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bullet03_glitter.gif    Praise the Lord! Praise the Blessed Mother ! 

When Jesus came to this world, He was born in a stable. His suffering life have continued from the time when King Herod had tried to kill all the babies of His age. Jesus led 30 years of hidden life and 3 years of public life. He suffered in agony for three days in Jerusalem until he was executed on the hill of Golgotha. Whereas I, this unworthy sinner had lived a normal child’s life not knowing the world, not knowing to suffer until I was three years old. Since then, I’ve lived a different life far from (earthly) happiness until now.

Jesus said, “Your whole life will be filled with the pains of the Cross in Mt. Calvary.” These days, my whole body continues to break up painfully, and until I got here, I was so dizzy that I fell and collapsed, making it difficult for me to get here but I came all the way here. I received a lot of pain although invisible to others on this Good Friday. Bearing with the pain of being scourged, I couldn’t even remain sitting down and I felt like my shoulders were falling apart. I couldn’t even hold myself up with all that suffering.

Before, when I received the pains of scourges, the wounds were exposed and they continued bleeding whenever the scars which were not cured well remained opened. And this time, I prayed to the Lord for the invisible pains and the Lord granted my prayers. So, even though the blood flowed down profusely so much from the wounds on my forehead and from other parts of my head bursting out by the crown of thorns to the effect that I can’t even open my eyes, and when I finally able to see myself, I saw that I didn’t bleed that much.

But I am happy because it is the pain that brings hope and I know that the more extreme pains I suffer, the more healing graces are granted to you. I completely offered up all my pains for your sake, so may all of you receive spiritual and physical healing graces!

Last time on Easter Vigil, I told you about the pain Jesus suffered. He was afflicted by countless scourgings and suffered with other pains enormously, and the soldiers put the Crown of thorns on His head and hit the Crown to afflict Him with pain and then pulled it out, and put it back on, then clubbed on it again and again. Jesus tried to hold back his scream, “Eup, Eup, Eup” But those sufferings were not the one that hurt His Heart so severely. When His close children nail Him to the Cross (by committing sins), it really hurts Him so much with more pains. I also participated in those pains that Jesus suffered (from His close children)

Bishop Danylak said he would approve the Blessed Mother of Naju if I were to come to Canada, but I had instead, chosen the thorny path to be with you together here, I chose the path of martyrdom.

Now the world is filled with darkness. It has become deserving to be punished. But because there are still little souls like you here, God is withholding the punishment and defers the day.

When Jesus brings reward and fire to the world with the Blessed Mother, the Queen of Heaven, to repay us according to what we have done, we will all receive the reward, not fire. (Amen!) It’s not that you will receive the reward as long as you are just present here at this place. So we must stay awake and pray. (Amen!) We must practice ‘the Five Spiritualities.’ (Amen!)

In ’95, the Blessed Mother said, “The life of my little soul will be extended when the sound of little souls’ prayers soar high up in the sky.” Because of your frequent prayers, my life has been extended so far. But as I don’t know when God will take my life away. I came here because I missed you, as I was afraid of being taken up by God without seeing you first.

It was absolutely impossible for me to come here, so I had to ask for prayers from Fr. Su. He said I don’t have to come, but I wanted to see you even if I couldn’t say even a single word. (Clapping) When I look back at my life… I was chased and pecked by hens, and bitten by rats, and worked so much since my childhood, I was able to overcome all such difficulties because I’ve lived a life of ‘Semchigo.’(Self-denial for the love of others)

Now it hurts me so much because so many people are living wrongfully. At least we, who were called by the Lord and the Blessed Mother, let’s stay awake and put into practice the Five Spiritualities. (Amen!) We were told (through the Message of God the Father) that “The Five Spiritualities, that alone is the Last Weapon of Salvation”, right? How could it ever possible for earthly people to understand it? They don’t know.

The faithful, even though they confess that they believe in God, but many are like Judas or Cain. Because they don’t pray, they don’t abide even in a single Spirituality out of the Five. I often feel so sorry to see such people wherever I come across. At least we who know this, let’s make a new start today. (Amen!) And let us not give up. (Amen!)

