Julia's Kim's Joy in Sufferings for the Conversion of sinners and the Sanctification of Clergy

Good Firday on April 6th,2012

Julia Kim doing the Stations of the Cross in her knee due to extreme sufferings.

Julia fell down to the ground at 11th Station by receiving the  invisible  pains of scourging without any bleeding and wounds in her legs.

Julia Kim suffered the pains from the Crown of Thorns.

Fell down again at 12th Station by receiving the pains of Scourging.

Furthermore, it was a gruesome pain for this Mother, unable even to look with open eyes, when my Son Jesus was walking on the terrible Way of the Cross to Calvary receiving all kinds of ridicules, with His body covered with blood from head to feet because of scourging, exhausted and worn out, and falling miserably with the Cross. It was a pain of my whole body becoming torn apart and all of its bones being crushed. (Message from the Blessed Mother on March 28th,2002)