Julia suffered the pains of the crown of thorns

during the Stations of the Cross with the participants

in the retreat for the youth, which had begun on August 13.



Before doing the Stations of the Cross, Julia and
members of the youth group offered the beginning Prayer.
(15 Sep. 2007)


 Julia began suffering the pains of the crown of thorns,
the top of her forehead at the 1st Station.

 Blood began to stream down from Julia's forehead
because of the pains from the crown of thorns at the 1st Station.


More blood streamed down from Julia's forehead to her shirt.  

Julia was praying earnestly even
while suffering the severe pains of the crown of thorns.

Julia screamed for the pains of the scourging
and fell down at the 9th Station.

At the 9th Station, Julia fell down on the ground because of the sudden beginning of scourging which Jesus had suffered.

Julia stood up again despite her severe pains.

Julia offering up the pains in reparation for the sins of
abortion together with other pilgrims on the Way of the Cross.

At the 12th Station, Julia felt deep sorrows, meditating on the pains that Jesus suffers even now for the conversion of sinners.

Julia felt so sad and wept, thinking of Jesus
who is shedding blood even now because of the wicked sinners.

 When Julia wiped her face with a handkerchief, blood appeared on the handkerchief even though she was not bleeding.

Julia did the Stations of the Cross barefoot together with the youth group despite her intense pains

 in front of th statue of  Our risen Lord

The pains that Julia began suffering in reparation for the sins of abortion before the beginning of the Stations of the Cross continued and intensified even after the Stations of the Cross was finished.

 Adoration under the Crucifix on Mt. Calvary.

 Julia prayed with her hands touching
feet of Jesus' image on the Crucifix.


While praying, Julia suddenly received powerful beams of light from the Crucifix and forcefully fell down on the ground. The light also caused an intense pain to Julia, as if her body was pierced with needles. At the same time, Our Lord's Precious Blood came down on Julia's forehead.

After Julia fell down by the power of the strong light and received Our Lord's Precious Blood on her forehead, she began suffering intense pains of the crown of thorns.

Julia's blood from her forehead and Our Lord's Precious Blood became merged and flowed down.



The blood from the wounds caused by the crown of thorns continued flowing down together with the Precious Blood which came down on her forehead.

  More and more blood and Precious Blood flowed down


 The Mass with the youth group.

  Julia greeted the members of the youth group with a big   smile despite her pains.


A volunteer helper explains to the youth group about the pains from the crown of thorns and the pains in reparation for the sins of abortion that Julia has been suffering.




The youth group members eagerly praying for the grace of repentance.


Fruits of the retreat for the youth

1) Ms. D from the Cheongju Diocese: I was like a non-practicing Catholic except that I was still attending the Sunday Masses. I never read the Bible or prayed. I received Holy Communion sacrilegiously. Through the retreat in Naju, the Lord led me to realize that I was a sinner and to begin a life of repentance. It is not enough yet, but I now pray, read the Bible, and offer up to the Lord and the Blessed Mother every moment of my life by turning it into a prayer as an effort to practice the messages. I also make the confession frequently with sincere contrition and also attend daily Masses. I receive the Holy Communion daily in order to be closer to the Lord.

2) Ms. S from the Cheongju Diocese: Before the retreat, I had been addicted to the television and computer. I had watched the television all the time except when my parents were at home. When I missed drama programs on the TV, I watched them on the computer until late at night. But, after the retreat, I have no interest in watching TV. Actually, I have not even turned on TV since the retreat. I only use the computer to visit the Naju web site. For the past 25 years, I lived according to my own will, doing whatever I liked. Now, I am trying to live according to the Will of the Lord and the Blessed Mother. This retreat in Naju was different from all other retreats in that we could really receive graces through prayers and consecration. I am so happy and grateful.

3) Ms. M from the Cheongju Diocese: Before the retreat, my prayers and my life had been separate. I had tried to pray, but it had been difficult and tiring, leaving my soul dry. Through the retreat in Naju, on the other hand, I deeply realized the importance of turning my life into prayers. Now I offer up my whole life as prayers, and this gives me new spiritual energy. For example, I used to drink four cups of coffee every day. After the retreat I gave up coffee and offered it up as a sacrifice for my younger sister who still persecutes me. Also, when I read the testimonies on the Naju web site, I read them all even when I am tired as a reparation for the sins committed at night.

4) Ms. Y from the Suwon Diocese: Before the retreat, I did not read the Bible, but, after the retreat, I always carry the Bible in my bag and read it and meditate on it whenever I can. As I also carry the book on how to turn our life into prayers, I learned many of the prayers at heart. Especially, I make efforts to pray hard during the Mass. Before the retreat, my manner of talking was rough and harsh, but, amazingly, it changed drastically after I read in the Bible that what comes out of our mouths defiles us. Also when I had a quarrel with my parents, I was given the courage to apologize immediately and reconcile. This had never happened before. I am so grateful for this and give glory and praise to the Lord and the Blessed Mother, and also pray that I will never lost this sense of gratitude.

5) Ms. C from the Jeonjoo Diocese: Naju is really the place where the living Lord and Blessed Mother are with us and where the truth is. After attending the first retreat, my heart was all fire with love for the Lord and the Blessed Mother. I became aware that the Lord and the Blessed Mother are truly with us at every moment. I also received spiritual and physical healing. Ah1 How big and great the Love of the Lord and the Blessed Mother is! I am truly amazed.