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bullet03_glitter.gif    Praise the Lord! Praise the Blessed Mother! 

In the New Year, 2019, may abundant blessings of love from Jesus and the Blessed Mother be upon you! I heard that kinds of human diseases are collectively totaled now at 12,420. We have that many diseases with us now on earth! And it’s utterly countless! Dear pilgrims! Today I offered up my suffering in the complex pains for your sake! May you get cured of every disease.

As our planning director has explained clearly about the Messages of Love from Jesus and the Blessed Mother and also the Words of God, now I’m going to talk about the Five Spirirtualities.

While we’re often talking about ‘the Five Spiritualities,’ a lot of people are asking me how to practice it. We can practice ‘the Five Spiritualities’ in our daily life. If we are ignorant of things, we just miss it. But if you stay fully awake to practice ‘the Five Spiritualities,’ it would lead you to practicing it naturally without further thinking or meditating.

Although it may seem trivial, the Lord does not overlook anything at all. In 1984, Pope John Paul II came to Seoul’s Yeouido Plaza. The Naju Parish Church needed several buses to go there. From Gwangju archdiocese, dozens of buses fetched a number of people there. As they were from all over the country, I think you can imagine how big the crowd was! Even the number of buses involved in the transportation were countless!!

An old lady weighing about 90kg from Geumcheon went there as well. She couldn’t walk normally. As she could only wobble, I assisted her so that she could walk faster. People around her said, “What a bother she is as she slows everyone down!” "She is even blocking my way now! Elders should just stay at home. Look how she goes around causing inconvenience to people here!” They hurt her with many nasty words and comments.

So, I told a wholesome story to her so that she could not to hear their complaints, and I carried her on my back. At the time, I weighed 53 kg, with a 23-inch waist. While on our way carrying her on my back, oh my, how far more would it be to reach the place from the parking section of Naju among other city premises of Gwangju Archdiocese! It was a difficult route even to walk alone.

It was not easy for me to carry the lady of 90 kg weigh on my back. So, I asked some men around for help. But while they were hearing my asking in their way, they just turned their back instantly. So, ‘Oh, Jesus, I'll do it.’ ‘Amen’ for this job! I regarded that it was not the old lady that I carried on my back any more, instead, but it was Jesus who had carried the cross for the salvation of mankind.

I put her down on our designated area in the plaza. When she was aware of even my slight movement trying to get up, she shouted, "Julia! Julia!" As she had no one to help her, only me, she got so nervous with her thought of missing me. So when she wanted a sip of water, she called me, “Julia! Julia!” She kept calling me, “Julia! Julia!” repeatedly. It was not easy to keep sitting, and I tried standing up. Then she hollered, "Julia! Julia!"

So, I answered her, "Yes, Grandma! Don't worry. I'll always be close by your side." So, I was just taking care of her continuously. On that day, the 'Miracle of the Sun' occurred around noon. Those who were there among you witnessed it, right? Yes, the 'Miracle of the Sun' occurred around noon that day!! I couldn’t see it! But, I wasn’t feeling sorry or disappointed at all.

Dear pilgrims! Let us not be disappointed over whatever we do, but we should offer it up gladly. I practiced Semchigo; regarding “not having seen it” as “having seen it.” While I was taking care of the old lady, with the intention for the conversion of sinners and for the spiritual and physical good health of the Pope, the Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church, and for the glory and honor to Jesus, I just offered up everything as a sacrifice and penance. When doing everything in ‘Semchigo’, I was so happy.


When the old lady was sitting still, she looked at me carefully, and exclaimed, “Wow! You are a so slender, young girl, as if a breeze could blow you away. How on earth could you carry me, a super heavy one?” I answered, “No, I am not a girl. I have 4 children.” She replied, “Oh my! How can you be a mother of 4 children?”

I told her a bit about how I survived (from cancer). Then she said, “No wonder!” When finished the Conference, on my way back with her to our parked bus, I had to pass through the dense crowd, carrying her on my back. Countless people were there! And there was no order! You know what I said, right? (Yes!)

I elbowed my way through the crowd. Those who were there, indeed know it was even hard to pass by alone, right? (Yes!) Then, a young man volunteered to help me, “Oh, you are taking much pains, now! Let me try to carry her on my back.” And I replied, “Yes, thank you.”

