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bullet03_glitter.gif    Praise the Lord! Praise the Blessed Mother! 

Did you have a good time during the Lunar New Year's holidays? You who are on board in ‘Mary’s Ark of Salvation,’ do not feel “Holiday-syndrome”, right? (No) Amen! Armed with ‘the Five Spiritualities,’ that’s nothing, right?

Since dawn the day before yesterday, I couldn’t endure the pains. That’s exactly “death” itself.  So, I thought, ‘Now, there is no choice except going to the Jeonnam National University Hospital for treatment.’ We were going to call 911. But, I thought immediately, ‘Oh, no. I will offer it up for those who will come to the First Saturday Prayer Meeting.’ (Amen!) I’ve never had so much phlegm in my life. Lumps of thick mucus and phlegm came terribly out of my nose and throat. Even something black came out of my mouth when I was gargling with bamboo salt.

I prayed, ‘Oh, Jesus, thank you. You’re taking out all the bad habits of the pilgrims who are coming for the First Saturday!’ How much of fine dust and pollution are there, these days? So, I exclaimed, “Wow! All the bad habits that block our Naju pilgrims (from grace) will be gone!” (Amen!) (Because), Even if Jesus tried to transfuse His Blood to us, it didn’t work because those bad things are still blocked in our souls, so it should be taken out. You know, nylon materials don’t absorb water, but, sponges absorb water so well.

Jesus, on the cross, shed His Blood and Water to the last drop from His body to save us. So, let us be transfused by His Precious Blood into our souls and bodies and be reborn to become His twin little siblings, looking exactly like Jesus. (Amen!) Amen! (Amen!) Today, it is February 9th. On February 9, 1983, I was on my way back from my in-law’s house. I encountered a lady named “A” who was getting off the bus with things in her hands, and on her head.

Seeing me, she cried, “Julia! Julia! Oh, I’m on the way back from Busan, where I cured a lot of sick people.” She said she got those gifts of gratitude from the people who were cured by her prayers. I was stunned at the site. If we’re not physicians, we’re not the ones who can cure diseases. If there are occurrences of some healings that occurred to sick people when we pray for them, we are only just instant instruments for His Work. But I saw many people who get gifts for curing others.

On my way back home by bus, I thought, ‘It isn’t right.’ I felt so sad thinking, ‘Jesus, how sad you are.’ How could she get money and gifts for her services for healing prayers using Jesus’ name? Please forgive her.’ I offered up “Prayers of Life” for her, praying to Jesus with my eyes closed. Tears shed from my eyes. Then it just occurred to me that the donkey which was carrying Jesus on its back. A lot of people cheered for Jesus throwing their clothes and branches on His way as He rode by.

If the donkey was to tread softly as it was caring for Jesus as He was receiving many people who were cheering ardently for Him, then Jesus would be honored and safe on its back. But what if the donkey was jumping up gleefully, thinking that the cheering was for itself (donkey), what would happen to Jesus? He could had fallen off from the donkey and it would had hurt Him, Then, ‘How sad Jesus is when we are like that conceited donkey?’

So, I asked Jesus, ‘Jesus, clothe me with humility and please do not allow me to become one who tries to remove the splinter from other’s eye without seeing the wooden beam in my own eyes. Please protect and guide me so that I do not fall into those things’ Then Jesus told me, “My beloved little soul! While People in the world are living in their own vainglorious faith, there is a soul like you who plead in My Name. So I am pleased by it.”

Jesus accepted my prayers in His Sacred Heart. This message is not just for me, it’s for all of you. Not showing off myself, by saying, ‘I am just an unworthy sinner, I just did the best as I could.’ We should go forward with this in mind. By returning all the glory only to the Lord while lowering ourselves; we should become little souls who wash other’s feet, right? Let’s do that. (Amen!)

At least we, who know the Lord and the Blessed Mother, let us set ourselves free from such vainglorious faith. If we arm ourselves with ‘the Five Spiritualities’ and practice it, we would never show off ourselves like that.

In 1989, as I was returning from Gwangju by bus, I met an old man with a threatening look at the Naju bus terminal. Everyone avoided him as he looked dirty. I prayed, ‘Oh, Jesus! Today, You sent me another little Jesus again!’ I approached him and grabbed his hand. He got startled seeing me like this. I said, “I’m not a bad person. Mister, I’m just trying to help you.”

“I’m one who believe in God. Don’t worry” I said, “Let’s go to my house,” and I led him by his hand. While I was holding his hand, I sensed his hand was as cold as ice cubes. So, I thought, ‘Oh, he must be sick.’

