First Saturday of May (May 5, 2007),
the  Month of  the  Holy  Mother


 Our Lady of Naju exuding fragrant oil ( May 5,2007)


  Fragrant oil that came down in the chapel turned into milk  and then
the milk changed into bloody color. ( May 5, 2007

 Fragrant oil came down again in the chapel like dew.

Fragrant oil on the floor of the chapel.

Streams of the water of mercy that came down
on a voluteer helper back.


A photograph of the Sun taken after the pyer of the Stations of the Cross.
(May5, 2007)


Pilgrims witnessing a miracle of the Sun in Naju(May 5,2007)


Our Lady exuding golden  and bloody color fragrant oil on May 5, 2007


Flowers and candlelights offered to the Holy Mother of Naju in observane of special night for devotion to the Blessed Mother (May 5,2007)