But he collapsed before he could take a few steps. “Oh no! I can’t do it anymore. You look so weak, but actually you’re so strong.” He said he hurt his back in his attempt. The other people turned away and left indifferently, but he felt pity on me and tried helping me. But it ended up hurting himself in the back while he was trying to help.

It happened because I had asked some young men for help. “Oh, I’m sorry. It’s my fault. ” And then I understood that Jesus was asking me to carry her, and I responded with ‘Amen’ and carried her on my back again joyfully. I don’t mean to boast at all. I could do it because I did it happily. ‘Oh, how can I carry such a big person?’ A slim lady of 53kg carried a person of over 90kg! Everyone was surprised.

It’s God’s love. We shouldn’t think with our limited human reasoning. I assisted her to the end of our arrival. Few days later, I encountered her at the Parish Church on Sunday. She recognized me and said, “Oh, young girl, my son is so grateful to you and he would like to offer you a sack of rice as a gift. Where do you live?”, “Let me know where your house is.”

She repeated, “Thank you, thank you very much.” “Oh, No! Please return your gratitude to the Lord only.”, “I am just the Lord’s servant, an instrument used just for a while. So I just did it. It’s right to give thanksgiving to God!” And she insisted, “Oh, of course, thank God. For you carried me, a heavy one on your back.”

 “If you give me rice as a gift, or even something small, I won’t want to talk to you any more.”, “Instead of giving me rice, please share more your love with your family, especially with your daughter-in-law,” I replied. “Oh, I see,” and she said, “Thinking about you, being such a good person, I’ll share the love I’ve never had with my daughter-in-law.” Likewise, we have to entrust everything to the Lord like a child. You can do it if you entrust it to Him. Do not estimate negatively even 0.1%, “Can I do that? Oh~ Should I try this?” But just say, “I can do it.”

But now, while I’m talking about it, I came to notice of the fact that I don’t think the old woman was from ‘Geumcheon’. After the Declaration of Gwangju Archdiocese on Naju was announced, I still used to go to Church until Fr. Song was assigned to the Naju Parish Church. I also went to Geumcheon (secondary) Station.

But, I’ve never seen her there again. How come I couldn’t meet her again? I never did ever since. See that I often told you that Our Lord rebukes us, tests us, and does many other things for our sake, right? As you know, Jesus tested me in so many ways.

So, we don’t know when we will encounter Jesus and the Blessed Mother. Only when we do good things, “Joyfully”, we can then enjoy Heaven. It’s a small sacrifice that I did for the old lady. I just carried her on my back, practicing Semchigo as if I took easy and comfortable travel and spent an easy time on that day. We can practice only ‘Semchigo’ under that situation, but all of ‘the Five Spiritualities’ can also be practiced at the time.

I carried her around praying ‘Turning our lives(everything) into prayers’. In every footstep forward, I prayed, ‘Jesus! How hard it was for you to carry the cross for the salvation of mankind!’ At the 9th station, He fell down again and again. So, they instructed Simon to carry the cross for Jesus. It was not for the reason to relieve Jesus from His suffering. They just wanted to let Jesus live until they crucify Him alive so that Jesus would die under more severe pains on the cross. Simon was forced to carry the cross, while he was on his way to his hometown. At first, he didn't want to take it.

While he was walking and carrying Jesus’ Cross, he felt Jesus’ love. So, now, even though some of you who came here unwillingly because you were persistently invited by others, they can receive more blessings, so the merits of heaven of those who invited people there will be piled up. Before then, a couple worked hard volunteering for the pilgrimage bus of Daegu City. The couple made a phone call every day to bring a lady to Naju. Finally she came and gave her testimony.

At that time, cell phones were rare. Even though the lady would avoid the volunteers who tried inviting her, the couple continued to chase her wherever she went, saying to her, “Go to Naju” Finally, she got caught in a hassle and consented, “OK, I will go, so, stop calling me.” But on the very day of the pilgrimage, she didn’t answer the phone. She confessed later that she thought, ‘the Blessed Mother is the same one here and there.’ She just ran away to another Marian Shrine near by her place. But the couple volunteers ran after her over there in their car. That’s how she could come to Naju by their persistence.

