The 28th Anniversary of the Eucharist
turning into visible Flesh and Blood that
Julia received on May 16, 1991 (May 16, 2019)




The Stations of the Cross where the Lord and
the Blessed Mother walk with us, shedding blood



Hymns and dances dedicated to the Lord and the Blessed Mother


Offering flowers and candles to the Blessed Mother of Naju


Procession of the Blessed Mother of Naju

Rosary offered up with sincere hearts and sacrifices



Eucharistic Benediction

Holy Mass

Presentation on the Shrine of Naju -Explanation
about the Messages of Love by Peter Park


Julia Kim shared Inspiring Spiritual Messages and Healing Prayers
by offering up her extreme suffering for the conversion of sinners










"My extremely beloved children!
You are rich, as you haverecognized this Mommy's voice,
as I have been screaming until my throat becomes torn, and have rushed to
My Son Jesus and me. Even the prophets and kings of the old times wished to see
but did not see and wished to hear but did not hear the unprecedented miracles
and signs shown  through my extremely beloved daughter,  but you, who have responded
to my invitation with Amen simple-heartedly, have all seen and heard them, havení»t you?

You may hear many criticisms with preposterous words and sufferall kinds of insults
and persecutions while working to follow My Son Jesus and me, but I will shield you
with my mantle and rescue you, even if you arehelplessly threatened with imminent
crises, if you spread and practice the messages of love that My Son Jesus
and I have been giving you and work in unitywith love."

(Message of Love fromthe Blessed Mother received
by Julia Kim of Naju, Korea on May 5, 2007)



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