October 19, 2019

The 33rd Anniversary of the Blessed Mother's

weeping Tears of Blood in Naju, Korea




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circle05_bluegreen.gif Date : October 19, 2019 (Sat)
  (Oct 20 : Special Night for Foreign Pilgrims)

circle05_bluegreen.gif Venue : The Blessed Mother's Mountain in Naju, Korea
circle05_bluegreen.gif Time : 14:00 p.m. 
to 05:00 a.m. (Overnight Prayer Meeting)
circle05_bluegreen.gif Contact :
Tel : +82-61-334-5003
E-mail : marysnaju@najumary.or.kr
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"Now, I want to plead with you with My last Tears of Blood.
Now, hurry up and come, all the children in the world!

To you who draw closer to me, what can I not give?"

(Message from the Blessed Mother on July 9, 2002)


http://www.najumary.or.kr/English/signs/tearsofblood.htm (Please Click)




Our Heavenly Mother invites you
to Her 33rd anniversary of weeping Teard of Blood



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