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   Julia Kim’s 2019 Easter Vigil Message and
Healing Prayer 
on April 20 in Naju, Korea


bullet03_glitter.gif    Praise the Lord! Praise the Blessed Mother ! 

“I can’t help loving Fathers so much, what should I do?
I can’t help loving Fathers so much, what should I do?
I can’t stand it if I can’t make the Lord known~
I can’t help loving Fathers so much, what should I do? Amen!”

Happy Easter!  You who attended the Holy Triduum, received a lot of graces, right? (Yes!) I had been to so many pilgrimages before. But, as I was passing by from one place to another quickly, I couldn’t experience grace there. Now that you have come to the Holy Shrine of Naju, I hope you will be abundantly blessed with more graces. (Amen!)

This is the very holy shrine that Jesus and the Blessed Mother prepared by themselves, Jerusalem and Mount Zion. (Amen!) Every step that you tread within this vicinity is all grace-filled. (Amen!) This Chapel, it seems very shabby looking and trivial in appearance. But, here in this vinyl Chapel also, they granted us a lot of Fragrant Oil, streams of Water of Mercy, and most of all, Precious Blood, lots of it. He gave to us by oozing a lot of His Precious Blood back there. (Amen!)

And here, while we are praying the ‘Stations of the Cross,’ and whenever we pray, Jesus and the Blessed Mother are always present with us, and there are also saints and angels praying together. (Amen!) I’m really deficient, trivial, and really weak. I am not deserving to stand before you, but the Lord had prepared my life, kept me from death again and again even for 9 times. Even before I knew God, when I died, God said to me, “Your time has not yet come. There’s still a lot of work left for you to do. Get back to the world.” So, God sent me back to this world.

On Good Friday in 2011, I stopped breathing and went up to heaven. Jesus sent me back again. On Good Friday in 2014, I went to heaven again. But God sent me back again. In 2016, it was very hard for me. Although it was hard to climb up the hill, I thought, ‘No matter if I die, or live I am yours. I entrust myself to you entirely.’ I climbed up the hill, risking my life. Even after I was operated recently, my back had developed into problem later. So I couldn’t get down on my knees and it was also too hard for me to sit down.

However, I went up, ready to die. I fell on my stomach and was praying at the 12th Station. At that time, God might not have intended to take me with Him. Before I prayed at the ‘Stations of the Cross’, my hypothermia caused my body temperature to be around 33 degrees, and 36.5 degrees is normal, but it went down to 22.2 degrees when it was the lowest. This is the body temperature that is not medically possible. I thought, ‘Is the thermometer malfunctioning?’ And I bought many other thermometers to check, but all still registered 22.2 degrees.

My death was imminent, and there was no way of escaping from it. But the Lord saved me many times from moments of death. In 2016, I was taken up to Heaven because of sudden death by hypothermia.

God the Father asked me, “How come you are here?” I answered, “I don’t want to live any more on the earth.” Because I thought that people should not commit sins any more for my presence there.

Most of the priests from the Kwangju Archdiocese are stopping people from coming to Naju by continuing to spread false rumors, but consequentially, they prevented people from receiving graces where many cancer patients, terminally ill patients and dying persons were cured.

“Indeed, because I am an unworthy and miserable sinner... If it was not because of me, they would not commit sins.”

God said, “As my son Jesus continued to suffer from the moment he was born in Jerusalem right up to the hills of Golgotha to death, it will be the same for you as long as you are in this world.” So, I asked God not to punish this world, and I came down to this world again. In fact, I wanted very much to go to heaven, but if the world is going this way now, the world would really get worse. Only with the recognition of the Blessed Mother in Naju will it lead people to repentance, but it has been blocked. ‘Yes, I won’t go now, even if I suffer. I’ll be with you, dear pilgrims!’ (Amen!)

On Holy Thursday in 2009, when we were doing the ‘Preparatory Prayers’ at the ‘Adoration Chapel of the Precious Blood,’ a lot of Fragrant Oil, golden colored Fragrant Oil, and Thick Mother’s Milk were pouring down upon us abundantly. It was actually oozing.