I was cured of cancer in 1980 and I immediately joined the Legion of Mary since a catechumen. At the time, I didn’t forget what I heard about something. So many people called me “A rerun of a particular radio broadcast”. They were wondering how I could repeat everything so perfectly. It was like the same when it comes to reading the bible also. But at a certain moment, the Lord took back that talent. I joined the Legion in 1980. The nun in charge gave us allocution.

•   It was from the New Testament ‘ACTS 2: 1-4’. The clerk repeated the allocution at the next meeting. But she read it in a completely different way; “The Holy Spirit came down while they were praying, and the congregation went into the room and locked the door, and trembled with fear.” I thought, ‘Oh, that’s not correct.’ After reading it, the clerk asked for consent, “Does anyone have any objections?” Then everybody replied, “No objection!”

So I prayed, ‘What should I do, Jesus?’ At the time, I had a designated spot in my body ready to receive Jesus’ signal. Jesus pricks me on that spot if what I did was not willed by Him and doesn’t prick me when I did it right. So I prayed, ‘Jesus, what shall I do?’ As a catechumen I didn’t understand the situation. ‘That was not correct. They don’t know it? Or, they just ignore it?’ So I thought, ‘Oh, they don’t know the Bible at all. So that’s what Protestants say about Catholics.’ I prayed, ‘Jesus, do you want me to talk? Should I not?' But he didn't prick me.

So I thought, 'Ah! He wants me to tell them.' So, I spoke up to correct it. From then on, this clerk hated me very much. She was the wife of a high school vice principal. She also had a good network of celebrities’ connection. But since I corrected her wrong recitation, she began to hate me. While we were together for the activity of Legion, I said, “I’m sorry about it.” But she rejected me, “Get away from me.” So, I entreated her by begging for pardon. How could I do that in that way? Was it because was I wrong? (No) It is because I could practice “Semchigo,” regarding as if I was loved.

‘This person must have been embarrassed in front of so many people because of me.’ So even she rejected me saying, “Go away!”, I considered that as if I was loved. I continued to beg for forgiveness and follow her although we're not in the same group to ask for her forgiveness.

At the time, although I didn’t do anything wrong, if even a single soul committed sins because of me, or was upset because of me, I always tried to reconcile by approaching him/her, and asked for forgiveness to resolve matters. After having done all my activities, I followed and joined to assist her in her activity also. But she still hated me so much.

I kept praying for her, ‘She is my benefactor who leads me to humility. Though she doesn’t accept me like this, please Jesus, change her mind into a gentler one.’ And I kept trying to get along with her. And it’d been two years since then. In 1982, she entered my hair salon.

She came in with a deadly pale face. She sat down on a chair, but she appeared dying. So I left my current hair guest to another hairdresser, asking my guest for her understanding and brought her into the private room. I didn’t know what happened to her, but I just prayed for her. And what she said was that her own daughter, a high school student, had died.

Her daughter who was a high school student was already dead, so how much she must have been heartbroken, because whenever we experienced a baby’s death, we already feel so heartbroken. That was why she got heart disease and hemorrhage continuously. She didn’t get better even when she went to the hospital. That’s why finally she came to me. So I prayed for her. It wasn’t long before she visited me with a healthy glow. I was glad to welcome her. She suddenly was trying to say that she was healed in front of other people.

I was so surprised that I brought her outside. And she said, “Oh~ After your prayer on that day, I was healed of my heart disease, and the hemorrhage was also gone. I’m grateful to you!” So I said, “It’s is not I who did it. It was Jesus who used me as His instrument for a moment. So, please give thanks only to the Lord.” And I told her, “Don’t ever tell others that you were healed after I prayed for you.” And I stopped praying alone for fear that people would say that Julia’s prayer healed them.

Before that, the person who had been sick for 10 years was waiting for her death, even though she had prepared herself by attending all the retreats and seminars and received the imposition of hands by priests. It was then the Lord who sent her to me. I, without realizing it, approached and prayed for her. Then her body became hot and she was healed. It happened in Hae-nam, and her family visited me and called me, “My Jesus! My Jesus!” That made me so shocked that I didn’t pray alone since then.

