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 Julia Kim’s Inspiring Spiritual
Message and Healing Prayer on December
 7, 2019


   Praise Jesus! Praise the Blessed Mother!

Today is the last of the First Saturday of 2019 and a while later(Dec 8), it’s the 31st anniversary of the enshrinement of the Blessed Mother’s statue to the Chapel and also is the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception. Let us all be born anew again in this beginning Advent season.

So in 2019, let us throw away all our wounds and all the inner pains, and prepare a new large bowl. And let us receive the fullest and overflowing graces there. (Amen!) For that, you should open the door of your heart widely, right? What can you do when you want to open your heart? That is to give all of our hearts entirely to the Lord and the Blessed Mother.

To give as what? As a righteous person? (As a sinner) As a sinner. Oh, you know that well. Now, let us meet the Lord as a sinner. No matter how good we have done, we should realize that it is just the work of God through His grace, and we are merely sinners. If you confess that you are a sinner and rush to Jesus and the Blessed Mother, They will come to everyone of you today, set the fire of love and perform the miracle of love for you. (Amen!)

Last night, I felt like my head was squeezed and it was unendurable. My heart was so severely painful to the point of me unable to touch it even slightly. So I prayed, offering the pains “I belong to the Lord whether I am dead or alive!” I offered up all my sufferings for you, so I wish you all to be healed today. (Amen!)

There are many diseases we have, but the doctors cannot diagnose all. Let us entrust everything to the Lord entirely. (Amen!) Then, you will be healed. We should be grateful regardless if we are healed or not. (Amen!) God grants us healings and sufferings because they are needed for salvation of our souls. So we must firmly believe that the Lord is comforted by our grateful hearts and He will grant us much more blessings. (Amen!)

December 8, 1988 marked the year after the enshrinement of the Blessed Mother’s statue to the Chapel (from Julia’s apartment). So I said to the parish priest, “I would like to pray all night tonight.” He said yes. For the vigil, I offered preparatory prayer from morning and as I was ready to go to the Eucharistic adoration, I received continuous phone calls. At that time, I used to go to Naju parish church for Eucharistic adoration whenever pilgrims didn’t come to the Chapel. So after answering all the phone calls, I dropped by the Chapel before going for the Eucharistic adoration.

I opened the door of the chapel and made the sign of cross with the Holy Water. Then I approached the Blessed Mother, and saw Tears of Blood were dropping down from Her statue. The Tears of Blood were dripping, not flowing. I was astonished and I kept praying. Then I entered into ecstasy at 10:30 a.m. I saw how many people were in sins! Among them, maggots came out of the mouths of people who criticized and judged others. Maggots came out not only from the people who judged, but they also went to the others beside these people. And then the others committed sins of judgment as well. Then, the maggots came and went from mouth to mouth. It was terrible.    

But, when someone judged another badly, if the other said, “Oh, no. It’s not that~” nicely with a melody of love, then the maggots just melted away. (Amen!) We have to melt away the maggots. (Amen!) We must not forget that maggots come out of our mouths whenever we judge and criticize others. However, many people like to talk about other people. They speak ill of each other. If someone talks about anyone, others add on more and more.

Then, as I was seeing those disgusting maggots, I screamed, “Oh my! Oh my! Mother~! Father~!” Then, the Blessed Mother said, “Did you see that?” She said “The maggots come out like that whenever many children in this world judge and criticize others.” It is also when we don’t criticize but practice the Five Spiritualities, the maggots melt away. (Amen!)

And when we offer up our sacrifice and love, the maggots melt away. (Amen!) The maggots won’t die no matter how much you try to stomp on them. They never die in a burning fire either. So, now we have to wake up from the sins that we have committed with our mouths, with what we have criticized and judged. We have to offer up through sacrifice and penance. (Amen!) We have to practice the Five Spiritualities. (Amen!)

Even though somebody speaks ill of others, “Ah~! He is blah-blah~~”, if we are truly armed with the Five Spiritualities, we can say, “Please don’t think like that. That is not done by human. Let’s think that the devil did it and let us pray for that person instead.” If you say good words like this, the maggots will melt away on their way to you. It doesn’t just disappear, but melts away.

