First Saturday of June (June 2, 2007),
the Month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus


 Our Lady of Naju shedding tears and exuding fragrant oil by squeezing
all of herself with love on June, 2007 .


  Fragrant oil that came down in acrylic dome in the Holy Mother's Mountain
and turned into milk immediatly.

 Fragrant oil turning into milk

Fragrant oil that flowed down from the upper part of the acrylic dome
is turning into milk.



Colorful fragrant oil floating on the water of graces. (June 2, 2007)

Fragrant oil at the 9th Station on the Way of the Cross.


Fragrant oil at the 12th Station on the Way of the Cross.




Pilgrims at the 12th Station where they experienced
mercy and abundant graces from the Lord. (June 2, 2007)

 Pilgrims receiving the blessing from the resurrected Jesus
in front of the 15th Station.

 Pilgrims praising the Lord together with the dancing team.

Pilgrims exchanging the sign of peace.


The Mass filled with grace on the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity.

 Julia wiped  lots of sweat off her neck with a handkerchief
during the Mass and then the  sweat turned  into blood.


To our surprise  the blood in the inside of the handkerchief  was thicker.

After the Mass, the Precious Blood came down on Julia penetrating her ribbon .  While she was looking the Precious Blood,  streams of  the water of grace came down on her dress.

 Pilgrims on Mt. Calvary before beginning to pray the Rosary  

 Pilgrims praying the Rosary walkng on the way of the Cross.

 Julia looking at Jesus on the Crucifix on  Calvary Hill.


While  she was looking Jesus on the Crucifix, Julia suddenly fell down
under the Crucifix on  Calvary Hill


 Julia entered ecstasy


 Praying the Rosary before the area where the stones stained
Precious Blood are preserved.

Julia looking at the water of mercy coming down during
the Rosary prayer.

Julia receiving a message from Jesus

The moon appeared from clouds after the Rosary



Many pilgrims saw Jesus wearing a red mantle and the Blessed Mother
wearing a blue mantle and smiling near the Moon.
The pilgrims cheered with joy



 Prayer for healing of the pilgrims

After  the Stations of the Cross, the Precious Blood came down
on a pilgrim's clothes

Highlights of Julia Kim's testimony during the prayer meeting
on June 2, 2007, First Saturday

. . . Thus, Our Lord anxiously tells us, "Shouldn't you at least who know Me sew up My torn Heart?" Even today, Our Lord is shedding tears, sweating, and exuding water from His left side, because He suffers so much pain in His Heart. I am sure some of you also saw it.

Today I entered the Chapel to take the Blessed Mother's statue to the Mountain. I said, "My dearest Mommy, let's now go to the Mountain where your children are waiting." Then, I noticed that Jesus in the Eucharist, which had bled before and was placed in a reliquary turned Himself by 45 degrees so that He might face the Blessed Mother directly.

Brothers and sisters! In order to defend the Lord and the Blessed Mother, we must enter the battle to defeat the devil who interferes with the Blessed Mother's work. There shouldn't be chastisements as in the age of Sodom and Gomorrah or at the Noah's time of Deluge. I am willing to offer up my life. I will gladly sacrifice my life for the glory of the Lord and the Blessed Mother. There is nothing else that I want. All I want is the glory to the Lord and the triumph by the Blessed Mother.

The Lord rescued me from the danger of death and allowed me to lead a life of offering up myself on the altar for the triumph of the Blessed Mother's Immaculate Heart. What would I try to keep to myself? I will lay down everything I have for the glory of the Lord and the triumph of the Blessed Mother's Immaculate Heart. I am unworthy, lowly, and ignorant, but I will do everything that the Lord wishes me to do. Will you participate in the work for the Lord and the Blessed Mother? (Amen! Applause.)

The situation of the world now is so bad that God has to send down the chastisement. It is so bad that I cannot describe it all to you now. Because of this, the Lord and the Blessed Mother continues shedding tears of blood and exuding bloody sweat. Jesus is squeezing all of His Body to give us His Precious Blood and Water to the last drop. Today, He sent down His Precious Blood on me. Not only me, but also on all of you, too.

While we were praying the rosary walking on the Way of the Cross, I was sweating a lot. My whole body was covered with sweat, and I wiped the sweat with a handkerchief. When I looked after the rosary prayer was over, I saw lots of blood on the handkerchief. I also saw blood on my clothes. My sweat became bloody sweat. The reason for this sign was to show us that the Lord and the Blessed Mother continue suffering pains.

Brothers and sisters! Many kinds of pains have befallen us. If we graciously offer these up, blame ourselves instead of blaming other people, and approach the Lord as sinners who are repentant and wish to meet the Lord, the Lord will send down on us His most sublime and most pure love that will be more than what we can carry home.

As we are all on board Mary's Ark of Salvation, the Blessed Mother who ties Heaven and earth together will lead us all to the Heavenly harbor and let us enjoy the eternal happiness in Heaven. Now, let us never look back but hold the Blessed Mother's hands tightly and practice the messages of love from the Lord and the Blessed Mother. Then, we will surely inherit the eternal happiness in Heaven. Believe this. What I say to you is true.