(Come back to the prior story) So I told her not to tell anybody that I prayed for her. She asked, “Why? We have to reveal the glory of the Lord.” I answered her, “We have to reveal the glory of the Lord only. Don’t ever tell it was Julia who prayed for you.” It was in 1982. After that, she came to the Blessed Mother’s Chapel in 1992 again. She said she came to ask for forgiveness. I asked her what kind of forgiveness she was asking. “You told me not to tell anybody that I was healed by Julia’s prayer but I couldn’t keep that promise.”

She continued, “People said that the Tears of Blood of the Blessed Mother are done by splashing ketchup on Her face. But I knew the truth and I became distressed by that. So, I told them, ‘I was healed because Julia prayed for me!’ Then they couldn’t comment further anymore.” That’s why she broke the promise. “Oh, forgive me, Julia.” And I said, “No, it’s not what I should forgive. As you told them for the glory of the Lord, I believe the Lord had already forgiven you. I have nothing to forgive you. You did it for the glory of the Lord.” 14:29

She did it for revealing the glory of the Lord and the Blessed Mother, not for Julia. After that, she got completely well, and started to make the Blessed Mother of Naju known to others. Dear pilgrims, a while ago, I told you not to give up, right? With the Five Spiritualities, we can’t give up. 00:14:49:22

If you think that you said what is right in a human way, dear pilgrims, you should be aware of this: Many people said ‘Why does he/she hate me even though I said correctly that he/she had done wrong?’ In this way, however, the relationship would be over. So, we must treat it with love always. If I had given up (trying to get along with her even though she hated me) at the time...(what would have happened?) It was not easy to treat her because she was very stubborn as she was the wife of a high school vice-principal…

However here is Naju pilgrim who is very, very humble even though he worked as a university president. He is such a humble person. In contrary, there are also people who are stiff necks even with trivial matters by looking down on others. But I prayed for her that she could become a gentle instrument who will deliver the Will of the Lord, and kept following her and asking for forgiveness. Then she was finally changed like that. The Lord surely granted my prayer.

So I prayed to Jesus, ‘Oh, Jesus! My Jesus! You changed even that difficult person like this!’ Jesus replied, “as much as you prayed for her, the nourishment also flowed into her, and that soul was changed.” (Amen!) So dear pilgrims! Let’s become the apostles of the Lord, who can nourish not only us but also our neighbors as well. (Amen!)

And, there is no coincidence for us. Many people say that they met each other by accident randomly. “Oh, I happened to read a book...” That’s not by happenstance. Someone said her husband was unforgivable. I can’t describe it all here because it’s too severe to mention. It was so severe that she thought of suicide. One day when she was walking, she stepped on something. She saw it was a leaflet about the Blessed Mother of Naju of Tears. She picked it up and learned about Naju and came here. After she came here to Naju, she was changed a lot.

She loved her husband very much and this is through the love of the Blessed Mother of Naju. This is the most sublime and the purest love of the Lord and the Blessed Mother for all of us, who appeared and are with us presently in Naju. This was how she felt it. I always tell you to feel it, right? We must feel it. If we don’t feel it, it’s no point at all of giving and pouring down grace and love repeatedly. However, it’s what she felt (in Naju). That’s why all her family members have been coming on pilgrimages to Naju so eagerly.

There was one lady who was living a very hard life under her stepmother since she was born. She was even not able to eat meals. I think only the old ladies would understand this. Young people don’t know it. Back then, during my generation, we hardly had enough food to eat. Furthermore, as she lived under her stepmother, she was fed even less. There was nothing for her to eat, and she was often hungry. When she left the family and lived in another place, her life was still continuously hard. Her pain was enormous.

She was married even three times. When she made up her mind to give up her life, she came to Naju. Now she is leading a happy life practicing the Five Spiritualities of the Blessed Mother of Naju. That is how the Five Spiritualities works and what “feel” means. She felt it and now she is living happily.

But no matter how many times I repeat the same words again and again, some just do what he/she wants to do without practicing the Five Spiritualities nor praying and rather watch useless news on television or gossiping on their smartphones. When Mr. Moon was elected as President of South Korea, I said, “Now that the president is elected, let’s not say, ‘He is so and so.’ Let’s just pray for him.” But, there are still people who continue to gossip over it.

