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Julia Kim’s Inspiring Spiritual Message
on April 18, 2019 in Naju, Korea (Holy Thursday)


bullet03_glitter.gif    Praise the Lord! Praise the Blessed Mother! 

Today is the holy day of the priests, which Jesus established the ‘Sacrament of Holy Communion’ and the ‘Sacrament of Priesthood’. Let’s give our priests a big hand congratulating them. (Clapping) And let’s give them a big bow. Here you are.

Thank you thank you Jesus! Thank you, thank you, Jesus!
Thank you thank you Jesus in my heart!
Thank you thank you Jesus! Thank you, thank you, Jesus!
Thank you thank you Jesus in my heart!

Thank you thank you Father! Thank you thank you Father!
Thank you thank you Father in my heart!
Thank you thank you Father! Thank you, thank you Father!
Thank you thank you Father in my heart! Thank you, Fathers!

The Blessed Mother poured out all her love today, high, deep, and wide, together with Jesus, sending down abundant love to the Pope, to the Cardinals, to the bishops, to the priests, to the religious and us all, today. She has squeezed all her body. Jesus said, “What is the Last Supper? It is a feast of love and sharing.” We’ve been invited to the day of grace, to the feast of love and sharing. And you responded it with ‘Amen’. Congratulations! Dear pilgrims, may God bless you with abundant graces.

I couldn’t sleep all night, and hardly remain conscious until I got here. But I offered up that terrible condition for all of you even while I was losing consciousness. I hope all of you get well today(through my suffering). (Amen!)

It is the sign of love, friendship and presence of the Blessed Mother that She exudes Fragrant Oil by squeezing Her whole body and gives us Fragrance. So, I hope all of you receive that love today. On this precious day, we all must repent.

So, it’s important that we feel it. I have told you so many times before that feeling is important, right? How much do you feel in your daily lives? Though They pour abundant love to us, when we don’t feel it, we would think ‘Do They really love me?’ When we encounter suffering, we sometimes think ‘Ah, I think the Lord and the Blessed Mother don’t love me. Why do They hate me only?’ But if you feel it, you may think, ‘Oh! They love me so much that They allowed me this suffering as love.’ (Amen!)

Sometimes we don’t feel how much we are in sin, and how much we are in our state of grace. There was a sister Kim Maria. She followed me everyday including the period when I was working for the Charismatic Movement. But even though she listened to sermons by priests, or attended retreats, she couldn’t feel anything. As she couldn’t feel it, there was one day during the ‘annual confession’, she said, “Hey, Julia! I should go for confession but don’t know what to confess.” But I knew all about what she did wrong. She fought with her husband, so all her children lived far away, and the husband often went to their children’s homes trembling with fear because the couple often fought. These days, children don’t like their parents staying together with them for a long time, do they?

One day, he had to go to this child, the next day to another child. It was hard for him to get around. I knew about it, but she said, “Hey, I don’t know what to confess.” So, I said, “Oh, you got nothing to confess?” “No, I don’t have any,” she responded. “When was your last confession?” I asked. “At annual confession last year.” I said, “Ah, so you are. Let’s say you have hanged the white shirts after laundry. Leaving it so long, will it get dusty or not? It goes dusty, doesn’t it?” She replied, “Ah, it gets dusty!”

“Yes! If you cleaned the room only once, would it be still clean later?” Then she replied, “I should clean it up again to sleep on it.” I said. “Right?” But I couldn’t tell her about her story with her husband. So, I said, “Sister, you confessed at ‘annual confession.’ Then, in the meantime, you might have done something wrong. Sometimes it could be with children, or with husband. We can’t get along with others for 365 days a year.” Then, she said, “Well, then I have things to confess!”

“Oh, you have, right? Yeah, even if I confess everyday, I see things that I need to confess on the next day again.” Then she said, “Yes, you are right! I’ll go and ask Joseph to forgive me.” I asked her slyly, “Did you have something with Joseph?” She said, “I fought because he was mean. Then I heard he stayed at my children’s houses.” So, I said, “You should not think only about Joseph’s faults. We should also consider it from other’s perspective, not purely by our own standards.” She said, “Oh! I see. I have to go to him and ask for forgiveness tomorrow.”

I added, “Not just that. It will be better that you ask him for forgiveness and bring him back so that you would see the resurrection of the Lord together.” “I should do that.” She said that she found out and realized that she has a lot to ask for forgiveness. So, she went and asked her husband to forgive her. Dear pilgrims, it’s not only the story about sister Kim Maria, but it’s about us. You who are here are not like this but when we live our selfish lives, this is where we live with no feeling about whatever we do, and without ‘the Five Spiritualities’, and therefore we blame others instead of saying, ‘It’s My fault’.

