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 Julia Kim’s Inspiring Spiritual
Message and Healing Prayer on July 6, 2019


bullet03_glitter.gif    Praise the Lord! Praise the Blessed Mother ! 

It’s nice to see you. I’ve been preparing for my death, but now I can see a little sign of hope. (Amen!) If you make more efforts to lead a life offering up yourself to God, I may recover instantly. (Amen!) I cannot think of what and how to tell you right now. My mind is blank. But I will entrust myself to the Lord and the Blessed Mother so that They could do it for me. (Amen!) I hope I can say at least a word which may turn helpful to all of you.

Our planning director has well explained to you the Word from the Holy Bible and the Messages of Love. So, I will tell you briefly. On July 7, 2007, the first Saturday of the month, I remained in Mt. Calvary at about 10 p.m. I was praying rosary while looking at Jesus:

‘Jesus! Not only the faithful in this world but also priests, the religious and many people. Although You have called them and have shown them so much graces repeatedly, there are so many who still cannot see nor hear. As the scales had been peeled off from the eyes of Saul, may all the scales from their eyes and ears, including ours’ be peeled off also. (Amen!) Help us understand the Messages from Jesus and the Blessed Mother.’ (Amen!) I prayed for all of them to recognize and feel what the Lord and the Blessed Mother had shown them repeatedly. (Amen!)

Suddenly, the Cross was shaking and Jesus on the Cross of Mt. Calvary said, “Yes, numerous children in the world and even the clergy and religious who have been specially called still cannot see nor hear even if I had shown them again and again. But because of you who pray ‘As the scales had been peeled off from eyes of Saul, may all the scales from our eyes and ears also be peeled off also.’, and the little souls who are praying with you, I am consoled.” (Amen!)

Now, dear pilgrims! The Lord and the Blessed Mother are consoled by you. (Amen!) In this hot weather, many people are resting under the air conditioner or relishing the pleasure of going on vacation in cool places, but you gathered here trying to stay in the Love of Jesus and the Blessed Mother. (Amen!) Jesus and the Blessed Mother called us especially. There are very numerous children whom have been called. But, there are only a few of them who respond with ‘Amen’ and follow the Lord and the Blessed Mother to the end.

You are the little souls who follow the Lord and the Blessed Mother until the end. (Amen!) Keep the steam up! And, follow Jesus and the Blessed Mother until the end! (Amen!) When we arm ourselves with ‘the Five Spiritualities’ and practice it, then we can enjoy heaven. (Amen!) Are you confident? (Amen!) Believe it firmly! (Amen!) Many people in the world think according to their own measure and blame others by becoming self-conceited. Many people judge others if their actions are not to their liking. But you shouldn’t judge others.

As I always have said, just like each one of us looks different, our thoughts are also different. But there are so many people in the world who judge others by their own petty knowledge and narcissism and who are not aware of the pillar covering in their eyes but trying to pick out the speck from the eyes of others. You aren’t that kind, are you? Amen! (Amen!) Although you've been like that so far, you could still make a new start from now onwards. (Amen!) We always make mistakes in our lives, but it is also important to make a new start. What is the world like now? It is very dangerous.

Jesus appointed priests as His vicar. There are many great priests, but there are too many of them who indulged in narcissism which makes Jesus and the Blessed Mother even more hurt to the extent with their Hearts torn. The world has become so corrupted. Before I came here, my anus was torn apart and hurt so much where then I put medicine. But it’s useless. It’s even more painful. It’s painful as if it is torn apart by a knife when I wash the wound with a shower.

It is the suffering for the reparation of the sins of homosexuality. In the midst of such pains, should I complain of it saying, ‘Why do they cause this pain to me with their sins?’ No way! Whenever I suffer acute pain as if it tears me apart, ‘Jesus! Please deliver each soul out from their homosexuality.’ (Amen!) As I firmly believe that the pains bring hope, I can smile. (Amen!) Now, let’s offer up really graciously all the suffering given to us. (Amen!)

If we resent or grumble while living our lives, it continues endlessly. But if we are grateful, we can be thankful endlessly. So, what is the world like now? Look around the world now. How many catastrophic things are happening all over the world and various things are happening!

