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 Julia Kim’s Inspiring Spiritual
Message and Healing Prayer on June 29, 2019
On the 34th Anniversary of the Blessed Mother’s weeping Tears


bullet03_glitter.gif    Praise the Lord! Praise the Blessed Mother ! 

It is nice to meet you. Since the children of this world are living in the wrong way, the Blessed Mother said, “Please live well, children. Please live well.” However, they do not listen, no matter how much She repeats it. So, the Blessed Mother came to Korea, this small country, and called us through Her tears. (Amen!) However, we would not fully understand if She only showed us Her Tears. Therefore, She also gave us Her Messages.

In order for our Blessed Mother’s Tears not to be wasted, we must arm ourselves beautifully with the Five Spiritualities, and offer ourselves up by entrusting everything to Jesus and the Blessed Mother. If we are able to do this, the Lord will send down blessings even more abundantly today. Amen!

Jesus has performed Eucharistic miracles for several times on June 30th. Starting from June 30th, 1985 to January 14th, 1989, the Blessed Mother wept Tears and Tears of Blood for 700 days. Until now, she continues to weep Tears and Tears of Blood and to exude Her Fragrant Oil by squeezing Her whole body, sending us streams of the Water of Mercy. Jesus sends down His Precious Blood. The Lord and the Blessed Mother are giving unto us endless love. (Amen!)

On many times of June 30, Jesus wept His Tears and Bloody Sweat through His statue on the Cross of Mt. Calvary. Also, He exuded His bodily fluids which flowed down from the Cross. How much the Lord loves us that He shows us miracles again and again? On a different day, water poured out from the statue of St. John on Mt. Calvary where there was no water to be found within it. So, we collected this Water from both the statue of St. John and of Jesus on the Cross by placing a plastic vinyl underneath.






So much love has been shown to us. At the fountain of the Water of Graces, the statue of the Blessed Mother wept not only Tears, but also bled at Her nose, and wept the Tears of Blood. Even more, the Blessed Mother shed Blood from the suffering of the Crown of thorns. Again, the Blessed Mother’s statue on Mt. Calvary shed Tears and exuded Fragrant Oil and golden color Fragrant Oil by squeezing Her whole body. How many miracles have been shown to us in Naju?

The Blessed Mother at Her Holy Mountain wept Tears and exuded Fragrant Oil
(Oct 15, 2016)

The large statue of the Blessed Mother located
on the Blessed Mother's Mountain in Naju, shed blood from wounds
caused by the Crown of Thorns on her head from June 27 to July 2, 2009

Continuously, 33 times Our Lord granted us Eucharistic miracles and countless miracles of the sun. We have also been gifted the Miraculous Water. Each miracle that has happened in various place of the world has happened in Naju synthetically until now. (Amen!) Now, we must empty our minds and abandon our human thoughts. On June 30th, 2002, at Mt. Cavalry, I heard that Jesus weeping His Tears. So I came up there where many pilgrims had gathered. Jesus was continuously weeping and exuding His bodily fluids and from His feet and all over His Body.

When I was trying to take His bodily fluids, someone said, “Is that not just water? Is it not coming from the hole where water flows out?” From the moment he questioned, Jesus’ bodily fluids stopped flowing. On a separate June 30, again there was bodily fluids continuously flowing out from the statue of Jesus. However, someone used a nail to pierce a hole on the statue to receive more of His fluids. At that moment, it again stopped flowing completely. Since that time, Jesus’ bodily fluids have never come out from there again.

There are many people whose eyes, ears, and hearts received healing by applying the bodily fluids of Jesus. But without asking me, though I was there, someone made a hole by piercing a nail into the statue to get more of his fluids from it, which made the flow of the fluids stop completely. In that sense, we should never consider what God does in a human way.

On June 30, 1995, many things occurred. On this day, there was a miracle of the sun which started from 3 p.m. Astonishingly, the sun moved up and down, changing into colors of red, purple, green, yellow, golden, and of the whole rainbow. Various Images appeared to us – Baby Jesus, the Blessed Mother holding Baby Jesus in Her arms, the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove and the resurrected Jesus Who is blessing us. The people who witnessed these miracles were cheering loudly and cried.

I went to the Naju parish church for evening Mass on that day. The parish priest was the main celebrant of the Mass, and 7 foreign priests celebrated together while 4 or 5 priests remained with me. Fr. Shimura of Japan was among the priests and was 92 years old. Mass was of course important, but he wanted to stay with me. He was with me holding my hand tightly. How great the priest’s faith was! In those days, there was nothing like the vinyl chapel here. Even the panoramic view of the Blessed Mother’s Mountain was not decorated like it is now. However, he, surprisingly, stayed up whole night here and attended the Mass at the parish.