As we couldn’t keep staying there, so we continued praying the preparatory prayer walking around. All of a sudden, I got a feeling of getting back in there. So, I went in there. Surprisingly all the Fragrant Oil, golden Fragrant Oil, and Thick Mother’s Milk that were sent were completely gone. It was not just gone, but it was given to the people who were here at the time. (Amen!)

On Holy Thursday, when the priests were coming down from the ‘Adoration Chapel of the Precious Blood,’ I prayed for them facing there. ‘Since it was the day that Jesus established as the day dedicated to priests, and the Sacrament of Holy Communion, it is now a feast day for priests, so please make each of your priests look just like Jesus, so that they may shine upon the world.’ ‘Please reveal Your Glory.’ Just then, I heard the sound,”Pabbabak!” A lot of Thick Mother’s Milk were sent down here and there.

On this Good Friday, I suffered a lot while praying under the Cross at Mt. Calvary. As people were talking a lot about my sufferings, (Translator’s Note: The Pilgrims were hassling over her visible pains) I prayed, ‘Jesus! I will offer the pains, but please don’t let it turn out visible to the pilgrims.’ It doesn't mean that I don't suffer from pains although I don't bleed externally, right? So, I prayed, ‘I will still offer up the pain, but please don’t show any signs of this pain that I am going through.’ And I offered it up. I got the equivalent pain from actual scourging. I was praying there. When I was six years old, my eardrum was burst because I was struck on my cheek. When I was cured of terminal cancer while I was waiting for death, the eardrum was also restored. But since I asked for the pain, He granted me all the pains from my past also.

Thus, even if the wind blows weakly, my ears hurt so much that I have to cover my ears. These days, the ears of Jesus and the Blessed Mother are painful because they are hurt by the words that are difficult to hear, especially curses hurled against one another, including severely unspeakable and abusive words. My ears hurt too. It is likely that my head might be affected by the pain in my ears. As I have an unbearable headache, I visited the ENT for diagnosis many times. But the doctor said I’m just fine.

It is so difficult for God to hear the disturbing cries from the world like that of Sodom and Gomorrah. So, my ears hurt severely while I was suffering with pain. I was kneeling and lying face down on Mt. Calvary. Since then, the pains became worse, and I heard the pilgrims when they were praying at the12th Station. When Jesus was crucified and dying, a Roman soldier pierced Jesus’ side with a spear to see if He is already dead. I’ve never seen so much blood and water pouring out like that. It was not just shedding water and blood, but it was pouring out in a gush. It was like a fountain from which He transfused his Precious Blood into everyone there. (Amen!)

The rain of Precious Blood poured down upon us for sure. I saw the scene and prayed: ‘Jesus, please send down your Precious Blood upon your children who are here; and let them absorb it all.’ As you know, on Holy Thursday, the Blessed Mother granted us Thick Mother’s Milk. Then He poured out to the last drop his Blood and Water onto you. (Amen!) So it was not only for the children who came here but also for your families who were left behind at home. (Amen!) Furthermore, I prayed: ‘Please grant the rain of your Precious Blood also to those who wanted to come but couldn’t come here because of their situations.’ Jesus responded to me, “I will do so.” (Amen!)

Roman Soldiers put a crown of thorns on Jesus, didn’t they? Until the moment when he was crucified and died, the Roman soldiers didn’t treat him so badly because they were afraid that Jesus would die before His crucifixion. Thus, they told Simon to carry the cross for Him because Jesus shouldn’t die before His crucifixion. But just before He was crucified, they clubbed His crown of thorns. And the Thorns got stuck deeply into His scalp. Then they hit another part again. Thorns were stuck in again. Hit again. Stuck in again.

If they club it once, it will only be stuck in one spot. That’s why they hit it three times on different spots. Then the soldier took off the Crown whose thorns already had been stuck on His head. And put it on again, and hit three spots. And took it off again. Put on and club it again three times. They continued this repeatedly.I am only participating in the pain what Jesus had suffered.


How can my suffering be the same as His? But I had the most punctured wounds this time. In the past, on past Good Fridays, I wore a crown of thorns, fell down, and the cross fell over my head. But I didn't bleed that much. As you know, the thorns in the crown are like this. (upward and downward), right?