Since my childhood, I really hated when someone lied and made an excuse to justify or rationalize themselves. That’s why I had no friend. I dislike when people refuse to admit their fault. It’s such an obsequious thing to do. It’s such an abject thing. I said in the confession today, “I had a hard time because of others’ excuses and justification of their actions. However, even though my neighbors do so, I will think it’s just what the devil has done. I will stay awake more, and make efforts with bloody tears from now on.”, “I will sacrifice myself as a burnt offering for the sake of the people who committed those sins!!” I said like this while making a confession. And then, “I will offer with my contrite heart for all the sins that I can’t recognize, so please forgive me.”

The priest gave me the penance to turn my daily life into prayers with this mind of sacrifice. Thus, when we make a confession, no matter what anyone has done to us, we should say, “I should have offered up well but I couldn’t do that.” and should not criticize others by saying “I did it because my husband did that.” or “I did it because of my friend.” We should not do that during confession.

Confession is to ask forgiveness for my sins. It’s not to defend, or make excuses or rationalize. And although the other person did something wrong, we have to offer it up graciously like, ‘Ah! That’s the devil’s work. That’s not what the person has done.’ And even though you can’t offer up or control your emotions and get angry for a moment, you have to ask for forgiveness and go to confession because you have not offered up well. A confession is not to gossip to a priest, but to ask forgiveness for my sins.

Now, we are in the Advent season. If we arm ourselves with the Messages of Love from Jesus and the Blessed Mother, and practice the Five Spiritualities, we can live the life of resurrection. (Amen!) We can go to heaven only if we practice the Five Spiritualities. So when I woke up from the ecstasy, it was already noon. Until then, the Blessed Mother showed me all about the very nasty side of many people, and the way the world works. By seeing them, She couldn’t help but shed Tears.

When I was in the ecstasy, I saw the Blessed Mother appear as Our Lady of Naju and She was weeping Tears. And then, She showed me the scenes and said, “Because people are living like that, God the Father has no choice but to send down chastisement onto the world.” Because I suffered the pains of hell, I know how it feels in hell. Because I know the heart of Jesus and the Blessed Mother and how much They are anxiously trying to save even just one soul of the children in this world, I prayed to the Lord,

“If these numerous people can repent through my going to hell, I will go that way gladly. I will go that way gladly. (Applause) You saved my soul from death, who already had deserved hell. But now if I go to hell for all Your children in the world, how happy then would I be!” When I got cancer and wasn’t able to move at all, my family suffered so much that I tried dying for them after writing seven suicide notes.

If I committed suicide, I would have gone to hell. So I said, “If I had gone to hell at that time, I would not have been able to save any of the people in the world. But now, after my recovery, even though I go to hell by sacrificing myself, if all the people in the world can be saved, how happy my suffering will be!” For the glory of the Lord and the Blessed Mother, and to comfort Their torn Hearts, I offered up my sufferings. Then, the Blessed Mother said, “Yes, my beloved daughter! My dear daughter who finds joy in receiving pains! The Sacred Heart of Jesus is comforted through every pain that you suffered.”

When someone gives a little pain to you, if you feel hurt, dislike and can’t forgive that person, let us throw all of them away. (Amen!) So I said I would even go to hell for them. They didn’t send me but saved me again, saying, “I am comforted through your pain.” Now, these words are not only for me. The same can be said for all of you as well, if you can do it as well. But, that doesn’t mean you have to say, “I will go to hell.” You should not go to hell.

The world deserves the chastisement, and as God was about to send down the chastisement onto the world, I cried out in the ecstasy, suffering severely, “No! No! Please do not send down the chastisement.” And I offered up all of myself. When I woke up from the ecstasy, it was noon. The people around me said that they also heard me saying, “No!” during the ecstasy. We had a vigil that day, and many people repented and the Chapel was filled with tears. So, that night we comforted the Lord and the Blessed Mother.


On December 8, 2010, I came here to the Blessed Mother’s Mountain to pray. I went into the Adoration Chapel of the Precious Blood. There were very strong Fragrances of roses, lilies, alcohol, and burning to purify souls whenever I prayed. After I prayed there and I went up to Mt. Calvary.


When I looked at Jesus on Mt. Calvary, a light came out from Jesus’ statue and my head became painful as if it was pierced. It was so painful that I shouted “Ahhh~~!!!” My head was pierced and blood was dripping down. I caught it with my hand but it dripped too much so I used my handkerchief instead.

Subtitle : Swelling from suffering the crown of thorns

I was wearing a scarf with Special Signs of Naju on my head. The blood dripped down onto it making sounds. It was at that time when Jesus called Fr. Su. Jesus said he prepared Fr. Su for 15years with His own plan. (Applause) Nowadays even priests are living wrongly, and the world is ready to collapse. That’s why our Fr. Su has been called to save the world. (Amen!)