The next morning, the miracle of the sun occurred. Even the sun came all the way down, and pictures of it were taken. Fr. Louis Bosman from Canada was standing beside me taking a photo. Our Fr. Francis and Fr. Jerry were there also. Fr. Su have has been with us for a long time, so he had seen Eucharistic miracles 6 times since then. When the Eucharistic miracle happened, the smell of blood would spread. The priests including Fr. Shimura were surprised to see the miracle of the Eucharist with the smell of blood and cried a lot.

The woman, who accompanied Fr. Shimura of Japan, was taking many pictures. At that time, I told them that the Blessed Mother also watches the Eucharistic miracle happen. And the Blessed Mother’s presence was really captured in the photo that the Japanese woman had taken. When the Holy Eucharist transformed into Flesh and Blood in my mouth, many people were watching it. In the photos, a bright light appeared beside a woman who was near me. At first, we only saw the woman’s shoulder. But in the next photo the light appeared by her shoulder.


Finally, the Blessed Mother appeared completely. She was looking at the miracle together with us. Wearing a veil, She revealed Herself maybe to say, “Oh, the Eucharistic miracle! Let me witness it together.” These days, pictures can be photoshopped and changed. But back in this time, it was all captured in film. She had clearly shown us that, although She is in heaven, She is with us just like in the photo. So, although She is ‘the Queen of Heaven’ and ‘the Most High’, She came to us as our own mother. Let us feel free to follow the Blessed Mother. Amen!

She also said that the priests are Her beloved priests, who are the apples of Her eyes. Let us all pray for the priests so that they can become saints. Amen! Fathers, I wish you to be holy and saintly priests. At the time, the parish priest scolded people and restrained them because he was not aware of the Eucharistic miracle. After we came back after the Mass, at the dawn of the next day, when we were praying together with Fr. Su and the pilgrims, another Eucharistic miracle - the Descent of the Eucharist - occurred. Why does God show the Eucharistic miracles to us?

Jesus did not show it for only spectacle. Right? (Yes!) Yes, Jesus loves us so much that He came to us hiding His divinity and humanity, hiding His dignity and almighty power and everything. (Amen!) But, because we do not know Jesus, Who is truly alive, He has shown us Himself so that we do not commit sacrilegious Communion anymore. In Lanciano Cathedral, the Eucharistic miracle had occurred only one time. 700 years after Christ’s Ascension, many of his believers were separated into different religions, for example, to Hinduism.

So, there were not many believers left. But, as soon as one Eucharistic miracle occurred, many people came back to the Church. However, people many years ago were not as stubborn as we are now. Now, because people are more stubborn and evil, Jesus has shown miracles again and again, and has cried out the same words repeatedly. But people still do not understand. That is why He has shown us the Eucharistic miracles 33 times.

We must accept it. ‘How much does Jesus love us that He comes to us like this?’ Jesus would say, ‘Oh, I wish to come to each of my children, but how can I reach them?’ Even before His Ascension, nothing was impossible for Him, even showing Himself here or there. Jesus, who made something out of nothing, can do everything. ‘What would be the way to reach each of my children?’ So, He established the Sacrament of Eucharist. At the Last Supper, he split the bread and said, “This is my body.” And, likewise for the wine, “This is my blood.” He said, “Do this.” That is how He comes to us through the priests.

Jesus can come to us directly, but He chose not to. He gave our priests the power of Consecrating the Eucharist, which He did not grant even to the angels or cherubim, or to any of His archangels. He appointed the priest as His ministers. And so, the priest has the power to absolve our sins. (Amen!) That is why our priests are so precious to us.

When appointing Peter the apostle as the first Pope, Jesus said, “You are a rock.” As written in the Gospel, Matthew 18:18, “Whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven; and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.” However, Peter cannot do it all by himself. So, the Pope, the Cardinals, Bishops, Monsignors, and Priests were called to carry out this mission.

So, when we receive the Eucharist through the priests, we receive Jesus into us. But people are not aware. Even many priests are not aware of it. That is why Jesus has shown miracles to the priests so that they should make it known to the world. But because they do not accept it, I know that you have been persecuted until now.

When Jesus came into the world 2,000 years ago, some accepted Him, and some did not. Christians had suffered many hardships because they had accepted Jesus. And, since then, the same events occurred again and again. Martyrs laid their head down, were burnt to death, sawed to death. But they offered it up joyfully.

However, dear pilgrims! Do not be heartbroken by little things. By persistence, we are following God. (Amen!) As I had offered up everything, and I shared every detail to the parish priest, he said, “Please do not tell me what to do. Just do it yourself.”

