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St. Paul of the Cross (1694~1774) said, "Meditate often on the sorrows of the Holy Mother, sorrows inseparable from those of her beloved Son. If you seek the Cross, there you will find the Mother, and where the Mother is, there also is the Son."

God, Who is the Infinite Love, has created human beings and invited them to His Bosom, but humans have resisted His invitation, seeking their own agenda and the vain things in the world, and have alienated themselves from God. Instead of practicing true love, they have trampled each other to achieve their selfish goals.

In order to save the human beings who turned their backs to Him, God sent His Own Son to the world so that He might offer reparations for their sins through His suffering and death on the Cross.

Thus, by relying on the merits of the Savior's shedding His Blood and observing His Commandment of Love, we can regain eternal life.  However, the great majority of people still shun God's plan of human salvation, continuing to wander in darkness and wasting their precious time.  The human society has become flooded with selfishness, hatred, violence, obscenity, abortions, and materialism.

Nevertheless, we still have a sure hope, because the Blessed Mother, who is the Mother of the Savior and our Heavenly Mother, is offering up the prayers of tears to God unceasingly and, at the same time, imploring and helping us shedding tears and tears of blood to repent and reform our lives.

God has willed that a mother be a great gift for us from Him and be an important instrument of His Love for us.  It can be said that the most sacrificial and unconditional love in this world is the mother's love.  As God was sending His Own Won to the world, He entrusted the conception, birth, and upbringing of the Savior to the Virgin Mary, who thus was the instrument of God's Love for the Savior.

God has also given the Blessed Mother to all His children as their true Mother so that they may be saved and protected from moral corruption and dangers and be nurtured with love and truth.  God has filled the Blessed Mother with His graces so that she may channel them abundantly to all His children.

The Blessed Mother continues to shed tears and tears of blood while looking at her Son suffering on the Cross and, at the same time, at us who are in constant danger of falling into sins and often refuse to repent our sins.  It is possible that we are ignorant of our true miserable conditions and feel self-confident and complacent.  It is possible that our hearts become hardened and our spiritual eyes become blind.  However, the Blessed Mother, who is in close union with God and is always filled with boundless love, can clearly see our hearts devoid of true love and, instead, filled with the things that are vain and superficial.  That is why she is trying to melt and purify our hardened hearts with her immaculate motherly love.  If we bend our proud egos and humbly entrust ourselves to the loving hands of the Blessed Mother, she will surely transform us into the faithful children of God.  Thus, we can surely lead a life of love, wiping away the Blessed Mother's tears of blood and turning her sorrows into joys.