In the center of Seoul, during the demolition work, the building collapsed, which caused three cars to be buried under the rubble. A couple engaged to be married were on their way to get their wedding ring but the bride died in the collapse. I thought of it, ‘If, on our way together, my loved one dies and I survive alone, how would I live on for my whole remaining life?’ How awful it is! One died, and the other survived. That’s the complete tragedy.

Jesus said in Ch. 24 of the Gospel according to Matthew. “No one knows the time. One will be taken, and the other will remain.” That’s the misery. So, three people were hurt, and one was dead. Have they ever thought that they would meet an accident on their way to get their wedding rings? No. They were very happy on their way. How sad it must have been for him when, on their way, his loved one died, and he himself survived from it.

Like this, we do not know when we will be taken. That is why I ask you to arm yourselves with the Five Spiritualities. If we are armed with the Five Spiritualities, we can practice it. How can we practice it if we are not armed? When you arm yourselves with the Five Spiritualities, you can put it into practice. Even if you die in the collapse of the building, or in the sea of the fire, you may enter heaven. (Amen!) But if you are not armed, you will have to go through purgatory. If you have lived wrongly, you may go to hell. No one can affirm one’s positive future. That is why we should stay awake.

There was a sister who used to come to Naju before. At one prayer meeting, she thought, ‘Shall I go to Naju, or not? Well, can any money come from Naju? I shall make money today.’ So, she went to work instead of coming here for the prayer meeting. But, in the factory, the machine fell on her, which gave her an instant death. If she had come here, she would have survived. So, we don’t know when or what will happen to us.

Before, when my eldest son was running his business in Seoul, he was with my youngest son driving a car. When the red light came on, another car came heading straight into them. Then, while they were trying to avoid it, there came a big excavator which crashed on them. Everyone looked at the accident from their apartments nearby after hearing such a loud crashing sound. In less than a minute, the police and the authorities who were privy to this accident case came to the site.

If it hadn’t been blocked by the excavator, the car would have fallen down this way or fallen off a cliff. So, thanks to the excavator at that moment, both would have survived in the accident. It was the Lord who guarded them. The car was badly damaged and later disposed of as junk. But, those two walked out of the car safe and sound. (Amen!) Their mom and dad were faithful believers.

And they were also wearing the Naju Scapulars. So, please, let all your children wear the Naju Scapulars. If they wear it, the Lord saves them from danger just like this. (Amen!) The Lord and the Blessed Mother said that They protect the children, even if they are helplessly threatened with imminent crises, who follow and work for Them, even their family. (Amen!) They really protected them. (Amen!)

How many miracles have the Lord and the Blessed Mother shown us in Naju? They didn’t perform it to us as a spectacle. My eldest son had fallen down the stairs from the second floor. He couldn’t wake up, but they thought it was due to the drink. After talking to Julio and others, they brought him to his room and laid him down. Though he was conscious again, for three days, he threw up everything he ate even the water. It was on Thursday when he fell. On Saturday, I came for the preparatory prayer.

Only then did my daughter-in-law call, “Something wrong with him.” So, I hurried to their place and there I saw him throw up even the water. So, I told him, “Let’s go to the hospital.” But, he refused. When I said “I can discern it through the grace of the Lord.” Then, he got up right away and put on his clothes to go. So, we went to Naju local hospital and heard that the brain hemorrhage was so wide that they suggested to go to the university hospital. I stayed here to pray. When I went to the university hospital, I saw the C.T. scan result which showed the brain hemorrhage was so huge.

When I came back home, I searched the Internet to gather some information on cerebral hemorrhage. When Fr. Chang had a cerebral hemorrhage, I couldn’t locate that same information that I had seen at that time. The Lord had showed the needed information to me at that moment in time. With the severity of my son’s hemorrhage, it is said that he should have died instantly, or that he would have suffered some have cognitive impairment, or worse, he could have gone into a vegetative state. But my son became perfectly fine. (Amen!) As I’ve worked for this ministry, my eldest son also has many sufferings in his life. One day, he said, “I’ll go home and get some rest.” Then he left.