If I was sitting still, but my husband threw a glass at me and it broke on my knee. If the glass was broken, it must be very painful and caused bleeding. It could even break the bones. But with the Five Spiritualities, even for that whatever, we can accept it as ‘My fault’, ‘Yes, it was my fault. If I were not here, that would not have hit me. So, it’s my fault.’ But it’s not always the case for them, except you who are here. So, if we accept everything as ‘my fault,’ there are many things to ask for forgiveness.

So, I suggested her to ask for forgiveness and also to her children and bring them for the confession together. She said, “Oh, I’ve been following you daily listening to the homily of the priests, and lectures from the volunteers, but I don’t know how I’ve lived so far.” She finally felt it. It’s important to feel it. It’s okay if it’s late. Dear pilgrims! It’s also okay that you realize it now. So, finally, she came and confessed together with her family. She saw the resurrected Lord and lived happily since.

Well, our way for a happy life is ‘the Five Spiritualities’! Dear pilgrims, it’s been 34 years since the apparition of Jesus and the Blessed Mother in Naju. Since then, immeasurable and unimaginable miracles of utmost and purest love have been performed. And, a lot of signs of love were granted to us. What is the sign of love for? Because no matter how much They spoke, we still don’t accept the word of Jesus and the Blessed Mother, “Have you believed because you have seen me?” Thomas believed it only after putting his finger in His side. That’s human weakness.

So, I don’t think anyone here has that kind of weakness, but as human being has such a weakness, for those who believe only by seeing, countless miracles were performed in Naju. I can’t count them all. When you pray the ‘Stations of the Cross’, many of you pray on bare feet. It’s okay that you wear shoes. If it is too painful for you to go bare feet, you can wear shoes. I’m not asking you to take it off.

But, Jesus and the Blessed Mother are praying on bare feet on the way of the Cross. I’ve seen it, but you haven’t. Then how do you know that? Because Jesus walked barefooted, step by step, and he shed Blood on His path. (Amen!)

Right? (Amen!) Yes, He walked barefooted. That’s why the skin is falling off. The skin has hair. Together with the piece of flesh, even Jesus’ hair fell off. When we recite ‘Rosary Prayer’ when proceeding on the way of the Cross, and pray the ‘Stations of the Cross’, Jesus and the Blessed Mother are also with us throughout. Will there be only Jesus and the Blessed Mother? The saints and angels are always also there with us.

You can’t see Them, but Jesus and the Blessed Mother are with you together with angels and saints. So even if you can’t see them in your own eyes, don’t think ‘Why can I not see?’ Think that They are with you. They are with you when you do the prayer of ‘Stations of the Cross.’ It was on April 9th, 2009, Holy Thursday. Nowadays, I’m in so much pain that I can’t join you for ‘the preparatory prayer.’ When Fathers and volunteers are praying, I pray at home with Holy Water. On those days, I was at the mountain also.

Now there is the ‘Adoration Chapel for the Precious Blood’. On that day we went in there and prayed. The Thick Mother’s milk, Fragrant Oil, Golden color Fragrant Oil, and Water of Mercy were granted to us. A lot of them were given flowing to us. So, we cheered a lot. As we couldn’t keep staying there, we went up to Mt. Calvary and came down after prayer.

While going around I pray that nobody gets hurt even on even the least part of his body. When I came back here, I prayed again. I even prayed over the envelopes. I prayed that the Lord hears the prayer of the offerors.

But, on that day, after all the prayers, I had a feeling of returning to the Adoration Chapel of the Precious Blood. The door was locked, but I unlocked it and came in. O my God, all of it, Thick Mother’s milk, Fragrant Oil, Golden Fragrant Oil, and Water of Mercy were gone. What does the cleansed wall mean? It means that She is washing and wiping out the bodies and souls of all of you, and She is opening what is clogged in you. (Amen!) It works also today. Dear pilgrims, receive all that grace! (Amen!)

The Blessed Mother could have cleaned it by ordering angels to do it, but instead, She has poured it onto us to nourish us. It's never been wiped out. Such signs have been going on for countless years now. One day, She granted Mother’s Milk in my waiting room a lot. But it suddenly became clean. Sometimes She drops it on you directly. But She also transfuses to all of you to raise you. Today, may you get all the blessings.

How does Jesus come to us? He comes to us when we open our hearts and practice our love. And sometimes He puts us to the test. One day when I was working at a hair salon, one arm was missing (for him) like this. He opened the door like this by using the hook. His face is distorted, and he was like a leper. So, all the hairdressers and the guests escaped to the bathroom side over there. We were so scared that he would smash us with his hook.

I approached him and held his hand and said, "Oh, my God, you must have been so hard, haven't you?" Then, he was surprised and stayed like this. So, I gave him 1,000 won. In those days it was 1,000 won for a haircut.

