Our Lady of Naju exuding fragrant oil


Bloody milk came down on the Chapel

Golden color fragrant oil came down on the acrylic dome





My sons and daughters! Come back to my bosom. I will help you in this dangerous world.

My children! Love one another. Love even your enemies. You will be saved if you live according to the Lord's commandments.

My Immaculate Heart is your refuge. Become humble apostles in my bosom.

My beloved children! Take my hands. Entrust your sorrows and pains to me.

My sons and daughters! Be embraced in my bosom. I will let you, who are tired and sick, rest. 






Altar of Repose


If a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it produces much fruit. But if it does not die, it remains just a grain of wheat. Salvation came to this world, only because there was the painful Sacrifice of Calvary by my Son Jesus. Repent hurriedly and become a floral crown of joy for Him . Message on April 8, 1993




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