And on March 25, the Solemnity of the Annunciation of Jesus, Jesus called Fr. Su to live together here with Him. Father responded with Amen and has been with us until now. (Amen! Applause). Thank you. Our Fr. Jeong and Fr. Restie have also been called by the Blessed Mother and are here together with us. (Amen!) Thank you. (Applause)

We can see no further than our noses. Dear pilgrims, we are such blessed children. (Amen!) Now is the time when the good heads of grain are being separated from the empty ones. The Lord is separating the good heads of grain from the empty ones. How many accidents are happening around us? We do not know when or what will happen.

Dear pilgrims, please always carry (Naju) Holy Water. When I get up every morning, I always sprinkle Holy Water, even in the restroom by putting it there beside the toilet, and every corner in the car as well. Please use Holy Water frequently. You can multiply by mixing our Miraculous Water with Naju Holy Water that you received here. Then it transforms into the same (Naju)Holy Water.

If we really stay awake and arm ourselves with the Five Spiritualities, we can go up to heaven escorted by the angels on the last day. Listen to how important faith is. It was when toilets were located over there. Someone was coming in and out the toilet due to diarrhea. When Julia(I) was passing by her, she ran to me and grasped my skirt. The woman who was suffering from hemorrhages for 12 years was healed with the faith that she would be cured if she touched the tassel on Jesus’ cloak. “Woman! Your faith has saved you. Go in peace.” This word was fulfilled to her as well. She might be here now. Diarrhea stopped at that time!

I am nothing. I’m really just an unworthy sinner. However, the Lord does everything, and I am a mere instrument used just for a while. So make full use of me as you want. Today I said, ‘Jesus, You said that even though I am only breathing, I can save numerous souls. But I have so much to work. But Lord, Thy will be done.’

‘Amen’, ‘Offering up graciously’ and ‘Semchigo’. How important the Five Spiritualities is! Let me tell you about the ‘Faith’ and ‘Offering up graciously’. Dear pilgrims, let us not complain in any sufferings but offer them up graciously.

It was the night of December 2, 1992. I suffered enormous pains. I was suffering from evening to the next day. There is a lady named Angela Lim in Busan. She suddenly came into the Chapel shouting, “Mama, mama! Someone who has been dead for 8 days is alive here! But she is still dying right now, so please pray for her quickly! Please pray!”

I was suffering so much that I could barely remain conscious. But she fervently asked for prayers as she had experienced abundant blessings before. Previously, her husband cheated on her and even had a baby with another lady. And he threw his wife from the second floor to kill her. But she didn’t die. Then he ran away from her. She was left with her three children and thought, ‘See. The only way to avenge is earning money.’ How vengeful she felt during that time. She hated and wanted to chase him to avenge him, but she was not able to do that because he had already left her. She came to the Blessed Mother’s House 18 years later after parted with her husband.

She beat her chest and wailed after she listened to my talk, ‘Lord, forgive this sinner.’ Our Lord said “Families are sick.” And she prayed, ‘Jesus, it’s my fault that my family got sick.’ Dear pilgrims, how important ‘It’s my fault’ is! Today let us accept as everything as ‘my fault’. Not your fault, my fault. Let us change this one word from ‘your’ to ‘my’. (Amen) Saying is easier than doing, isn’t it? But let us do it today! (Amen!)

What would you do if your husband, whom you hated all along, cheated on you and tried killing you but failed? And then he ran away with another woman? After that, he got sick. Would he be loved still? Is he lovable? (No~) Not lovable, right? (Yes~) So in the meantime, she struggled to make money with a heart of revenge. But she accepted the message I delivered and decided to accept the soul(her husband).

She was crying so much. Another sister next to her, who had brought her, said, “Please be quiet!” So she wasn’t able to cry there and went outside in tears. There had been some pots at the top of the original Chapel that all disappeared after the fire. She drew water from the pot and wiped away the stairs praying, ‘Jesus, please wipe my soul. Please wipe my soul.’

There are people who willingly accept the word of God, though just one word, like her, but some people don’t accept even if they listened to the same words repeatedly until the throat of the one who tells them begins bleeding. However, let us accept everything well, even one word. The soul who realizes the simple truth, that even little things as light as bird’s feathers can sink a ship if enough of them are gathered, is a little soul. Let us all become little souls.