Even though she did ‘Retreats in many different places, she had not received satiety, contrary to her expectations. But, here, for the first time, she burst into tears and cried out with such a repentant heart, “My fault! My fault! It’s all my fault!” She received abundant grace and was healed of her disease. She said in her testimony, “The couple fervently longed taking me to Naju in spite of my persistent refusal. I thought the Blessed Mother would deny Her grace to those who came unwillingly to Naju, but She poured it out abundantly.”

She said in her testimony, “The couple fervently longed taking me to Naju in spite of my persistent refusal. I came here involuntarily, and I thought the Blessed Mother would deny Her grace to those who came unwillingly to Naju, but She poured it out abundantly.”

So, she said that she would also force others to come here. As she experienced abundant blessing here, she also brought others to be blessed. That can become our merit. If you do it one by one, it leads you to practice ‘the Five Spiritualities.’

Don’t practice only one Spirituality. When we spread the Message of Love, we can offer “Prayers of Life”. You can say, “It’s my fault” whenever you are scolded by someone. Then also responded to them with “Amen” You can do all by responding with ‘Amen.” Before, when I was just sitting in church, the parish Sister said, “If you come to Church for physical healing, do not come here. This Church is not a hospital.” I say now, It’s not true. Whatever the reason may be, whether you have come to seek healing or you came here full of doubt, you’ve come by the Lord’s calling. Likewise, just as you are now sitting here by the calling of the Lord.

You are the one who answered with ‘Amen’ in response to the call of the Lord. You’re chosen as good grains. So, as ‘the chosen children, ‘chosen-transcendent children’, we have to start anew, harboring with the love of Jesus Christ within us. Even if you have done much wrong during the years, you can still start in a good way. I often said to you, “By practicing only one Spirituality; ‘Semchigo’, you can go to heaven.” Yes. You can certainly go to Heaven with Semchigo.

Let me tell you a life story of a 7~8 year-old girl who leads her life with Semchigo. May I? (Yes!) The little girl was born in a very wealthy family. Her father was a scholar and a school teacher. But, because of the Korean War, the girl’s happy life turned into misery.

Then she had lost her family, money, and everything. She was left alone with only her mother, and she was placed under her mother’s brother, who is also her uncle. The 6-years-old girl had to do house-work there. Her uncle had 5 children, including his wife. When the girl was 7-years old, she started to cook for the whole family.

In this modern time, cooking rice is not a big deal. You know what it used to be at that time? The little girl had to grind barley. The size of millstone for grinding barley was like this. She could not reach the top, so she had to lift herself up there to grind barley. If it is less grounded, it makes the boiled rice tough. The little girl never complained of the hard work and just accomplished it to the end by practicing “Semchigo”.

And then she washed it all and scooped it out with a gourd, then poured in water again to repeat the process again. She then gathered up the residues with her bare hands to extract out the little stones with a strainer. Nowadays we simply cook rice with electric rice cooker with no bother at all. We really have to reflect on ourselves. We are really happy people.

Do you know how comfortable the time we live in now? The way of life is quite different between my generation and the former younger generation. The transition from one generation to another passed so quickly.

After washing the grinded barley, cooking the rice was not simple as well.

The barley has to be boiled first under a wood fire. When the barley boils, then one has to put a little rice in the middle of the pot. Then, next will be the setting of a firewood again. When the b oiling rice overflows,

Adults can easily reach the top of the pot furnace. But, for a 7-year-old girl, she had to climb up around the big pot to clean up the overflowed liquid.

She lifted the big pot to gather the well-done rice into the middle to make it simmer under a low fire. Then she scooped the rice and serve the whole family. While the little girl was washing the dishes after their meal, her aunt opened the door and said, “Hong-sun! Hong-sun!” “Yes?” “You have to clean the bowls thoroughly to the bottom of the outer side.” “Yes.” “If not, I can see that you have done only half of everything.” I really believed she could watch whatever I did. Then I cleaned the bowls out thoroughly to the outer side as instructed.

And there are many jars of rice, glutinous rice, barley, rye, flour, green beans, and red beans. When I was wiping out all the jars, and it was so much work for a little girl that sometimes make me feel like just doing a rough wipe. Do you know why I cleaned it all? It was because I thought that if I skip cleaning a certain jar, the unclean jar might become a disappointment. So I cleaned all.

When I saw a missed cleaning a jar or a part of it, I said, “Oh! I’m sorry, now I’ll wipe you off.” That’s the cleaning of jars. During those times, people knitted bags by twisting straws. I had to do it also. That little girl raised horses. My maternal uncle was a horse dealer. I also had to cut grasses and fed the horses.

