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 Julia Kim’s Inspiring Spiritual
Message an
d Healing Prayer on October 19, 2019
the 33rd Anniversary of the Blessed Mother’s
First weeping Tears of Blood in Naju, Korea


bullet03_glitter.gif    Praise the Lord! Praise the Blessed Mother ! 

It is nice to meet all of you here. Today we’re here to celebrate the 33rd anniversary of the Blessed Mother’s first weeping Tears of Blood (in Naju). Infinite blessings from heaven will come down upon all of you. (Amen!)

The Blessed Mother sent down to us a lot of Her Breast-Milk today. But, it wasn’t long before it disappeared. This means that Her Milk has been absorbed into all of you. Dear pilgrims, you’ve been nourished with Her Breast-Milk. (Amen!)

Thick Mother's Milk came down on the mirror in Julia Kim's waiting room

at the Blessed Mother's Mountain on the 33rd Anniversary

of the Blessed Mother's weeping Tears of Blood

Thick Mother's Milk which came down on the mirror in Julia Kim's waiting room

disappeared shortly. It means that it was absorbed into the pilgrims spiritually.

I really respect the foreign pilgrims who came here all the way in spite of all difficulties from afar by plane and car for so many times with joy to comfort the Blessed Mother. Particularly those who came from abroad especially our bishops and all the priests, please give them a round of applause. (Clapping) It’s tiring to even drive just a short distance around us, isn’t it? For domestic pilgrims coming here, please do not think, ‘Oh... It's quite far away.’ It’s so nice to have Naju located within such a short distance inside Korea. We have to live our lives with unceasing gratitude. We shouldn’t complain.

Many people are complaining of even small pains such as headaches, bruises, and abrasions, so the devils try to lay traps of thorns, venom, and atrocities to throw us into the bottomless pit. But, if you do pilgrimage like this by accepting the Messages of Love from Jesus and the Blessed Mother, and arm yourselves with the Five Spiritualities, you will enjoy eternal happiness in Heaven on the last day.

I’m truly unworthy. This unworthy one died nine times before and came back to life each time by the grace of Jesus and God that saved me and sent me back to this world again. On April 18, 2014, I died on the 12th Station of the Cross and went up to Heaven.

When Jesus breathed his last, Julia also fell down, screaming.
At that time she stopped her breathing and entered an ecstasy and
she met God the Father and received message.
(Her abdomen is getting back to normal gradually)

That’s when I met all the souls in Heaven. There were a lot of people who had been to Naju before. So, when I go to Heaven again, I hope to meet all of you there. (Amen!) If we’re armed with the Five Spiritualities, we can enjoy eternal happiness there.

The devil hates for us to go to heaven. Those who joined the devils try to prevent us from coming to Naju. When I was invited to Pittsburgh in the U.S., I met Bishop Roman Danylak who celebrated the Mass. Then when he visited Naju, the Eucharistic Miracle occurred during the Mass. And when another Bishop, the elder brother of Fr. Su, was celebrating Mass here, another Eucharistic Miracle occurred. So we decorated the site more beautifully. Then Jesus began to shed His Precious Blood continuously there. So we made this ‘the Adoration Chapel of the Precious Blood’.

There was a Mass on the Blessed Mother's mountain on Aug 24, 1995.

The Mass was celebrated by Bishop Dominic Su from Malaysia.

The were more than 20 pilgrims at the Mass.

The Eucharist Julia received turned into visible Flesh and Blood.


Bishop Roman Danylak from Canada, Father Joseph Peter Finn also from Canada,
and Father Aloysius Chang priest concelebrated Mass on the Blessed Mother's mountain.
When Julia received Communion, the Sacred Host in her mouth
turned into a mixture of Flesh and Blood in the shape of small Heart.

Bishop Dominic Su and two priests from Malaysia together with many pilgrims from

different countries witnessing the Precious Blood, weeping and praying on August 15, 2002

Bishop Danylak made regular pilgrimages to Naju and witnessed many miracles. He testified about the Miraculous Water of the Blessed Mother of Naju and also invited me (to Canada). When the reaction of the Gwangju archdiocese became absurd on Naju Miracles, for the supposed investigation of the apparition, I was summoned only once by the Gwangju Diocese. They said, “It would be too cold for the Blessed Mother to come down from Heaven.” “God the Father can’t speak. Jesus and the Virgin Mary could speak but they cannot anymore because They passed away 2,000 years ago.” They all carried such thoughts.

