matter how hard I try avoiding it, the Lord allows me this kind of love!’ Though I try to avoid this kind of love (pain), I can’t escape from it because He gives me this love wherever I go.

So, no matter what happens to us, we should rejoice. Rufino always watered the flowers at moments when I gave my talks. It could have distracted the people there and me as well. Some might think, ‘He’d better not do it now as he could do it at another time!’ But we should think, ‘The devils made him do that! Devils are interrupting to prevent us from receiving graces!’ Therefore, let us think of everything positively and joyfully.

When Rufino watered the flowers, I asked him, “What Kind of prayers did you offer up?” He said, “Oh, even doing so, need to pray?” “Of course! ‘Prayers of life’ is turning our whole lives into prayers!” “Oh Yes, then, how can I turn this into prayer?” “Water my dried soul with Your sweet rain of love, Lord.” “Wow, what an amazing prayer!” Yes, dear pilgrims, like this example, don’t miss any chance to turn your life into prayer. If there is a withered flower, please don’t just remove the faded petals from it. Let us pray instead ‘Jesus, remove all the faded parts of my heart! Fill it with Your Holy Spirit ANEW! Fill it with the Spirit of Jesus!’ This is how we should pray!

So, if someone hits you, it would be the devil’s attempt to make you feel bad. We must crush devil! We must know what we fight against is not human, but the devil and Satan. Let me give an example about the Five Spiritualities. It was 1984. I was running a beauty salon and hired two top-notch hairstylists. I was a top-notch stylist who won the first prize, as the Lord allowed. But, we couldn’t handle too many customers in our salon. So, I also hired upper-middle hairstylists.

Those two top-notch hairstylists were on good terms with me, but not so with each other. They kept quarreling. One day, I intended to reconcile them, and said, “Let’s go out and have some tea.” They suggested a draft beer pub. Actually, I can’t drink. But I said “Okay.” So, we went there. I ordered coke. One of them said “Oh, I should have ordered coke.” so I said, “Oh, then let’s share it.” So I gave her some of my coke, and I took very little of hers.

What prayer should we offer up in this situation? We should turn it into prayers, shouldn’t we? ‘Jesus, like wine and water becoming one during Mass as Your Humanity and Divinity are one. Now I make coke and beer mix together to be united with each other. Though they are totally different. Jesus, let us dissolve into Your Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Mother and be completely united with each other. And please let all your children in the world repent, not only these two stylists.’

I thought ‘A few drops of beer with coke would be fine.’ And I drank it, Oh my, I instantly got hives, from fist-sized to bean-sized, from head to toe! Even on my palms and soles. So I prayed ‘Oh! Thank you, Jesus. For the sake of these two stylists, for all the customers of my salon, and for the sinners in the world including myself, I offer up my pains!’ After that, they got along very well like real sisters. I was so happy with them.

I was offering the pain of hives, yet they kept coming back. Some of my customers said “I know it’s good to offer up our pains to the Lord, but this is rather gross! Go see a doctor quickly.” I said, “I already did. But it still remains.” Actually, I tried everything to recover. They told me to do some Korean traditional home remedy. I literally tried everything, but nothing worked. Once, I asked the Lord ‘As I already got the hives, grant me more!’ Then the Lord gave me more hives, indeed.

As you know, it is itching all the time, but it gets much hotter whenever I use a hair drier (for customers). Goodness, I suffered from it for 8 years and 5 months on my whole body! When I blow-dried customer’s hair in summer, I felt throbbing pain all over my body. It was so hard but I offered up all my pains joyfully by turning it into prayers. Every Five spiritualities can be practiced under such situations. Also accepting the pain with Amen.

I don’t have any concern, because I am in the Lord.
I went underneath the Cross of the Lord and let my burden down
Praising the Lord, Alleluia, Alleluia!
I will follow the Lord even if it’s the long and hard way to go. Amen!

Praising like this made me so happy. I felt like all my pain disappeared. And the Lord rejoiced to see me offering up the pain graciously. In 1988, Fr. Oh was my spiritual director. He asked me to go to the Holy Land for pilgrimage. But I said “I don’t want to go...” But he kept insisting “This could be the last chance for me. I might be gone after this pilgrimage, so please join me.” and “You must also go on a pilgrimage to Lourdes and Fatima, so, come with me.” Therefore, I followed him with the virtue of obedience. My customers and fellow brethren told me that I would be healed in Lourdes. But I thought, ‘Whether I am healed or not, everything is the Lord’s will.’ And I went to Lourdes and took a bath there.

You can take a shower with Naju Miraculous Spring Water as much you like, right? But in Lourdes, we took off our clothes wearing only robes, two volunteers assisted us from both sides to dip in and out of the water. That’s all. You can take a shower with the clean Miraculous Spring Water here, right? You are so blessed! (Amen!) I thought to myself, ‘Will I get better after the bath at Lourdes?’ But it didn’t work at all. In the evening, I took a lot of Lourdes Water to the hotel and took a bath until next morning. However, it didn’t work for me. So, I said to myself ‘Yes, perhaps that the Lord needs my painful sacrifice.’