But early in the morning, my son was rushed to the emergency room. I received a call from the hospital that my son suffered a myocardial infarction and he needed to be moved to a big hospital in Gwangju. As it was urgent, while he was in the ambulance on the way to a university hospital, I prayed over him through the phone. And he was transferred to the hospital in Gwangju. And surprisingly, they said that the medical results showed there was no more myocardial infarction at all even though his heart function decreased by 40%. In that condition, my son became completely normal. (Amen!) When we pray hard, when we offer up hard, the Lord heals us like this. My eldest son said that if he writes his testimony, it would amount to an entire book.

In another instance, a seed of a plum got stuck in the lees of a food grinder. My son, unaware that the grinder was then running, put his hand into it in order to take the seed out. His finger was badly injured, having been partially ground. He immediately put his finger into a special medicine given to me by the Lord. His injury was completely healed. (Amen!) When we entrust everything to the Lord and the Blessed Mother, They do all for us. (Amen!) So, let us offer up everything graciously. (Amen!) If we entrust everything totally to the Lord and the Blessed Mother with childlike faith and if we arm ourselves with the Five Spiritualities and practice them, Our Lord and the Blessed Mother will protect us from everything. (Amen!)

Shall I talk also about a girl today? (Yes!) There was a girl who lived together with her mother. With just the two of them surviving after the Korean War, her mother worked by selling goods. One day, when the girl was six years old, her mother’s second cousin asked her to weave fabric on the loom. The girl’s mother was very handy with anything, so that she was often asked by people to do their household chores. So her mother did it in addition to selling goods. It was about 10 kilometers away to get to the place for weaving fabric. That way, the girl followed her mother. As the girl travelled with her mother, it was like a picnic for her. It was because she had to do housework everyday, living in her uncle’s house while her mother went out to sell goods.

Do you know how to starch warped threads? The elders would know it but not the young. When people do it, they put the fire under the warped threads like this. The starch should not be too thick neither too thin but just moderate, then it is applied by a brush or hand. When it is sufficiently dried up, they wind it up. There is a “heddle” which operates with one going up and the other going down. So, both sides should work one after the other in order to weave.

It is called a heddle. It is made of thread. The girl’s aunt said there is one made of steel at her mother’s house. The sister-in-law of the girl’s aunt was 10 years older than the girl. And her aunt’s daughter was the same age as the girl.

The aunt told her sister-in-law and her daughter to bring it. Then they asked me, oh no, asked the girl (she tried to hide herself but she told “me” without realizing, people laughed) to join them. On the way back, while they were playing with it, one of the strings of the heddle broke. So the two talked, “Yung-ja, what do we do with this broken heddle?” And, she said, “When we get there, we will be scolded and we will be in big trouble. Let’s say that it’s Hong-sun (Julia) who cut it.” So the other said, “But, it was you who cut it.” She replied, “You just keep quiet. I’ll manage it. If your mother knows this, we’ll be scolded. Let’s say that it’s Hong-sun(Julia) who did this. Okay?” “Yeah.” They handed the defective heddle to the girl. “You go first, we will follow after peeing.” Then they left.

So, the girl held the broken heddle while the other two went to pee. Actually they didn’t go to pee, but they just pretended to do so. They came back later after just staying away for a while. They took the heddle from the girl and checked it saying, “You damaged this. So what are you going to do about it?” And they began to beat the little girl and she was just still there, being beaten by them. If the girl retorted that she did not do so, they would not have any way out from their trouble. But the girl didn’t say any one word. So the girl, as a punishment for cutting the string, had to carry the heavy heddle for about 6km of the way. That’s what the girl thought, ‘I didn’t cut it. But, if I get beaten, they won‘t get beaten. Then, that will be fine.’  So she walked on carrying the broken heddle.

