The Blessed Mother's mountain,

filled with presence of Our Lady of Naju



Our Lady  shedding tears on 22nd anniversary of first weeping tears

Our Lady sent down fragrant oil on the acrylic cover in the chapel.

 Fragrant oil floating on the water of graces


 Pilgrims doing the Stations of the Cross 


Pilgrims at the 15th Station where the statue of Jesus resurrected

  Pilgrims appriciating  God for witnessing Precious Blood dripping from the His right rib 

  After doing the Stations of the Cross, the miracle of the Sun

 A photograph of the Sun taken after the prayer of the Stations
of the Cross


 A stone stained with Precious Blood at the 12th station
on the Way of the Cross


Priests, and Julia following the Blessed Mother
in her Ark of  Salvation into the vinyl tented Chapel

  The statue of Blessed Mother entering the vinyl tented Chapel
in her Ark of  Salvation


  A famous popera singer Mrs. Shim sang "Ave Maria" by Caccini

The performance of  a handdi capped pianist "Heeya"(Jacinta) who has only four fingers


 Julia hugging Heeya and her mother tight with tears

Julia wishing  Heeya God's blessing

Christina offered her beautiful dance to Mother of God

The Mass celebrated on 22nd anniversary of
 Our Lady's first weeping tears

Pilgrims praying the Rosary 


The Precious Blood came down on the clothes of a pilgrim.

The Precious Blood came down on Julia's dress

Fr. Joseph who takes the charge of pastoral care of vietnamese in Australia giving his testimony  

Fr. Viencent from vietnam said a few words

Fr. Ardus from Diocese Ruteng in Indonesia

A pilgrim giving his testimony, which he was recovered from a serious burn. Having applid the water of graces on his scaldface,
his skin was getting normal day by day. Some  pictures explain the process of healing


Julia smiling and giving her testimony even though
she had a terrible pain

Prayer for healing

The Precious Blood came down on the shirt of a pilgrim
during praying the Rosary.

 Precious Blood on a pilgrim

Many drops of Precious Blood came down on Heeya's clothes