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bullet03_glitter.gif    Praise Jesus! Praise the Blessed Mother!
I wanted to share a lot of love with you all today and I wanted to tell you many stories, but I am breathless. Now I want to cry so much, however, I think I am suffering and sharing your pains. The heart of sorrow, of pain, of loneliness, of weariness, of conflicts and of agony. Let us entrust these to the Lord and the Blessed Mother completely. (Amen!) Then, you will be healed. (Amen!)

Today is the 25th anniversary of the descent of the large and small Holy Eucharist, right? (Yes!) I was so happy that I wanted to share a lot of love with you. And also because the Blessed Mother loves us so extremely that She gave us the Fragrant Oil by squeezing Her whole body. It’s been 27 years.

On May 14, 1990, when the Blessed Mother had yet to shed the Fragrant Oil, Fr. Spies brought several pictures of Our Lady inside plastic bags that came from a foreign country. He asked me to put them before the statue of the Blessed Mother inside the acrylic cover in the Chapel. And also, I put the pictures of the Blessed Mother weeping Tears and Tears of Blood as well.

I took them out the next day, and there was a little bit of (Fragrant) Oil on the pictures of the Blessed Mother from the foreign country. But there was much more Oil on the picture of the Blessed Mother weeping Tears and Tears of Blood in Naju. I was so surprised, because the Blessed Mother only wept Tears and Tears of Blood up to that point, and had never shed the Fragrant Oil. So again, I put the pictures little by little before the statue inside the acrylic cover.

And you know the cloth soaked with Fragrant Oil, right? After cutting the cloth and putting them inside, I gave the pieces that became soaked with the Fragrant Oil to other people one by one. I continued to put them inside the acrylic cover and gave them out to people again and again. I always want to give even when I don’t have. I always give, practicing ‘Semchigo’ like I really have already.

I used to give the cloth pieces soaked with Fragrant Oil at least little by little. However, they still had the strong Fragrance. I also gave a piece of cloth to Bishop Na of In-cheon Diocese. Later, he showed me the cloth that was in the plastic bag which he was given. He put it in his ‘Divine Office’ book, where the Fragrant Oil began to spread all over.

And the bishop took something else out from his pocket. It was a small book of Messages of Love from the Blessed Mother of Naju. The book was all worn out because he always carried it in his pocket to read it over and over. It surprised me.

I asked him how he’d read the Messages to the point it was worn out like this. He said, “Oh! These Naju Messages are a Bible commentary.” (Amen!). And there were pictures of the Blessed Mother weeping Tears of blood, in size 5cm x 7cm. I gave one of them to Fr. Jeong Haeng-man, the president of Mi-ri-nae. Then the Fragrant Oil kept exuding out from the picture in the plastic bag. At the time, there were priests, monks, nuns and about 200 believers.

He dipped his thumb in the Fragrant Oil inside the vinyl and applied it on their foreheads, making a sign of the cross. The Fragrant Oil kept on being exuded in the plastic bag. So everyone was astonished. No matter how much he used, it did not empty. Isn’t this a miracle? (Amen!)

And also, when Bishop Ji came, I gave him the Fragrant Oil. Then, he anointed all of us on our foreheads. In front of the statue of the Blessed Mother in the Chapel, he held a ceremony, sprinkling holy water and giving a blessing to me. He said, “Julia, you may also anoint people.” Any person cannot anoint. Layperson cannot anoint. But he gave the blessing for me to do so, so I have been doing it since then.

Bishop Ji came to Naju and was healed of many diseases. When he came and prayed in Naju, it was he who saw the first Tears of the Blessed Mother. We all had good eyesight at that time. We could see everything clearly while sitting down in prayer with the all the young people together. However, bishop Ji was the first to see that the Blessed Mother moved, saying, “Ah! She’s moved!” Afterward, I put Her statue in Its original place.

While praying the rosary, he said, “She’s moved again!” Bishop Ji saw that several times. So he witnessed the Tears and Her movements, and he was healed in his body. He had chronic hiccups and couldn’t be cured even at St. Mary’s Hospital. So he called me and I went there and prayed for him. Then the hiccups stopped.

Then after a long time passed, he called me again saying he has hiccups returned and asked me to come and pray for him. But he called me when I was in the hospital for my back pain on the 4, 5 and spondylolisthesis. I said to him that I couldn’t go to him because I was in hospital. So instead he personally came to me. Then, his hiccups stopped right away (after Julia’s prayer).