I was trying to take him to a nearby hospital. Then he became scared. There was Ewha Pharmacy next to the terminal. So we went there and I asked the pharmacist for some medicine for the old man. After getting the medicine, I brought him home, with me holding his hand. It looked ludicrous to rich people. They said, “Her friends are only beggars.” The parish Sister also said, “It’s really besmirching to approach you, Julia.”

One day, the Sister said, “I lost to Julia.” “Lost for what?” “I have blamed you of getting along with beggars all the time.” She told me about her dream that she saw me taking all the dirty beggars and brought them into the bathroom, and washed them one by one. It looked so dirty to her and she said, “Julia, come on out! Come out quickly!” but I said to her, “You may leave. I have to do this work.” and I washed every dirty beggar one by one. So she said to me, “I had lost to Julia.”

Indeed, I was the friend of beggars. But I never thought they were beggars. I regarded them as ‘Little Jesus.’ Before then when I didn’t know the Lord, I regarded them as beggars. In those days there were many beggars around. When I was young, they said that my house was a resting place for beggars and merchants. There was a “Broth-House” in the market place. I brought him there and asked the owner, “Sir, I brought someone here and please sell me a bowl of soup. Then I’ll feed him outside and I’ll also sterilize your bowls as well.” Then he said to me, “Oh, of course, I will as you are doing such good deeds.”

Then he served a bowl of soup putting more meat than usual in it. I fed him outside. (Julia was considering the restaurant owner’s convenience.) I was afraid he would eat it in a hurry as he might have been for a long time deprived of a meal. So I offered ‘the prayer before a meal.’ as I always turn everything into prayers. I prayed for him not to get into trouble by eating quickly even though I didn’t know for how long he had suffered from hunger. ‘Jesus, please changed this meat so that it can be digested in his stomach like porridge.’ I fed him with a spoon because if he ate by himself, he would have eaten hastily out of hunger, and cause indigestion.

So I fed him with a spoon and kept wiping off the soup that spilled out of his mouth. He kept on sniffling. Then finally he burst out crying, “People are getting hard-hearted, today. I never thought a good person like you exist in this world. You are not like a person from earth but from heaven.” “No. I’m really not good enough, but I’m just trying to keep up with what God wants me to be.” I replied.

As the clothing shop owner would loathe those persons who are like this old man, I let him stay outside and bought a suit for him first before giving him a bath. If I give him a bath and go to buy his clothes, he would be left without any new clothes. So whenever I met ‘a little Jesus’ or ‘a little Blessed Mother,’ I always bought new clothes for that person first. Then we came home with his new clothes. I gave him a bath and had his hair cut and dressed him up. He became a really decent man. The grumpy-looking old man became a totally nice man then. At the time there were some rooms attached to the Chapel. I led him there for a moment and I went to our house that was just located next to the Chapel. But he just disappeared. I couldn’t find him all over the neighborhood.

So, I asked Jesus, ‘Jesus! As You have sent me a poor old man, please guide him and care for him.’ Jesus replied, “Don’t worry. Now, as you have prayed in My Name, I will personally lead him.” As I now ponder about it, the old man was actually Jesus. We don’t know when Jesus comes to us like that. All of them around you are Jesus and the Blessed Mother. Jesus does not appear in His splendid majesty when He comes to you, but as a beggar as well.

One day, another little Jesus came. While I was bathing him and letting him stand up, suddenly he pissed and his urine came into my mouth. ‘Oh! Jesus, thank you! I’ll regard this as Your Precious Blood that You shed to the last drop with water; Semchigo!’ We can offer up many things in our lives with “Semchigo”.

This is the way we should live our daily lives. As our planning director explained the Messages of Love and Holy Bible in simple ways for you to understand, I would like to tell you about “Turning our daily lives into prayers” and “Semchigo.”

Since then, I’ve met so many poor and old people, including the homeless. One day, I brought him home whom had many streams of running mucus stuck to his face-skin like a plaster. I had him bathed and gave him a haircut. Then he whom I thought was an elderly man was a young man of 33 years of age. In his grim expression, he looked like a grandfather. Anyhow, all of them with those figures that I met were Our Lord, Jesus. What would you do now if Jesus shows up to you, in a golden carriage, dressed in gold, and wearing a golden crown?