But when I came back from prayer, I found that every spine were bloodstained and broken. This time, I fully realized (why all the thorns were bloodstained and broken at the time). The Soldiers put the crown of thorns on Him, hit it again and again, thus the spines were broken. That’s why it was all bloodstained.




Jesus laid down all of himself this much for our sake. Dear pilgrims, think about it, no matter how painful we may be... The Blessed Mother said that the sound of the hammer nailing Him on the Cross was like smashing Her Heart. Her very Heart, that She couldn’t do anything as His Mother. That’s why She asked us to pray together on the First Saturday of every month.

Though Jesus suffered many kinds of pains, every time the thorns of the crown were stuck in his head by the club, he tried to hold back the scream, “Eup! Eup! Eup!”  No one knows how much painful it is unless they experienced it. But we can’t bear even a little pain. When we are in pain, when we have diseases, let us think of the pain that Jesus and the Blessed Mother suffered, and let us offer up everything by arming ourselves with ’the Five Spiritualities.’ (Amen!)

On the other hand, there is a greater pain for Jesus. This pain has been continued even 2000 years afterwards. Even Peter, who pledged he would follow Jesus even to the end of hell, said, “I do not know that man!” “I do not ever know that man!” “May God punish me if I am not! I do not know that man!” At that moment, a cock crowed. Peter repented at that moment, and when Jesus saw him, He was very heartbroken.

He was crucified, scourged, and clubbed on the Crown of thorns on His head, however, He was much more pained when the disciple whom He trusted the most denied him, saying: “I do not know that man!” “I swear that I am telling the truth! May God punish me if I am not! I do not know that man!” That’s what many people in the world do now. Even though they received so many graces in Naju, those who were previously dying survived, and those who were dead were then raised from the dead, and even a person who was completely dead in the morgue was revived by the Miraculous Water, these very people who received these miracles turned away from Naju because of the ‘Decree by the Kwangju Archdiocese.’ The Blessed Mother gave us Miraculous Water to save many souls, to give them great graces. Even after they received healing, they threw the bottles of Miraculous Water away calling it dirty water. That’s exactly the same with Peter who denied Jesus.

But, dear pilgrims, you are here (despite persecution). You are the blessed ones. (Amen!) So how many people are revitalized with the Miraculous Water and how many miracles are occurring in Naju till now? One priest from India took with him a replica statue of the Blessed Mother of Naju. Here, we have the priests from India also. In India, with the statue, they continued their vigil prayers at each house for 24 hours. The Blessed Mother, even for 3 times, came out of the statue alive and looked around Her children. She walked around them and moved to other rooms. People testified that they saw Her 3 times. (Amen!)

We, domestic pilgrims, can be here (at this holy place) always. But they (foreigners) managed to obtain the pictures of the Blessed Mother of Naju and are healed of their cancers already with these pictures. And awesome things are still happening. In India, to our amazement, a cow came into the room, and fell on its knees and venerated before the statue of the Blessed Mother of Naju. How could this be? However, there are occurring in Naju even more miracles, countless miracles are going on. (Amen!) The diocese says, “Don’t seek for miracles.” But even during the time of Jesus, a lot of people followed Him because of the miracles He had performed, right? (Yes!) Fathers, right? If there wasn’t any miracle, people wouldn’t have followed Jesus.

Why do you think Jesus performed miracles? It’s not just to show us miracles. Because we live on our wrong way of life, He is asking us to renew our lives, saying: “Don’t live like that way, but like this.” “Live a life of ‘Offering up’.” “Accept it as ‘My fault’.” Respond it with ‘Amen.’” “Live with ‘Semchigo’.” “Turn everything in your lives into prayers.” Because people don’t understand the Messages given by the Lord and the Blessed Mother, they have shown the miraculous signs to reinforce the Messages so that people will believe. (Amen!) Therefore, you are very blessed for you follow the Lord and the Blessed Mother who appeared and are present in Naju. (Amen!)