This was not done by me at all. The Lord used me as a temporary instrument. So he was healed. While he was staying in Naju, he said he wanted to drink the good mineral water. So I climbed up Mt. Bi-seul in Daegu and got the water for him. You know that story, don’t you? (Yes~) So he was very joyful.

For his 70’th birthday, he invited us to celebrate with him. So Julio, my youngest son came along with me to celebrate his birthday. Later we learned that he had been outside waiting for us, saying, “Where are they? When will they arrive?” And another time, his ‘Silver Jubilee’ celebration and the 25th anniversary of the founding of his diocese were held together.

We were invited again and I went to the celebration with Julio. Since we didn’t know the way to Wonju and there was heavy rain, we arrived there late at night after a long time. We heard that he was out waiting for us until 10:30 p.m. at night saying, “Where are they? When are they coming? I think I should take a rest for tomorrow’s event.” And he had to rest. Nowadays, we can use a cell phone, but at that time there was no way to contact each other.

So we arrived late and prayed, and we woke up early in the morning. I met Bishop Ji at 6:30 a.m. We said hello, the bishop said, “Archbishop Yoon is here, too. He is sleeping now, but I will let you meet him after he gets up.” and added, “Let’s go to the Eucharistic adoration chapel to have adoration until Archbishop Yoon gets up.”

When we went into the chapel, oh my, Archbishop Yoon was also there. I was so surprised and said hello to him. Then the archbishop was very glad to see me saying “Oh! You are here.” So we met there and spent some time together. Bishop Ji said, “Julia, say everything you want to say.” But I stayed still.

Then, the Sister superior said, “Ah, Bishop Ji went to Naju to get healed.” The Archbishop replied, “Did you? What was wrong with you?” Bishop Ji said, “I’ve got diabetes and the level was 500 but now it is only 100.” “Is it?” Bishop Ji answered, “Ah, the medicine didn’t work for my diabetes.” And he explained about his healing. “Ah, are you?” And Bishop Ji said (to Julia) “Please don’t moan to yourself for being afraid and hiding in silence but you can now tell him whatever you want as I am here with you.”

So I said, “Your Grace, Archbishop Yoon! I know it is not my place to tell you. But since Bishop Ji told me to just now, may I proceed?” He said, “Yes. Go ahead~” And to my surprise, I was able to tell him everything. He listened to everything I said to him, nodding kindly all the time.

“I clearly saw and firmly believe.” Bishop Ji Hak-soon on Jan 20, 1990

Before, when I went to Pittsburgh in 1990, Archbishop Yoon had let me go there. So I told him about what happened in Pittsburgh. There were 8 instructors including me. However, after my speech, (as she’s a Korean,) Americans were asking people who looked like Koreans even in the toilet “Korean?” Maybe Japanese seem to look like Koreans. When they asked “Korean?”, and when the reply is “No”, they just left. Again, “Korean?”, if the answer is “Okay” then they were so pleased to meet them. When I said this story to the Archbishop, “Koreans received lots of kisses.”  He said, “Oh, did they?” and he was so glad hearing that.

And I also told him about the time I delivered messages to the secretarial staff and aid staff at the White House for about an hour. They said, “Please translate and send us the Messages of Naju as soon as possible. Then we will spread to many people in the White House.” I said this to the Archbishop and he said “Oh, really?” He received those stories very well. And I began to tell him my whole life story starting from my childhood. I don’t know how I was able to proceed the whole story at that place.

And I told him about how I had lived from childhood and how I was healed from cancer, and I offered up the suffering in 1982 praying, ‘Lord!  Even if I groan over this lowliest body of mine continuously suffering illnesses and pains, how happy I will be only if my suffering can be even a tiniest help to the Lord’s Work of Salvation!’ I told him that I offered up the sufferings like this and he said, “Ah, did you?” He accepted it very well. So in the end, I said, “Your Grace, please approve the Blessed Mother of Naju quickly. Although the Messages of the Blessed Mother of Naju are spreading all over the world, pilgrims are still being persecuted because people say it hasn’t been approved. Please approve it quickly.”

So after talking much with him, I asked him to approve Naju quickly so that many people would accept the Messages and celebrate Mass together in the Chapel. When I said, “The Messages must be spread.” he even said, “Oh, yes, now the Message is important. For this is a dangerous generation, the Naju Messages are really important.” So I kept on asking the Archbishop to approve Naju.

