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The excerpts from Julia Kim’s Testimony  
on April 4, 2015


"The shortcut to Heaven means,
one has to renounce our ego and be embraced
in the bosom of Our Lord and The Blessed Mother."

Praise Jesus! Praise The Blessed Mother!

I think there will be many more graces today.  The rain and thunder began before three o'clock as you all know.  I prayed and thought, "Ah, Our Lord re-enacted the time that He died, two thousand years ago, to give us great graces on The Blessed Mother's Mountain here in Naju."

When I changed my clothes after​ the Investiture ceremony for the new postulants today, I found that my underwear was wet with golden color fragrant oil. I also noticed that part of my left breast, which is near my heart, had a red area, the size of my palm, and golden fragrant oil was spurting from there.

I've suffered pains in my heart and pains of bleeding but, I've never suffered the pains of the Sacred Heart of Jesus like this before.  So, I offered it gratefully to Our Lord for all of you.  So let's make a new start today with our hearts wide open.  Then, the living Lord, Jesus will give us great graces.

We have to renew ourselves each and every day. Being renewed today dosen't mean that we will be renewed tomorrow.  We have to keep being renewed not only today, tomorrow and everyday but each and every moment.  Because we all have a sinful nature and we might make mistakes or might misunderstand.  However, we should never be discouraged or disappointed.  Because, that is what the devil wants and intends.

Two thousand years ago, Jesus would not have gotten caught, and would've come down from the Cross, but He died because, without death there is no resurrection.  If we want to be resurrected, we must renounce our ego.  However, our ego's seem to arise even though we try to remove it again and again.  It rises right away, when we don't stay awake for even one second.  And then, we commit sins all over again.

Then, if you think, ‘I'm impossible.  Jesus and The Blessed Mother don't love me.  I just want them to remove my ego but they won't’, this is profane.  Someone asked me to remove his ego, and I said, "How can I remove your ego?  I can give you some advice but you have to remove your ego yourself."

If we don't remove our ego, it breaks our will even though we try to keep ourselves on the straight and narrow path to Heaven. In these​ cases, we should realize this is because  our ego rises up.  However, if we don't remove our ego, we just keep making excuses even if I try to help lead them to Heaven.  And, whenever that happens, the Hearts of Our Lord and The Blessed Mother are filled with pain.

Jesus and The Blessed Mother say everyday, "I want to dwell in you but I can't because you won't open your heart.  Please open your heart to Me."

(As in Julia's spiritual song, )"My beloved children, be embraced in my bosom, and your exhausted and ill bodies will be healed.  Amen."  Amen!  How happy we could be, if we renounced our ego's and embraced the bosom of Our Lord and The Blessed Mother.  Jesus shed His Blood and Water to the last drop while He was nailed on the Cross for three hours and then died.  He gave His all for us.  I pray that all the dirty stains on your souls will be healed completely with the Precious Blood shed from Jesus today.


We have to make an effort and complete the last 2%.

By the way, if Jesus heals us 98%, we have to complete the last 2% by making an effort.  Then, we can rise 100% from the dead, today.  And if we make mistakes again, our souls can be healed on the first 1st Saturday Prayer Meeting again.  While we are living in the secular world, our souls become stained with the dirt of sin even if it's a small sin.  So, we must wash it away again and again to keep our souls clean.

What about Peter?  What did Peter do?  He said that he would never leave Jesus even though all of the people fell away.  Then Jesus said to him, "This very night, before the cock crows, you shall deny me thrice."  However, Peter did not realize that his denial was foretold by Jesus and he took no heed of what he was told, he then denied Jesus three times after all.  Judas also denied his betrayal when Jesus said "One of you will betray me." at the Last Supper.



Listen, brothers and sisters!  It was the lesson that Jesus gave us.  When Jesus was led to the high priest, Peter followed him at a distance, right into the courtyard of the high priest and warmed himself by the fire, and he denied Jesus the third time invoking a curse on himself and swearing, "I do not know this man of whom you speak." You can't even imagine what Jesus felt at that very moment?

Being betrayed by the person closest to you was much more painful than being nailed to the Cross.  You can never know how painful it is until you experience it yourself. Then later, St. Peter died while being nailed to a Cross upside down.  I've also been betrayed like this countless times, but it's a grace from Our Lord, if we realize, 'Ah, the division of the devil did this to me to make me feel distracted.'

Such things always happen in our daily lives and what I want to say is, let's graciously offer not only the pains of being betrayed by our closest ones but also all of the bad things bothering us.  And, even though our earnest wishes are not accomplished, never be disappointed, but accept the consequences, thinking ' Ah, it seems that God needs my sacrifices at this time.


We need the firm faith of Abraham and Moses.


When I visited the Philippines, there was woman named Mrs. Mercy Toason who had a palatial residence that was guarded by policemen at both of the side gates.  She's the current Philippine Ambassador to the Holy See.  She was also a friend of the President of the Philippines at that time, so I used to accompany the President of the Philippines.  She owned a huge coconut farm in the countryside which was far away from Manila and we decided to spread the Messages of  The Blessed Mother of Naju to the people there.  Some of the members left for the coconut farm by car earlier and a party of seven of which I was a member went by small plane.  At the time there were torrential rains and the people were so worried about our trip.