Congratulations really to our priests. (Amen!) We can go to Heaven by following the Lord and the Blessed Mother who appeared in Naju. (Amen!) Now, this is the time for separating good grains from empty heads of grain. Firmly believe that we have been chosen as good grains. (Amen!) If you follow our Lord and the Blessed Mother with the dignity of the persons who have been saved and transcend (the world), on the last day, escorted by the angels, you will enjoy eternal happiness in Heaven where there is no death, nor starving, nor hatred, nor envy. You will enjoy the love and peace and live the life of resurrection next to Jesus and the Blessed Mother. (Amen!) Dear pilgrims, don’t worry. Even if you’ve done something wrong, you can start all over now. (Amen!)

So, we can do wrong because we’re weak humans, but never be discouraged or be frustrated. (Amen!) That’s what the devils like. We must be armed with love. (Amen!) The guardian angels will always protect us. If bad things arise in your mind, you should try to keep it away from you. As the guardian angels lead us to good things, you must do good things only. You have to think positively only. (Amen!) But so many people see it with negative eyes, and think negatively.

That’s why Our Lord is suffering with so much pain in His Heart. We can do wrong or make mistakes every day. Jesus does not want us to be perfect. The soul that can stand up again even if it did wrong or made mistakes, He’s delighted to see such a soul. (Amen!) We all may have lived wrong, but from now on, we can make a new start. (Amen!) Then the angels take us to Jesus. (Amen!) Dear pilgrims, please do not forget that angels and saints are here, and that Jesus and the Blessed Mother are here with us too.

When we see someone doing wrong, and if we say, “Oh, he’s always like that,” then we can’t help but hate him only. But, if we say, “I’m really sorry for him.” If you really feel sympathy for that person, you’ll feel really pity for him in the same situation, and you’ll be able to do better for him. Let’s not hate anyone in our daily lives. (Amen!) Let’s love. (Amen!) Let’s use the power of love even more to be heroically loyal, to be the beloved children of Jesus and the Blessed Mother. (Amen!)

Love can lift the whole world, but conceit can destroy the whole world. Let’s drive out pride from us today. (Amen!) And let’s arm ourselves with love. (Amen!) Let’s win with love! (Amen!) Before love, all the devils will be defeated. (Amen!) Amen! (Amen!) I was returning home yesterday in the car. Even if the car moved a little, I felt that a big log have been popping out from the right side of my head, and last night also. When the car was bumping up and down the road, I thought I would die finally and go up to Heaven. “Ag!” It hurts so much. When the car took an U-turn, I thought, ‘Oh, Jesus! Please accept my soul.’ But I survived again.

That’s why I can see you now. Needless to say anything about this arterial-oxygen-saturation, I’ve already lived up my life in this world, and now I’m living an additional life. Without oxygen, we die, right? I have to depend on wearing a nasal cannula when I sleep. Whenever I writhe in pain, it causes the nasal cannula to stab the inside of my nose making painful wounds in it. Think about it. You should be thankful that you can sleep in the night without this. ‘Thank you for giving me oxygen, and please give it also to people who don’t have oxygen.’

But if you become to use this device someday, you must appreciate that, giving thanks for oxygen supply and sharing it with those who don’t have oxygen.

So, whatever you do, keep it in your mind, ‘Turning everything in lives into prayers.’ (Yes~) But sometimes you forget about it, right? (Yes...) But, that’s all right. You can pray it whenever it comes to your mind again. You can pray also for what’s already past, so it’s okay. Let’s not feed the devils. (Amen!) We should not delight the devils.

That is, when you did something wrong, and if you say, “Ah! I’m so incorrigible, I can’t!” That’s what the devil really likes. Even if you think so, you should say, “No! I can do it!” (Amen!)! It turns out according to your word. I can do it! (Amen!) I can do it!!! (Amen!) I can do it!!! (Amen!) We can do it. (Amen!)

How many extraordinary events are happening here and there? There’s a lot going on around the world. The Blessed Mother Children kill their: “When snowfalls and cold wind blow, you know winter is beginning. When new buds sprout, you know it is spring.” People still don’t understand the meaning of calamities, therefore She is crying out to us with anxiety.

She told us these calamities are the beginning of a Great Tribulation. A lot of things happen here and there. At the place where ice should remain frozen, it starts melting into sea instead. A big fire broke out with serious consequences. A volcanic eruption. A tsunami. An airplane crash. Such enormous things. There are countless unprovoked assaults and killings. Children kill their parents. Parents kill their children. These things are happening according to the Messages given to us before.