(Back to the story) Furthermore, as Angela wanted to make all inside of her washed out, she turned on the tap and put water down into her throat, “Uch! Ew!” But is it possible to make all bad sins come out? But her heart is admirable. ‘Please take out all my bad things. I’ve hated my husband so far and lived life wrongfully. Please forgive me.’ and she cried.

Are you able to forgive someone immediately if you decided to do it? (No~) But let us forgive all! (Amen!) She was able to forgive her husband. So she asked around and looked for her husband. She found that the woman who lived with him had already run away because he was out of money and got sick. So he was completely sick and was lying down in a small room. She said to him, “Let us go home.” “I can’t go. I’m heavily in debt.” “How much and to whom?” “5 million won for someone... 7 million won for another...” She wrote it all down in a notebook.

Such a huge amount that 7 million won or 5 million won was at that time! But he continued, “3 million, 2.5 million and 2 million won...” He had a lot of debt. So she said “Stop!” But my words rang in her ears at that moment. When we stay awake, we can hear like this. So she asked him to continue again. So he continued, “500,000 won for someone, 300,000 won for another...” After that, she was able to pay back his huge debts at a half discount.

However, even though the debt was cut in half, it was still extra money for the lenders because they wouldn’t have received their money if he died anyway. At this point, he had already filed divorce papers by himself, divorcing and leaving her. When she brought him back home after paying the debts, he got a mental disease. He even drilled a hole on the second floor causing a rain leak. But whenever she felt hatred, she was reminded of ‘Ah! (Julia) asked me to do with love! Ah! (Julia) asked me to forgive!’

Dear pilgrims, like her, let us always be reminded of the Messages (from Jesus and Mother Mary). When you are thinking of doing something bad, ‘Ah, No. I shouldn’t.’ and considering the Ten Commandments ‘Ah, It is a sin.’ If we think like that, we can be changed. Thus, whenever she came to Naju, her husband returned to normal. He prayed with the candle lights on. But she also looked to go to other places. When she went to other places that weren’t Naju, he would smoke the whole evening and there would be a pile of cigarette butts left behind.

She brought people together here to Naju with a rented car. Because she received a lot of graces here, she spread it and brought others together. One day, she was so busy that she asked someone else to gather people. So she called and asked the person about how many people were gathered that day, and that person answered, “Only 6 people gathered.” So she thought, ‘Oh we can’t go (to Naju) like this.’ It’s because the fare of renting one bus was 360,000 won at the time. ‘How can I get there with the only 60,000 won!’ It’s also because when 45 people had gathered, the food cost was included as part the fare paid by others. But she was not able to go then. So said “I’m not going there.” Then her husband handed over 360,000won to her saying, “You should go (to Naju), bringing even only 6 people.”

So when she got on the bus, there were exactly 45 people in that bus, no more no less. (Amen!) (Applause) So she came here and tried to give that 360,000 won to me. So I said “Oh, sister. No, thank you. Please bring it back to your husband. He has already offered up 360,000 won for the Blessed Mother. Please give back this money as an extra.” And I turned it back. He was in his own business so they couldn’t make a pilgrimage to Naju together.

But one day, she fell into heresy. When she went to a heretical place, there were a lot of Catholic priests saying, “There must be a significant reason why we came here after taking off our Roman collar!” Because of that, a lot of Catholics gathered there. So she went there diligently but started having diarrhea. And there was her god-daughter named Maria Lee who was waiting for an imminent death because she had hole in her heart since birth but was healed here in Naju, but Maria followed Angela her godmother (to a heretical place). But Maria said, “Mother, no. No.” but Angela said, “Hey, I don’t care.” then Angela kept having diarrhea. So Maria said to her “That’s because you don’t go to Naju. Let us go to Naju. If you go there, you are healed.” So Maria brought her here. When Maria came here, there were a lot of people praying all night in the House of the Blessed Mother of Naju and even on the road out of the House. It was called a paradise for cancer patients at that time. There were two rooms called ‘Blessing room’ and ‘Grace room’ and both rooms were filled with cancer patients.

Angela was wearing a nappy because of the diarrhea. She wasn’t able to sit down or eat because she suffered from diarrhea for a long time. So she thought to herself, ‘I don’t care!’ and lied down on top of a few people. Do you think she lied down straight? She lied down roughly. But nobody complained about what she did to them. What God has done is so marvelous like this.