There were so many work to do, such as taking care of the baby and washing the poo-stained towel that made me unable to have time to prepare or review for school. I had to work ceaselessly. But I've never complained to my mother like, “Mom, I’m so tired.” I just regarded it as what I had to do. There were cousins in the family, and one of them was 3-years-older than me, and another one was the same age as I was. We all worked together.

When we twisted the straw-rope together, their hands were slower than mine. My hands were so fast nimble, so I kept making it like this and throwing back (behind me) the completed twisted straws continuously. As they couldn’t finish it before I did, I had to do it for their portion as well. If not, they will beat me. They didn’t cut the grass; I cut it all by myself to feed the horses.

So, my uncle bought a colt and I fed it. Then he sold it when it grew up. When the price of colt was cheap, he bought two colts. Then I had to feed two colts. But I had never grumbled, “Oh, it’s too hard.” Never! I don’t mean to boast about myself. I told you this because the Lord said to me, “Share the story of your life with others.”

People get disturbed when they have to do trivial things, ‘Why do I have to work more than he or she?’ How can you ever pile up your merit that way, thinking self-centeredly? If we don’t think with human reasoning but keep the simple principle of ‘Jeok-wu-chim-ju’, we will be in Heaven. (Jeok-wu-chim-ju: If feathers are gathered, it will add on more weight to sink the ship.)


I did all those hard work with a mind of ‘Shemchigo’. Even when I fire up, as it was painstaking work, I even sometimes got stained black. Dear pilgrims! It’s hard work even for adults, right? (Yes) But, it was not at all for me.

There was a reception room in my uncle’s house for male guests. So, the house had to have 2 toilets. Right? Old people know that too, right? (Yes). Male guests entered the room and drank. I had to wait on them. The worst thing among all of my duties was…

The reception room had a toilet attached to it. Nevertheless, they put a big jar and urinated into it. While I was feeding colts, they disregarded me and just pee in my presence. I didn’t like that. What it was hardest for me most was that they didn’t empty the jar that they urinated into for one month. How smelly it was. When they urinated shaking their body, the pee drops scattered and splashed all over including the floor. I had to clean up all.

But I’ve never been annoyed. ‘Right. This is my work.’ As they drank a lot and urinated out, it really smelled awful. I cleaned it by holding my breath. In those days, there were no rubber gloves. I cleaned it with my bare hands, practicing Semchigo, regarding it as plain water, not pee. And, in those days, there was no good toilet paper. They therefore wiped out their ass with anything they found available, even with grass. And they discarded it anywhere. I had to clean it up. I considered all as my duty.

So, my hands were always rough and bleeding. When my mother returned from her work as a peddler, I hid my hands behind my back. Until she passed away, I never revealed to her, “I’ve had such a hard time.” As I was doing everything in ‘Semchigo’, I didn't realize it was hard. That was the life that the Lord had prepared for me.

Dear pilgrims! About your life, you shouldn’t be thinking, ‘Why did I do this?’, ‘Lord, why didn’t you give me a blessing?’ Someone is continuously grumbling at God. ‘I’ve given everything to you, why do you deny me? Then, why don’t you just kill me?’ I saw someone say so. God do not create us be to be killed, did he? That’s not the way God works, is it? So, no matter what our life is like, we have to offer everything up beautifully.

I have few friends since I got married. Since I was a child, when I was an elementary school student, I haven’t made many friends. I didn’t like speaking ill of others and still don’t by the time I was in middle school. So, even if someone is jealous of you, and slander you, you have to offer it up beautifully. ‘Oh, God loves me so much that He is trying to cut off this kind of human love!’ Do not say, ‘Why’d this occur to me? Why, why?’ Then, we are not growing up spiritually.

Even the student that I helped with her studies became a victim of my other class mates’ scheme. So, I stopped making anymore friends. One day, one of my classmates said, “Hong-sun, Hong-sun, I’m sorry for you.” “Why?” I asked and she replied, “I thought you were such a bad person because others were criticizing and blaming you. But, as I have been observing you, now I know how good you really are.” And, she said, “Let me become associated with you!”

