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The excerpts from Julia Kim’s Testimony  
on May 16, 2015

When we open our hearts wide and return to Jesus,
He never questions our past.

Praise Jesus! Praise The Blessed Mother!


                                                        Julia Kim on May 16, 2015

Praise the Lord! Praise Mama Mary!

I certainly have one thing to say today.  Let us not forget our original intentions.  There are so many people who have been cured of incurable diseases by the graces of Our Lord and The Blessed Mother, but only a few of them have continued to persevere and visit the Blessed Mother of Naju so far.

What is more precious than our lives for us?  They were about to die but they were saved and given new lives by the graces of Our Lord and the Holy Mother in Naju.  I don't know how they can continue doing so.  That breaks my heart.  So, let us at least not forget our first intentions and manage the graces we receive from Our Lord and The Blessed Mother well and follow their will by arming ourselves with the Five Spiritualites of Naju.

Before the declaration of the Kwangju Arch Diocese was announced, we celebrated the 12th anniversary of The Blessed Mother's first weeping of Tears in Naju's Indoor Stadium and more than seven thousand people attended.  After that, due to the large number of people, we celebrated the anniversary in the Gymnasium for the Disabled and between 2-3 thousand people attended.

However, after the Declaration, those who received graces turned their backs on Naju.  Even more, they started to spread rumors about me saying, "Julia Kim said blah, blah, blah, in Naju." Among them, a woman whom I have known, was unable to have children.  Her husband had an affair with another woman, and she was left with very little to live on.

So, I suggested my husband Julio that we give her the cost of living even if we were going to be less comfortable, like, only having to eat rice and Kimchi.  We also let her move into the house that we were living in.  My point is, even if we received lots of love from Our Lord and The Blessed Mother, we might feed the devil of disappointment through some small incidents.

She was unable to conceive, but she became pregnant and went to the Naju Hospital ER for the delivery of her baby.  It was Sunday and the section chief of Obstetrics and Gynecology was absent so the surgeon delivered the baby by C-Section.  When the doctor cut her abdomen open, there were three tumors in her womb and both of her fallopian ​tubes were filled with inflammation.

If even one of her fallopian tubes becomes inflamed, it will lead to infertility and if there are 2 tumors in the womb, you are more than likely to have a miscarriage. So, it is really a Miracle that she was even able to conceive, let alone deliver a baby under such circumstances. 

It was impossible for her to have baby but she had the first boy by the grace of the Blessed Mother of Naju. By the way, the surgeon closed her abdomen without removing any of the inflammations or any of the tumors.  But that revealed the glory of God.

In such a bad situation, she became pregnant with her second child, so, she was so glad to tell my mother about her pregnancy.  But she was disappointed, because instead of congratulating her, my mother responded, "Well, I was hoping that you would help Julia by now, but you can't help her since you're pregnant."

No one knows where a casual remark like this takes root.  My mother made a mistake.  She should have said, "Congratulations!"  The woman could not help me even if she wanted to, because she had to raise her child for several years, and finally as she was about to help me, but she got pregnant.  So, we have to be careful in talking and also accept unpleasant remarks generously.

Because at the time, my mother was an old lady, the woman should have understand a little better, but she got angry and said, "Then, why don't you recruit volunteers for Julia?"  After a short while, Magdalena Lee called from Incheon. Magdalena is living in Yeong-san-po (near Naju) now, but she lived in Incheon at that time.

Magdalena Lee tried to kill herself several times because of the loss of her livelihood.  This was because her husband was killed when he was hit by a van on a rainy day while she was in the hospital.  When she went to the police station, they said, "Go back home and wait until we give you a call."  But, she didn't hear from them and when she went back to the Police Station again, she found out they had already closed the case with the conclusion of her husband being careless.  So, she couldn't receive any compensation, and to make matters worse, a fire broke out in their factory.  So she was left with two children in extremely difficult circumstances, which was not having any food or heat during the next winter season.


We might go to hell by a trivial misunderstanding.

Though she desperately wanted to come to Naju, she had no money.  But someone gave her a ride to Naju and she received many graces from Jesus and The Blessed Mother while staying in Naju.  She longed to move to Naju but it wasn't possible in her difficult circumstances.  So, I told her that I would look for a room for her and I rented one in Naju.

That’s the reason Magdalena called to ask about the room, but Martha, the woman who was disappointed and angry at my mother, answered the phone and told Magdalena to leave a message instead of connecting her with me. So, Magdalena said to her, “Julia said that she would look for a room in Naju for me and I was wonder how it’s going?” Then things became messed up.

At that time, I had already rented a room for Magdalena and if Martha had connected me with Magdalena directly, everything would've been fine.  However, the moment Martha heard it, she misunderstood that I had decided to give Magdalena the apartment that Martha was living in.  As a result she told the local priest about that and sent a scandalous letter slandering me, to Archbishop Victorinus Kong-Hee Youn of the Kwangju Archdiocese.