After the overnight prayer meeting was closed, she couldn’t have a meeting with me and just took the pilgrim’s bus which was to depart. But she was healed completely. (Amen!) (Applause) So, please don’t go back home even though you can’t stay up for the overnight prayer meeting. I heard someone went back early so I said, “Oh, at least he could have slept here.” She didn’t pray either but just slept throughout because of diarrhea. But she was healed.

Some people were healed here even though they were not able to listen to any words or offer Mass while sleeping here. Because here is the place where the graces fall like a waterfall. Dear pilgrims, may you receive abundant graces like a waterfall. If you open your heart, you can receive the graces in your large bowl.


And once, Angela’s daughter had a gallstone and was hospitalized in the Busan National University Hospital. And then she suddenly thought ‘I have to go to the Blessed Mother of Naju.’ and came here bringing 100,000 won for offering. She prayed ‘Mother Mary, please remove the gallstone from my daughter,’ and she brought the money as an offering. But she thought, ‘Oh, how can I offer up 100,000 won, it’s too much’ and she offered up only 30,000 won instead. Then she didn’t want to pray and went into ‘Blessing room’ and slept there.

Then she heard what the Blessed Mother said “Why are you so stingy?” She said that it was the Blessed Mother, but I don’t believe the Blessed Mother asked for the money. But she heard a voice “Why are you so stingy?” So she woke up and said “Oh! I am sorry” and she offered up the rest of the money in. Then, she heard again “The stone in your daughter is gone!”

So, as soon as she heard the voice, she called her husband, “Honey, honey! Our daughter’s gallstone is gone!” The husband said “Amen!” and believed it as it was done. He believed because he had seen everything so far. Amen! ‘Amen’ is important, dear pilgrims. Amen! (Amen!) So just before the surgery in the morning, the husband asked the doctor, “Hold on. Let us take a picture test (MRI) once more.” But the doctor said there was obviously a gallstone and she had to have the surgery. But he persistently asked “Please check once more” and they checked again. Then they discovered the gallstone was gone completely. (Amen!) (Applause)

(Back to the previous story) She is Angela Lim. She asked me to pray for Helena, who had been dead and survived after being in a state of coma for 8 days. She wasn’t able to have surgery because she didn’t have enough money. “Please come out and pray for her quickly!” That was the faith of Angela. I went out to see them with Amen, Semchigo and offering up in the midst of suffering. Then I prayed for her (Helena). She had a lot of sickness on her right side (Arterial rupture, cephalhematoma, unconsciousness). While she was a street vendor in Busan Market, she had been assaulted and cursed at a lot.

She lived with three people without a husband. She made her living working from hand to mouth but she was subjected to various assaults. Other people disregarded her but beat her up. One day, she collapsed from assault and was taken to hospital where she entered into a state of coma for eight days. During the coma, the Blessed Mother of Naju appeared to her. The Blessed Mother weeping Tears (in Naju) appeared and stayed with her. After eight days, when she woke up, her sisters were crying around the bed saying she was dead, but she came back alive just then.

She came to life and then was able to have surgery. However, it cost 20~30 million won at that time. It was impossible for a hand-to-mouth street vendor to have such money.

She(Helena) said, “Oh I would rather die than live and commit sins.” but Angela Lim paid all the medical bills for her. When Helena said, “I’d rather die”, Angela said, “If you won’t have surgery, run away quickly.” So Helena said with surprise, “Where do I run away?” If she ran away, how would she be able to find a way to make a living?

So she asked, “Where do I run away?” “You have to run away to the Blessed Mother’s House in Naju!” That’s how she brought her here. So I prayed for her and she was healed completely that evening. (Amen!) (Applause) After she was healed, she didn’t let me go. She kept talking to me even though I was in the midst of suffering. So we stayed up all night talking in front of the Blessed Mother. In the morning, she finished a bowl of rice quickly at breakfast.

Think about it. After 8 days in a coma, she came here with her head covered because of a terrible headache. She had been having really bad stomachaches since her youth, so she wasn’t able to eat well. But she ate rice, not even thin rice water, which was also dangerous for her condition. However, she was totally healed and everything was fine that she ate the bowl of rice well. So all of us sang Allelujah to Jesus and the Blessed Mother. “Glory be to the Lord!” (Amen!) The Lord should be glorified. (Amen!) Amen! (Amen!) (Applause)


As you see, Amen, It’s My Fault, Offering up graciously, Sem-chi-go, and Turning our lives into Prayers were all practiced under that situation.