I always looked only on the ground or into the sky. So, in the past, some people said I was arrogant. Also I could do all that I learned once. So, when I was in middle school, I made all my school uniforms. I bought military clothing and dyed it. And I made pants with it. After setting the folded line of the pants, I put it on the warm floor and covered it with a blanket. Then, when I wake up, I have made a perfect line on them.

No one else wore that kind of outfit, so they thought I came from a rich family. I made two collars and wash them every day. Other students’ collars were wrinkled. Here is how I made mine free of wrinkles. I ground the potatoes and produced starch out of them. I starched the collars and stuck it on a jar, and then by the time when I came back from school, I didn’t need to iron it.

Nowadays it is so convenient that we have so many latest good electric irons. At that time, I seldom cooked rice(due to poverty), so we seldom used a brazier. Then, how did I get the fire for ironing? So, the teachers also thought that I was a student from a rich family.

I hated people who speak ill of others. So, I avoided talking with others and just looked down while walking. So, a teacher said to me, “Hey, why you are not greeting me?” “Ah, I am sorry. I didn’t see you.” So, when my teacher visited my home, then he finally realized that I was from a deprived and poor family.

I’ve been using waste articles so often since a long time ago. I even used all the things that I couldn’t actually use. I didn’t simply believe in throwing away anything. So, when I raised my little children, I had collected whatever pieces of leftover cloths in a dress making shop and made the clothes out of them for my children. Someone asked, “Where do you buy these clothes?” We were poor, but I tried not to disclose how poor my family was. Do you really think you will be rewarded with anything by revealing your poverty? You don’t have to show others how poor you are. I tried to save Julio’s face and reputation.

So, I bought 200won of pork, and cooked for my husband for a few days, but I didn’t eat it at all. As I considered (‘Semchgo’) as if I had eaten, I was not deprived of it. I seldom met people outside. One day I had to join a social gathering of employees’ wives. And so I went there. Oh! They were speaking ill of their mothers-in-law, husbands, and so on.

I just kept silent. They asked, “Don’t you have anything that bothers you in your family?” “No, I don’t. We live happily,” I replied. Since then, I had to pay a fine of 2,000 won for not attending the gathering. The loose talks hurt my ears so much. But, it was the same in church.

I hope you can reflect on whether you’ve ever spoken ill of others. If so, don’t do it anymore. When we talk openly about my private matters that bother me, there may be tendencies that it could be distorted or biased. We really need to be careful. When you talk about something that’s not truthful about people, the listener can develop a biased idea in regard to that person. We must not commit sins with our tongue which is less than 3 inches long.

Our Lord and the Blessed Mother, who have appeared in Naju, specially called us here. We, who say that we know Them, shouldn’t we stay awake and pray? How much sins has this mouth committed? The majority of the sins that lead us to hell are ‘sexual immorality’ and ‘verbal judgment of others’.

I told you before, right? An hour in purgatory is equivalent to approximately a year on earth, and 10 years of that means it is so painful burning in fire for such a long time.

As I told you before, I had joined a religious group of the Catholic Church in my early years. The members of ‘Franciscans’ had set me up out of jealousy. At that time, I visited the U.S.A. to deliver ‘Messages of Love’.(1990) Mr. Lee the opponent who did false testimonies in TV interviews for ‘PD’s note’(2007) and ‘The exploration reporting 7’(2018) told me to write an explanatory statement why I couldn’t attend the Franciscan meeting due to my travel to USA. So, I wrote it and submit it to him. Even though Julio was a devout chairman of the parish Church, he kept slandering me to stop me from joining ‘the Perpetual Profession of the Franciscan Third Order’. Even after I joined the Perpetual Profession, he didn’t stop saying bad things about me.

One day, the head priest of the Order came. And I thought, ‘If I go there, they will commit sins against me.’ I was hesitant to go at the time. But finally I went there. The priest said, “Everyone, tell me if there is any wrongdoing by Julia(Kim).” But no one said anything. “Is there no fault, then?” “No,” they replied. He said, “Then, all the things that you told me about her must be originated from your envy and jealousy!”

So, I said to the priest, “Father, as long as I belong to this Order, they will not practice fraternal love but just commit sins of jealousy. So, I will dedicate myself only to the work of the Blessed Mother.” Then my Secession from the Order was approved. Then I joined another religious activity again. Its members were celebrities, such as wives of doctors, pharmacists, and so on. They proclaimed themselves, “We are the main part of a fish of the Church.” So I thought to myself, ‘Oh, we should become low and low.’ Sometimes the members gathered together and ate refreshments at each house.