“Father, before the Blessed Mother wept Tears, ‘Love’ was my priority. But after witnessing the Blessed Mother’s Tears, ‘obedience’ became the most important. I must obey.” “Oh I see. Though it's annoying, I understand.” And, since then, he watched over me for the next four years, and said, “There will be more priests and nuns who persecute Julia and the Blessed Mother. It is because they envy that Julia is doing what they can’t do.”, “If they say that Julia is not obedient, bring them to me. I will tell them everything.”

Even though they said that I am not obedient, I have never brought any of them to that priest. They did it because they did not understand. “It was this, and it was that.” You do not have to explain everything. But sometimes you must clarify. Otherwise, they commit sins. It is 9 times that I died and came back to life. It is completely 9 times that I went up to heaven and came back to the world.

However, I did not want others to commit sins anymore because of me, so I did not want to come back to the world again. Then, God told me to think of His Son. “What did He experience?” So, I replied, “Oh, yes.” So, as long as I am alive, I dedicate myself to Jesus and the Blessed Mother, and to you. (Amen!)

Now I came to suffer from all kinds of diseases. Before this happened, I prayed that everyone be healed from all of the 12,420 diseases. When I kept praying for this, I think that is why so many of the diseases came to me.

I have had all kinds of medical examinations. They said all my organs were ruined. As I had heart failure and could not breathe well because my lungs were filled with water, I went to the hospital at dawn. We took a taxi after removing 1,500cc of water out of my lungs, the driver asked, “How old are you?” I replied, “73 in Korean age.” Then, he said, “What? Oh, my God! You look like in your fifties at the most.” He was even funnier after that, “If you have a heart failure and myocardial infarction, you should be prepared for post-death.” So, I thought to myself, ‘Oh, truly I am!’ I have thought recently I would be prepared for death. ‘Oh, that is really so!’

He shared with me that when his mother collapsed, she died in 20 days without leaving a word. So, he did not tell me to be careful, but to be prepared for post-death, to be ready for death. The reason why I am sick is that I asked, for all of you, for all this pain to be offered up. So, when I offer up suffering, it also comes back to me as a disease. And the Lord heals me at some point. When this happened, I went to Seoul National University Hospital. I thought that I might get better there. But the doctor said they cannot do anything.

So I said, “I am swollen even though I have eaten nothing…” Then the doctor said, “No, you are not swollen, but fat! Look! You are fat!” So, I thought, ‘Oh, the Lord does not want me to see a doctor in this hospital.’ Well, let us think in that way. (Amen!) If we think ‘Why is the doctor treating me like this?’, then the devil likes it. ‘Oh, there must be another hospital for me. Jesus now recommends another hospital to me.’ I said to the doctor, “Yes, I got it. Thank you.” And then I left the hospital.

Let us live like that. (Amen!) If I get infuriated and say, “What kind of doctor are you?”, then the devil likes it. Five years ago, at Hanyang University Hospital, the doctor said “No doctor will question if you die today or tomorrow.” I told you that I offered up the pains for you, that I love you with all my life. Yes, dear pilgrims, I love you! (Amen!) I love you so much. (Amen!) Cheer up, dear pilgrims! (Amen!)

So, now, what are you taught here? We are taught to be Traditional Roman Catholics, without heresy. (Amen!) I was invited to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Bishop Ji Hak-soon. When I kneeled and tried to receive Eucharist on my tongue, the priest said, “Move away!” I was so surprised, and said, “Oh, I’m sorry.” Then I received it with hands.

Even though you receive the Eucharist on your tongue in Naju, do not insist to receive it on your tongue if they lay Eucharist on your hand. We must not insist our way to others, but try to follow them.

One time, my parish priest, who was against Naju, came to visit. There was a lady from the U.S., whose son was a priest. During the Mass, she moved to receive Eucharist and opened her mouth saying, “Ah~” But the priest said, “Take it on your hand!” But, she did not understand Korean and assumed, “Open your mouth wider.” “Ah~~” “Take it on your hand!!” She did not understand the situation. “Ah~~” “On your hand!!!” “Ah~” “Go back to your seat!”, even though her son was also a priest.

I mean, look at the people around you. We do not look the same. We are all different. Let us not judge or criticize one another. ‘Oh, he thinks in that way. I think differently.’ Instead, we should try to use kind words and embrace each other with love. (Amen!)

So, I apologized again and again to her (on behalf of the priest), saying “Since the priest was not aware that we receive Holy Communion by mouth, please forgive him. It’s my fault. It would have been okay if you were with me. It was because there was no translator. It had reminded me of the Babel Tower… Please forgive me.” Like that, I repeatedly asked for the forgiveness to her. Let us approach it in that way. (Amen!)