Let me tell you one more thing about ‘Turning our lives into prayers’. On Oct 27, 1990, I went to deliver the messages at the Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul at 2 o’clock without having breakfast in the morning. I went there with driver Andrew Park who was healed from acute myocardial infarction, and Victoria who also helped me. I had to deliver the message at 2 o’clock but I was a bit late. So he was driving fast and we were eating baked sweet potatoes in the back. Nowadays cameras are being used, but in the past police would clamp down on drivers.

By the way, we were caught (because of speed). Andrew Park then pointed to the back. He pointed towards me. At that moment, I didn’t have enough time to say ‘Jesus, please protect us.’ and I couldn’t lower my hand holding the sweet potatoes. So I prayed ‘Oh, Jesus!’ But then, the police officer said, “All right~!” (Applause)

Would that have been possible if I went out for fun instead? I might have been caught. But because I went to spread the word of the Lord, God the Father allowed the police officer to see me lying down (as a patient) even though I was eating sweet potatoes. (* So police understood the car speed and let them pass) Dear pilgrims! If we all live according to the will of the Lord and the Blessed Mother, They will protect us.

At that time, there was no navigation systems or mobile phones. We nearly arrived to Jangchung Gymnasium but we didn’t know the way, so we were wandering around and around. We got there at 1 p.m., but we were not able to find the place.

So I went to a payphone. The queue took forever. I couldn’t wait anymore and was looking for another payphone. But the other one was out of order. So again, I looked for others. But there was a long queue for those as well. And people wouldn’t even tell me how to get there. They just said that they didn’t know. But what should we do in this situation? We have to offer it up graciously. If you grumble, ‘Oh, why don’t they give me directions’, the devil can come into us through that. So we have to offer it up graciously. That happened because there must have been a lot of blessings in the conference.  

When something happens, when it doesn’t go smoothly, you must realize ‘Ah! There must be a lot of blessings.’(So devils attacked) When we got there, it was 2:30p.m. and 20,000 people gathered there waiting for me. When I got into the stage, many people gave me a standing ovation. Oh. How embarrased I was!

Because the Lord and the Blessed Mother would bestow a lot of blessings, the devils made us arrive late, yet there were great boundless blessings and many tears shared in the conference. So I finished the event and everything was alright. Well, dear pilgrims, look. It’s important how graciously we offer all up. (When we were caught by the cop) I spontaneously prayed ‘Oh Jesus!’ in my mind as a Prayer of Life because I hadn’t got time to say it out. So I just prayed ‘Oh, Jesus! I entrust it to you.’ Then, Jesus covered the police officer’s eyes and made him see as if I was sick and lying down. If not, how could the officer say “All right!” while I was actually eating sweet potatoes!

So let us offer up everything graciously. And I have something that I really want to say. When you make up with someone after finding fault with one another, if you think that you were really wrong, you can just say ‘Oh, I am sorry, it’s my fault. I was thoughtless.’ That’s all. But if you say “That’s because... and because...” you will only offend the person listening.

So, we always have to ask for forgiveness simply, and later if they ask “Why then did you do that?” then you can say “Oh. That’s because --” Of course we need an explanation. But I have seen a lot of cases when too many words were used, and people became offended instead. It is enough to say simply “I am sorry. I was thoughtless and I will do better next time.” So we don’t have to say too many words while asking for forgiveness or apologizing. And let us solve together concisely with the heart of love.

It’s 2019 now, but the year 2020 is coming soon. Let us practice the Five Spiritualities to live the Life of New Resurrection in 2020. In this current age, murders occur frequently and we can’t anticipate the things that can happen to us suddenly. But we only need to sprinkle Holy Water.

While I was cutting my hair with prayer to cut off all your bad things, I cut my finger. It wasn’t on purpose, but as my hands were shaking at the time because of my lack of energy, I cut two places. I couldn’t find the flesh that was cut off. So I totally offered up the blood I shed and pieces of flesh which were cut so that all my sacrifices will not be in vain and flow into you as graces with Our Lord’s Precious Blood from His Five Wounds, His Wounds made by the Crown of Thorns, and His burning Sacred Heart, so that all these will be flowed into you as graces. So, may you receive all the graces!

And today, the Precious Blood has descended on my clothes, but, dear pilgrims, you have also received it although you can’t see it.