Upon hearing the news, the Bishop was very upset and said, “Julia! Come to Canada. I’ll recognize the Apparition here.” But dear pilgrims, I didn’t go to Canada. Instead, I chose the path of persecution here.


Our Blessed Mother appeared and is present in Naju. That’s why I didn’t want to go (to Canada). So I’m still being persecuted here, but I’m offering it up joyfully. If we all offer up everything joyfully and gracefully and practice the Five Spiritualities, we will enjoy eternal happiness in Heaven on our last day.

Now it’s time for God to separate the good grains from the empty ones. God gathers His good grains into Heaven. You are the ones who are selected as good grains. (Amen!) So, even though it’s so hard and painful for us to live in this world, we should offer it up graciously.

Now, Jesus and the Blessed Mother want to be with us every day and at every moment. But They can’t dwell in us because we don’t open our hearts to Them. So we have to open our hearts wide. Dear pilgrims here! You don’t need to think ‘How can I open my heart?’ It doesn’t mean to just open our chests or to open our mouths. Right?

What it means is to entrust ourselves wholly to Jesus. If you entrust yourself completely and repent for what you have done wrong, you are with Jesus and the Blessed Mother every day and at every moment. Jesus is not standing away at a calling distance, but He stays right next to us. He’s with us! But depending on how much we open our hearts to Him, Jesus may come into our being, or He may not.

Let’s assume that someone did you wrong. If you are filled with anger because of the hatred, how can the Lord perform a miracle of love in you? Even if I have not done anything wrong to others, or even if the other person is falsely accusing me and hates me, you should think, ‘It is the devil that is trying to make me feel bad through that person.’ So if you take it as ‘my fault’ by practicing the ‘Five Spiritualities’, Jesus will come to you and dwell in you. “I will help you with the power that tramples on the serpent. said the Blessed Mother. She is calling us every day like this:

My beloved children! Come to me.
Leave all your sadness and agony to me.

My beloved children! Come to me.
Your exhausted and sick body will be healed.

My beloved children! Love even your enemy.
I will fill up your exhausted and sick body. Amen! (Amen!)

Let us close our eyes and entrust our hearts to Jesus so that He may come into our weary and sick hearts, set the fire of love, and perform the miracle of love. And let us meet Jesus and the Blessed Mother through our repentance.

Repent, my soul! Repent, my soul!
Everything in me, repent.

Let us forgive. Forgive, my soul! Forgive, my soul!
Everything in me, forgive all.

Let us love. Love, my soul! Love, my soul!
Everything in me, love all.

If you love, you can rejoice.
Let’s experience joy, love and peace at every moment.

Rejoice, my soul! Rejoice, my soul!
Everything in me, rejoice.

Amen. Please open your eyes. Now, when you feel hatred against your neighbor, you should think, ‘Oh, the devil is trying to bully me through that person.’

I’m a really deficient person standing before you. A while ago, Archbishop said that in Ruteng, a crippled man stood up, a blind man opened his eyes, the deaf heard, and the dumb spoke. That was not what I did. It was just that Jesus had used me, an unworthy one, as an instrument for only a while.

Such miracles have not been occurring only for 34 years. Rather, I’ve been doing this since 1980. But, at the time, I didn’t even know the Blessed Mother. In 1980, I received a friend called cancer. I wasn’t even aware that the friend (cancer) came to me. Despite having that friend (cancer), I dedicated myself to my kids and my husband without any rest. And then I went to the hospital at last, and I was told, “We tried our best. You’d better go home and eat delicious food you like.” It was actually a death a sentence, but I didn’t even tell my husband.

Later my mother and husband took me to the hospital. The cancer already spread to my toes and anus. I’d never heard of such cancer. As I couldn’t excrete, they tried an enema for me, but it didn’t work.

Doctors opened my anus for injection and asked my mother and my husband to come in to witness it, but I said, “I’d rather die than to let my husband see it.” So he didn’t come in. And as I was waiting for my imminent death, I heard Jesus’ voice. “Get close to ‘Seong-kyung’, (the Bible in Korean). ‘Seong-kyung’ is my living word.”