That is why the Five Spiritualities are so beneficial. (Amen!) We can do it if we are armed with the Five Spiritualities. (Amen!) One day, I went to the other hospital right away. I showed the doctor the medical records CD that I took from the hospital in Gwangju. With only seeing the record on my adrenal gland, he said, “Oh my! How did you walk here all on your own?” Adrenal fatigue is the stage before adrenal insufficiency. No matter how sick you are, the doctors cannot diagnose accurately because it is a rare modern disease. Only experts can, which the doctor at this hospital was. The 24-year old lady had adrenal fatigue, which is 2 stages earlier before my state. The doctors could not figure it out.

She came by ambulance and she could not even hold a spoon. So the doctor explained that she had a less severe disease and came here by ambulance, and wondered when seeing me, “How did you walk here all on your own?” And after reading the test results, he told me, “It’s a complete dilemma just like you came from deep in the heart of the mountains.” I entrust to the Lord anyway whether he calls me to heaven or lets me remain in this world.

So, we must stay awake. (Amen!) We do not know when punishment will be handed down. Today, on my way here, I saw a car severely crushed in driver’s front side. It can happen to any one of us, even though we may drive safely. So, as I have always told you, do not only sprinkle the Holy Water casually, but make the Sign of the Cross and say “In the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.” Then pray saying, “I command in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Let all the devils that afflict us go away from us.” And, sprinkle the Holy Water everywhere. (Amen!)

So, do not forget to sprinkle Holy Water. Still, if you get into an accident, let us say “Oh, thank you for saving my life, when I could have died.” (Amen!) If you break your arm say, “Thank you. If my leg was broken, I couldn’t walk. It’s good to have my arm broken, instead.” If you break your leg say, “Thank you. If my arm was broken, I couldn’t work. It’s good to have my leg broken, instead.” We can still do work, even if we need to crawl. We must be grateful for everything. As the Holy Bible says, “Be grateful for everything.” How grateful have we been?

While I am suffering of pains this time, even though I am dying, I am always laughing. So, we must continue to smile at everything. When you smile, you release endorphins. We do not know how much longer we will live. 20 years, 30 years, 50 years, or 100 years. 1 day, or 2 days. We cannot expect our death at all, can we? Therefore, for the rest of our lives, let us fully arm ourselves with the Five Spiritualities of Naju. Let us offer up everything.

Today, we have many pilgrims from Hong Kong. Fr. Fu was here in Korea. He was so child-like. Now he is like a saint. When Fr. Fu was here, we went up to Mt. Calvary together. Jesus would usually exude His bodily fluids, but not on that day. “Father, please put your finger in the hole where the nail went through the Feet of Jesus and meditate on Jesus’ shedding of blood.” He did as he had heard with all his heart. We must do everything with all of our heart.

Then, oh my, Jesus’ bodily fluids began to flow down from there. He was so surprised that since then, he has loved the Blessed Mother of Naju so much. Last year, Fr. Fu said that he was dying because of his kidney completely malfunctioned and that he had complete osteoporosis. As he was one who has loved the Blessed Mother of Naju so much, I thought, ‘I should save his life.’, and tried to go there. But he told me not to come because he knew it was too hard for me. From the moment, the healing started occurring.

I went there. Pains accompanied me. When I got on the plane, my oxygen saturation went down to 82. It was an emergency. But I went there and now, he got healed and he can even get onto a bus, right? So, we must offer up everything and feel it. And, Fr. Fu had felt it.

Now, dear pilgrims, it is not that you can be healed only with my touch. I have been abroad a lot, and even the most incurably suffering patients had been healed. In Ruteng(Indonesia), when I put Holy Water in their mouths, the mute was healed. In the ears, the deaf was healed. In the eyes, the blind was healed. But instead, just by praying for them, many patients with a terminal illness had been healed.

In the Philippines, there was someone who was not a believer. At the Greenbelt church, he was there when I was delivering the messages. He had incurable skin cancer and had to go to the U.S. to refresh his blood once a month. Despite his own beliefs, he accepted the messages with “Amen” at the back of the church. And then he was completely healed. So, later, he desired to support the construction of the Blessed Mother’s Chapel here in Naju.

Even if I didn't pray over him by touching him, on that day, a blind man opened his eyes and his brain cancer was healed in the Philippines. There was one man who is both a pianist and vocalist. His brain cancer made him unable to open his eyes, move his hands, and walk properly. Yet he was healed at that time. So, dear pilgrims, you do not have to say: “Touch here, please.” “Please here.” “Please here.” Be healed by your faith!