No matter how much they said that they love the Blessed Mother of Naju, as long as they keep watching useless media, its spirituality will go into them and the Five Spiritualities will fade away from them. The Blessed Mother gave us the Messages regarding this topic. She mentioned video chatting and many other things. Time is deemed too short for prayer, even to attend Mass, to practice the love of the Lord and the Blessed Mother, and to study the Messages of Love. But in contrary some keep pursuing useless things and keep saying, “He is so and so.” or, “The president is a North Korean spy.” How intensive they are stirring up troubles like that!

Anyway, I don’t mean the particular one has done something wrong, but it concerns the whole world that it is being almost corrupted. So even those who lead the National Assembly should repent as well. It’s possible when the Church recognizes the Blessed Mother of Naju, but the devils of division are blocking it. It’s so heartbreaking. There are a lot of good priests. But, unfortunately, there are also a lot of strayed priests. So, the souls that follow the good priests go to heaven, but the souls following the strayed ones all go to hell. If a priest is doing well, he takes them all to heaven. So, we must pray for priests.

I know the situation very well, but I can’t talk about it here now. Now the world has become so corrupted that it is hard for the Lord and the Blessed Mother even to see it with Their open eyes. God has no further choice but to punish them, but He is withholding it now because of the little devotion from all of you. So let us pray harder now and practice the Five Spiritualities so that the cup of blessing is granted instead of the one of punishment, and that the kingdom of the Lord may come to this world.

The Lord made me do all things so well. If I saw it once, I could do it. In the middle school, I played volleyball extremely well. When I saw the ball far away there, I stretched out to knock it and got it kneeling down. Other students tried to imitate me, but failed and only got their knees injured. But I got it well even without hurting my knees. When I was staying in my attic in suffering pains before, my husband Julio came home late after midnight together with my children.

‘Though I can’t join them, it’s really good to see that they share their love with their father.’ And one day, when my youngest son came up to me and said, “Mom, come with me.” “I can’t because I am suffering from pain.” “Mom, just come with me once.” “I can’t.” “I won’t come if you don’t come.” So, I followed them despite my pain. It was a bowling alley that they brought me to. I didn’t even know it was about bowling because I didn’t even watch TV. They asked me to throw a ball like this. I got a score of 48 points at first. 78 points the next time.

I had never learned this sport before. Since then, I had been bowling. I’ve scored over 100 points, then over 200 points. The Lord permitted me to bowl even though I did not even have the strength to hold a baby in my arms. The parish priest permitted me to participate in this sport. But the Lord didn’t permit me for scoring 300 points so that I would not become famous. Only up to 299 points. It was what I have done my best to defeat the devils of division by turning every moment of my life into prayers.

When I went to the bowling alley each time, the bystanders stood in line behind watching me. So when I went there with Julio, they suggested me to participate in international competitions. So, someone even came to me to conduct an interview, and I said, “If you ask me to be interviewed, I won’t come here again.” Well, everybody was clapping at the back. If I took the last throw, I could get 300 points. It’s the perfect points scored. The last pin was hit and it went down more than 45 degrees.

But suddenly, the other pin came over from the other side and tapped it making it stand up like this. It was an unusual situation. Such things happen to me a lot. The Lord didn’t permit me scoring 300 points to keep me from achieving fame. People at the back were saying, “What a pity! What a pity!” But I was fine. So, there was nothing I couldn’t do at a glance, but the Lord took all my talents back. When people saw me doing dishes, they commented, “Do you know how to wash dishes?” I’ve done a lot of such massive work in the past.

My husband’s colleagues liked to go to restaurants because their meal at home was not as nice, but my husband Julio couldn’t eat well at restaurants and preferred eating at home. Now that Julio is living a life of Offering up, it is alright for him to eat at other places although it was hard for him to adapt originally. As I did my best considering everything with practicing Semchigo, I did well, unlike what others say, “Oh, you can do it because you’ve been specially chosen.” That’s not true. I’ve done my best ever since I was a kid.

Well, we must do our best. If you do your best, you can achieve it too, by not questioning, “Can I do it?” When I bowled, I could do it so well thinking as if I was beating the devil with turning my daily lives into prayers and threw it together by uniting it with love. Later I could get some sort of know-how. Bowling isn’t an issue to talk about. It’s important that we do our best in whatever we do. The Lord sees not what we are perfectly good at, but what we are doing with our best efforts. He doesn’t blame us for our faults and mistakes, but He really wants us to ask for forgiveness and repent and then start over anew in spite of our faults and mistakes. Let us live that way.