When they visited my house, I told them a story how I was saved from terminal cancer. Then, the wives of the doctors and pharmacists shouted, “You mean people no longer need doctors or pharmacists?” “Oh, I’m sorry. I will never say how I recovered from my terminal disease again.” So, it was my last time with them. When I was in ‘Legion of Mary’, I was appointed as a leader of the group. Our group became so active and revitalized with my joining. Later, I was sent to another group, then the group also became so active. Wherever I went, the members would like to follow me.

And, as soon as I was baptized, the Sister of the Parish asked me to read ‘the Second reading’ for every Sunday Mass. I told her, “Let someone else have her chance to do it also.” But she kept appointing me to read at every Sunday. While I was doing my duty for a few years, parishioners became extremely jealous of me and they were equally eager to volunteer to read the second reading too. So, “Please leave me out,” I urged the Sister with my valid reasons for requesting. She said, “Oh, I know that you also have to work for the Blessed Mother.” So, I stopped doing it. But even until now, people are still speaking ill of one another. One against another, then another against the other. Let’s stop talking unnecessarily of others. (Amen!)

Got it? Let’s not say anything unnecessarily. If we keep talking unnecessarily here and there, then we can drive a person to the corner by condemning him as a thief, who actually is innocent. Then, that’s hellish. I am proclaiming that we should arm ourselves with ‘the Five Spiritualties’ and practice it. But even those who are close to me sometimes don’t forgive nor reconcile with one another, but just harbor hatred against one another and become incredible. In this way, can Our Lord dwell within us? Can He? (No.) Can He dwell within us? (No.) You are right.

Even if we’ve done wrong so far, let’s start anew again from today, the first Saturday of 2019. (Amen!) So, even if you have done wrong but start anew from now on, the Lord will be very pleased. Now bring all those whom we have not forgiven, and come before the Cross of Jesus to make up with them. Those whom you can’t forgive, even though they are enemy-like, you should love and forgive them. So, under any circumstance, we should be able to be grateful. But, we are still lacking in our thanksgivings.


If you feel, ‘Oh, Jesus has loved me so much like this!’ Then you can offer up everything. If not, it is because you don’t feel being loved. We must FEEL IT. Let us BE AWARE OF the love of the Lord and the Blessed Mother. To save the children of the world, Jesus is sweating blood again, and the Blessed Mother is shedding Tears of Blood, even now for our sake, They are shedding Blood. Jesus and the Blessed Mother are re-presenting it which originally occurred 2000 years ago.

So, let us all start anew today. No matter what is troubling you, let us offer it up joyfully. Whenever we have pains, and if we think we are sad, it is definitely a very sad situation to be! But on the other hand, if we think we are happy, we can be so happy! But if you think it is painful, the pain will definitely affect you badly. Let us offer up all those things, accepting it as, ‘O, Lord, you have called me with Your love and You have disciplined me through this suffering. You allowed this pain, in order to lead me to heaven through it.’

Even though you suffer from things beyond your imagination and human reasoning, but if you accept them willingly as love from Our Lord, you will enjoy eternal happiness in heaven on the last day, in a place where there is no hunger, no thirst, no sorrow, no pain but only the fullness of joy, peace and love. Let us enjoy all these things in Heaven. (Amen!)

Even if you have done so much wrong that deserve hell, but if you make a new start and rush to the Lord, the Lord will bless you endlessly, wash and clean your body and soul. The Lord will open whatever that has been clogging you and lead you to reborn anew. He may not be visible, but we have to believe and trust the Lord is always by our side. So, give thanks in times of suffering and in times of joy as well.

The other day, when I was in so much pain that I said, “I don’t know how much longer will I live. So you’d better learn this from me while I am still alive.” As I lost so much flesh blood, I was taken to the emergency room at Gwangju Christian Hospital. The paramedics from 911 said, “Shall I take you to the nearest local hospital?” “Yes, to that hospital please,” I replied and showed him the blood that I bled. He said, “Oh, no! How come you didn’t go to the hospital yet, despite of this serious bleeding.”