You will jump up for joy and fall on your knees with cheers, right? On the contrary, if a poor and little Jesus visits you, would you acclaim him in the same way? Always remind yourself that Jesus can come to us not always splendidly, but could be under the appearance of a homeless beggar. It’s good enough if we regard the persons around us as Jesus or the Blessed Mother.

While we live together in a community, what if we speak ill of others, dividing them, judging and condemning them with our mouth? Those sins committed by our tongue lead most people to hell. The sins of obscenity are enormous as well. Both of them are in a neck-and-neck race (to hell).

The demon makes us commit such terrible sin during ovulation. The Demon arouses an obscene thought in our mind to leading us to commit sins of abortion. And consequently, people got themselves into unwanted pregnancies and abort the unwanted babies next. Thus, countless people are on the way to hell because of these sins. That’s why we must keep praying for them. Don’t think, ‘Can my single prayer works?’ but rather, “we should keep praying harder.” And also, we have to control our mouth properly. If not, it would also lead you to hell. Even though you have accumulated a lot of merits in heaven, but if you commit sins with your tongue, then it would lead you to Purgatory, or even hell. Should it happen to you?

We shouldn’t even go to purgatory, though. I told you several times Purgatory is also very scary. In order to go to Heaven directly without passing through Purgatory, let’s practice ‘the Five Spiritualities’ at every moment. When I was five or six years old, my mother, who was a peddler, went out to the place that situated 20km away to peddle her wares. Sometimes I accompanied her. For taking a shortcut, we had to go through the mountain path. It was a meandering path. I just walked in spite of my need to urinate occasionally. I was not good at saying what I need.

I walked with an unsteady gait like this. She asked me, “Do you want to pee?” “Yes,” I replied. “Do it here,” “No, I can’t.” “Why not?” “No, the sky and the earth see me.” “Sky and the earth don’t see you. Nobody will see you!” “They will always remain as they are. So you just do it here. No one’s looking at you.” “No, I won’t.” “I’ll cover you up.” “Even if you cover me, the sky and the earth still see me.” Even if you cover me, the sky and the earth can see me.” I could not relieve myself. Before I came to know the Lord and shared His pains, I even couldn’t go into the bathroom when there were some men around. I even couldn’t go into the bathroom. When I was in fourth grade, I found poop on my way. Then students came in crowds from the school and saw the poop. A boy from the crowd urinated just next to the poop. Then the poop splattered all around.

So, the boy shouted, “Yuck!!! How disgusting!” and spitted on it. At that moment, I meditated on what I had seen. Since I was young, it’s the Lord who led me to deep meditation. Indeed, the way of my life was prepared and led by Him. Looking at the ground, I said, ‘Oh, you, dear ground! You stay still even if people trample on you, pee, poop, or even spit on you!!!  You just remain still no matter how painful you may be. Yeah, you are my role model. No matter how people trample on me, or even pee and shit on me, I’ll live like you. I made a resolution to be like the ground.

As you know, while I was subjected to my uncle’s family ill treatment, I did all the hard work. So, I said to the ground, “Yeah, I’ll be just like you, I’ll keep silent and be so good despite enduring all the hardships.” Since then, I haven’t taken a side-glance on my way. That’s why I am totally challenged from all directions.

When I was a little student, my mother asked me, “Did you see that the mill is running today?” “I don’t know,” Then she said, “How can you not know it when you were passing by it on your way?” “I don’t know. I only see the sky and the earth,” “Why do you see only the sky and the earth?” “I always do that. Because kids speak ill of others, the sky and the earth are my only friends.” That’s how I live my life.

To my surprise, even those little kids were also good at speaking ill of others. I hate talking badly about others. The sky and the earth, they don’t speak at all. So, they are free from sin. When I lived in my uncle’s family, I, a little girl, cooked rice for the large family. Now how convenient the world we live in when come to cooking! We have tap water. In those days, we had to fetch water filled-containers from a long distance in order to wash even dirty rags and gave water to quench the colts’ thirst after cutting fodder and feeding them. Braiding ropes out of straw to make sacks and cook; I did these things during my school days.

In the old days, we used brass spoon. My cousin’s sister gave one to me to scrape away burned bits of rice off the pot entirely. At the time we boiled rice in the big iron pot with wood fire. Nowadays, even adults feel a big hassle to cook even if they can so conveniently use electric rice cooker. At that time, after grinding barley and boiling it to mix with the rice, I ignite a fire on the wood and boiled them and made the fire higher to simmer the grains. This process was needed to brown the crust on the bottom of the pot. If not, the boiled rice doesn’t taste good. The cooked rice had to produce crust of overcooked rice. Then I had to scrape out the crispy rice crust after that.