Before, in 1991, a group of Legion came to the university hospital. It seemed that they made time for doing Legion activity. There was one lady who had been a Protestant for 30 years and built even 6 new Protestant churches at the time. That was quite a lot of churches she had built, isn’t it? However, someone said to her, “The Blessed Mother is weeping in Naju. Let’s visit there.” “Really? Okay, I will.” And, later she thought, ‘What? Why did I agree?’ This is the very thing that was not a coincidence.

Soon after, the faithful said to her, “Let’s visit Naju.” As she had agreed to it, she couldn’t reject to save her face. “Okay, I see.” She just followed them. But when she came here, she saw a statue of the Blessed Mother. “Uh!” she covered her eyes and stepped into the Chapel and again she saw another statue of the Blessed Mother. “Agh!” So, she sat on a location where she couldn’t see Her statue at all. There were a lot of people from all over Korea including her group. I went out to meet them. When there were a lot of people, we all had to sit like this in lines and when there were fewer people, we used to sit down in a circle.

As I was talking to pilgrims, she caught my eye and I said to her, “Sister, you are specially called by the Blessed Mother.” She thought to herself, ‘It’s absurd! I happened to follow them unintentionally. I do not want to be here again.’ But I repeated, “Sister, the Blessed Mother specially called you here. This is no coincidence. Please come again on the following Saturday Vigil.’ She thought, ‘She’s ridiculous! Why should I come again? As it is now I already hate coming here so much.’

But I continued to urge her again, “Please come again on next First Saturday. You’ll never regret it.” Then I made the Sign of Cross on my mouth. Normally, I don’t ask even my family to join the prayer meeting. I thought, ‘I haven’t asked even my family to come, either. But why am I telling her this now?’ And I made the Sign of Cross on my mouth. It was the time to offer candlelight. At the time, they don’t need to pay for the candles. All the people offered candles without charge. As she didn’t want to come to the Blessed Mother anymore, she stayed back there hiding herself. But later she said that I found her and asked her to offer it up first. Then she bit the bullet by offering candlelight. And then they went back home.

A few days later, on May 2nd, First Saturday, I went to meet pilgrims. There were so many people in the Chapel at the time, so they had to come early to sit at the front in 1991. By the way, I have completely forgotten about her since that day. But, I saw her sitting at the front side and I was very surprised, ‘Oh, she sat this much near to the front, so she must have arrived here at least since 5 o’ clock.’ When they were a little late, they all had to remain outside. They had to spread a mattress outside and sat on it.

May 2nd was the first Saturday Prayer Meeting, and she came back again on May 3rd and gave her testimony. Even though this particular person was working in the hospital, she was never able to put on high-heel shoes due to her arthritis. Arthritis wasn’t curable at the time even after receiving hospital treatment. It’s not that we are always healed in the hospital.

Her stomach was also so bad that she smelled rotten. But it was also wasn’t cured at the time. If she missed her meals occasionally, she would smell so rotten that she couldn’t even sleep with her husband facing each other. It smelled so bad that she had to sleep turning her back from him.

She smelled even if she didn’t open her mouth. So, when her mother-in-law walked by, “Oh, what to do for that young lady!” She was worried about her daughter-in-law. However, having heard my testimony in 2nd part, she thought to herself, ‘She (Julia) told me it wasn’t a coincidence, and she is now saying what is exactly for me.’ Then, later she knew in the hospital that she was healed of her disease completely. So, for the first time, she could wear such high-heels to go to Chosun university hospital where it was situated on a hillside.

She was married to her husband because he was a student in the same Protestant theology school. But after their marriage, he stayed away from church for seven years and also quitted the seminary. So she had to take care of her family alone. In the meanwhile, her sister-in-law had a baby and she had to feed herself and the baby as well, but she hated the baby and only concentrated on beautifying herself and went out. (See how she was changed after coming to Naju) Some people come here for many times already and even live here, but they can’t do like what she does. That’s why I am telling you how important it is to feel (accept the word in our hearts). Dear pilgrims, feel it! (Amen!) At least from today, feel it for sure! (Amen!)