At that time, Korean Catholic church called the Bible ‘Seong-seo’. But I insisted on calling it, “‘Seong-kyung’ which is the correct word because Jesus can’t be wrong.” Now the Church (in Korea) calls the Bible ‘Seong-kyung’. The passage that I opened was ‘Luke 8:40’. The Woman afflicted with a hemorrhage for 12 years went up behind Jesus and touched the tassel on His cloak with the belief that it would heal her. And she was healed. (Amen!)

Jesus said to her, “Woman, your faith has healed you; go in peace.” (Amen!) And I replied, “Amen!” accepting that it was the Word meant to me. I hope you will also respond with ‘Amen’ and be healed spiritually and physically from all your diseases today. (Amen!) And, there was also the story of Jairus’ daughter. Jairus came to see Jesus but, on the way, he heard that his daughter died, but Jesus said to him, “Do not be afraid; just have faith and she will be saved.” (Amen!) Amen! (Amen!)

“Do not be afraid; just have faith and you will be saved.” I responded with ‘Amen’ (Amen!) to that word. As the tumor was extruded out, I couldn’t even sit like this. At that moment, to my surprise, the tumor shrank rapidly, like “sok, sok, sok, sok, sok” Some of you might have had hemorrhoids. You know well that it will make you unable to sit up straight. My tumor was huge. But it vanished, shrinking “sok, sok, sok, sok, sok” and I became all right. I touched it myself. There was nothing left there. (Amen! Applause)

My blood pressure was 50 to 40. I heard that’s very dangerous low blood pressure. It’s the blood pressure that leads to death. But I became healthy right away. So when I went to the hospital, my blood pressure came out to be 120 to 70. And I went again the next day, because I felt so amazed. Then I got 120 to 80 reading. I maintained these numbers. So my friend, cancer, just ran away. Now, let’s respond with Amen so that all our illnesses can run away today too.

On August 6, 1980, when I was praying in ecstasy, Jesus came to me. And He held my hand and took me out. He flew holding my hand, and after flying for some time, I dropped with a thud. I started to flutter, and I looked up at Jesus with my pathetic look and He said, “You can’t do it alone, right?” Then when I said “no”, he held my hand and we flew together again. We flew for a long time and then I began to fly alone. I flew very well. Only Jesus and I flew for some time, and there were so many graves over the mountains.

Jesus said, “Blow your breath onto the graves.” “Hoo~” The graves opened. “Blow your breath again.” “Hoo~” The bones stuck together making sounds. “Blow your breath again.” “Hoo~” The flesh grew over them. “Blow your breath again.” “Hoo~” They began to breathe. I was very surprised to see that. Then Jesus took me to my room.

Before that event, Jesus appeared to me many times and spoke to me. Then He flew together with me and said, “You can’t do it alone, right?” “No, I can’t do it alone.” So everything I do is not done by me, but the Lord has used me as His instrument just for a while. Even though the dead come to life and the dying come to life, that’s never done by me. I told you I even died nine times.

On Good Friday, April 18, 2014, I went before God (*Julia died), and there was a very beautiful, glorious and luxurious palace. God was sitting on a throne and His white beard glowed. Jesus and the Blessed Mother were beside Him also.

Fr. Su’s brother priest, who witnessed the Precious Blood miracle on August 15, 2002, was there and also those who came here. Father Su’s brother lived so nicely that God took him up to heaven.

Then the angel showed me around in Heaven. And it was somewhere, however, that the Water was going down so gloriously, and an angel scooped up a cup of Water and told me to taste it. When I drank it, it tasted so delicious. This is the Water of Life given to us in Naju! It has the same taste as the Miraculous Water of the Blessed Mother of Naju. So the Miraculous Water in Naju is the same Heavenly Water of Life.

As I was trying to worship an Angel, he said I should do not worship him. “I am no more than a servant laboring for God just like you, the prophets, and the people who follow the Words recorded in this Book. Give worship only to God.”

Then God the Father said, “Do you wish to see the world as it is?” “Yes, please show it to me.” Then He showed me this world we live in. It was in such a state of a pandemonium, one we can’t even imagine. They don’t recognize their own children, or even their own parents. They quarreled to rise above each other. I felt my hair stand on end hearing their tremendously loud sounds quarreling with one another.

God the Father said “How do you feel looking at them? Do you wish to send down punishment or not?” “Yes, you would like to send down punishment. But please don’t. Please see the little souls praying in Naju.” “Then you go back to the world.” “I don’t want to go. I’m too unworthy to do the work of the Lord and the Blessed Mother. Many clergy commit sins because of me.” How much more are they committing the sins of judgment, which is contrary to the Ten Commandments. Sins of false testimony, judgment, criticism including so much of other sins as well.