However, when she arrived in the place, the adults welcomed and praised the girl (Julia) by saying, “You did a good job.” Then the two were startled and said, “No, Hong-sun cut off one of these.” But they said, “Well, that’s alright.” The adults adored the girl and gave more food to her because she had brought such a heavy thing all the way to their place. It was heavy for a little girl to have carried it on such a distance as it was made of iron. The other two girls plopped down staring at me. They thought, it was they who should have been praised, but the girl, who had been framed up by them, was praised. That is why they gave her a strange look since the girl was so praised and given more food.

The reason why I am talking about this is : The girl could have said “I didn’t do it. It was you, two, who broke it while playing around.” But she didn’t. So when the girl did it in another way, the Lord did all for her. He gave her more rewards. (Amen!) If we argue, “It’s so and so. That's so and so,” the situation gets more complicated. We can do the same thing as what the girl did. (Amen!) Let’s do “Semchigo” as if we are loved, and let us forsake our own self. (Amen!)

The girl's mother did the work by selling goods. Her hometown was bombed during the Korean War. The town was plundered by the Communist rebels and her mother was then selling clothes there. The business extended there. She stayed there until the clothes were sold out.  In three to four days, she was able to sell the clothes and so she came back home with some grains. One day, she went to the place, called ‘Met-beng’. She was selling clothes there and in order to finish selling and go home quickly, she tried to go through the area, about 4km, at night. There is a very high mountain at the right side of the longer route.

It is a very high curve, a scary place where even men would seldom go at night. Nonetheless, she took that road. While walking for a long time, she saw something coming out of the forest. She was so surprised that she fell down and collapsed. After a while, when she looked up, she saw a tiger moving towards her. Seeing this, she got so frightened that she passed out.

After some time, when she woke up and opened her eyes, she saw the tiger sitting still. The girl’s mother was a very brave person. In the Korean War, she was looking for her missing father-in-law, risking her life amidst the gunshots of the Communist rebels, but still she survived. The girl’s mother finally found the corpse of her father-in-law and buried him. But where upon seeing the tiger nodding at her, she was so scared trembling and thinking to herself, ‘Oh, I’ll be dead here.’ The girl’s mother cares about the tombs of ancestors more than her daughter. (Much later,) She was awarded a prize and a memorial stone for ‘filial piety and chastity’.

The girl’s mother said to herself, ‘I’m okay to die, but what about the tombs of my ancestors? And, what about my daughter Hong-sun?‘ The tiger nodded again, twice like this.

So, she thought, ‘Does that mean I may go?’ She managed to rise up while shaking in fear and looked up at the tiger, which then nodded again. She led her trembling body to a place called ‘Jun-jeok-gul’. There was a house called ‘Jang-ja-gul-daek’, which was her cousin’s house. She went in there and upon entering, she collapsed.

So, the housewife said, “What! My lady! What’s wrong with you? What happened?” She told her all about the tiger encounter. And the housewife said, “Come on, how can a tiger be there?” Then the old man of the house told them that he also heard about a tiger in the mountain. So, the housewife said, “As you have been so faithful, maybe your father-in-law came to you in the form of a tiger.” Despite this situation, my mother came back home after selling all the clothes.

She came home and cried with the girl in her arms. Seeing that, an aunt of the girl asked, “What’s wrong with you?” So, she told them about how she encountered a tiger along the way. The girl was so surprised with that story and thought, ‘I may have lost mother.’ So, they hugged each other crying so much. Anyway, her mother became famous not only in that town but also in that region that she had a good hand for everything.

In the olden days, when people would get married, my mother, who was so good at calligraphy, wrote all the marriage letters. People used to send letters to the house of the bride and bridegroom. Do you know about reeling the cocoon silk off in the town? The old people would know it, but not the young. There were silkworm cocoons. When the cocoon gets hot after being boiled, people would spin the thread out of the cocoon like a spinning wheel. Then, when almost all the thread comes off from the cocoon, a pupa comes out. So, when they pull the thread out from the cocoon, the smell of the pupa spreads throughout the village.

In the early 1950s, there was a period of famine. So, everyone in the neighborhood gathered together. The girl wanted to stay next to her mother, but the hungry children gathered around the girl’s mother to eat the pupa. To eat a pupa, they had to wait for quite a long time until the thread would come out. They would all sit down to get one of those, so the girl stayed away from that place so that others could eat her share. She thought, ‘How much would they envy the daughter if she stays next to her mother?’

