My beloved children! 

Have no fear, but gather here all together and drink this water and wash yourselves with it. 

Whenever you come here seeking My Mother and Me and cry out earnestly with your whole hearts, I will bestow on you the light from My burning Sacred Heart and the light of My mercy, and My Mother will also bestow on you the light from her Immaculate Heart and the streams of water of mercy, letting you suck her milk to your hearts' content.  Then, all your thirst will be quenched; and you will be filled with graces and experience joy, love and peace.

(From Our Lord's message on December 8, 1999)

The holy water in Naju found to have purifying power




While Julia was praying, she saw a vision of the Blessed Mother carrying several large bundles of dirty clothes, one on her head and two with her hands, and pushing another with her feet, and going up a steep mountain.  After a while, she stopped where there was a large creek with clear water and began washing the laundry.  In the creek, a little down from where the Blessed Mother was, there were many people joyfully drinking the water, washing their hands, feet, hair and whole bodies, and playing, splashing the water. 

Afterwards, Julia went to the mountain which she saw in the vision and found the place where the Blessed Mother was doing the laundry and many people were drinking the water, washing themselves, and playing.  When Julia began digging the ground with her bare hands, one stream of water began flowing each time she dug, and this was repeated until there were a total of seven streams of water.  When Julia dug for the eighth time, the seven streams of water joined together into one larger stream.  At the present time, a large statue of the Blessed Mother stands where the Blessed Mother was standing in Julias vision.  The current location of the Blessed Mothers spring, which is a little below her statue, is where the spring was dug.









On August, 27, 1992, Julia went to the mountain which the Blessed Mother showed her in a vision. After finding the site for the spring, Julia dug the ground with her bare hands.

Soon after Julia started digging the ground, large quantities of water began gushing out.







































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