The Blessed Mother of Naju who weeps Tears of Blood




Photos taken during the 33rd Anniv of the Blessed Mother’s
weeping Tears of Blood in Naju (Oct 19, 2019)





The Stations of the Cross accompanied by Jesus and the Blessed Mother







Procession of the Blessed Mother of Naju

Offering up the Flowers and Candles








Warm welcoming by Julio Kim, the General of the Sodality of Mary's Ark of Salvation

Letter dedicated to the Blessed Mother of Naju

Song dedicated to the Blessed Mother of Naju

Congratulatory Address by Archbishop

 Introduction of Clergy from all over the world


Introduction of Pilgrimage groups at home and abroad


Presentation on the Shrine of Naju
(explanation about the Messages of Love by Peter Park)


Eucharistic Procession



Eucharistic Benediction

Hymns with Action dedicated to the Lord and the Blessed Mother

Julia Kim's Inspiring Spiritual Messages and Healing Prayer with offering up
all her extreme sufferings graciously and joyfully for the conversion of sinners
and the sanctification of clergy in the world

Julia Kim’s Inspiring Spiritual Message
on October 19, 2019

Thick Mother's Milk came down on the mirror in Julia Kim's waiting room
at the Blessed Mother's Mountain on the 33rd Anniversary
of the Blessed Mother's weeping Tears of Blood



Thick Mother's Milk which came down on the mirror in Julia Kim's waiting room
disappeared shortly. It means that it was absorbed into the pilgrims spiritually.


Mass in commemoration of the 33rd anniversary of
the Blessed Mother’s weeping Tears of Blood in Naju, Korea










 Video of the 33rd Anniversary of the Blessed Mother’s
weeping Tears of Blood in Naju (Oct 19, 2019)


"Oh, My beloved ministers, religious, and children who came here to be with My Mother in response to her call with Amen not minding the long distance!

Receive the Holy Spirit.  As you came to this sacred place, where I open My Sacred Heart to give you My blood and water to the last drop and work the miracles of the most sublime and pure love that is immeasurable, to commemorate the anniversary of My Mother, who has been shedding even tears of blood to guide you on the shortcut to Heaven as the Helper in Redemption, what could there be that I and My Mother would not lay down for you?

For now, you may suffer from the lack of understanding and from persecution in the Church divided by errors, but do not forget that I and My Mother are always with you at your side.  We want at least you who have been called to remain awake and pray, be totally dissolved in My Sacred Heart and My Mother's Immaculate Heart every day and at every moment, and thus carry out your share of the work of saving this world of misery.

My beloved children!  Before God the Father's judgment comes down severely, urgently cry out so that the messages of love that I and My Mother have been screaming until Our throats become torn, repeating the same words again and again, may be spread all over the world and that this world, which has already gravely offended God the Father, may be saved.  

Even though the clergy who are blocking all the graces that I send down through Naju and other opponents who follow them may appear so powerful and confident, it will soon be revealed that their inconsistent and self-contradicting deeds are nothing but shallow and useless attempts to deceive others.  Therefore, with redoubled courage, offer up your utmost loyalty. " (Message from Jesus, on October 19, 2007)