On March 31, 2010, at about 2:40 p.m., Julia Kim was called by the Blessed Mother and went to the Chapel. The Blessed Mother gave a message of love while tears of blood were streaming down from her eyes. Both the Blessed Mother and Julia were shedding  tears of blood at the same time. 

The Blessed Mother gave a message of love while tears of blood were streaming
down from Her eyes. Both the Blessed Mother and Julia were shedding  
tears of blood at the same time. 


After a while, tears of blood again streamed down from Julia's eyes at her residence.

The Blessed Mother suffers especially when the clergy, the religious and the close children who have been called make mistakes, but do not even realize that they made mistakes and do not repent, and Julia participates in the Blessed Mother's sufferings, shedding tears of blood and wail. While Julia was thus shedding tears of blood, the Blessed Mother gave her a message.


Holy Thursday



Golden-color fragrant oil exuding from Julia's neck.





Good Friday











The Precious Blood came down on the Blessed  Mother's Mountain

 Julia shed much blood also from her right leg.




 Julia's suffering  from Scourging

Julia's suffering  from Scourging

The skirt is wet from the blood  oozing out of the wounds.



The Easter


 The tape-cutting ceremony of the training
House for the Prayer Group of the Youth



 The 3rd -period postulante of Prayer Group


  Decoration for the Easter eggs

  Watching video for the Second Eucharistic miracle in the Vatican

  Watching video for the Second Eucharistic miracle in the Vatican

Renewal of Baptismal Vow

The Easter Mass


Bishop Franciscus Xaverius from Indonesia



Our group for Indonesia had a wonderful experience : Many of them had healing physically and mentally. We had seen the suffering of Julia during the Via Crucis. From there we are sure that Jesus loves His children and many of them received the Sacrement of Ppenance. All of us experienced  that Naju is a place of grace and Julia is an insrument of God to express the love of God to the mankind, to the world. Glory to God and all of us love Mary as Our Mother and protector.
We hope that more Christians will come to thank Jesus and His Mother Mary in Naju.

April 4, 2010 in Naju.

Mgr. F.X. Prajasuta.

Bishop of Banjarmasin.

* Annotation

 -The name of town is a steep climb of 413 steps called the Via Crucis which lead up   Calvary Hill

Fr. Aloysius. A.J.

I had prostate cancer, so I wasn't sure I could complete the trip on my first days, I was bleeding &couldn't urinate. I had all wet on my pants everyday, bleeding & watering. After Statons of the Cross on Good Friday, I had chance to have a handkerchief with Julia's blood from scourging on Good Friday, I placed it on my underwear during the night.  Next morning the handkerchief was soaked  with blood. So I washed it. After that I discovered that my urine was normal & I had no bleeding since then.I urinate as a normal person. I was surprised. Thank you Lord & the Blessed Mother helped onr healing me and cured me.
April 4.  2010

 Fr. Aloysius. A.J.

His Excellency is presented the cloth with blood that wiped the blood from wound from scourging on the Julia's legs according to the His excellency's request and also other priests received same clothes.

Father Aloysius praying at 13th Station of Cross on Good Friday. Korean elder priest kept on crying from the beginning to end while he looking at the Suffering of Julias scourging as well as meditating the passion of Our Lord.

      Fr. Paul Mayor from U.S.A

We are a pilgrims of five persons from the United States of America

From March 29 to April 06,2010. I can testify a healing miracle that happened to me up in the Mountain on Holy Saturday, April 03,1010 I had a terrible headache, Flu, Fever and cough. I feared I can not finish concelebrating the Vigil Mass. Before consecration, Someone(peter our guide) gave me the Holy water from the Spring . Right after the consecration, I was healed. So happy to tell the group through signs that I am fine. This is a testimony that I witnessed.

In Christ,

Father Paul Mayor, SVD

# 2131 , W. 3 rd St , Los Angeles ,Ca 90057,U.S.A


Rev. Father Paul Mayor kept on crying from the moment of the procession of
Our Lady of Naju into the Chapel in the mountain on Holy Thursday.


On April 5, 2010, when Julia was meeting with a volunteer helper from abroad, golden-color fragrant oil  came down with the images of Alpha and Omega.
(April4, 2010)