Such a case could happen occasionally in our lives, but it might, and could, lead us to hell by making up a lie all because of a slight misunderstanding.  That’s why we have to look at each and every fact carefully.

So, I would like to enlighten you on this point today.  But I can’t help it if you yourself don’t make an effort no matter how often I tell you, as Our Lord says, "No matter how much love I may give them, if they refuse to receive it, I can’t help it."

If we are filled with pride & ego without love, we can’t go to Heaven.  But if we are armed entirely with the Five Spiritualities of Naju, we can.

However, so many people feed the devil through trivial misunderstandings without even trying to looking into the facts.  Martha would've been better off feeding the devil only herself, but she also helped Archbishop Victorinus Kong-Hee Youn of the Kwangju Archdiocese, refuse to approve the Naju events with her slanderous letter.  Her slight misunderstanding has brought grave consequences.  She gave the best gift to the devil.  We have to be simple and little souls but we suffer from even little things because we don’t renounce ourselves.  So we have to be simple and little souls.

I loved Martha dearly, I even let her sleep with her head on my arm.  But she said to the local priest, “Father! I love Julia so much like my elder sister, but, blah, blah, blah,” and lied to him that I had an abortion even though my womb was removed before. Then the priest made her write a letter to Archbishop Victorinus Kong-Hee Youn and it caused the breakup of my eldest daughter's marriage.

Archbishop Victorinus Kong-Hee Youn used to say, “I believe that the miraculous signs in Naju are true and I will consider only the fruits.”  But after he read Martha’s letter, he changed his mind and said that he would never officially approve the apparition of The Blessed Mother of Naju.  Even though Martha was disappointed at my mother, it could end as a personal case between her and my mother.  A little misunderstanding can cause such a great mistake.


We should not blame others reputing this and that.

Everyone, if we keep feeding the devil of disappointment, we'll fall into the bottomless pit after all.  One year later, I received a letter from Martha which started out, ‘Dear Julia, whom I love the most in the world.’  Someone suggested that I should take the letter to Archbishop Victorinus Kong-Hee Youn, but I didn’t.  If the Archbishop had approved the apparition of The Blessed Mother at that time, abundant graces would have come upon the world which is suffering many disasters these days, and His numerous children would've been saved by now.

“Magdalena, are you here?  Am I right?


<Magdalena’s testimony>

Yes, you're absolutely right. I lost my husband and I was left penniless with two children.  I couldn't do anything but die with my children, because we had no food or briquettes for the cold winter.  I intensely missed The Blessed Mother of Naju, but I couldn't visit Her, so I sang a popular song changing the original lyrics like this.

“Oh, how much I miss you Mom!  I miss you so much but I can’t come to you.  I can’t see you.  If only I had some money for fare, I would come to you right away.  Ah~ but I can’t come to you.”

Then I started praying to The Blessed Mother, “Mother!  I want to go to You in Naju, but I have no money, please give me the fare.”  At that moment someone whom I’ve never seen before, approached me and said, “How are you doing? Why don’t you buy something for your children?”  He then gave me thirty-thousand won.  So, I could go to Naju with that money and when I went back, a man from Seoul gave me a ride in his car and when we reached Seoul, he said, “Well, I should drive you to Incheon but I won't be able to make it back for my appointment with my friend, I’m sorry,” and he gave me fifty-thousand won for the fare to Incheon, so then, I could buy rice with that money.

As the Blessed Mother took care of me, Julia also took great care of me with love. She used to buy me new clothes, while she wore worn-out underwear or skirts, and she fed us, because she was worried that people might look down on me.  She also gave pocket money to my children even though she couldn't give some to her own children.  However, I put a dagger in her heart.

Julia is theone who always says, "Okay. Let’s make a fresh, new start." when we apologized her saying, “Julia!  I was so wrong.  I will start anew,” no matter how big the sins or mistakes we commit. 

But no matter how frequently or serioussins or make mistakes we commit, Julia accepts us with our simple apology of "I'm sorry, I was so wrong. I will start anew.”  Julia then says, “Okay, let’s make a new start.”

But once, I quarreled with Julia’s motherthen left Julia because I was disappointed with her mother.  Then I didn’t come back without backbiting her for a long time.

However, she took care of my two children.  After I regretted my mistake and came back, I could not meet with her because I was too embarrassed to see her.  But, she called me first and asked, “Do you want to live here?” and I said, “Yes, I do.  If only you would accept me.  Please forgive me.”  “Okay.  I will not question your past.  Let’s live together.”  Then she accepted me, this sinner who was penniless.