He said, “Let us have a meeting with your parish priest.” He accepted it(Naju) very well and gently. He even reported to the Pope that the Blessed Mother is weeping Tears in Korea. Anyway, we talked a lot before meal time. The Archbishop said just a few words and I did almost all the talking. “Uh huh~ Uh huh~” He listened to everything, and I kept on talking. And when it was time to eat breakfast, we ate quickly so we can go to the event, but it was raining cats and dogs.

Bishop Ji was a little bit upset. So I said, “Your Excellency, let us pray.” And he agreed, “Uh huh~ Uh huh~”. The Sister superior asked me, “Ah, because you are a blessed one, please pray to stop the rain just for an hour.” So I said, “Oh, Sister, how can an hour of no rain be enough for the event? It should be at least three hours.” And I prayed. ‘Jesus, I’m praying in the faith of Moses who prayed to save the Israelites. Jesus, let it not rain for three hours, please.’ As soon as I finished praying, the rain stopped. So we all went to the celebration smiling and laughing. After the three-hour event ended, it immediately rained again. So really for three hours, the Lord protected us from rain. (Amen.)

This happened not by my own ability. It was the Lord’s granting it because I asked eagerly. After I asked for it not to rain for 3 hours, do you know what the Sister superior said? “Oh, my! Then we should have asked it not to rain for 5 hours...” That can be greed as well. We must give gratitude, praise, and glory for those 3 hours. Let us abandon ourselves. When we make a request, we must do it with a beautiful and sincere heart, and go without any ulterior motive.

My words are switching. (Back to the previous story) Later, Fr. Spies found Fragrant Oil on the picture of Our Lady’s weeping Tears and Tears of Blood in Naju. After hearing the stories about the bishop and the president priest (about the miracle of the Fragrant Oil on the picture), he went forth to print many of the pictures at a photo studio. And he told me to put all the pictures, size of 5x7, in the plastic bags.

It was when I had severe back pain and I was suffering from whole body aching. He told me to put all those pictures in plastic bags. I did it throughout the evening but it was killing me. Rufinus and I put all of them in vinyl while sitting down for a whole evening. I couldn’t straighten my legs and it was difficult to do with kneeling, or with sitting down sideways, or with crossed-legs. But I kept doing it with a heart of obedience. However I felt sorry for the Blessed Mother because I felt requesting Her to send Fragrant Oil on all these pictures was an excessive greedy act. But to obey the request, I worked the whole evening.

I did it by offering up graciously with Semchigo as if I were loved, although I fell down and got up again and again. And then dawn broke. When we placed all the pictures before the statue of the Blessed Mother inside the acrylic cover, we couldn’t fit all of it because there were too many. And there, when I collapsed, I was taken to the room on a stretcher that morning.

However, I’d like to pause and say this: Excessive greed and predacity are not God’s will. It’s same with the idolatry. (Back to the story)After I was moved to the room and tried to regain consciousness, I came back to the Chapel. The door of the acrylic cover wasn’t able to be closed (because of too many pictures inside), so we squeezed them all the way up to behind Her statue here.

Although much time passed, the Blessed Mother didn’t shed the Fragrant Oil. The priest might have scolded me so I said, ‘Oh, Blessed Mother, what should I do? If he scolds me, okay, let him do it. But I don’t want to make him angry, so give the Fragrant Oil, please. But Your Will be done.’ I prayed. But although I kept leaving them there, the Fragrant Oil didn’t come out. From that moment, She has never given Oil again. That was the last time. So we should never be greedy. It was the greed. Greed is a sin. And it’s contrary to God’s will.

Before, because I gave all the pictures to others, I didn’t own even a single picture. I put in the pictures many times. I wanted to do all of them at once, yet I only did little by little because I felt sorry for Her. And into that cloth, Jesus and the Blessed Mother sent Precious Blood, Fragrant Oil and Fragrance. We can’t imagine what is performed by the Lord.

So, isn’t it good to share no matter how much we want to own it privately? (Amen!) Too much greed is never what the Lord wants but it is the contrary thing. Today is the day of the descent of Holy Eucharist. Jesus laid down His whole Body, opened His Sacred Heart and shed His Precious Blood for us, which He said are the signs of His love, friendship, and presence. Then, what is the meaning of the Blessed Mother squeezing Her whole Body and exuding the Fragrance and the Oil? These are also the signs of Her presence, love and friendship. It shows that They are united. They lay down all of Themselves for our sake.