Fr. Jerry Orbos also received operations on three different types of cancer. He also is completely recovered. We went there and prayed together. He fully believed in God. It was his belief. Fr. Jerry Orbos brought his brother’s wife and said, “She can’t have a baby. Please put your hands on her once.” I did not even pray deeply, only putting my hand on her, and she got pregnant that same month. That was his faith. We must ask the Lord like that faith.

When I went to the Philippines before, I did not know whether Fr. Jerry was sick, but as soon as I arrived there, I asked to meet him. But, atty. Nordy Diploma said, “Since it is already late today, meet him tomorrow.” But I said, “No, I must meet him today.” So, I met Fr. Jerry in the evening. He said, “I have surgery tomorrow because I have stones in my kidney” So, I prayed over him. The next morning, he found out that the stones completely disappeared.

It is faith, dear pilgrims. Please, have faith. And faith is important, but what is most important is repentance. We must also feel His love. And how does Jesus come to us? He comes to us through the Sacrament of Eucharist. He has shown us Eucharistic miracles for 33 times in Naju.

One sister hated her husband and her parents-in law so much so that she would often beat her children. You may also have done a little of that before, right? It was some kind of a chain reaction for her. However, when she came here on June 30, 1995, she witnessed the Eucharistic miracle and was told that it would be sacrilegious to receive the Holy Eucharist while she was then in a state of sin. She had felt it (the graces and blessings) so far. Wow~ It’s important to feel it. It’s all related to the Five Spiritualities.

‘Oh, I had a Holy Communion while I hated my husband. I had a Holy Communion after beating up my children. Holy Communion in hating mother-in-law and father-in-law. Oh! I’ve done so wrong.’ She felt it all at once. ‘I’ve been so wrong.’ She repented a lot in beating her chest. ‘I should never do sacrilegious Communion again.’

So, she tried not to do a sacrilegious Communion anymore. She treated her husband well and the love between wife and husband grew stronger. In trying to avoid a sacrilegious Communion, she could not hate parents-in law anymore. In trying to avoid sacrilegious Communion, she could not beat her children anymore. That was how the love sprung up in her. She felt it after witnessing just one Eucharistic miracle. By God’s grace, she was changed.

That’s how she armed herself with the Five Spiritualities. Dear pilgrims, let’s arm ourselves with the Five Spiritualities. A couple living in Yeonggwang went on a pilgrimage to the Blessed Mother’s House in Naju and did volunteer work. Mrs. Cecilia was a very smart volunteer. She was good at singing and writing. She was good at practically anything. So, she was the first female civil servant who became a section chief. Mrs. Cecilia married the eldest son. Her husband had 9 siblings, and he also had an uncle who was only 2 years older than him.

She had to take care of all of them. In 1985, her husband went bankrupt. He had a debt of 100 million won and another debt of 150 million won due to the collective surety for another person’s loan. Her salary was also used as collateral for a loan. Even if they would pay it for five years, they couldn’t pay back the loan. Hence, they had to sell one apartment and two houses. Yet, these were still not enough. It was too hard for her to bear. But on seeing a photo of the Blessed Mother weeping Tears of Blood, she came to Naju.

“Oh, this is how the Blessed Mother of Naju called me.” Her husband was suffering from diabetes for 30 years. But, in their first vigil prayer in Naju, he was healed of it. His urinary glucose level was so high that his chart was even referred to the United States. The hospital patients who were similarly situated already passed away. But he was healed of his diabetes completely on his first day in Naju.

This sister, when she was a kid, went upstairs and said, “I can jump down from here. I can.” “Do it.” She jumped and broke her leg.

Medicine is now advanced, but not in the old days. She is older than me. All the pains on her arms and legs, which caused her to have a continuous massage every night, were gone. But before that, the very first grace she received was repentance. Now, dear pilgrims, feel it. ‘Oh! I’ve been living so wrong like this.’ We have to repent. The most important thing is repentance. To be healed spiritually and physically, repentance is the most important thing. She firstly repented, ‘Ah! I’ve been living wrong like this for 50 years.’ She did repent greatly.

‘The Blessed Mother is weeping Tears because of me, and also Tears of Blood because of me!’ Living together with 9 siblings, her mother-in-law couldn’t live a harmonious life. Since there were too many daughters-in-law, they spoke ill of each other. Her mother-in-law had a daughter living in Jeju Island. So, she was living there taking care of her own daughter’s family. Once her mother-in-law visited her. She was not really good at that time. So, she thought, ‘Oh, this is the time! The place to go is Naju!’ This is why she brought her mother-in-law to Naju. Upon seeing the Blessed Mother’s weeping Tears of Blood in Naju, she cried so much. That’s how her mother-in-law began to repent.