If I just boiled the rice crust with water, it would be easy to scrape. My cousin’s elder sister told me, “Scrape it with this brass spoon and use it for your meal.” I did what she said to me since then. You know that a stainless-steel spoon doesn’t wear off that much. But a brass spoon wears off so easily. After scraping brown rice crunch with a brass spoon for a few years, it became worn off to half of its original size. I ate with it.

As it was used for years for scraping rice crust, its top part became rough and made the inside of my mouth bleed. So, I ate carefully trying not to touch against the internal part of my mouth. A half-worn spoon was useless to scoop soup as it leaked through the worn part. But I didn’t stop using it until I got married.

Why did I continue to use the spoon? I meditated; ‘Dear spoon! I keep using you. Even though you have worn off so much, you don’t complain, but I know that you are in pain.’ Of course, it’s a lifeless thing that feels no pain, but my meditation was like this : People in those days used such a spoon only for scraping scorched rice. As I was eating with the worn off spoon, my mother noticed it and asked me. “Why do you use that spoon to eat with your meals?” “I’m fine, mom.” That’s my promise to myself. Looking at that spoon, I said, ‘Yes, I’ll go to the end without giving up just like you wouldn’t give up. If I feel it’s too heavy or when I really want to put it down, I’ll not give up and live in that mindset. Even if I am worn off to the bottom, I’ll live with this kind of mind like you, dear spoon.’

So, no matter what people say, I made up my mind by looking at the spoon as my way of life. But I wanted to give up at times. Then, as I looked up at the sky and the ground, I said, ‘Dear Sky! Dear ground! No matter how anyone is harassing me, I’ll keep silence just like you. No matter how painful, agonizing, or hard, I will… …’ As I didn’t know ‘Offering Up’ at the time, ‘I will endure it. As you bear it, I’ll bear it also.’

So, even though my cousin beat me, I remembered the spoon, ground, sky, trees, and grass. When I made up my mind while looking up at the sky and ground, and where I saw children stepping on the grass. So I went to the Grass and stood it upright, saying, “Grass, it hurts you, doesn’t it? I’m sorry, and I’ll make you upright again.” When I saw it the next morning, it remained upright again.

Then I touched it again and said, ‘Yes, thank you. Thank you for standing upright again. As you offered your pain without saying that you are hurt, I’ll offer mine the same way.’ Even though my mother hit me so often, I never thought, ‘Why my mother would hit me like that?’ When she hit me, I just stayed there being hit. My aunt advised me not to endure beating but run away if I bleed from the beatings. I didn’t run away. I even didn’t say that ‘I won’t run away.’

No matter how hard we step and run on the ground, it just stays there. Even though my eardrum burst when my uncle slapped my cheek, I didn’t resent him. Even though people assaulted me with square logs, I didn’t resent them. I ran an academy with a partner, who would not return my investment. This man sent his family to bodily harm me most grievously: pulled my hair, banged my head really hard on a concrete pavement. I thought, ‘Dear ground, I will also endure it like you.’ With that in mind, I could overcome any hardship.

When we blame and hate others, it leads us to continue to blame and hate them without limit. People want others to be changed rather than change themselves first. We, let’s not do that. We are beloved children who have been specially called from the Lord and the Blessed Mother. This world is rotting away. But you came here into the flower garden of salvation. You do not know it now. But there will be a day when you will realize it for sure. Gwangju Archdiocese have never investigated (Naju), but instead, they are condemning (Naju.) (She showed her handkerchief.) Jesus and the Blessed Mother are still bleeding like I am now because of this.

Let us, the chosen children of the Lord and the Blessed Mother, wake up and try to go to heaven by practicing ‘the Five Spiritualities.’ I survived from death nine times so far. When I first died, I was in fifth grade of elementary school. There was the first big and robust iron swing in the town. There were so many students who haven’t ridden the swing in months. But I was so good at propelling a swing, so I could ride it whenever I want.

If they swung as high as reaching up to the head of the paulownia tree, they were doing good. They were but only a few. But, I got up to here(much more than that). So, everyone wanted me to propel a swing for them. It was rumored that I’m so good at riding a swing. One day, there were people in school who came for community-work. “Who is ‘Yoon Hong-sun’, who is good at swinging?” The adults came to me and asked me to propel a swing. So I did it for them. Next, they wanted me to ride spinning-swing. After propelling the swing, the person on the spinning-swing here was turned this way in the opposite direction. Now that I think about it, I can’t believe the things that I have done.