Before coming to Naju, when she got up in the early morning and saw the baby excreting, she said to herself, “Oh, disgusting!” And she ran away. She hated her sister-in-law, her baby and everyone. But, after coming to Naju, the baby is looking so cute to her ever since and she even cleaned up the baby excrement and did the diaper laundering. That’s how she did it all. Her mother-in-law and husband looked good to her. She used to fight 3 or 4 times a week with her husband, 2 times at least. But, after coming back from Naju, she felt good although he came home late, because she was able to find time to pray. If he came back early, it was also good that they could spend more time loving each other. She started praying the Rosary immediately.

While praying with a 15-decade Rosary, the one that was only seen as Buddhist prayer beads started to look like the Blessed Mother’s waist belt and each bead of the Rosary looked like a rose. (Amen!) So she offered a lot of roses to Her. That’s why she was so happy as she could offer a lot of roses to the Blessed Mother whenever her husband comes home late. She came here on May 2nd and again on May 3rd. Meanwhile 20 people were converted to Catholics through her. (Amen!) All of her family and family-in-law wanted to convert to Catholics as well! On that day of her first visit to Naju, when I said to her, “Come again”, she thought, ‘Why should I come again?’ She had been negatively brainwashed against the Blessed Mother since she was young as a protestant. But, to her surprise, (when she came back again), while I was giving my testimony, she felt that all that I have spoken was meant exclusively for her alone.

The very next day of her second visit to Naju, 20 people were converted to Catholics. When she told her husband that she would convert, he said, “OK!” She also told her mother-in-law who was a former Catholic. But as her son and his wife were Protestants, she just proceeded to the Protestant Church. So, it was her mother-in-law who welcomed most her decision. Wow, all family members welcomed her decision. She was so faithful to her protestant faith for 30years that she had built 6 new protestant churches. It is exceptional, isn’t it? Even building one church is already so difficult. Despite her great works in building 6 Churches and running them, she went ahead to convert herself immediately into a Catholic and led many people to the Catholic faith. She brought so many people here.

What happened next were the other Protestants around her who complained to their church Pastor. So, the pastor tried to dissuade her, “There must be something in the Blessed Mother’s House.” “Yes! Because there is really something! That’s why I who had been a Protestant for 30 years and who had also built 6 Pioneer Churches went there (Naju).” He was speechless. She asked me to become her Godmother. But I couldn’t as I was a well-known person, Instead, I gave her a baptismal name. So all her family members were baptized. Whenever her husband goes to Mass, he always says something nice.

Not long after he was converted to Catholic, even before he was baptized, all their fights already disappeared. Her husband said, “Oh, you know, the Mother of Naju transformed you like this. You, before then, never changed, even though you went to the protestant church for 30 years. You, who fought with me for 4 times a week, is changed completely now. The Blessed Mother of Naju must have changed you that way.” So, It is important about how we FEEL and accept it. How we live through the Five Spiritualities. By accepting all the things which are against me as ‘My fault’ without missing a single one with ‘Amen’. She responded with ‘Amen’. And she admitted her faults for all the troubles that she caused others in her past life.

And, she turned everything in her life into prayers. That’s why whenever her husband could come home early it’s also good for her to share her love with him. Although he was late, it’s also good to have time praying Rosary alone. How, in the world, can a person change that way in just one day? Now, every time we come here, we listen to the Messages of Jesus and the Blessed Mother Who repeat again and again. And I also deliver to you those Messages, and you next correct your lives well, right? But there are many people who did nothing to their lives after hearing the Messages. So even if you’ve done something wrong so far, let’s make a new start from now on. (Amen!) Thank you.

Let’s meditate on the Messages of Love from Jesus and the Blessed Mother. My throat swelled a lot. My heart was aching a lot while I was travelling in the car on the way here. Dear pilgrims, may you receive lots of healing graces. (Amen!) I couldn’t breathe well sounding like “Huck! Huck! Huck!” But if you are changed and start practicing the Five Spiritualities, I will revive again.

Let us accept the following message of love as if Jesus and the Blessed Mother gave us freshly today.

This is the Message of Love from Jesus on May 27, 1992.

“My beloved children! I am Love.
There was Judas, too, who insulted me. But, like Mary Magdalene, all of you must convert and walk toward me holding the hands of Mary, My Mother, tightly in this dangerous world.”