At 3 a.m. on Dec 28, 2018, while Julia was offering up her extreme pains in reparation for the sins of obscenity committed by others during the season of Christmas, that flows through the year-end and New Year, fresh blood came pouring out from her.


When we arrived at the hospital, the doctor also said, “It’s too serious. You’d better go to the university hospital for proper treatment.” But I didn’t go there. It was at 3a.m. on the 28th that I bled. Do you see my swollen belly, now?

At 12:45 a.m. on the 1st Sat, Jan 5, 2018, while Julia was offering up extreme pains in reparation for the sins of obscenity and abortions, her abdomen became extremely swollen that it expanded even to her side.


It is about to burst from 12:45 a.m. this morning. There, I prayed not only for the pilgrims today but also for people in hospital, ‘Lord, for the people who love the Blessed Mother of Naju, please heal all their diseases.’ Thank you.

Let us meditate on the messages of love from Jesus and the Blessed Mother.

Let us meditate on the Message of Love from Jesus on January 1, 2007. Let us regard it as a Message given to us today.

“My extremely beloved children!

As I taught through My little soul chosen by Me, if you make efforts to walk the way of perfection and saintly virtues by turning everything in your lives into prayer at every moment. Even if you are unworthy and imperfect, I will work within you together with My Mother. And I will let you enjoy eternal happiness in the next world. Start anew from now on.”

This is the Message of Love from the Blessed Mother on January 6, 1996.

“My beloved children! Realize the Love of my Son Jesus and me, your Heavenly Mother, that is penetrating your souls, hearts, and beings, and rely (on Us) with complete faith and trust. Even if darkness worsens and sins prevails everywhere, if you practice My Messages of Love, My burning Immaculate Heart will shine more brightly upon you. And, you will be saved by grace, and gain heaven.”

Amen! (Amen!) I hope that the message of love from Jesus and the Blessed Mother will be fully realized to all of you. (Amen!) Put your hands on your chest and close your eyes. Then think of the ones whom you couldn’t accept or forgive. The ones who hurt you. Bring all of them here, now, including your enemies.

Jesus who loves even the most wicked sinners, how much more He would love us who follow the Lord and the Blessed Mother. “Come, all My children of the world! Today, I’m also pouring out My Blood for you, to share My love with you.” Jesus is shedding Blood for us. The Precious Blood of Jesus that He shed today will be within us through the Holy Communion during the Mass.

Oftentimes, we are not aware of our sins. Now, let us remove all our bad habits and evil things which masked our goodness. There’s a lot of things that we thought it’s good, but actually they are not. Those false goodness linked to the devils. Let’s break them off, tear them apart, (Amen!) and then, be born anew. (Amen!)

2018 is gone and 2019 has just begun. Today is the first first Saturday of 2019. Lord, please come personally to these children who have responded with ‘Amen’ to the call of the Lord and the Blessed Mother, and also the people who can’t come because of their illness. Please grant equal blessing to them as well without missing out even a single soul.

We are committing a lot of sins with our tongues which is less than 3 inches in length by back-biting. Now, please do not let it commit sin anymore; but just praise the glory of the Lord by making it holy. (Amen!) Jesus, the time is near. We need workers. We have so much to do, but we are short of workers. For the salvation of the whole world, perform Your miracle of love, using us as Your instrument. Thus, may the Lord be honored, and the Blessed Mother be comforted and all of us be thankful unceasingly.

Lord! We want to be healed of all wounds that we have received since we were incepted in our mother’s womb. And also remove the wounds that we really don’t want to remember again.


What a love and how much I longed for this!

This weak sinner whom the Blessed Mother called,

She cleaned up all my sad stories.

When I was in the midst of my difficulty,

She became my true Mother


Holy Spirit! Perform an operation for my body and soul.

Holy Spirit! Heal my countless wounds.

All those painful wounds in my heart,

Now I want them to be healed.

Holy Spirit! Heal my body and soul

And lead me to the way of ‘the Five Spiritualities’.


When I’m struggling in anguish and trials,

You came to me and hugged my soul

in the bosom of Your motherly Love.

All my past pains have gone.

Now I’m reborn with Her Love.


Blessed Mother, with Your sublime Love,

Blessed Mother, with Your most sublime and purest Love,

transform the pain of this sick soul to the virtue of perfection.

Blessed Mother! Let me practice ‘the Five Spiritualities’,

So that I may achieve Heaven. Amen~