When I said, “They will not sin if I am not in the world, will they?” He said, “It’s not like they would stop if you didn’t come down to the world. Go down and cry out the Five spiritualities fulfilled by your life.” I said I wasn’t going back. He said, “Why are you so stubborn? Then should I send down punishment?” “No, I was wrong. I’ll go back.” And the angels took me back to earth. I came down from the ecstasy, and the Heavenly Father gave me a blessing.

But when I woke up, everyone including the priests, and pilgrims were crying, because I had died at 12th Station of the Cross. But at that moment, the priests were giving their blessings. Our Heavenly Father was blessing us and the light was shining down on all the pilgrims there.

Now, may the light be sent down upon all of you and that you all receive the same light He sent down during that moment. And finally, the last time I died was on March 25, 2016. It was on a Good Friday, too. On that day, I had hypothermia and my temperatureeven went down to the deadly point of 23, 22. It’s an incredible measurement for doctors and nurses.

During the Stations of the Cross, I was told not to go up, but to stay at the dome, offering up the sufferings and praying with a united heart. But I went up the way of the cross, ‘I’m the Lord’s, even if I die or live. So I go with the Lord.’ However, I couldn’t kneel because I had many edemas. So I couldn’t pray standing so I fell prostrate.

But I ended up dying because of hypothermia. At some point, I found myself sitting before God’s throne. “Why are you here?” So I was surprised.

 “Why are you here? You have a lot to do but why are you here? Promptly go down there.” So I said, “Oh... Dear Father, I don’t want to go down. So many people commit sins because of me.” I said I don’t want to go down because I’m so unworthy. Then He said “You will save many souls even if you’re only breathing.” He meant “Through your suffering, many souls are born anew.” And I said, many priests and others commit sins because of me. Then He said, “How was Jesus Christ my only-begotten Son? Jesus Christ, my only-begotten Son also received oppression, humiliation, insult and persecution from countless people until His death on the Cross.” So I said, “Yes, I see. I’ll go down.” And I went down with the angels again.

But this time, I stopped by somewhere. I found there were many people like lepers. Although Jesus could heal them at once, He asked the priests to help Him. But the priests couldn’t go forward and all ran away. There were some priests left, but they also couldn’t approach those with pus in their eyes and who were like the lepers.

So I said to Jesus, “I’m unworthy, but I’ll go in.” “How can you go in there?” “I’m Yours if I die, and I’m Yours if I live.” And so I went in. But my flesh got bitten and they ate my flesh. I felt so much pain that I said, “Aak! Aak!” But there, as Jesus shone the light right away, I received new flesh. When I embraced everyone, the very same strangers came back to normal.

It was through this he showed me. “You can save countless souls even when you are merely breathing.” When I embraced them by offering up the pains, all of them came back to normal. But there were also some who rejected it and left, too. Then there, Jesus sent down rain of the Precious Blood to them. But it didn’t go to those who refused me, and the Precious Blood went back up to Jesus.

So when I came down, Jesus gave us the blessing. It happened on the Blessed Mother’s Mountain in Naju. The curtain of darkness was lifted up, and the light shone brightly. When I opened my eyes again, our priests were also giving us their blessing there at the same time. So if we really know the most sublime and purest love granted in Naju where Jesus and the Blessed Mother appeared and are present, we can’t reject Them. Our lives are short if we think its short, and long if we think its long. We don’t know when the Lord will take our lives. In Matthew’s Gospel 24:30~39, no one knows the day nor the hour. He said even the Son doesn’t know nor the angels.

If we knew what time the thief would come in, we would be prepared to avoid being robbed. But we don’t know when the thief will come in. Korean proverb said “People mend the barn after the horse is stolen.” We must stay awake at all times. There are five foolish and five wise virgins. The wise ones waited for the bridegroom by putting oil on their lamps.

The foolish virgins did nothing and when the bridegroom came they asked to the wise ones, “I don’t have any oil, please share with me.” They replied “For there may not be enough for us and you, go to buy some for yourselves instead.” While the foolish virgins went off to buy it, the bridegroom came and the wise virgins went into the wedding feast with him.

