Testimony by Bishop Eduardus Sangsun, svd


The visit of Yulia Kim and the share of her spiritual experiences. 

 I, Eduardus Sangsun, svd the Bishop of Ruteng Diocese, Flores Indonesia give my testimony regarding the spiritual fruits due to the sharing of faith experinces by Yulia Kim, from Naju, south Korea.

During the 2visits of Yulia Kim to Ruteng, in the month of March and of June 2007, she shared her spirtual and faith experiences to the priests, religious, and lay people. She shared the messages given through her, specially concernning the love for the Eucharist , the rosary prayer, and the repentance. She shared her experiences of wonderful Signs, considered as wonderful graces given to the whole people of God.

 After the first visit of March 2007, I witness many changes in the lives of many of our priests, religious, and lay people . These changes can be seen in the parishes, specially the increasing number of parishioners frequenting the eucharistic celebration, and receiving communion. The devotions to the Blessed Mother Mary and to the Sacred Heart of Jesus are becoming more popular and we hear many stories of repentances. I see also the changes, the improvements in the pastoral lives of some priests, preparing and celebrating th mass with more love and attention. The messages from Naju touch important pastoral issues. I myself have read the messages, and I consider them to be very actual and corresponding to our spiritual needs. The sharing of Yulia's faith and the spread of Naju messages, have helped us to love and to appreciate more the mystery of Eucharist and the sacrament of penance and to pray rosary.

 May the Naju messages be heard and many return to God again. Amin qq

                                                   Ruteng, 14 June 2007.

                                                   Bishop of Ruteng

                                                   Eduardus Sangsun, svd          

The paper of testimony by Bishop Eduardus Sangsun, svd

The paper of testimony by Sr.Mauritia Harianja, which 7 handicapped children were healed by Julia's prayer and Bishop Eduardus Sangsun.svd put his seal on it. 


Testimony by Fr. Ardus Jehaut

To whom it may concern

This letter is to testify that I, Father Ardus Jehaut, Catholic priest from Diocese of Ruteng, Flores - Indonesia, have seen myself how Mrs. Julia Kim from Naju, Korea, with her healing power from God, has helped someone from death and children with disabilities:

Wednesday, July 13th 2007 at 14:30 pm

On that day, I went to the airport (it's about 3 2/1 hours from our place by car to pick up Mrs. Julia Kim and friends from Korea. On the way home we stopped by for lunch because we were so hungry. It took 1 hrs and we stayed for a while after that. At the same time, Mrs Julia and another lady walked to another side(at the back of us)and at the very moment, we heard she shouted aloud, seeing an accident in front of her. We run toward her wanting to see what's really happened.

A young man was lying on the street with seriously injured(motorcycle accident)

I was shocked and saddened to see the accident. I thought that it would have been impossible for him to survive. But thanks God, Mrs Julia was there on the right time and the right place (we could have stopped at another place for lunch or went straight away after finished lunch). I saw clearly how the healing power of Julia worked. She did pray over the injured young man, put some holy water into his mouth. She than pray again and again for a couple of minutes. And thankfully, the young man started to open his eyes and made some moves. I, who was standing there, can't be able to say anything except thanked be to God for his loving care and protection. At that day, one soul has been saved.)

Thursday, 14th 2007 at 15:00 pm

On that day, I accompanied Mrs. Julia Kim and some friends visiting the children with disabilities.

It has been said that some of the children who can't see or can't talk properly, before, already healedby Mrs. Julia Kim on her first visit to our place on March 2007. And it's true. I saw some of them at that time and the nun who look after them say the same thing that those children have been healed. I think that it's once again proved that Mrs.Julia Kim has a power of healing from God. And she has been trying to use it in positive way.

I hope this testimony can be used as one of the instruments to handle the Naju's vision with care and a firm resolve.

                                                   with best wishes

                                                    yours sincerely in Jesus Christ,

                                                    Fr. Ardus Jehaut

                                                    Diocese of Ruteng - Flores