That’s why today is an important day. It’s the day of the descent of Holy Eucharist and of Mother Mary’s exuding Fragrant Oil by squeezing Her whole body (which represent Their combined love). Some people say that I was the one to throw down the Eucharist. However, there’s a story I can tell you. On October 3, 1990, I was delivering Messages in LA, USA. I received a phone call from Fr. Chang in Korea, “Julia! Today, the Fragrant Oil spurted out from the head of the Blessed Mother!” “Really?” I was surprised and asked him “What happened?” (on the phone.)

He said “Today, Fr. Spies, Fr. Louis Bosmans from Belgium, and I were praying together and we brought down the statue of the Blessed Mother from the altar. Then, a spot appeared on the top of Her head and the Fragrant Oil spouted out.” If I fabricated this, I had to be there at the time in Korea. But I was in America instead.

And then, on November 24, 1992, She began exuding the Fragrant Oil. Also on that day Fr. Spies came and prayed together with Julio, Rufinus, myself, and with the volunteers and pilgrims. Whenever Fr. Spies came, he lowered the Blessed Mother statue from the altar. When he put down the statue, the Fragrant Oil, that had come out of the top of Her head before, gushed out at that moment. Spouting up from the top of Her head! Please think about it. It came up and started flowing on Her left side.

Then, the Blessed Mother gave a Message on October 23, 1994. And She prepared the Fragrant Oil for about 400 days and gave it to us by squeezing out Her whole body for the next 700 days, right? She’s still been shedding a lot since then, right? Although some people received a blessing then, they still have turned away. People cling to the Lord and the Blessed Mother like a life buoy when they are drown in pain, but revert to former selves once they receive the grace. That’s human beings. But not you here, right?

When the Blessed Mother was exuding the Fragrant Oil, many people checked under the statue. How can this be fabricated? You saw the Eucharist descended in the video a while ago, right? Isn’t it impossible for me to throw it down? The Eucharist came down in front of me when I was sitting here.

The official secretary of Vatican who came to Naju was in the highest secretary position. When he came to Naju, the Eucharist came down here. Jesus humbles Himself by coming down continuously on the ground like that. Rufinus, (Yes?) please give us your testimony about this.

Some people say that even Tears of Blood were fabricated. When the Blessed Mother wept Tears of Blood on October 14, 1989, I was suffering very much in my attic. I was lying down on a very hot steamer and an electric pad, with the therapeutic heating pad on me. Suddenly, Fr. Spies and Fr. Louis Bosmans came up and said “Julia, Julia! The Blessed Mother is weeping Tears of Blood. The most ever!” and asked me to go to Her quickly.

So I was assisted down the attic after I was blessed, and I saw the Blessed Mother shedding Blood in the Chapel. If I had fabricated it, I should be inside the Chapel. Also, some people say that I spray the scent of the Blessed Mother. If I spray the scent, am I flying to people to spray the scent in many different regions? Rufinus, please tell us.

Rufinus : Yes, just like Julia said. When Julia was in the U.S. (in 1990), Fr. Louis Bosmans, Fr. Spies and Fr. Chang were here and Fr. Chang called her at that time. I was also here in Naju. Even though Julia was not in Naju, the Blessed Mother exuded the Fragrant Oil. The Fragrant Oil spurted out from Her head like this.

On November 24, 1992, Fr. Spies came (to Naju). He prayed the rosary first and after that, he went up the altar near the statue of the Blessed Mother and while holding her, he came back down. At that moment, the Fragrant Oil spouted out from the top of Her head and flowed down along Her left shoulder to under Her feet. She showed us that it is surely the Blessed Mother’s work by exuding the Fragrant Oil even though Julia wasn’t there. (Amen!)

When God created us, He wanted us to be united as one but we aren’t. And we must stay awake now. The world has become a scary world now. On the first Saturday last month, I told you that there was a big fire in the U.S. Now there is another fire in Australia. It is even being called the kingdom of fire, Australia. There are 50 forest fires in only one state.

There are strong dusty winds at 40km/h and hundreds of houses have burned. But, you have believed and accepted the Lord and the Blessed Mother who appeared and are present in Naju, and you have been selected as the good grains. So no matter what violent raging waves threaten to sweep you away, because you are following the Lord and the Blessed Mother, you will surely be saved. (Amen!)

And even in a fierce flame, They will surely save you. (Amen!) Jesus and the Blessed Mother will cover you with Their mantles and save you all. (Amen!) As I’ve told you before, there were so many ships and fire came down from the sky (in a vision). The ship of the Blessed Mother was such a small and shabby boat while those of others were very luxurious and the people were enjoying themselves and drinking lavishly.