Now, let us always stay awake and pray like the wise virgins, arming ourselves with the Five Spiritualities and practice it, thus enjoy Heaven.

How luxurious King Solomon lived? But we are enjoying what King Solomon could not enjoy. We are receiving the most sublime and purest love and grace that King Solomon could not have received. The things of this world are just temporal. We can’t go to Heaven with money and beauty. We must follow the Lord and the Blessed Mother.

A long time ago, there was an Emperor Nero of Rome. He lived in an immensely splendid palace. The corridor measured a mile, 1.4 kilometers long. He lived in such a large palace. A device was placed on top and it sprinkled perfume like dew on the guests when they arrived. The wall was decorated beautifully with ivory and porcelain. The crown was worth over 100,000 dollars. He lived in such luxury. And he didn’t wear the clothes again after wearing once because he had so many clothes. What a luxurious life.

He used gold fishing rods and his pony wore silver shoes. What are silver shoes like? Silver shoes wear down shortly after putting them on. He lived in such luxury yet he still wasn’t satisfied. He persecuted Christians, killed his subordinates, killed his mother, killed his wife, and killed his stepbrother. What was his finality? He killed himself.

Dear pilgrims, this world is only temporal. We must cultivate our lives that were given to us beautifully!(Amen!) Do not try searching for happiness far away! If we cultivate our lives, we can enjoy happiness, love and joy. When your husband came home late from work, you said something like “Ah~ what did you do?” Well... If you nag a lot like this, does love come out of this? What do you think? No? (No!) Then, you must stop nagging.

Nowadays, there are people suffering from delusional jealousy of wife or husband. But we need to trust our spouse unconditionally. Even if you know (your spouse cheated on you), if you pretend not to know, hide it, and act with love, the echo of love will surely reciprocate. (Amen.) It will come back to us one day when we practice love. The echo can rebound within in a day, or it may take a year, or 10 years. But if we keep practicing love beautifully, the echoes of love will surely rebound soon. (Amen!)

We must offer up our lives which are given to us graciously. Never be greedy to have more. I used to stay at my aunt’s house in Gwangju, I never took a rest for a minute, even for a second.

I didn’t know God and didn’t know how to pray to Him, so I just worked Pleas revise. When I cooked food, I never ate good food. “Even when I had just seasoned bean sprouts, I made sure to eat all the leftovers with rice, and ate it as if it had delicious food by practicing “Sem-chi-go” I did everything like that. My aunt was worried, ‘Ah! if she(Julia) acts like this, it is said that she will live in poverty. I am so worried! How poor she might be to be married and not be able to live well’

So, if we do it with love, that is turning our daily lives into prayers. Trying not to throw away even a shred of red pepper powder in remembrance of the souls who would likewise be thrown away. Because we know God now. Whenever I went to the Heaven, I saw many things. But, when I went to Heaven on April 18, 2014, God the Father asked an angel to show me around. I saw so many beautiful things there. There is no need for light in Heaven. You don’t need any lamp because the love of Jesus and God the Father simply glows. That’s why a lamp light isn’t necessary. When I arrived in one place, there was a radiant book placed on a shining jade plate.

Oh! I asked what that book was, and found that it was called The Book of Life. Now, dear pilgrims, if you repent today and live with arming yourselves with the Five Spiritualities, your name will be engraved on the radiant Book of Life placed on the jade plate! (Amen! Clapping) There is only one Book of Life on the jade plate and there are also countless black books next to it. When I asked what are they, they said that the souls who are going to hell are written.

Although they are the souls going to hell, there is another, better book. If the people in the black book repent and live a new life, they would then be recorded in the better book to go to purgatory, but not quite in the radiant book. So even if we have lived wrong so far, we can start anew from now on. (Amen!) Dear pilgrims, let us start anew! (Amen!)

Because the director of planning already told us about the Bible and the messages of Naju in detail earlier, I will briefly tell you about the Five Spiritualities.

Well. Here is ‘Amen’. You don’t just say “Amen”. You have to discern sensibly. But there are many people who follow false prophecies.

There are a lot of cases where we went wrong by misjudging and discerning wrongly about the most sublime and pure works of Lord and the Blessed Mother. But when you believe and follow the Messages of Love from Naju, along with all that has happened here, I guarantee you! (Amen!) I really guarantee you! (Amen!) (Amen!) You will realize that my words are not in vain finally. (Amen!)