Julia took great care of me and my children, who had no place to stay, and no food to eat.  Nor, could I do enough reparations for my sins, after betraying her, and I couldn't repay her enough for the kindness and love she showed me for the rest of my life.  I could give up my life for her.  Besides, Julia was betrayed by Martha while she tried saving my family, and Our Lady of Naju couldn't get the official approval from the Kwang-ju Archdiocese.  If only I hadn't come to Naju, it wouldn't have happened and Our Lady of Naju would be approved and Julia would not have had to suffer all of these pains.  I feel terribly sorry for her.  MaMa Julia!  I am so sorry.


Magdalena (left) & Julia(right)


Julia: "It is not Magdalena’s fault at all!  I never thought, ‘if only she had not come to Naju, if only she had not called me at that moment." It’s because it was just the trick of the devil of division who fills the sky and the earth. If we blame others reputing this and that, there is no end to it.  Therefore, we must not blame others.  I have the good fortune to have kind,   friends, don’t I?

Since I have grown up, I haven’t been beloved by anyone.  However, I could live with loving others, because I consider it as if I am beloved. (cf.-SEMCHIGO-one of the Five Spiritualities)  If we arm ourselves perfectly with the Five Spiritualities of Naju, we could achieve victory over anything.  Let’s quit feeding the devil of disappointment entirely, today.  The devil of disappointment is extremely nasty, among the devils.

A word of a lie could kill men.

I have been betrayed like this so many times but now, "I'd like to receive less such  love (indicating "betrayal")."

However, a certain person slandered me for the purpose of getting my full attention saying, “Do not approach Julia."  "She pretends to like or love you, only when you are with her but she speaks ill of you behind your back."  "Don’t ever mention this to Julia for she is going to kill me if she finds out that I told you about this secret.”  So she could not verify the fact.

Then she believed it and oppressed and bothered me, so I said to her, “Who told you that? I have to pray for that poor soul, so please tell me who it is.”  But she said that she could never answer.  I just wanted to correct the misunderstanding but things have come to a strange pass.  At that time, there was a man who was healed of diabetes who had suffered for thirty years and also regained his sight, so he had been looking forward to the anniversary for two weeks to give his testimony.

However, he quarreled over the matter of slandering me, and he stopped visiting Naju.  Then he got diabetes again and suffered from it for three years and died.  Since his blood sugar level had risen over 500 for thirty years, he even visited a hospital in the USA hoping to be healed.  It is a great pity that he would not believe me but believed the person who slandered me and stopped visiting Naju, then after all that, he died.

Some occasionally say, “Mums the word, okay?”, and false prophets work out of sight, hiding themselves.  But light never hides.  When you were told, “Julia did blah, blah, blah.”  If only you ask me in Oder to look into the fact, then I can explain about it and correct that person who slandered me, “Please don’t do it again.”

Therefore, we are never supposed to hide ourselves doing something.  I am telling you this because we really should remain awake.  The most important thing is that we have to renounce ourselves, but we blame others first without giving up our egos.

責人則明.  This, means accusing others but covering up one’s own fault.  There are many people who are only good at accusing others not knowing of their own faults, and they'd be better off staying quiet but they pretend to be clever.  It is not humility.   Of course, I believe that you who are here don’t do it.  We really have to be humble.

When the Eucharistic miracle occurred on May 16, 1991, Jesus said, “Holding My Mother’s hands and following her is the shortcut to Me.”   So we who follow the Blessed Mother could ask Her for anything.

When you ask your father for pocket money, he might respond, “What! I gave it to you yesterday, now you need more?” But if you ask for help to your mother, “Mom! I already spent my pocket money that I received yesterday. Please ask Dad for more for me."  And mother would say to father, “It seems that he or she spent all the money so let’s give him or her some more.”  Then, father might give you more pocket money.  That is what the Blessed Mother dose for us.

Stagnant wateris bound to corrupt, so the water always has to flow.  That’s why I often say, “Let’s start anew.”  Today, I mentioned several things, but I want to emphasize that we don't know where the casual remark will take root, and how it might kill a man. (cf: should be careful in talking)

For the lie of the woman that I mentioned earlier, her deed was the same as saying she killed the man who was healed from diabetes and blind in his eyes.  By the way, the truth about her lies were revealed by the explanation of a brethren after all, they who oppressed me, expelled her.

After a long time, she appeared sick and penniless.  She didn’t even have clothes. So I fed her, because I felt pity on her.  After a few months I found out that she had no place to go, and her liver, eyes, and joints were getting worse from diabetic complications.    So, I asked her, “Do you want to stay here?”  Then she said, “If only you would accept me.”  So I said, “Okay.  I will not question your past.  Let’s make a new start.”  and we live together now.

However, some people say that Naju throws people out who are no longer wanted, but accept only those who are in need.  But I never question anyone’s past.  If he or she repents, and asks for forgiveness earnestly, as Jesus and The Blessed Mother never question their pasts' and loves them who were the most wicked of sinners if they would open their hearts wide and return to Them.

Let’s open our hearts wide and return to Our Lord and The Blessed Mother and receive new graces.  Amen.