I am still bleeding on the Cross to save the whole human race and My Blood will not flow in vain. I am the Transfuser Who washes away your dirty sins. My precious Blood is a special medicine that will open the eyes of the sick souls and wake up the sleeping souls—through priests. I am so troubled that people receive Me out of habit and with indifference.  I wish to pour down all My Love upon all the souls on this earth. Help them participate in the heavenly banquet
Message on June 5, 1988
















Father sensed the pulse of Jesus on the Crucifix





      My little souls!

I received all kinds of ridicules, scourgings and beatings.  I shed blood and sweat and wore a crown of thorns instead of a royal crown. I suffered all kinds of pains, was nailed to the Cross and died on it.

My dying on the Cross was not the end. Even at this moment, I come to you shedding blood in order to be with you, hoping that all even those who crucified Me and even the most wicked sinners as well as the innocent ones may repent, be saved and become one in the Holy Trinity. What would I spare for you who are praying to comfort Me and trying to achieve unity?  If you understand that My Heart is throbbing together with Divinity and with your human hearts, you will become more intimate with Me. When you settle down in Me by meditating deeply and more humbly on My Wounds, you will receive more abundant energy. Carry out the sublime task that I have entrusted to you.  Message on July 1, 1996