“It would be prettier if you don’t hold up your iron hook hand like that but like this.” He’s older than me, but I continued, “Would you mind putting this hook down like this (to remove all possible fears from people)?” Oh, my God. He accepted all when I did it by love. (Amen!) So, in those days you could buy a pair of gloves for 100 or 200 won. But I gave him 1,000 won to buy a pair of gloves.

If people are scared and run away from him, he would be heartbroken himself. People will also be scared and can’t treat him with love. They will be scared by him, ‘What if he stabs me with that hook?’

Those who flee commit sin. And he who came in commits sin also. So, to avoid sins, I said, “You’d be better taking 1,000 won and buying a pair of gloves and wear them with a pretty face.” Then, he replied, “I will.” At that moment a Fragrance of beautiful roses pervaded the room. It was before the Blessed Mother weeping Tears. I didn't know the scent of roses. Then he stepped out. When the guests and hairdressers heard me and him laughing and talking, they looked out from there and came out one after another.

A guest came in less than a minute. She said, “The guest who just stepped out, he looked like a foreigner who is handsome! Did he get his hair cut here?” So, I said, “No, What do you mean?” “Oh, there was a really nice foreign guy out there.” So, I went out quickly, but he was gone. Who do you think he is? (Jesus!)

He is Jesus. Jesus comes to us like this. He doesn’t always come with a golden crown in a golden carriage. He also comes to us dressed as a vagrant. One day, when I was giving hair service in my hair salon, an old lady came in, “I’ve heard that the owner of this hair salon is a pretty young lady and makes hair so good. I don’t have any money so I can’t get my hair done. But may I just sit and watch some?” I replied, “Yes, you may.”

Other hairdressers ran away from her even without saying hello to her, implying that she is a beggar. But I treated her warmly and gave a seat. And I gave 5,000 won in her hand. After getting her hair done, I whispered to her saying, “Come again later.” “Oh, this young lady is not only pretty but also kindhearted.” She went out happily. I went outside to say goodbye to her.

But she has just vanished. I walked around looking for her, but she wasn’t there. When I came back in disappointment, I found out that the 5,000 won bill was still in the seat where she was sitting. Who is this? (The Blessed Mother!) The Blessed Mother and Jesus come to us without a word and are always with us. Dear pilgrims, let’s start anew. (Amen!)

The rest of our lives. If you think it’s short, it’s short. If long, long. You can make a new start from now on. (Amen!) Never worry about what you’ve done wrong. You can start from now on! We have to knock. If you knock it? (Open!) It opens. Then you have to ask for it. Ask for it. And also Jesus told us to seek for it, right? We must seek for it. If you stay still, it will not be given to us. We must seek for it.

As I said earlier, I’m not bragging about myself. If there’s anything done well, Jesus did it. There is nothing that I have done. I’m just being used as an instrument for a moment. So, when we practice love, even if he/she is not Jesus or the Blessed Mother, we please Jesus and the Blessed Mother.

What does Jesus think is the most important thing? Repentance. (Amen!) The Lord, who loves even the most wicked sinners, says, “What is ‘the last supper’? ‘The last supper’ is a feast of love and sharing.” Would He not grant what you want who is invited to this feast?

Now, ask Jesus. (Amen!) ‘What father among you would hand his son a scorpion when he asks for an egg?’ Right? So, we really must ask. ‘Oh, what’s wrong with my husband?’ ‘What’s wrong with my wife?’ ‘What’s wrong with my mother-in-law?’ ‘What’s wrong with my daughter-in-law?’ ‘I don’t know what’s wrong with my children.’ No, not that.

At least you who are here, who confess that you love the Lord and the Blessed Mother, must sew the torn Hearts of Jesus and the Blessed Mother today. If you have done anything wrong, let us now cleanse His feet with tears of repentance and pour the fragrant oil on His feet.

We do not anoint Jesus only by fragrant oil. If we renew our life by repentance and live on it, it is that we pour the fragrant oil on Jesus’ feet. So, let us present ourselves to the Lord completely today so that we can all be reborn and be Jesus’ little adorable ones again. Then the Lord and the Blessed Mother will come to us and hug each one of us.

Since today is ‘the day of priests’ especially, you must pray hard for them. Through the priests, Jesus Himself forgives us our sins. The priests act as Jesus’ ministers because they were appointed as his delegates. So, don’t think we’re confessing to a human priest. We are confessing to Jesus in person.

When you confess to a priest, Jesus is standing behind him. He showed it to me. So, we shouldn’t criticize the priests for anything wrong, and we must pray for the sake of the priests. We do not know how long our life will be. Take a look around the world. How many catastrophic things are happening?

