September 20, 2007

The Feast of St. Andrew Kim, priest and martyr,
St. Paul Cheong, martyr, and Companions, martyrs

The ceremony of the unveiling of St. Andrew Dae-Gun Kims statue was held on the Blessed Mothers Mountain in Naju during the Holy Hour prayer meeting on September 20, 2007,
the third Thursday of the month



   The ceremony of blessings of the statue of St. Andrew Kim.
His relic was placed in front of the statue. (Sep 20, 2007)


   A priest was blessing the pilgrims after the ceremony.

After praying the rosary
Julia & pilgrims receiving the blessing of the priest

At that moment
the water of mercy was sending down from above.

 Precious Blood on a priest

 They were cheering with joy for the water of mercy.

Many people had not got wet
though the water of mercy poured upon them
The water of mercy came down turnning into a form of snowflake though the wheather was not cold.

(the temperature was expected to reach
between 15 and 18 degrees Celsius during the night)

Our Lord's Precious Blood on a priest.

 Julia Kim wiped her sweat
and then blood appeared on the handkerchief.

 The solmn Mass for the solemnity of St. Andrew Kim, priest & martyr, St. Paul Chong, martyr, and Companions, martyrs



 Julia's prayer for healing


 Precious Blood on a child.

Precious Blood on a pilgrim

 Precious Blood on a pilgrim