In 1991, I was invited to the Philippines. While staying there for a month, everyday, without a single rest day, I had daily morning and evening session, attending Mass, delivering the Message and praying over people. Though the sessions held in the morning and evening, the schedule was very tight. It’s because, right after my talk and prayer, it was time to eat together. When I tried eating, people kept asking behind me, “Picture, please!” “Sign, please!” It was impossible to eat.

After I came back to my lodging, and was about to take a shower, then phone rang. It was Fr. Jerry Orbos, saying “Julia, please pray for the people of the Philippines.” and “Please sing a spiritual song.” And even though I was naked, I prayed and sang on the phone. It was my sheer pleasure. Not thinking, ‘Aw, come on, let me be alone for a while.’ Everything was my pleasure. I was so happy and really full of joy.

During my stay there for a month, cancer patients, including those who had incurable disease and other ailments impossible to heal anywhere in the world were all healed. For that reason, in 1991, Julio and I were invited to go on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. During the pilgrimage, my group also visited the Vatican and met Pope John Paul Ⅱ, where I gave him a replica of Our Lady of Naju. He liked it saying “Okay, okay.” And Julio gave him a large photo of the Blessed Mother weeping Tears of Blood. And he blessed us saying “Praise Jesus! (in Korean)”

Then, we went to Lourdes again and did the same like before by dipping in the water and took a bath with the water in my hotel. I wasn’t healed yet. Then, on Aug 27, 1992, Our Lord gave us the Naju Miraculous Spring Water. So I thought, ‘Ah! I would be healed this time by our Naju Miraculous Spring Water.’ At the time, there were no water facilities at the Blessed Mother’s Mountain, but, one day, I went up the hill with some ladies, where the Blessed Mother’s big statue is now. I asked them to keep watch if someone was approaching. I then undressed and started washing myself with the Naju Miraculous Spring Water. At the very moment, I was completely healed! (Amen!) (Clapping) Healed after 8 years and 5 months!

So, may you all be healed with this good Miraculous Spring Water too! But not only the Miraculous Spring Water, but everything here is a grace. As I told you, countless people have been healed. (through the grace of the Blessed Mother of Naju) It’s amazing when a plane crashed into pieces, there were no survivals except one lady pilgrim from Naju! How on earth could she survive from it? She, with a cast around her neck, came and sat there.

SARS, H1N1 flu, MERS, and now Corona. Is Corona correct? Co-ro-na-wa (Everyone laughed because it means ‘Something comes out from the nose.’ in Korean pronunciation) Let us all not be afraid of anything! Some of you came here thinking “If I go to Naju, I’ll be even healed of COVID-19!” Some thought “I must console Jesus and the Blessed Mother!” And some thought “I am a bit afraid, but I will still go.” Either way, you are all here now. Regardless of the reason you came, you are here because Our Lord and the Blessed have called you! (Amen!)

How dangerous this world is now! This world has been decaying. In Genesis Ch 18, Abraham implored God when the city (Sodom and Gomorrah) deserved the sulfur because the whole world should not be chastised if there were also righteous people. So he asked God “If there were 50 righteous people, would you withdraw from punishing the city?” He said “I will not destroy them.”

And Abraham kept decreasing the hypothetical number of the righteous to 40, 30, and 20. Then, he thought ‘The righteous would at least count to 20.’ But still he continued asking “What if there were just 10 righteous men, will you spare your punishment?” God answered, “I will not destroy them.” But sadly, there weren’t even 10 righteous people there, and the sulfur and chastisement were sent down upon that place.

In Genesis Ch 19, Lot was such a kind and humble man who lived according to the will of God. So, God ordered angels to save Lot. The angel directed him to flee from the city with his whole family, saying “The chastisement will come down on this city.” Then Lot told his two sons-in-law to leave the city, but they laughed sardonically at him. As dawn broke, the angel urged Lot again saying “Come On! Take your wife and daughters away!” Now, this is important. Lot had hesitated. Because he considered himself a sinner. So the angel seized his hands, including his wife’s, and his two daughters’ and made them run away.

This is my point. Regardless of what situation you are stuck in, if you follow the will of the Lord and the Blessed Mother, meditate and practice the Five Spiritualities, even if you are sleeping, the Lord will even order His angels to rescue you from the burning fire.

The one of the angels said “DON’T LOOK BACK.” It’s important as well. Dear pilgrims, we who follow the Lord and the Blessed Mother should NEVER look back or glance sideways. We shouldn’t sway like a drifting boat. Don’t be swayed by false prophets.

The word of a false prophet sounds sweet and pleasing to your ears. But they are wrong. They tempt you with sweet talk at first. Even some of Naju pilgrims believed their sweet talk because they praise people all the time from the start. Some people who followed false prophets became devastated, and one of them even committed suicide when they realized the falsehood.