That was before the Pope(St. John Paul Ⅱ) passed away. I was on the Blessed Mother’s ship with the Pope. When the fire came down from the sky, other people fell into the sea. They would die both on the ship and in the sea. But all the children on the Blessed Mother’s ship, the Blessed Mother, with her mantle, covered by swishing~~~! (Amen!) swishing~~~! (Amen!)

Yes. Wherever we are, if we follow the Lord and the Blessed Mother and live with arming ourselves with the Five Spiritualities, we will surely be saved and enjoy eternal happiness in heaven on the last day.

I saw a vision on November 24, 1994. Jesus and the Blessed Mother sent down light from the sky and ordered angels to prepare a crystal-like, brilliant bowl for us. Dear pilgrims, what kind of bowl do you want? A large one, don’t you? Then, open your heart completely. (Amen!) They will provide a large bowl for you. (Amen!) A small bowl for those who open their hearts a little bit, a large bowl for those who open their hearts widely, and an enormous bowl for those who open their hearts even more widely.

For those who don’t open their heart, the grace comes down and goes back. Dear pilgrims, please prepare the large bowls and receive the grace fully. (Amen!) Now, today Jesus and the Blessed Mother will order angels to prepare all the bowls of grace for us, so let us obtain the large bowls and receive the grace.

This is the Message of Love from Jesus on November 24, 2007. Please accept the Messages today, as the words given to you.

“My beloved children!
Now, on the threshing floor, the good grains and the empty heads of grain are being thoroughly separated. The good grains will be gathered into the Kingdom of Life where they will enjoy eternal happiness. Thus, my beloved children who follow me and my Mother and accept and practice the messages of love will possess the tree of eternal life, calling me ‘Abba! Father!’ as my sons and daughters.”
Amen! (Amen!)

This is the Message of Love from the Blessed Mother on November 24, 1996.

“My beloved children!
Do not forget that you are breathing, moving around, and living your lives in the Lord, and do not delay giving Him gratitude, praise, glory and adoration. All humans are destined to die because of Adam, but if you repent (your sins) now, you will live forever because of my Son Jesus Christ.”
Amen! (Amen!)

I wish the Messages of Love from the Lord and the Blessed Mother be realized to all of you as proclaimed.

Please close your eyes and entrust yourselves entirely to Jesus and the Blessed Mother. (Amen!)

My heart, my thought, everything in my life~♪
Mother, please receive them, and lead me~♪

My sadness, my pain, every agony of mine~♪
Mother, please receive them, and guide them~♪

My conflict, my anguish, every agony of mine~♪
Mother, please receive them, and guide them~♪

You called us, the unworthy ones, so please let us arm ourselves with the Five Spiritualities despite whatever pains, and please let us all enjoy heaven every moment of every day. (Amen!) The devils of division that fill the sky and the earth are trying to knock us down every day, but please let us always stay awake and be born anew in the love of the Lord and the Blessed Mother.

Lord, You know well of all our sufferings. Please let us not give up what we want to give up, let us not throw away what we want to throw away. Now newly, we entrust everything of ourselves to You entirely. Please hold all of us, guide everything, and arrange and lead us. (Amen!)

Jesus, we entrust everything completely to You. Jesus, human nature is so evil and wicked. Jesus, we entrust ourselves entirely to you, so please bless us infinitely so that at least we, called by you, stay awake and work for the glory of the Lord.

The soul who got lost and wandered, Father, please accept me~
I want to be healed of my innermost hurt~
I entrust my distorted soul from wounds to the Father~
My coagulated soul, Father, please melt away~
Father, with the Precious Blood You shed~
Father, with the Precious Blood you shed~
Please wash my ugly dirt away~ Please correct all the evil habits~
Father, wash my ugly sins away~ Please heal my sick soul~

Who’s going to know the time when I’ve been in tears~
Here I take out the deep wound in my cold-hearted past~
The wounded painful past, Lord, please wash it away~
My hurt past, Lord, please heal it~
Father, please heal my pains~ Father, please heal my hurt~
In a scary world, whom should I trust?
Father, heal my pains of the past~ Please erase my painful memories~

When I felt painful in conflict and agony
The Love of Mother came to embrace my soul
You washed away all the pains in my past
I was born anew with the love of the Blessed Mother
Blessed Mother, with the most sublime love of the Blessed Mother
Blessed Mother, with the most sublime
and pure love of the Blessed Mother
Please clothe me with a garment of virtue, and lead me to perfection
Blessed Mother, by giving birth to holy virtues,
please let us live in heaven. Amen~