Whenever the girl’s mother would get stressed and angry, she would hit the girl, but the girl would remind herself, ‘Yeah, even though I get hit, I would rather feed them. I will practice Semchigo as if I eat it already and let them eat.’ It is ‘Offering up’ by ‘Semchigo’. When her mother finished the task and walked towards her, the girl thought, ‘Is my mother going to hit me again? Okay, let’s get hit if she hits me. It’s okay since other kids had already eaten it.’ But her mother didn’t hit the girl. Her mother hugged her instead. So, even though the girl didn’t eat the pupa, she felt more full with her mother’s love rather than being able to eat a pupa.

If we ‘Offer up’ everything by ‘Semchigo’, we can do anything. So, if we lay down everything to the Lord with the little flowers made of renunciations instead of our stubbornness or ego, the Lord will do everything for us. So let us not be greedy. Last night, my first aunt recounted the past. I previously lived with my aunt for many days in Gwangju. And she is here today. She said her heart felt so heavy out of pity for me that she could almost go crazy. “Indeed, when your mother beat you that much, you were still there being beaten, not escaping, not saying any word. Oh, how I wish you would have uttered a word or something....at least…”

As I am a woman of few words, during my early marriage life, my husband, Julio, having lived with me all that while, thought, ‘What a weird woman! She is never jealous even though when I’m with another woman.’ Dear pilgrims, do you think it is because I am a dull and boring person? I am very thoughtful and a more sensitive than person than anyone else. I just kept to my silence.

When I saw him with another woman, I just thought, ‘If he had known that I have already found out he had another woman, he would have been embarrassed.’ (So she just let it be.) I used to stay awake until my husband come home from work. But on that night, when I pretended not having seen him with another woman, I simply put on my pajamas, and for the first time, set up the blankets earlier and pretended to sleep lying down. Then my husband came in and I said, “Oh, you’re here now. I’m sorry. I’ve been asleep since early this evening.

It is not because I didn’t feel jealous. If I can have him love me back by nagging, I would do it. But it’s not working, is it? Even if I am treated like a fool and ignored, that’s the little flowers made of renunciations offered to the Lord. My aunt said last night, that she felt sorry for me. “I was so frustrated. I’ve never forgotten the times I spent staying with you.” She added, “You should have said even a word (in such sad situations). Aren’t you a fool? Nor something so? You are not a fool but still you did that.”

But you can’t be loved if you nag your spouse. Rather, it breaks love, right? It’s the truth. The Lord and the Blessed Mother teach us, because they teach us through the humans. Also, I’d like to share ‘Turning our lives into prayer’. (When I was young lady), I went to the Academy and stayed at my aunt’s house for many days. Sometimes, people question whether stories from my life are real. This is why I am sharing the episode while my aunt is here with us. It’s hard for her to visit as she lives far away. But she is here now and attending the prayer meeting.

Back in those days, whenever I cooked rice, I wouldn’t throw away even a single of bean sprout husk. Then my aunt would say, “How can you be like that?” She saw that I never left any leftovers. Not even a single ounce of chili powder would go to waste. Once in a while, my aunt’s sister-in-law visited her. She was one who usually threw away all the leftovers to waste. My aunt said, “It’s said that if we worry about saving every little thing, we can’t be well-off. She can’t be rich if she keeps that way. I’m worried~” When we prepared a meal together, my aunt separated the soybean paste from the stew for her husband. This was because he wouldn’t eat even a grain of soybean paste. He’s a bit picky. Similarly, when my aunt’s sister-in-law would cook, she would throw away all the leftover soybeans after filtering it only lightly.

‘Oh, she doesn’t know that she throws away precious things!’ I never had leftovers because I crushed the soybeans. That’s practicing “Turning our daily lives into Prayers”. Even though I didn’t know about prayer in those days, I have been practicing it in my everyday life. Let us not neglect even a single thing in our daily lives. I never leave any leftovers, thinking and praying about the souls that may be lost. So my aunt simply worried in a human way, ‘Oh, what to do? If she keeps it up, she will languish in poverty...’ But this is the truth (Jesus wants us to practice) that we have to know and discern.

