New Eucharistic miracles that happened in Naju on April 16 and May 6, 2005

On April 16, 2005, in the evening, two Sacred Hosts descended from above during the Mass celebrated by Father Pete Marcial from the Philippines on the Blessed Mother's Mountain and attended by about 250 people, and landed on the floor on Father Marcial's left side. This was the first miracle of the Eucharist descending from above since the miracle on January 6, 2002 when St. Michael the Archangel brought two Sacred Hosts from a tabernacle.

Father Marcial picked up the two Sacred Hosts and placed them on the corporal on the altar. After the Communion of the faithful was completed, Fr. Marcial put the two Sacred Hosts in a ciborium. At that moment, golden-color fragrant oil came down upon the corporal.

After Mass, Fr. Marcial brought the ciborium containing the two Sacred Hosts to his room and has been preserving it there.






On May 6, 2005, at about 5:50 p.m., Julia collapsed on the floor suddenly and forcefully and entered an ecstasy. In a vision, she saw a dense fog descending from above and enwrapping a ciborium.

Upon waking up from the ecstasy, Julia asked a volunteer helper to check the Sacred Hosts that had come down on April 16. The volunteer helper went to Fr. Marcial and relayed Julia's request. When Father Marcial opened the ciborium, he saw a large quantity of blood on the two Sacred Hosts.

Upon witnessing the miracle of the Lord's Precious Blood from the Sacred Hosts, Father Marcial was deeply moved and began crying loudly. About 30 pilgrims who were praying in the Chapel also witnessed this miracle and offered up praise, gratitude and glory to the Lord. 













"My beloved little soul!  I came down in person to share love with My children through the Eucharist in response to your wish that blossoms as a flower of consolation at every moment to repair My Sacred Heart and My Mother's that have been torn, but the Eucharist, which is My Substance, is being ignored by means of the theories and reasoning infected with errors and heresy.  For this reason, I will manifest today that the Eucharist, that descended on April 16 when My children specially called were gathered, is not a host.  This will be an evidence that I and My Mother love you so much and a sign of love for all the children who wish to come to Me through My Mother with an unshakable trust in you.  Therefore, take courage saying "Yes" regardless of what you do, when you do it, and where you do it, and live your life with Me through My Mother in Heaven"  (Message from Jesus on May 6, 2005)





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