Precious Blood of Jesus descended on Julia's clothes


If there is something wrong, all faults are mine. And if there is something good, that is what the Lord and the Blessed Mother have done. We are the same, unqualified children of the Lord. So, let us make an effort every day to be better with the Five Spiritualities.

Now, you can just believe it. There are many cases of diseases which couldn’t be cured medically that were instead healed with only blowing my breath during a public meeting. That is not what I did, but Jesus did. I am an instrument just for a while. If you are healed, that’s what the Lord has done and if you are not healed that’s because I am inadequate. So, let us pray hard together.

I can’t come for preparatory prayers these days because it’s so tough and painful for me. But I sprinkled Holy Water at home and prayed ‘Jesus, from the time Your children prepare to come to the first Saturday till they return home, please hug all of them with the mantles of the Lord and the Blessed Mother and let them receive the graces with the doors of their hearts opened widely.’

So, a heart grateful under any circumstance is important. Even if you haven’t appreciated things so far, you can make a new start from now on. If we have done something wrong so far, we must never think like, ‘Oh, I can’t do it. I’m hopeless.’ Now, be courageous. The Lord loves you. The Blessed Mother loves you as well. Let us open our hearts widely, accept the Lord and the Blessed Mother in our hearts and entrust ourselves entirely to the Lord and the Blessed Mother to live a new life of resurrection. Thank you.   

Let us meditate on the Messages of Love from Jesus and the Blessed Mother.

Whatever They said is given to all of us. So listen carefully and accept Them ‘Oh! This is how much Jesus and the Blessed Mother love us.’  

This is the Message of Love from Jesus on December 1, 2007.

“Children! My beloved children!
Those who have joined forces with the devils and have become impoverished and exhausted will not be able to find water even if they look for it and their tongues will become parched with thirst, but you, who follow me and my Mother and put the Messages of Love into practice, will surely be saved regardless of what kind of circumstances you may be in. Even on a dry, desert-like land, I will let milk and honey flow, and, on the last day, you will enjoy eternal happiness before my Throne in my Kingdom, at my Mother’s side, escorted by the angels, and together with the Saints.”

This is the Message of Love from the Blessed Mother on December 8, 2001.

“My beloved adorable babies who were called and responded with Amen!
Always remember that, as this mother has been chosen as the Lord’s helper, all of you have also been chosen as helpers of the Lord and me through my little soul. Also do not forget that, if you display the power of love heroically with total loyalty, Heaven will surely be yours.”

I wish the Messages of Love from the Lord and the Blessed Mother be realized to all of you as proclaimed. Please put your hands on your chest. The wrongs we have done so far! If you regret your sins and truly repent in this Advent, the Lord will come into our hearts and set the fire of love and perform the miracle of love. Let us close our eyes and confess everything we have committed and meet the Lord as a sinner.

Jesus, if maggots came out of our mouth because of sins committed by our tongues, please help us triumph with love so that we can melt them away completely with a melody of love. No matter how much we want to do, we are not able to do by our own will. May the Lord change everything in us that we wanted to change but failed. Please perform the surgery with the power of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus, immeasurable and countless graces You have given to us, but we haven’t recognized them all. Please forgive us and give us the light of mercy so that we can make a new start. Please get rid of all devils and all diseases out of us with the light of Sacred Heart. Please perform the miracle of love by using us as instruments of the Lord with a new body and soul so that we may contribute to the Lord’s work of salvation in this dangerous world. So, to the Lord be glory, to the Blessed Mother be consolation, and an unceasing gratitude to You.

In this loveless world, in spite of the resentment and hatred
Contrition with tears creates the miracles of love

Although our body and soul are sick and exhausted

let us be healed with repentance and live the life of resurrection.

When the Lord comes into my arid heart,
He will set the fire of Love in me and I will live in love

If I tell the Lord all of my sadness,

the Lord will fill my arid heart.

With resentment and hatred in this loveless world,
We have been living in restless families

All my sorrows, confess to the Lord

I will live with love, with love with love

Although a poor soul distorted by wounds became sick
and exhausted and lost its way while wondering around,

When the Lord performs the miracle with His love,

I will be absorbed in the love of the Lord and the Blessed Mother

To clean up the ugly dirt of our souls
We are here together in the Blessed Mother’s Mountain

Please hold us in the arms of Jesus and the Blessed Mother

Please heal our sick bodies and souls. Amen.