Then she returned to Jeju island. She called, “How are you? How is the Blessed Mother of Naju?” On that remark, she also thought, ‘Oh, I should be good to my mother-in-law!’ In the past, she thought, ‘It would be better not to see her…’ But, now she missed her mother-in-law. That’s how we are after the repentance. The Five Spiritualities are all included. Then, suddenly, her mother-in-law collapsed, which led her to a hemorrhage. The half of her brain was dark. And, the sister came to the statue of the Blessed Mother every day. Every day. She prayed for her mother-in-law ardently, and she got conscious again. She(mother-in-law) loved the Blessed Mother of Naju so much that she distributed leaflets of Naju to the people in Jeju Island.

Then one day she wanted to come to the Blessed Mother of Naju so much that she came to Gwangju. She has another daughter in Suncheon. During her visit there, she collapsed and suffered another cerebral hemorrhage. There was no chance of survival. She was taken to Charles Hospital in Suncheon but the hospital declined to attend to her. Nowadays they accept all the patients, but not in the old days. So they went to an orthopedic doctor to put at least a respirator on her. Nowadays, people breathe their last in the hospital. But in the past, people wanted to spend their last days at home instead of dying elsewhere.

So, they asked to attach a respirator on her. And, as the last treatment, they requested the injection of albumin. They thought albumin is the best medicine at that time. It didn’t work so she was brought back home. Her body was already in a state of rigor mortis. They bathed her. All of nine siblings came and people in the village also gathered in and prepared for her last moment.

These days, we hold funerals at the funeral halls, but in the old days, we used to have them at home. However, it was after the First Saturday prayer meeting. Though pilgrims are in a hurry to go back home these days, but at the time, for I was young and healthy, I finished the individual meeting with pilgrims after 8 a.m. and I used to go to Mass in the parish church at 10 a.m. On that day, I met the pilgrims until 10 a.m. Then there was a phone call in the evening. I heard that her husband was crawling on the ground, crying, “Mother, take me with you.”

She asked me to pray for her mother-in-law’s quick and peaceful death. So I went there right away. ‘As she has done a lot of volunteer work for Naju, I should go to her.’ Her mother-in-law also loved the Blessed Mother of Naju very much. When I arrived there, her body was stiff and cold as ice. The whole family and the neighbors were gathered together. They were all sitting around her deathbed.

I held her in my arms and prayed for her life to be restored, without realizing it myself. “Sister, she is almost dead. What’s the use of the prayer?” But, I was led to pray for her life back. And, I also became to pray for each of the family members. Even though Cecilia said, “My dear sister, she’s not a believer.” But I prayed for all of them. And then later, they all accepted and said, “Amen! Amen!” I was praying not asking for her life to be restored but for each one of them there. But not praying more for neighbors, I came back to pray for the dying old lady again. She uttered, “Holy Water~” So, I put holy water on her hand, which I then moved to make the sign of the Cross. But she couldn’t move her body.

So I did it on her palm. ‘In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit...’ Suddenly she responded, “Forgive my sins.”, which made everyone so amazed. Since she had collapsed and couldn’t say a word, people said “Please open your eyes once… Move your lips a little… before you die…” However, she said “Holy Water~” “Forgive my sins.”, which made everyone burst into tears.

Two hours later, on leaving for Naju, I said to them, “Now she survived.” That night, her mother-in-law got up from the bed by herself saying she was hungry. She had some soup and yogurt. She was able to sit down and talk. So her family and the neighbors said they were truly amazed several times at this great miracle.

The next day, she was already back to normal and the onlookers rushed in. She, the daughter-in-law, was so happy that she, with all the food she had bought for the funeral, now had a feast to celebrate her mother-in-law’s second birth. And when her dead skin was replaced by a new one, she said she peeled off her skin like a silkworm. She said, “The manifestation of the Blessed Mother of Naju is a microcosm of heaven.” On that day, a lot of people there got healed.

The sister also suffered from a bad digestive system. She was told that she could live only for 4 months because of a duodenal ulcer. But when she came to Naju, she was healed through repentance. She could even eat at midnight, eating a plateful of rice cake and dried squid even its head without any problem. Her vocal chords had been clogged for 15 years which prevented her from singing. But, when she was asked to serve as a member of the choir, “You can do it.” She responded it with “Amen”. And it was also healed with “Amen”.

The wife of her husband’s brother couldn’t eat anything at night for 20 years because of some digestive problems. She couldn’t eat anything spicy. There were a lot of foods that she couldn’t eat.