If I propel the swing to the point of flying crossing two people beneath, it is already dangerous, when people could fall or get hurt, but I flew around spinning swing and softly came back to my original seat. That’s how I rode spinning-swing. The people there were so amazed, saying, “Wow, who on earth are you?” And they said, “Have you ever experienced arm wrestling?” “No,” I replied. They said to each other, “She must be good at arm wrestling.” They bet with each other, “She’ll win.” “No, she won’t win.” But I won at first try. I also was surprised. I haven’t done arm wrestling even with kids before.

But why I did arm-wrestling was because they trusted me to the point of betting with each other. I did it to give them encouraged. I did it to give them joy as well because they trusted me and they had confidence that I could do well. I’ve won over four adults. Since I’ve done it with four of them, I could have lost my energy. But I also won over the fifth person. They were all surprised and gave me something. But I didn’t get it. Children had seen it all. That’s why they asked me to propel their swing. Many students couldn’t ride even though they wanted to, but I had to ride it (for propelling) although I didn’t want to.

One day, they cheered more, “Propel more! More!” Not just for me, but for giving joy to others. I propelled up more, until the paulownia tree reached my chest. People cheered me on, by clapping and bellowing loudly. So, I looked down and smiled in response to them. I was walking around the flower garden. There were many beautiful flowers and butterflies. Birds were flying everywhere and it was so beautiful. When I was walking around the flower garden, I heard the sound of crying, then I opened my eyes and saw that my mother was holding me and crying.

I then realized I was in our home room. I only remembered that I was riding the swing, but I had already been dead for three days. When I was looking down from the swing and was smiling at the people, I had fallen upside down. There was no hospital around. In those days, pharmacists were like doctors. They must had taken me there and gave me an injection, and laid me at home. By the way, my mother came home after three days. She saw me sleeping with a blanket during day time, which I had never slept like that before. She had tried waking me up but I didn’t move at all. She held my hand and realized that I was already a corpse, because I died of concussion. So, she cried profusely, and suddenly I woke up.

My friends told me that when I fell off and didn’t bleed at all, they said, “Oh it’ good for her.” When I was taken to the pharmacy, the pharmacist gave me an injection but said, “She will die soon.” Since no one was at my home, they left me alone at home and went away without telling anyone. I had been to heaven and came back to life like that.

After that, in the neighborhood next to my village there was one of my relatives named ‘Segwon”. At the time I was supposed to the contest. He was told to bring me quickly. We went there by bike. The way there was steep downhill.

While we were going downhill, I didn’t want people to see me. As there was one person who liked me among them. I said, “Let’s just go.” But I didn’t hold on to the rider while I was riding pillion. I used to throw myself riding on and off when the bicycle was moving as I was greatly athletic. When playing volley ball, I was able to throw myself saving the ball just before the ball fell on the ground without damaging my pants. Other players had holes on their knees while playing. But, I had never damaged my pants.

The brakes didn’t work, so I was thrown off the cliff and thought, ‘Oh, I will die now.’ I was in a coma, and I heard Jesus, “Now, you should keep on your way, shouldn’t you, dear?” So, I woke up, and found that I was stuck and twisted there. I couldn’t get up struggling to walk to where other people were because I was so shameful. Up there, there’s an irrigation reservoir. I washed myself in the reservoir and went on my way. Dear pilgrims, even if you are confronted helplessly by an imminent crisis, and if you believe in the Lord and the Blessed Mother and follow them completely, They will surely save us.

No one knows the day or the hour. God said, “But of that day or hour, no one knows, neither the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” So, we should stay awake. “Even though an angry wave from storm is about to sweep you away, I will save you who believe in me and follow me, and I will let you stand by my side.” I hope that the words of Jesus and the Blessed Mother may be fulfilled for all of you. Amen! I’ve died nine times before. And even for countless times, when I’ve been confronted helplessly by an imminent crisis, God saved my life everytime.

Everyone, we must change ourselves first. When I change myself, others will be changed as well. When the other person changes, the whole family changes next. When your family changes, the whole world changes thereafter. We all should look back at ourselves first, ‘What have I done wrong?’ Instead of focusing on myself all the time, if we live our life considering others, we can likewise love others as well. Isn’t it hard to love others? It is said the hardest thing is love. But it’s not that difficult to love. All we have to do is to empty ourselves. As I’ve told you this a few times. Let us change Your fault(네탓) into My fault.(내탓) You only have to change this with one stroke. You can change ‘ᅥ’ to ‘ᅡ’ (in Korean), right? If you change only with one stroke, it becomes “my fault.”