This is the Message of Love from the Blessed Mother on May 5, 2007.

“My extremely beloved children!
You may hear many criticisms with preposterous words and suffer all kinds of insults and persecutions while working to follow my Son Jesus and me, but I will shield you with my mantle and rescue you, even if you are helplessly threatened with imminent crises, if you spread and practice the Messages of Love that my Son Jesus and I have been giving you and work in unity with love.”

“If you face the last moments of your life not letting go of the hands of me, who is the string that ties Heaven and earth together, you will wear the shining laurel crown at my side on the last day, pick and eat fruits from the tree of eternal life, and sing glory and alleluia to God. Therefore, make a new start at every moment as humbler little souls.” Amen!

Close your eyes and let us ask the Lord for forgiveness if you have done anything wrong up to now. We really shouldn’t stand in that place where Judas stood. What happened to Cain, who killed Abel his own brother? Now, it’s very common for people to kill his/her own children and his/her own parents. We could have equally killed so many people in words, with just our mouths. We don't know where our careless words will take down its root.

Jesus, help us use our mouths in a beautiful way and make our mouths holy by using them only for the glory of God.

God is one, and we are parts of His Body. We have one head, two eyes, two ears, and two nostrils. We have one mouth. We have each a heart, uterus, kidney and liver which are working in the invisible place inside our body. We have hands, 10 fingers, and 10 toes each. If they are less or more than 10, it’s abnormal.

We shouldn't judge, “He/She is so and so.” “Someone is so and so.” We shouldn’t judge. We’re parts of the Body of God. The heart is running invisibly in the body, if it stops working, all other functions will also die immediately. We can still live on without a finger, with a broken foot, and with a broken hand. But if our heart stops running or if our lung stops running… There are a lot of parts working in invisible places. Therefore, the hand shouldn’t say to the feet, “I’m better than you. I am working in a cleaner place than you. He can’t do anything without me. He can’t even write documents without me. So, I’m much more important than you, the feet.”

How can we walk without feet? Then, we should crawl with our hands without feet. Nothing is unimportant. Let’s consider each other as valuable and love one another. As each of us, as the part of God, have responded with Amen to the call of God, let’s be united with one another in love. Pride can destroy the world, but love can lift the whole world up. Let us all conquer with love. Let us completely wake up from the devil of division. Let’s defeat the devils that are filling the sky and earth (that means so many) and be united with love. If we have love for one another, all the devils will be defeated.

Jesus, you have specially called all these children. Many children have been called but only a few responded. All these children came here in response with ‘Amen’, and they have been chosen as good grains in this current age when good grains are separated from the empty head of grains, so now let us all be united so that the glory of the Lord may spread all over the world. Therefore, please allow us to be healthy spiritually and physically now when there is too much work to do, but laborers are few, and also grant us the grace to work with one another for the glory of the Lord.

Lord, heal all the wounds we’ve received in our mother’s womb until the present. Even though someone here was sexually assaulted before, let’s regard it as a kind of flesh that had passed by momentarily.” (‘Semchigo’) and be healed thoroughly. Grant us the grace so that the rest of our life would be filled with joy, love, and peace.

The love that I eagerly sought
The Blessed Mother has called this feeble sinner
When I ‘Offered up’ my desperate stories by ‘Semchigo’,
Even if I’ve wandered in pain, the gates of heaven are open

Holy Spirit, heal my countless wounds
Holy Spirit, in the darkness of the world, when I can’t see anything,
In the pitch darkness of the world, when I can't see anything
Holy Spirit, heal all my wounds
I will win by ‘the Five Spiritualities’

Who’s going to know the time when I’ve been in tears?
Here I take out the torn old wound
Lord, sew it up, the smeared wounds
Lord, wipe away my pain of tears

Father, heal my pain
Father, heal my wound.
In a scary world, whom should I trust?
Father, heal my pains of the past
Please erase my painful memories

Being hurt by love, in the pain of betrayal
The emotional baggage that lay deep in my soul
All the pain in the past, I leave them to my Mother
I was granted to get aboard ‘Mary’s Ark of Salvation’

Mother, with Your great love, Mother, in Your wide mantle,
Please embrace me and cover me tightly
Mother, purify my soul so that I can have the tree of eternal life Amen