Julia was in the way of the Cross where the precious Blood came down
came and knelt to adore the Lord.

The first witness explained that she saw the Precious Blood at the Ninth Station.

The Precious Blood came down on the plastic rings and small stones on the Way of the Cross.

Julia kim picked one of the stones that were stained with the Precious Blood.

The stone stained with much Precious Blood

Some stones were collected and put in a plastic container.

Julia Kim praying for the young couple who repented themselves just after they witnessed the Precious Blood on the Blessed Mother's Mountain.

All of a sudden  while Julia Kim was praying for the pilgimes
golden color fragrant oil came down.

One of the pilgrims smelling fragrant oil.

A copious amount of fragrant oil came down near the plastic dome.

Precious Blood came down on the rings and small stones

It was confirmed that more fragrant oil had come down at the entrance of the plastic dome.

A copious amount of fragrant oil came down near the plastic dome.



I am still bleeding on the Cross to save the whole human race and My Blood will not flow in vain. I am the Transfuser Who washes away your dirty sins. My precious Blood is a special medicine that will open the eyes of the sick souls and wake up the sleeping souls - through priests. I am so troubled that people receive Me out of habit and with indifference.

I wish to pour down all My Love upon all the souls on this earth. Help them participate in the heavenly banquet (=the Blessed Sacrament).
( One part of the Messages of Love on June 5 ,1988
given by Jesus)