The infant Jesus lying in the manger (Christmas 2013)

A children's drama of the original Christmas

Children re-presenting the original Christmas Eve

Rosary prayer in the Chapel in Naju

Beginning the celebration



Visit and prayer before the manger

Offering homage to the Baby Jesus

A child welcomes and offers homage to the Baby Jesus

The pilgrims form a line to adore the Baby Jesus

The Midnight Mass

Christmas greetings by priests, Julia, and Julio

Response by pilgrims and volunteer helpers

Aspirants to the religious life sing Christmas carols

Singing and dancing by volunteer helpers

An impromptu Christmas drama by Julia and Julio Kim


Our Lady of Naju (December 8, 2013)

Night view of the Blessed Mother's House  on the Eve of the Christmas


Even so, the great majority of the shepherds remain indifferent, turning their faces away, refusing to get involved, compromising with the flow of the world, and becoming shaky, because they are only interested in saving their faces, being attentive to others?ears and eyes, and seeking their own security.  Because of this, even on this joyful Christmas, the Infant Jesus cannot help but to shed tears.  Remembering His tears, graciously offer up the extreme pains that you suffer while cooperating in the Lord's work to save all the children in the world for the sake of the Lord and this Mommy, even if they are too heavy and painful.

 My extremely beloved children!  As I had offered up the Infant Jesus in the temple, I offered up your souls on God's altar today.  Therefore, if you make strenuous efforts to accomplish the most sublime mission entrusted to you, Satan, who is afflicting you, will retreat and, before long, you will see the dawn of the new era and thus will be blessed with joy, love, and peace.  And, on the last day, you will receive and wear the laurel crown at my side before the Lord's throne and enjoy eternal happiness.
- Message from the Blessed Mother of Naju on December 25, 2007