If you know from now onward and follow the Messages, your name will be written in the radiant Book of Life. (Amen!) Even if we’ve been doing wrong, we can still restart over now. (Amen!) And don’t forget that everything that was in the black destined for hell could still be erased, and appear in the book that are destined for Purgatory. And if you do well, our names will be recorded in the shining Book of Life. (Amen!) Whatever we do, let’s start anew. (Amen!)

So, “Don’t be afraid, just believe it. All will be according to your beliefs.” I hope everything will work out for you. I delivered a message to Manila, Philippines and went to Cebu Island with Fr. Jerry Orbos. Some pilgrims came here from Cebu today. There was Susan who lived with her son without a husband.

She had cancer that couldn’t be operated on, and she followed a friend of her translator, Stella, to Cebu. And that day after I delivered the messages, this lady started bleeding. She’s probably had a lot of diseases from her uterine cancer because she was preparing for death.

And she started to hemorrhage. So she thought, ‘Oh, I’m dying now. Let me see my son before I die.’ But there’s no way to go back. I didn’t know whether there was a way or not. But suddenly I spoke out “Didn’t I tell you to leave a funeral for the dead, to the dead? You’re being healed now, so what are you worried about?” And she took it as “Amen!” It’s hard to accept this as “Amen”.

“You’re being healed now.” She took it as “Amen.” So after I delivered several Messages of the Blessed Mother to several places in Cebu Island, she went back to Manila. She went straight to the hospital and found that her cancer is gone.

When Albino came here from Incheon, he was with his wife and another couple in 1991. The man, who was a manager, had a friend who was the Protestant minister. He made people say “Amen! Amen!”. So they are the Amen army. Anyway he came to Naju but he didn’t believe Tears of Blood and everything of here. When I was delivering messages he said “Amen Amen! Amen!” while sitting down perversely.

But awhile later, he said to Albino, “My sciatica that I’ve had for more than 10 years was healed after I said ‘Amen’ at that time.” So Amen, who used it as a joke healed him in spite of his unbelief. So the spirituality of Amen is good like this. And here’s the spirituality of ‘Semchigo’. When we want to eat something very expensive but don’t have any money. ‘Oh... why am I like this? If I had some money, I’d buy it...’ Then, all the merits you piled up will be collapsed.

Even if you want to eat it, you can regard as if you actually already ate it by practicing Semchigo. And even if you have money to buy it, if you practice Semchigo, as if you already had, and use it instead to help the poor, your name would be recorded in that radiant Book of Life. (Amen!) The spirituality of Semchigo is great. I’ve lived in the spirituality of Semchigo from the time I was a child.

In former days, rice cakes were very precious. There was a delicious rice cake store in Don-am-dong, Seoul. It smelled really nice whenever I passed there. I went there for errand and I was given some rice cakes that I wanted to eat very much. But I didn’t eat them. I pretended to eat and put them in my pocket. Why did I do that? ‘My mother might enjoy if I bring them to her.’ So I took them with me Semchigo as if I already ate them. But there happened to be a beggar next to me. ‘Oh, my mother and I have something to eat, but how hungry is this beggar?’ I gave all away to the beggar by practicing  

‘Semchigo’ as if my mother and I had eaten them. Likewise, whatever we do, we should practice Semchigo in our lives. You want to be given a lot of love from your husband but he doesn’t give them to you. Don’t think, ‘Why did I meet him like that...?’ Instead, ‘Oh yes, with Semchigo, regarding as if I was loved by him, let me practice love for him first.’ If we do this, your husband will surely come back. So let us practice love ‘Semchigo’ as if we were loved. Pride can destroy the world but love can lift up the whole world. Now, let us arm ourselves with love. All devils succumb in front of love.

Let me talk about the spirituality of ‘It’s my fault’. I went to the Philippines. I visited the Philippines many times and there have been so many wonders there. In the Philippines, there were cancer patients, terminally ill patients. One man had tried to go to many places for cure because he thought he had skin disease, but it turned out to be blood cancer. So he went to the U.S. once a month to draw the blood out. The man was not Catholic. At the time I was delivering a message at the Greenbelt Church, someone said to him, “Let’s go there.” So he was sitting in the back.

