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(Text extracted from the book,"Five  Spiritualities- Chapter4-#22")



In 2001, a priest who was skeptical about the Naju Messages was assigned to the Naju parish after the predecessor priest whose views were favorable on Najuleft for another parish.

He gave a homily on a Sunday Mass, he would harshlycriticize the Blessed Mother of Naju and Julia, making personal insults to her with the following comments:  “Fifteen years ago, our parish church was like clear water, and a loach showed up,

turning the clear water muddy. Now, it grew into a boa (big snake) and subsequently, turned the muddy water into the water of death.”  “Julia must crawl into the rat hole to breathe and just pray there.”  As he continued to deliver such degrading homilies, the parishioners gradually got tired of it and even those who did not know anything about the Naju apparitions got upset at his homily and left the church saying,  “I cannot listen to him any more!”

The priest forced the little soul to give a false witness before the congregation and said,  “Close down the Blessed Mother’s House and the Blessed Mother’s Mountain.  Bring the weeping statue and all the related items to this parish.  I will welcome you back into the parish if you declare that all the messages and miracles were fabricated by you and you ask for forgiveness.”  The little soul then confessed to her Spiritual Director,  “Because of me, the parish priest is frequently committing a sin of judgement.  I am offering up this situation, but I am also anxious…”

The Spiritual Director replied, “As the priest who does not believe in the miracle of the Blessed Mother of Naju continues to see you, he will surely speak more adversely of you.  Do an Act of Spiritual Communion at home until the time when these allegations calm down. The Lord will then send down the same graces upon you as in the Mass.”  Since then, she did the Liturgy of the Word every day and the Act of Spiritual Communion.


(The two Sacred Hosts miraculously descended.

The big One at the Chapel(Oct. 24, 2006),

and the small One on the Blessed Mother's Mt.(Apr. 16, 2005) &

Precious Blood flowed out of It.(May 6, 2005)


“My Jesus, I believe that You are present in the Most Holy Sacrament.  I love You above all things, and I desire to receive You into my soul.  Since I cannot receive You sacramentally at this moment, come at least spiritually into my heart through the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Mother.


I embrace You as if You are truly present and I unite myself wholly to You.  Never permit me to be separated from You.  Amen.”   Then, Jesus began speaking with a very kind voice.


“My little soul whom I love so dearly!  With total faith, love and trust in Me, you have not complained or become discouraged under whatever circumstances you might be in.  Instead, you have offered them up graciously and received Me through Spiritual Communions.  Such little sacrifices of yours quench My boundless thirst and also fill My Mother’s anxious Heart.  Therefore, how could I not be with you?”


In those days, Julia, her family and fellow devotees did Acts of Spiritual Communions.


Reference : Even though Gwangju Archdiocese prohibited Julia Kim from attending Mass, that resulted in her only limited recourse to practice the “Act of Spiritual Communion where Our Lord personally sent down His Holy Eucharist onto Julia’s tongue through several Eucharistic miracles since the Declaration of Gwangju Archdiocese.


While Julia was doing the Stations of the Cross early in the morning on November 24, 2001, Our Lord's Precious Blood turned into the white Sacred Host and descended (Nov 24, 2001)


Our Lord's Precious Blood turned into the Eucharist and landed Julia's tongue while she was praying under the Crucifix on the Blessed  Mother's  mountain. (Jan 01, 2002)

** This indicates that Our Lord personally testified to the truthfulness of His Works in Naju.



On February 4, 2017, during the First Saturday Vigil on the Blessed Mother’s Mountain, the little soul(Julia Kim) mentioned about private Acts of Spiritual Communion to those pilgrims who had been denied Holy Communion at their parishes just because they continued to go on pilgrimages to Naju.


“When you are denied to take Holy Communion, do an Act of Spiritual Communion. Jesus will come to you just as same he does through the Holy Communion. I heard about someone who tried at any cost to receive Holy Communion even when the parish priest denied him. I think his behaviour caused the priest to commit sin.  In such a case, do an Act of Spiritual Communion.


Before, I used to receive the Holy Eucharist on the tongue, kneeling down.  When I attended a Conference at the invitation of some Bishops, I fell on my knees to receive Holy Communion on the tongue during Mass.  Then, the priest told me to receive Communion through my hand.  Saying sorry to him, I quickly stood up and received It in my hand."


Even though other people’s ways do not conform to our wish, we have to comply with them quickly so that they may not commit sins by our stubborn assertion.  The spirituality of ‘Amen’, which is made known in Naju, is about genuinely caring for others so that they may not commit sins because of us, even if we were falsely accused of something.  It is because they are also God’s precious children who should be saved.  Therefore, how could Jesus and Mother Mary not love little souls who make efforts to put these Five Spiritualities into action?”