When a little bit of red pepper powder is thrown away, it comes at little cost. Just tiny amount is wasted. But cost is not the point, and what is important is to practice Turning our daily lives into Prayers, praying for even a single soul who may be lost. We should also always be grateful again and again. So, even when we feel challenged, tired and exhausted, let’s not be disappointed or frustrated, but proceed to follow the Lord and the Blessed Mother together. (Amen!) Then the Lord will be always with us.

As Peter Park, the planning director, told us a while ago, we must be aware that even though violent raging waves threaten to sweep us away, Jesus and the Blessed Mother will surely save us who follow Them. So, don’t look back. Now you all have cell phones. Sometime, I think, ‘How nice it would be if you can fill your phones with love of the Lord and the Blessed Mother in it.’

So, let us erase the worldly and strange things in it, and fill them up with the Love of the Lord and the Blessed Mother. Let’s receive Their abundant Love and pray that the Lord and the Blessed Mother will come personally to each of you, and heal everything today.

Let us meditate on the Messages of Love from Jesus and the Blessed Mother. Today, let us meditate again on these Words from Jesus and the Blessed Mother, taking it as They personally give them to each of us.

This is the Message of Love from Jesus on July 1, 1996.

“My little souls! When you make me known, follow me, and make my Mother known, you may experience pains. But you must lighten the dark world by hurriedly propagating to everyone the salvation that has been won through my immeasurable pains on the cross. I will always stay with you who are working for me and following me. When you settle down in me by meditating deeply and more humbly on my wounds, you will receive more abundant energy. Carry out the sublime task that I have entrusted to you.” Amen!

This is the Message of Love from the Blessed Mother on July 5, 1995.

“My beloved children! I have prepared countless days for working, using you as my instruments, and whenever you were in need, the touch of the Lord and this mother never left you. If you follow me offering up all your sufferings graciously, the Lord’s help and protection will be bestowed upon you accordingly in your work and hardships. and you will walk through the path of perfecting virtue and come before the throne of heaven on the last day. Regardless of what happens, do not stop or hesitate, but go forward courageously.” Amen!

May the Messages of Love from the Lord and the Blessed Mother be realized as proclaimed to all of you.

Put your hands on your chest and offer yourselves up so that you may be completely dissolved into the Love of Jesus and the Blessed Mother. Completely offer up your family, your business and your work to the Lord. Bring out all those whom you hate and whom you did not love, and entrust them all to the Lord.

What is the world like now? Children kill their parents, parents kill their children, husbands kill their wives, wives kill their husbands. So many people are becoming devastated. Let us, at least, who have been called by the Lord, wake up and move forward with ‘the Five Spiritualities’ so that we can carry out our share of the work toward purifying this world.

Our Lord wants to be with us at every moment, every day, but He can’t come to us because we don’t open our hearts to Him. But from now on, let us ask forgiveness from Him in everything that we’ve done wrong so far. And at this moment, with the clean hearts, let us fully remove the beams out of our eyes. Let us not become the children who try to pick at the specks in other’s eyes but first look at the beams in our own. Let us entrust ourselves to the Lord to have mercy on us, so that we can be children who remove the beams, even the specks, from our eyes.

This sinner who wandered in distress,
Jesus and the Blessed Mother called me

With the Blessed Mother’s Love, approaching Jesus,

I want to be healed with the tears of repentance.

I’m lonely. I’m sad. This sinner who is fretful,
Today You embrace me in the warmth of Your bosom again.

The refuge of the sinner who is wounded in love,

You are the only shelter for me.

We didn’t know that we are sinners
even though we have committed sins.

But now, by the spirituality that accepts everything as ‘My Fault’,

I’d like to comfort the painful Hearts of the Lord and the Blessed Mother.

I will live a life of resurrection with the heroic love~ Amen.

 Julia Kim’s Inspiring Spiritual Message
and Healing Prayer on July 6, 2019
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