When people said “Amen,” he also followed with an “Amen.” And his blood cancer was healed thereafter. So many terminally ill patients were healed that I got the opportunity to meet the president there. The president’s cousin came out and tried to put me on the VIP seat in a plane. So I said, “No thanks.” I said I’d take the economy class, but even the vice president of the airline company came to the airport and put me in the first class. I sat in the third row. While I prayed the Rosary closing my eyes, the kids in front of me were playing making a lot of noise. A thing that was not supposed to happen happened.

There are many things that can happen in our lives. It’s not mere coincidence. ‘How could they let the kids run around like that in the VIP seat on the plane? It doesn’t make sense that children can run in the VIP seat!’ But I didn’t think in that way and I just prayed for the playing kids. But I didn’t think that way and I just prayed for the kids. Suddenly something hit me in the vital part of my eye.

I screamed because of the sudden impact! “Argh!”  Angela who was with me said, “Oh, my!” It was a big apple. They played ball with that apple. Anyway, I guess Jesus tested it all. I went to the restroom and looked at my eye. It got black and swollen. I said, “Ah, Jesus gives me love today in this way.” Then Angela said, “Mama! How could you be happy about the attack that made you unable to open your eyes that even got bruised and swollen?” “Of course, I am. I received Jesus’ love.” If we consider the pain we suffer as Jesus’ love, we really receive Jesus’ love.

So I walked to the kid who injured me with the apple and thought, ‘Oh, it's not a coincidence’ because I was going to pray over the boy to be a good priest. As my hand approached him to pray over, his mother thought that I was about to hit him and She said, “Oh, Sorry. No! No! No! No!”

So I held up my rosary and said, “prayer,” and put my hand on his chest. He was trembling at first, but then he calmed down after prayers. As I finished praying and said, “Glory to God! Thank you. Jesus! Thank you, Mama Mary!” at that very moment, my eye returned to normal.

I believed he would be a good priest because he witnessed it. We resent and complain even about little things like headaches, bruises, and scratches, so much so the devils place their snares to ruin us.  So no matter what happens, we have to offer up everything, graciously.

‘I got hit because I was there.’ So I took it as my fault. ‘It’s not his fault, but mine. He wouldn’t have hit me if I wasn’t there. They wouldn’t have played like that.’ How angry the devils were to the point of hitting me on my way back after finishing the work in the name of the Lord! We can never hate anyone when we consider it as the work of devils.

So let us take everything as our fault whatever it may be. People blame others for the little things, and slander others even though they are the ones who did wrong. They can’t see the beams in their own eyes, so they try to take the speck out of someone else’s eyes. Thus we should offer up everything graciously. Offering up and Turning our daily lives into Prayers, all these Five Spiritualities are inseparable.

We can’t take any of these apart. They are all connected together. Let us offer up everything with turning our daily lives into Prayers, and take everything as our fault. When a flying stone struck me, I said ‘Oh, I was hurt because I was here.’ See, a stone flew and hit me. If I kick the stone saying, “Damn,” then my foot would be hurt. ‘If I had come to this spot earlier, then the stone would have fallen there, so it was my fault because I was here,’ when we take everything as our faults, we can be happy.

Turning our lives into Prayers. Its importance is that we can even utilize the things that we forget to pray. From the moment we wake up to the moment we fall asleep, we can pray.

Please, always carry Holy Water with you. I’ve had a habit of carrying Holy Water with me since I was a catechumen. When I wake up, before I get up, I pray, ‘God Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, please be with me. Blessed Mother, please be with me. May all I do conform to Your Will, not mine. So I entrust my every move to You to arrange it according to Your guidance.’

While washing our hands, we say, ‘Jesus! I am washing my hands, so please wash away all the bad parts in my soul.’ We offer up by turning it into prayers like this, while we wash our hair or take our bath. If you fart, not just you but someone too who hears it can also pray, “Oh, Jesus, my Lord! Now that something bad is coming out of his stomach, please let all the bad things out of our souls as well.” Instead of complaining about it, okay?

When we relieve ourselves ; while opening the bathroom’s door, chatting, or sitting on the toilet, and also while taking off our pants, we can gather many things to pray, ‘Jesus, now I am discharging the bad things from my body, please pass all the evil things out of my soul.’ That’s the main merit of turning our lives into Prayers.

And here’s best example to practice it. I borrowed money from someone, but soon after he died. Now there was no way to pay the person back. But you shouldn’t stop here. You can offer Mass for him so that he can go to Heaven. He might be in Purgatory, and if you offer up Mass for him he can get closer to Heaven. What a good prayer! If we are armed with the Five Spiritualities, we can enjoy Heaven.