There are a lot of hardships given to us. But, we should offer them up beautifully. ‘Why do this to me?’ ‘Jesus, it’s too much for me to shoulder. Lord, why do you give me only suffering?’ You shouldn’t say that. Instead, ‘Oh! There must be His will. He must have willed for granting me this pain.’ And if we sublimate the pains beautifully and subject ourselves to Jesus and the Blessed Mother, we, with ‘the Five Spiritualities,’ can defeat the devils of division who fill the sky and earth (It means too many!). Dear pilgrims, let’s keep our mouths under control. You shouldn’t lie, nor judge others.

We’re alive now, but we don’t know when He will take our souls. So, we have to stay awake all the time. You don’t have to be greedy for money. Without being greedy, if you sublimate your sufferings in your life beautifully and comfort the suffering of the Lord and the Blessed Mother remaining in unity with Them, Jesus will comfort us. Jesus and the Blessed Mother said, “I want to live in you, but I can’t go within you because you don’t open your hearts.” So, let us open our hearts wide so that Jesus can dwell within our hearts.

This is the Message of Love from Jesus on February 16, 2003.

“All the clergy, religious, and lay people in the world! Make strenuous efforts so that all the children in the world may practice the Messages of Love that My Mother and I have been screaming to them until Our throats start bleeding and be saved. Also, sew up the torn Hearts of My Mother and Me by turning your lives into prayers at every moment. My Mother and I will always defend and protect you and have the angels guard you. Those who are persecuted while working for My Mother and Me will live forever.”

This is the Message of Love from the Blessed Mother on February 6, 1993.

“My beloved children! As nobody knows the time of the Lord’s coming, no one knows when will God take your souls. Therefore, stay awake with love, praying with me. If you accept the Lord’s Words and I well, before long, you will see even greater miracles in My garden and will enjoy eternal life in the Lord’s Kingdom of Love.”

Now, put your hands on your chest and meditate. Let us lay down ourselves completely so that Jesus may lighten our heavy burden. Jesus told us, “Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest.” Let us go under the cross of Jesus with all our burdens. Then Jesus will tell us how we can go to heaven by practicing ‘the Five Spiritualities.’ He already told us.

Jesus, who is alive and with us. Today, we, even though we are unworthy, we gathered here to be with Jesus and the Blessed Mother. The Blessed Mother invited us to pray together with Her on this day. This is why we’re here.

Jesus so loves us that He comes to us through the Holy Eucharist. Bless our hearts so that we may no longer live our way, but only in accordance to the Lord’s will by purifying our souls.

Now, for the rest of our lives, regardless whether we live long or short, we will entrust our lives to the Lord and the Blessed Mother. You, on the Cross, poured out all Your Blood and Water to the last drop. You, on the Cross, poured out all Your Blood and Water to the last drop. Please wash away with Your Blood all the dirty stains from our souls and bodies, breaking through what was clogged in our souls. Let us be the instruments for the glory of God.

In our deficiency, come and strengthen us with the Holy Spirit so that the glory of the Lord may be spread throughout the world.


The Lord who knows all the sorrows of this sinner

Wash off the wounds from the old days by your Precious Blood.

Embrace this sinner who is wandering around.

You are the only one whom I can rely on, Lord.


I, the sinner, grumbled for my loneliness and sadness.

I came to You, Mommy in ‘Offering up’ everything by ‘Amen.’

In practicing ‘Turning every moment of lives into prayers’

by ‘Semchigo’ and ‘My fault,’.

Truly, ‘the Five Spiritualities’ is my rest.


I committed sins but I was not aware that I am sinner.

Now, in the spirituality of accepting everything as ‘My fault,’

I will practice ‘the Five Spiritualities’ of the Lord and the Blessed Mother.

I will ‘Turn every moment of my life into prayers’ and live with ‘Amen.’


All my great sins and all my wounds are healed now.

The Lord’s Precious Blood and Mother’s Tears of Blood saved me.

I’ll be changed by ‘Offering up’,

‘Turning every moment of life into prayer,’ and ‘Amen.’

‘Semchigo’ and ‘My fault’. I will arm myself with ‘the Five Spiritualities.’

I’ll practice ‘the Five Spiritualities’. Amen!