A brother of her husband was also suffering from diabetes. The husband of her husband’s sister had a pleurisy operation. However, because of a continuing high fever, he had to visit a hospital so often and yet he didn’t get any better. When he heard of his mother-in-law’s imminent death, he came to visit while lying on the car seat on the way to the wake. All their family members were sick but they were all healed. She had her own parents and her sister. But her sister had polio and couldn’t walk. One time, she fell in the bathroom and broke her round bone.

I came back after staying there for 2 hours. But when I came out, everyone followed me. So, the sister who had polio came out and said, “Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh! What happened to me? I am walking on my own. I’m cured!” And, her father who used to suffer diarrhea was also healed. They held the resurrection feast with the food which had been prepared for the funeral. The spicy energy soup was also prepared. He who before could not have eaten any spicy food because of his stomach disorder and gastro enteritis now emptied a bowl and a half of spicy stew on that day.

They were all healed. They weren’t faithful and religious. But they became faithful believers by praying Rosary together at 9 p.m. every day. So, it’s important how much we feel it and how well we accept it. Dear pilgrims, I hope all of you, including all the priests and pilgrims who came here from far-away foreign countries to console the Blessed Mother today on the 34th anniversary of the Blessed Mother’s first weeping Tears, receive all these blessings today. Although it rained today, I believe that Jesus, by turning the streams of rain that are pouring down like a waterfall into the streams of the clear water of mercy that flow down from high places, will cleanse your soul and body. I believe that with the Precious Blood that Jesus poured out for us until the last drop on the Cross, Jesus will cleanse and wipe away the evil things from our souls and bodies and break through what has been clogged in us. (Amen!)

For the Lord and the Blessed Mother, and for your sake, I will do my best, and remain heroically loyal until the last day of my life. Let us all together, by repentance, reveal the glory of the Lord and the Blessed Mother.

Repentance, Repentance,
Repentance in the morning,
Repentance in noon
Repentance, Repentance, Repentance in the evening

Forgiveness, Forgiveness,
Forgiveness in the morning,
Forgiveness in noonForgiveness,
Forgiveness, Forgiveness in the evening

Love, Love, Love in the morning,
Love in noon, Love, Love,
Love in the evening Amen! (Amen!)

Jesus our Lord will grant you many blessings, so let’s prepare a big bowl. A small only gets a small amount. The rest will overflow. Let’s get a lot of graces in a big bowl and share it with many others and take them all onto ‘Mary’s Ark of Salvation’ and go up to heaven on the last day together. (Amen!) So, let’s have eternal happiness beside Jesus and the Blessed Mother.

Today, in front of the amazing love of Jesus and the Blessed Mother, let’s entrust ourselves by ‘The Prayer of Life’ every day at every moment. You are doing it well always, right? But sometimes you forget, don’t you? Don’t worry even if you sometimes forget doing it. If you forgot doing it, ‘Oh, just before, I forgot to do “The Prayer of Life”. I’ve got to do it now.’ That’s why it’s good. No matter how deadly hard I felt today, while I was cutting every strand of my hair, I prayed to the Lord to cut out each of the bad things from you all. With my arm shivering, I even cut my back hair without looking at the mirror.

‘Jesus, please cut off all our bad things including bad habits. Please cut off all the bad habits of the pilgrims.’ How many are our hairs? After cutting it, we wash the hair, right? Then we rinse away. I prayed, ‘Jesus, please remove all the dirt from our soul and body. Wash away all bad things.’ Then, we comb our hair and do the makeup right? ‘Our pilgrims, our priests, our religious, and our rose-families, please make up all their souls beautifully.’ I prayed.

So, like this, one by one. Even when you blow your nose, while you wipe your nose, don’t say, “Shiii, why is this running nose so much?” but pray, “Oh, Jesus, please get rid of bad things and bad habits all from our, his, her souls.” Like this we pray everything. And when we can’t offer up… When I went to the hospital, the doctor said, “You want to get any helps from me, right? But I can only give you the same prescription as your previous doctor’s.” Then you might think, ‘Is the doctor somewhat arrogant?’ But don’t ever think like that, but ‘Oh! The Lord is leading me to another hospital.’ This is ‘Offering Up’. (Amen!)

When people think of ‘Offering Up’, they think of donating money because they don’t know. ‘Offering up’ means offering up everything in a beautiful way. So let us practice ‘Semchigo’. Imagine that you want to offer up flowers now but you don't have any money. Then, you could say, ‘Oh, why my money can’t afford me even a flower to offer up.’ That’s not the way. ‘Since I don’t have enough money, Jesus, I offer up my heart. Jesus, I do Semchigo as if I offer the flowers.’ Please accept my heart.’ ‘Offering Up’ and ‘Semchigo’. It’s all connected. (Amen!) So, all the Five Spiritualities has the inseparable and inextricable relationship.

