Exult, all creation around God's throne!
Jesus Christ, our King, is risen!
Sound the trumpet of salvation!




















The Lord has indeed risen,  alleluia.
Glory and kingship be his for ever and ever

...Without dying, there could be no Resurrection. Even at this moment, I can perfect everything. However, because I allowed free will to humans, sacrifices by little souls, including even death agony, are necessary. Remembering anew the truth that one must die to arrive at resurrection, at least you, who have responded to My call, should follow Me in unity and with a simple and upright mind, imitating the faith of the martyrs.
 (Message on April 12, 1998)

 The Precious Blood on the paved area on the Way of the Cross


 The Precious Blood that poured out of the wounds in My Sacred Heart, which I just showed you, is a sign of My boundless mercy and profound love and friendship for all the children in the world as well as of My presence.  Who can even dare to speculate about or imagine the love that is burning like this with a divine origin in My Sacred Heart?  Message on August 15, 2002





Pilgrims praying the Rosary






 Priests who come to me, who is weeping, will receive an abundant light and a burning love from me. Message on December 11, 1987

 Julia giving congratulatory address of Easter

Decorating  Easter eggs &  screening committee


Precious Blood on the box of statue of Our Lady of Naju

 Precious Blood on a pilgrim








My beloved children!  Even if the heavens and the earth are no more, the Lords words will never be nullified but will be accomplished as they are.  Therefore, if you open the doors of your hearts widely and draw closer (to the Lord), the fire in the Sacred Heart of Jesus will vigorously flame up and remove thoroughly the stains that have made your souls and bodies dirty.  Even if this world passes away, you who follow your Lord and me will surely be protected and will be led to the Heavenly Kingdom on the last day, which is filled only with joy, love, peace, and happiness.
Message on March 1, 2008