Our Lady of Naju !

      The 7th YouthCamping Retreat


                Period : August 13th thru 15th,201.      

                Topic : The 5 Spirituality of Naju is chanins of love

                Goal :   Self-denial for other's sake ( Semchigo )

       Day 1st  (Aug 13th,2013)

     Self-introduction and making friendship

" My beloved daughter! Your sacrifices and penances are reparations for the sins of obscenity and the sins against chastity that are committed at night, and will help the graces of repentance flow into those who commit these sins. Therefore, offer up the pains given to you more graciously." (A part of message given by the Blessed Mother  on January 3rd,2002)

" Therefore, before judging and criticizing your neighbors, remove the beams of self-centered obstinacy from your own eyes first. And, after restoring beauty and purity in your eyes woven with self-renunciation, make efforts to help your neighbors remove specks from their eyes while first doing to them what you wish them to do to you. Then, they will also eventually repay you with love, thus winning a victory against the devil of division and achieving unity in love. If all these are joined with your turning your life at every moment of every day into a prayer, what else will it be than a paradise on earth? " (A part of message  given by the Blessed Mother on May 5th,2007)


The rosary and a confession

My Son Jesus and I are comforted, because the souls hardened like a rock are melting by your sufferings and reparations (A part of message given by the Blessed Mother  on January 29th,1989)

Day 2nd  (August 14th,2013)



Heavenly table - giving mine to others to practice self-denial as if I already ate it

" Heaven - It was a place without any jealousy or resentment. All were sharing love with one another. It was filled with love, peace and joy. It was a place of heavenly banquet where one does not become hungry even without eating. All were humble to each other and were keeping order to avoid inconveniencing others. Their faces were full of smiles and were beautiful."(This is a scene of Heaven that Julia  saw while she was in the state of an ecstasy)

Wishing that our prayers were reaching to heaven as flames rising higher to the sky

Folk dance with Julia Kim

Day 3rd (August 15th,2013)

Introduction of youth prayer groups

] (A part of message given by the Blessed Mother  on April 1st,1997)

The Solemnity of the  Assumption & 11th anniversary of the Descent of Our Lord's Precious Blood by openning His Heart

" The messages of love given through My little soul remain unaccepted by numerous children, and little pains like headaches, bruises, and scratches are not offered up but are only complained about. Meanwhile, you have responded to My Mother's call with Amen and are praying with your whole heart. What is there that I would not lay down for you? " (A part of message given by Jesus on February 3rd,2007)

Golden color Fragrant Oil

A gauze that soaked with Golden color Fragrant Oil

The Fragrant Oil came down on the stones and grass



I will let you grow spiritually through the sincere prayers that you offer earnestly with your whole heart on this Way of the Cross where I walk with my Son Jesus, bleeding with Him. The Lord will also bathe your souls and bodies with His Sacred Blood and give you the plenary indulgence. Rather, He promised to give it to you. (A part of message given by the Blessed Mother on February 2nd,2002)

       Fr.Joseph Fu, came from Hong Kong officiated a mass

candle light rosary procession

" My extremely beloved children who have responded to My Mother's call with Amen! I am sending down the light of all My love and mercy for you, who are praying here, at My Mother's earnest request and also seeing the heart of My little soul, whom I prepared and chose, which is filled with sacrifices, love, and gracious oblations accompanied by extreme pains for reparation." (A part of message given by Jesus on February 3rd,2007)

All the children in the world! Now, the night has grown deeper, thus signaling the approaching dawn. That the new heaven and the new earth may be realized, I want you to hurriedly awake from sleep; respond to this inestimable, sublime love revealed through the signs that I and My Mother have continuously manifested in order to save the world; accept the messages of love which (I and My Mother) have been screaming until Our throats begin bleeding; and graciously offer up even the trivial things, without squandering even one of them or taking it lightly, by turning your lives into prayers.Thus, if you rush to Me through My Mother humbly. (A part of message given by Jesus on Agust 15th,2002)

The Precious Blood was remained liquid without coagulation for 140 days from Aug 15th to Jan 1 st,2002.

The Precious Blood  which collected with a syringe  on October 19,2006, but it was still not coagulated as of August 16th,2013.

My beloved children!  Nothing can be accomplished without faith or love. With faith, you can move a high mountain, but, with love, you can lift up even the world." (A part of message given by the Blessed Mother on July 9th,1996)

" I will accompany and protect you who have been called through My little soul who always works for Me together with My Mother, do not weigh or judge even a trivial thing with human thoughts but offer up everything in your life by turning it into a prayer. If you make efforts to walk the way of perfection and saintly virtues by turning everything in your lives into a prayer at every moment as I taught through My little soul chosen by Me, I will work within you together with My Mother even if you are unworthy and imperfect and let you enjoy eternal happiness in the next world." (A part of message given by Jesus on January 1st,2007)