†. Praise the Lord and the Blessed Mother of Naju!





   The Winter View of the Blessed Mother's Mountain


Turning our daily lives into prayers

While seeing it snows : Lord! make our souls white,

clean and pure like snow. Amen!


Indonesia (green one) :

There are the Branches of Mary's Ark of Salvation

(Naju-Indonesia Prayer Groups)

 " I was healed of my colon cancer in Naju.

And I brought many people here.

Many of them have been cured of their ailments

through Naju water of Graces.


In 2010, however, the Bishop of Kwnag-ju

sent a letter of negative declaration on Naju to our Bishop.


From then, I have become isolated in my parish church

and some friends of mine stopped contacting with me.

(while talking, Anne was shedding tears)


However, even if it is sad and difficult,

I will never give up and will continue to do

this work(leading the Naju-Indonesia prayer group)


 - ---The testimony by Anne Paulina

the Leader of the Naju-Indonesia Prayer Group

Dec.1, 2012 -


While listening to her story,

we also shed tears ,sharing her sorrow...



one word by her remained in our hearts...


" I will never give up

and continue to do this work "


One  year  later,..


Last year(2012) Anna group have 28 prayer group members

(meetings twice a month)


Now, She is leading about 60 people

at 3 Prayer Groups in Semarnagand Jogjakarta 

with 3 Priests and one Monk

December 2013, Naju-Indonesia Prayer Group 1

December 2013, Naju-Indonesia Prayer Group 2

December 2013, Naju-Indonesia Prayer Group 3

"They are our family members. I always pray to God,

May my dream come true to bring them to Naju with me.

That's my greatest and deepest wishes to bring all my family  

members to Naju. My prayers, hugs and love to all of you in Naju, 

especially to Julia, Julio, Fr.Francis Su, Fr.Jang, Peter Kim... -Anna Paulina-



Even if it is too hard to lead

the prayer groups under the persecution,

she have persevered and continued to do it.

 So, God granted a lot of blessings on her prayer groups!


Anne have been busy  leading

all these prayer groups regularly.

However, she is doing her best joyfully

to accomplish her mission given by the Lord and

the Blessed Mother.


" Naju is my true family."

- Anne Paulina -

"I love you.  And thank you.  

How can I not love you who are gathered like this

and are praying, and how intensely will the Lord,

Who is Love Itself, love you?"

(The Message of the Blessed Mother on September 3, 2006 )


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We love you so much!

Let us display the power of love more vigorously

and give devoted service in a heroic manner

for the Triumph of the Immaculate heart of Mary.

Amen! Amen! Amen!