Offering up means you offer up the things right away in spite of your eager wishes when you could not make it. In 2000, I was invited to Monterey Mexico, where Guadalupe is. “If Julia comes to Mexico in 2001, we’ll celebrate this occasion of her visit with the publication of the message book from Our Lady of Naju.” A Cardinal from the Vatican, 3 cardinals, 52 bishops, 1,400 priests, and hundreds of thousands of the faithful were supposed to attend.

The Cardinal invited me. I tried to get permission but the bishop of Gwangju Archdiocese said, “No!” and I offered it up by responding “Amen.”

If I had delivered the Messages from Our Lady of Naju at the venue where those numerous clergy gathered, how many people would have learned about the Messages of Love? But I completely renounced it with a tearful “Amen” and I offered it up graciously. So dears, when we face with something that we can’t do anything about it, let us offer it up graciously. Let us offer up everything with the little flowers that are woven with renunciation.

Since the allocated time is exceeded, I will talk more next time. Let us meditate on the Messages of Love that Jesus and the Blessed Mother have given us.

Please accept the Messages today, as the words of the Lord and the Blessed Mother directly given to you here.

This is the Message of Love from Jesus on October 19, 2007.

“My beloved little souls who have been called! When you respond to the Messages of Love from me and my Mother, renounce yourselves, form complete unity with my beloved little soul, and follow her, I and my Mother will be with you and give strength to you regardless of when and where. Thus, after you work as my witnesses in the whole world, to the ends of the earth, you will receive the power and privilege to pick and eat the fruits from the Tree of Life in Heaven and will sing Alleluia, escorted by the angels at the side of me and my Mother on the last day.” Amen!

This is the Message of Love from the Blessed Mother on October 19, 1996.

“All my beloved priests and children in the world! My messages of love are the refreshing rain of love that falls upon the world that has become dark and dry. If you only practice the Messages that the Lord and I give you, your dry souls will become wet and bountiful with graces; you will live a life of reparation for the ingratitude of others; and you will obtain Heaven.” Amen!

I hope that the Messages of Love Jesus and the Blessed Mother be realized to you. Amen! Now, let's put our hands on our chest and pray. Let us confess to Jesus and the Blessed Mother everything we have done wrong, and get healed by repenting.

Come to us, Holy Spirit. Abide in us, Holy Spirit. Please abide in Your beloved bishops, priests, religious and all Your dear children here and set your fire of love within them and perform the miracle of love through them. For there is nothing You cannot do, Lord.

Although Jesus was crucified 2,000 years ago, He is still crucified died and is buried even at this moment and He pours out His Precious Blood upon us. Lord, to Your children who are gathered here for Your love, please transfuse Your Precious Blood into them, which You shed up to the last drop of Water and Blood.

Jesus, now countless people are going to hell by judging one another. Whenever they commit sins of judgement, the maggots continue to gnaw them away again and again. When they grow, the maggots repeat gnawing at them again and again, biting the whole body. Jesus, even if we have ever criticized and judged others, let us take a new step by praising the Lord.

Many people are on their way towards the evil path, but for Your children here, who love You, without exception, let them walk through the way to praise You with hymns. Jesus, please personally bless every step they take and completely heal even Your beloved children who want to come here but couldn’t make it.

When we are healed, we give thanks to God. But when you are not completely healed, if you make strenuous efforts to live the life of repentance, following the Lord and the Blessed Mother, you will not only enjoy eternal happiness in the next world but receive everything in this world as well.

My sick and tired heart could not be comforted.
At the end of the wanderings, I came to You, Mother

Mother, please accept my wounded heart.
Embrace my tired soul, Mother.

Mother, with the Tears You shed, Mother,
the Tears of Blood You shed,

Please wash away my sins and heal my sick soul.
Mother, wash away my sins and heal my soul

Wounded by those whom I love.
With the pains of betrayal,

The bitterness that sit deep in my soul.
I offer up all the pains of my past to Mother

And You let me board on Mary’s Ark of Salvation Mother,

with Your great Love, Mother, in Your large Mantle,
Please embrace me and cover me tightly

Mother, by practicing the Five Spiritualities,
let me possess the Tree of Life in Heaven. Amen

 Julia Kim’s Inspiring Spiritual Message
and Healing Prayer on October 19, 2019
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