If I call for a taxi, it comes right up to my place. But one day, it stopped over there, calling us to go there. The Sister who is my care giver said, “I have a patient here, so please have a turn to come here.” Then he drove up to our side irritated. That’s not something he should be annoyed about. But we accepted them doing so. “Sorry. We have a patient.” Thinking it as if it’s my fault, ‘Yeah. These things are happening because we love the Lord and the Blessed Mother.’ We accepted it and offered it up.

And, one day some taxis passed us. So, a sister said, “Oh, let’s just take any taxi. Cancel the call now. Cancel it.” I said, “You shouldn’t. We should have loyalty. If you called it, you should wait for it.” We were just waiting for the call-taxi to come.

But, oh… The taxi was waiting across the street telling us to go over there. How absurd it was!

We had to go across the wide street. I was in deadly pain. But I said, “Let’s walk to the taxi.” And, I ran to the taxi worrying that if I go too slowly, he’d get irritated again.

“Mama, don’t run. Don’t run!” But I went all the way to the taxi. I was trembling with pains when I got in the car. But I said, “I’m sorry.” I said so. There was nothing to apologize on. But you don’t need to make others feel bad. It happens because we love the Lord and the Lord loves us.

The taxi wasn’t there right across the street. We had to go further down. But if I feel irritated, it’s my loss. The loss is on me. How much the devil would love it because it was set up by the devil. If it doesn’t work out as we expect it, that’s what devils had done.

So let’s offer up everything well. ‘Ah! The devil is trying to make me feel bad again.’ You must realize this quickly. Let’s realize it well like this. (Amen!)

I don’t know what and how to tell it. I’m so unworthy. If this place was spacious, how nice would it be to have a comfortable chair instead of these hard ones? But let’s do Semchigo as if you’re sitting on a good chair. Let’s do well in the spirituality of ‘Semchigo’. (Amen!)

So, I’m so sorry to all of you for these (such as uncomfortable chairs). I really ask you for forgiveness. If you’ve ever been upset or hurt (in Naju), also, it’s all my fault. Please forgive me and let’s make a new start. Thank you. I love you. I love you so much.

Let’s meditate on the Message of Love from Jesus and the Blessed Mother. Now, listen to the Message of Love from Jesus and the Blessed Mother with the mind that They give us this refreshing spiritual food today.

This is the Message of Love from Jesus on June 30, 2006.

“My beloved children who have been called with love and have responded with Amen! I bestow the light of my mercy and love on all of you gathered to commemorate my Mother’s shedding Tears for the conversion of all the children in the world.

As the light of my love which is most sublime and pure and pours out of my sacred heart for all of you and the light of the limitless Love of my Mother Who loves you so much will flow not only to you but also to your families, receive the benediction that overflows with boundless blessing, love, and peace.” Amen!

This is the Message of Love from the Blessed Mother on July 1, 1996.

“All of my beloved children in the world!
Even if you face the hour of bloody persecution, you will be guarded and protected by the love which was bestowed upon you today, and you will find refuge inside my mantle. Therefore, offer yourselves up genuinely and totally and, thus, face the new Resurrection. Carry joy, love and peace to your homes and pass on to everyone the encouragement of my presence.”

May the Messages of Love from the Lord and the Blessed Mother be realized as proclaimed to all of you. Amen!

Now, close your eyes. If you have hated anyone, or have not forgiven, or not loved, bring all those people before the Cross of Jesus. There is nothing but miracles in Naju. Every place is the site of a miracle. Jesus has shed a lot of Precious Blood here, and He has sent down many miracles. There were a lot of people who received the Precious Blood on the last First Saturday Vigil. Today, let’s open our hearts and give our all to Jesus and the Blessed Mother so that They may grant upon you the infinite blessings.

What a love that I have sought desperately
The Blessed Mother has called this humble sinner

The Blessed Mother has resolved all the regrettable stories I’ve had

She became my true Mother when I was wandering in pain

Holy Spirit! Operate my soul and body
Holy Spirit! Heal the countless wounds in my heart

The regrettable pains of the past

Now I want those to be healed

Holy Spirit! Heal my soul and body

Lead me to the Five Spiritualities

When I felt painful in conflict and agony
The Love of Mother came to embrace my soul

All the pains in my past are gone

I was born anew with the love of the Blessed Mother

With the most sublime love of the Blessed Mother

With the most sublime and pure love of the Blessed Mother
The pains of a sick soul

Lead to the perfection
Blessed Mother,
let me practice the Five Spiritualities
and live in heaven Amen!

 Julia Kim’s Inspiring Spiritual Message
and Healing Prayer on June 29, 2019
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