Now, dear pilgrims who are here because you are graciously called by the Lord and the Blessed Mother, let us all practice the Five Spiritualities with many more graces and start anew and follow the Lord and the Blessed Mother so that we enjoy eternal happiness in heaven on the last day. (Amen!) Thank you.

Now, dear pilgrims! Take all those whom you have not forgiven and bring them out under the Cross. Take all of them holding their hands. If you didn’t forgive your children, bring them out hugging. If you didn’t forgive your parents, bring them out hugging. If you didn’t forgive your wife, bring her out holding her hands. If you didn’t forgive your husband, bring him out holding his hands. If you didn’t forgive your neighbors, then take their hands and bring them out here.

Jesus said, “Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest.” So, Jesus will lighten your heavy load. Now, for anyone we have not forgiven yet, for anyone we have not united with yet, for anything that distracted us, even for those, if we arm ourselves with ‘the Five Spiritualities’ and practice it, we will enjoy heaven.

We just have to change a little bit. If we change “ᅦ” to “ᅢ”, then it’s not ‘your fault,’ it becomes ‘my fault’. We can’t hate anyone if we change “your fault” to “my fault”. Now, let’s accept everything as ‘My fault’, and ask Jesus to forgive us.

Forgive all, my soul
Forgive all, my soul
All my being
Forgive all

Reconcile all, my soul
Reconcile all, my soul
All my being
Reconcile all. Amen.

Jesus, we, who are unworthy, are gathered in front of the throne of the Lord and the Blessed Mother. We’ve come together as one brothers and sisters from 15 countries including Korea. Jesus, if it wasn’t for the arrogance of the Tower of Babel, we would have understood each other well without the need of interpretation. Please send down the grace abundantly on us so that we can take aboard more and more souls in ‘Mary’s Ark of Salvation’ and go to heaven.

Grant us the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, the discernment of the Holy Spirit, and the knowledge of the Holy Spirit. Put the helmet of the Holy Spirit on our heads, the armor of the Holy Spirit on us, and the shoes of Holy Spirit on us. On our lips, grant us the twin swords of the Holy Spirit so that we become your apostles who deliver the Gospels and the Messages of Jesus and the Blessed Mother who appearedand are present in Naju. Jesus, bless us with infinite graces.

Bless our priests infinitely especially so that they can become your twin brothers who look just like Jesus and become instruments of salvation for this world, which is decaying and becoming corrupted and deserving punishment. Jesus, You poured out for us every single drop of Your Precious Blood and Water on the Cross for our sake and poured it down to us as the rain of Precious Blood. So let us resurrect anew and become Your instruments to reveal the glory of the Lord.

Thus, may the Lord be honored, and the Blessed Mother be comforted and all of us be thankful unceasingly.

Lord, Who knows all the sorrows of this sinner,
Please wash the wounds of the past with Your Precious Blood
Please embrace this sinner who is wandering
Lord, You’re the only one for me to rely on.

This sinner who wandered in agony
Jesus and the Blessed Mother have saved me
By responding with ‘My fault’ and ‘Amen’,
I will come close to you, Jesus
I’ll practice ‘Prayers of Life’ and ‘Offer up’ myself by ‘Semchigo’
I’m lonely. I’m sad. This sinner who was grumbling about.

I ‘Offered up’ myself with ‘Amen’ and came to see Mommy
I practice ‘Semchigo’, ‘My fault’, and ‘Prayers of Life’
Indeed, ‘the Five Spiritualities’ is my rest
A sinner who committed sins but didn’t realize it

But now, in the spirituality of accepting as ‘My fault,’
I’ll practice ‘the Five Spiritualities’ of the Lord and the Blessed Mother
I’ll ‘Offer up’ by ‘Prayers of Life’ and live with ‘Amen’
I’ve been healed of my grave sins and all the wounds

Our Lord’s Precious Blood, Mommy’s Tears of Blood have saved me
I’ll be changed with ‘Offering up’, ‘Prayer of Life’, and ‘Amen’
With ‘Semchigo’ and ‘It’s my fault’, I will arm myself
with ‘the Five Spiritualities’
I’ll practice ‘the Five Spiritualities’ Amen