On the contrary, if you follow the Lord and the Blessed Mother completely, we’ll gain Heaven. When you entrust yourself entirely to the Lord and the Blessed Mother, your family will also be blessed. Also your treasures of merits will accumulate abundantly in Heaven and your family will also be protected.

If you don’t look backward misusing your free will, but follow the Blessed Mother, She will take care of all of you, guide, and protect you. So, on the last day angels will escort you, and you will enjoy eternal happiness in Heaven. Thank you.

Let us meditate the Messages of Love from Jesus and the Blessed Mother.

I hope you will accept these Messages of Love from Jesus and the Blessed Mother as They personally give you today.

Message of Love from Jesus on February 3, 2007

“My beloved children! When you totally accept in your hearts My love with which I wish to save all the children with the inestimable merit of the sufferings on the Cross and the love that flames up in My Sacred Heart, and the boundless love of My Mother who loves you so much, the names of all of you who came to visit Me and My Mother will be recorded in the Book of Life in the Heavenly Kingdom. Now, I send down boundless blessing on all of you gathered and are praying here where I and My Mother accompany you.”

Message of Love from the Blessed Mother on February 2, 2002

“My beloved children who have been called! The new light of graces will be bestowed on all of you who live a consecrated life for the Lord and me and for the conversion of sinners. Offer up graciously even the pains that cause bleeding inside (you) and all the pains that you experience in this world where you stay for a while and leave, as, on the last day, the gate of Heaven will open widely for you; the glorious crown of flowers, which accompany eternal happiness, will be given to you; and you will stand beside me.”

I wish these Messages of Love from Jesus and the Blessed Mother would be realized to all of you as proclaimed.

Now please put your hands on your chests. Let’s reflect on what we’ve done wrong to the Lord and the Blessed Mother, and how big is that stubborn stone blocking my heart. We should take our ego away. Let’s reflect on how many times our egos have hurt our neighbors, or whether we blamed my neighbor by thinking, ‘Oh, I should not do that.’ When they wronged us. Whenever we see others’ bad or good works, we need to learn from them always.

But how much have we learned from them? When we saw someone else does something wrong, didn’t we feel offended, and judge or criticize him? We can learn anything from others. When we see a person does well, we should learn from his good works. When we see someone’s wrongdoing, we should also learn from it thinking, ‘I should not do that.’ We can learn anything from everything. Until the end of the world, or until God calls us back, we have to learn continuously.

If we think ‘I’m good and I’m righteous’, we can hardly meet the Lord this way. We should meet the Lord as sinners. Let’s become humble children who wipe Jesus’ feet confessing as sinners like Mary Magdalene. Even if we’ve done something wrong up to now, we can start anew. ‘I am hopeless.’ These words never suit us. For the Lord has given us new lives and sent us into the world, we are parts of the Lord.

If we who are parts of the Lord do wrong, how painful the Lord will be! We should always remember that we are parts of the Lord. As there’s one head, and are many parts working differently in a body, all of us also cannot do only the same work. There are what the hands can do, and what the feet can do. There is what the nose can do, and what the ears can do. There is what the heart can do, and what the uterus can do.

Men cannot be women and women cannot be men. Men and women have unique roles. We can’t be the same. We should not think ‘I’m good at this, but yet you can’t do this?’ Let’s make a new start with our merciful heart where we can always complement our neighbor’s weakness and correct their mistakes with love.

Jesus, all these children, their every step and movement, we offer them up to the Lord today. Today we offer up ourselves in the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Mother, so Jesus please offer them up to the throne of God.

Let the rest of our lives be immersed and dissolved completely into Your Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Mother. We give ourselves entirely to You, Lord. Please live within us even though we are so unworthy. Lord, in this dangerous world, grant us healthy bodies and souls so that we, as Your children, can make the Miracles of love from the Lord and the Blessed Mother who appeared in Naju be known to the whole world, so please use us as Your instrument to reveal the Glory of the Lord.

And may all of us become the glory for the Lord, and comfort to the Blessed Mother, and let us offer our unceasing gratitude.


O Lord, who knows all the sins of this sinner, I offer up
my painful wounds in the Bosom of our Lord and the Blessed Mother.

Please embrace this sinner who has wandered
Lord, you are the one One I can rely on.

I am embraced in the Bosom of the Lord and Mama Mary.

I answered with Amen and came to Naju Shrine
I offer up with, ‘It’s My Fault’ so I can live with ‘Semchigo’

I, this sinner, want to live by turning my daily lives into prayers.

This sinner who is stained with sins will practice the Five Spiritualities.

Lord, Lord, Our Lord, Your Love is so utmost
That healed our souls and bodies that are stained with wounds

The Five Spiritualities teaching, how can I ever repay for it?

By practicing the Five Spiritualities, I will live the life of resurrection.

With the Spiritualities of Semchigo, Amen and Offering Up
I will humble myself and practice the Five Spiritualities

With the spirituality of, ‘It’s my fault’, I will sew up Your torn Heart

I will go to Heaven with taking everyone
aboard Mary’s Ark of Salvation. Amen.