But I was not worried at all, because we weren't going there for pleasure, but for the Glory of God. Because of the heavy rains, our plane made an emergency landing in a remote mountainous region where there were no roads and no connection with outside.  Everyone was at a loss as what to do.  They said, "How can we get to the farm?"  But still, I was not worried at all and I prayed, "Lord! Even if we get lost we will offer each and every step we make for the repentance of sinners and for the sanctification of the clergy."  Then, I heard the voice of Jesus

 (Jesus speaking) "Don't worry, dear." said Jesus.  No sooner had He said this than a small car came down a narrow road to us.  We were so surprised to see it and said, "Wow, how could that car come down such a narrow road?"  The car was sent by Our Lord.  There was a young couple in the car, and the seven of us got in that small car.  Our Lord made it possible.  If not, how could the nine of us get into such a small car?

By the way, the car was so small, I tried to get on the roof rack, but they stopped me and let the priest who was part of our group get on the roof rack.  If this was in South Korea, this couldn't happen, but the priest took it natural stride and he got on the roof rack.  So, we were less uncomfortable even with six people in the backseat.  I told you about the faith of Abraham last time, didn't I?  Abraham gave up Isaac and Moses gave up the right of inheriting the kingship with no hesitation.  They didn't wonder, 'Should I give it up or not?'  We need such firm faith.

The great miracles that occurred
when the fire broke out in the Blessed Mother's House.

There was a big fire at The Blessed Mother's House.   But it doesn't mean that Jesus and The Blessed Mother took away the many miraculous signs that were given for us.  The Eucharist in the small monstrance that we use for the Benediction still remained even though the monstrance melted in the fire.  Another Eucharist that was in the small monstrance grew larger from the heat of the fire.  Jesus Christ in the Eucharist is still with us even though The Blessed Mother's House was completely destroyed by fire.  Jesus and The Blessed Mother also actually appeared many times in the Blessed Mother's House in the same places where the Crucifix and the statue of The Blessed Mother were placed.

Many miraculous signs still remained.  Several pieces of cloth that were under the Blessed Mother's statue that were wet by Tears or Tears of Blood were burnt this time.   But, the cloth which was wet by Tears and Tears of Blood at the same time from The Blessed Mother's statue still remained.  I keep the cloth in a small pouch which I pray over each of you, during the meeting times with me.  It's the most important cloth that has the strongest scent of The Blessed Mother.  The scent is so strong, fresh and so good.

The fire at The Blessed Mother's House was not a punishment from Our Lord, but was our own fault.  I've said many times "we must be careful about a fire from a short circuit and we must always check on the Chapel" but, we didn't accomplish this well.  So, the fire was caused by a short circuit from the oldest electrical wire at the Chapel.  But as soon as I get well, we are going to rebuild The Blessed Mother's House and exhibit the miraculous signs that I now have.

The devil brought destruction, but miracles happened. Four fire trucks rushed to The Blessed Mother's House to put out the fire, but three of them were unable to extinguish the fire because the water wouldn't come out of their hoses and only one small fire truck hosed down The Blessed Mother's House.  The house next door was also very lucky that the dangerous fire didn't spread to it and the adjacent buildings at all.  The firemen said it was a miracle in and of  itself, because a fire of that size would usually burn anything within a 5 meter radius of it and the neighbors houses were well within that distance, so they should've also burned.

The fire was caused by human carelessness, and we lost a few of the miraculous signs but, Our Lord and The Blessed Mother worked such a miracle and also alerted us to the fire.  That is why the words that come out of my mouth should be carried out right away.  I told Fr. Su to keep the Eucharist which is used during Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament in his room but Fr. Jeong kept it in the Chapel.  So I told Fr. Su again to keep it in his room.

However, Fr. Jeong suggested that Fr. Su keep the Eucharist in the Chapel because it would be more convenient for him (Fr. Jeong) to carry the Eucharist than to keep it in Fr. Su's room, in case of Fr. Su's absence for when he has to travel overseas.  I should've told Fr. Jeong about that also, but I only told Fr. Su, "Please keep the Eucharist in your room and when you're away, you could take it to the tabernacle in the Chapel."  But my wishes weren't carried out after all.

When I heard that Fr. Su was safe, I was relieved, because I thought the Eucharist was with Fr. Su, so it was safe as well...But the Eucharist was in the tabernacle of the Chapel.

The greatest miracle is that Fr. Su was saved from the fire.  When I heard about the fire at The Blessed Mother's House, I kept praying, "Lord and The Blessed Mother! Please save Fr. Su from the fire even though The Blessed Mother's House is burnt down."

Do you remember the pieces of the cotton garment which had been soaked in the Precious Blood of Jesus that He pushed into my hand?  It also remains.  The Eucharist is supposed to be kept by the priests' so I couldn't keep it, but I could keep the cotton garment with me and it's well preserved.  Though I didn't expect that fire would break out, I thought it would be better that we keep the miraculous signs separate rather than keep them all in the same place.  So I kept the cotton garment with me and  many of the stones stained with Our Lord's Precious Blood. Our Lord and The Blessed Mother never took the miraculous signs away from us.  Many of the miraculous signs still remain with us today.

What more do we need, except for the graces of Our Lord and The Blessed Mother?  Our Lord and The Blessed Mother will give us and the world more abundant graces. Amen!