Such as unprovoked attacks. We don’t know when or what will happen to us, do we? The Notre Dame Cathedral was on fire. A few days ago, the fire broke out in the apartment and a man was brutally killing people who tried escaping the fire. So, we do not know when or how we’ll get hit. But we must firmly believe that the Lord and the Blessed Mother are protecting us. (Amen!)

Dear pilgrims, always carry the Holy Water. Sprinkle the Holy Water. When you wake up every morning, sprinkle the Holy Water inside your whole house. Then, you will be surely protected from danger. Look, sister Raphaella’s house is in Go-sung. A big fire was at 5 minutes away from her house. But only that house didn’t catch fire. The Lord and the Blessed Mother protected it for her. Never mind what others say, and we must follow the Lord and the Blessed Mother. Amen! (Amen!) So, we’re making a new start from now on.

So, we’re not only resurrecting on Easter, we should resurrect every day. (Amen!) Always think about ‘My fault’ only. Don’t look at other’s faults. Let’s think of beams in our eyes first. If you, without seeing a big beam in your eye, try to pick out the tiny speck from other people’s eyes, it will only cause hurts. It’s because we didn’t repent ourselves.

So now we all must entrust ourselves to Them to take the beams out of us first. Therefore, you should give yourself to your husband. A husband shouldn’t be haughty, but he should get lower himself and love his wife. Love mother-in-law. Love daughter-in-law. Love children. If we think of everyone else as valuable, the world will become beautiful. (Amen!)

Let’s enjoy heaven in this beautiful world. If you are armed with ‘the Five Spiritualities’ and practice it, we will be on the path to there. Amen! (Amen!) Thank you.

Let’s meditate on the Messages of Love from Jesus and the Blessed Mother.

Now, this is the Message of Love given to you today. This is the Message of Love from Jesus on April 14, 2006.

“My beloved clergy and all the children in the world who have responded to My call with ‘Amen’! I desire that at least you, whom I have chosen, become humble and little souls, and unite with My love with which I want to save all the children with the immeasurable merits of the sufferings on the Cross and the love in My Sacred Heart. Thus, accept totally in your hearts My Mother’s boundless love with which she loves you so dearly and become one with Her Heart. May the infinite blessing, love and peace be always with you who came here seeking Me and My Mother!” Amen! (Amen!)

This is the Message of Love from the Blessed Mother on March 28, 2002.

“My children who have been called because I love you extremely! I wish that at least you, who are supposed to know the Lord and me, win victory over the devil, who distracts your minds, perpetuate the Paschal Mystery of the Last Supper and the Paschal Mystery of Resurrection, remain awake and pray by turning your life at every moment into prayers, display the power of love more vigorously, and offer up your total loyalty in heroic ways so that all may be saved, and thus gain Heaven.

Now, receive the encouragement, consolation, and blessing of love from the Lord Who has become your real father together with the blessing from me who is your real mother and thus enjoy exultation, love and peace.” Amen! (Amen!)

Let’s put our hands on our hearts and repent for everything that we have done so far so that we may accept the love of Jesus and the Blessed Mother and ask Jesus to forgive us.

A wandering soul which lost its way, Father! Please accept it
The deep wounds in my heart, I want it to be healed
The wounded soul, I leave it to you Father
My clotted soul, Father! Please dissolve it

Father, with the Precious Blood that You shed
Father, with that Precious Blood that You shed
Please wash away my ugly filth
Please correct all my bad habits
Father, wash away my ugly sins
Please heal my sick soul

When I was suffering from conflict and anguish,
My Mommy came to embrace my soul
All the pains in the past vanished completely

I was reborn with the Love of the Blessed Mother
Blessed Mother, with Your utmost Love,
Blessed Mother, with Your utmost and purest love,
Please clothe me with Your V  irtues
Lead me to perfection
Blessed Mother, let your holy Virtue arise in me
And let me live in heaven Amen

Father, God! Thank you for inviting us to this holy day of the priests so that we are praying together. Please bless our priests infinitely. Let the priests be all the more dissolved in the Sacred Hearts of the Lord and the Blessed Mother. Let them become the priests given Your special gift to reveal only the Lord’s glory to the whole world. By doing so, please reveal Your glory to the whole world.

The world is going corrupted. The world is in total mayhem now. But since you have specially invited your beloved ones here today, let us who are unworthy be awake and be healthy spiritually and physically so that at least we can work for the Lord’s glory and the triumph of the Blessed Mother. Bless on our way with every step we take and bless the priests’ lips and let them be armed with ‘the Five Spiritualities’ so that they can deliver the love of the Lord and the Blessed Mother for the salvation of all.

Thus, may the Lord be honored, and the Blessed Mother be comforted and all of us be thankful unceasingly. Let the world be saved by ‘the Five Spiritualities.’

In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, through the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Mother, we earnestly pray that we may all be resurrected anew. Amen!