Jesus and the Blessed Mother said in Their messages that, because love has been annihilated, unity cannot be achieved, and, because of this, the sounds of humans screaming to each other in sins turn into the pain-causing sounds of wars and reach the skies, provoking God's wrath. They also said that sinners will repent and the clergy and the religious will achieve unity in love thanks to Julia's suffering the pains of the crown of thorns, the pains of crucifixion, the pains of fire flaming up in the Sacred Heart, the pains of Fr. Andrew Dae-Gun Kim's martyrdom, and the pains of reparation for abortions.

In one of her visions during the Holy Hour prayer meeting in 1981, Julia saw the part of Jesus' clothes covering His chest open and His Heart become visible and torn apart and bleed miserably.  She cried out loudly without paying attention to people surrounding and watching her:  "Oh, Lord!  My Lord! What can I do about Your torn Heart?"  Then, Jesus responded with a loud voice: "My Heart becomes torn apart mercilessly like this whenever people commit sins. I want at least you who know Me to sew up My torn Heart." Julia screamed loudly:  "Oh, Lord!  I will sew up the Lord's torn Heart.  I will sew it up."  Those who were around her also wept, struck with awe and reverence.  

Since then, Julia has been participating in the sufferings of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Mother caused by the sins committed by the children in the world. She has been willingly asking for more pains in order to practice charity and has been living a consecrated life of self-denial, poverty, and sacrifice.



Suffering the pains caused by the sins in the world, that one cannot even look at with open eyes (October 19, 1987)

"Help me open my eyes.  My eyes have become bloodshot because of the strikes that they receive from all kinds of profanity.  Wipe away my tears that flow every day." (Our Lady's message)

The pains of fire flaming up in the Sacred Heart
(October 19, 1987)

Jesus suffers from the wounds in His Sacred Heart caused by the sharp swords and spears mercilessly piercing It whenever sins are committed by the children in the world.  As Jesus could not even open His eyes and was groaning, His Heart opened and Blood flowed from It.





The pains of extreme thirst in the throat
(October 19, 1987)

"Jesus is shedding Blood miserably, because He is being hit by so many arrows and His Head is being pressed down with the crown of thorns.  My Immaculate Heart is becoming torn apart, and my throat is so dry, but there aren't many children who quench my thirst." (Our Lady's message) 

The pains in the ears (October 19, 1987)

The loud sounds of so many people screaming were reaching the skies as they were criticizing each other, promoting dissensions, committing the sins of profanity, insulting, judging, and flattering, committing sacrileges, being jealous of others, and being angry. My ears also began suffering from indescribably severe pains.  





The scratches made by the devil (January 29, 1989)

As I was praying continuously and trying to rescue poor souls from the swamp of evil, the devil, looking like
an eagle, hit me mercilessly with its wings, scratched my head with its claws, and pecked it with its beak.






The pains of the Crucifixion and the Crown of Thorns

Whenever the numerous children in the world commit sins, they were driving nails into the Lord's hands and feet and pressing down the crown of thorns on His head, causing Him bleed. 

The pains of Father Andrew Dae-Gun Kim's martyrdom (January 29, 1989)

"Thanks to your suffering the pains of St. Fr. Andrew's martyrdom, the Pope, Cardinals, Bishops, priests, and religious will achieve unity and climb Mt. Calvary carrying the cross of love together with My Son Jesus."
(Our Lady's message)







The pains of the side being pierced by a spear (January 29, 1989)

"The sounds of a hammer hitting nails to crucify my Son Jesus were causing pains of hitting my whole body with a hammer, and the piercing of the side of the Lord on the Cross with a spear caused extreme pains of crushing and piercing my Heart."  (Our Lady's message)






The pains of the Crucifixion (April 2, 1987)

Jesus on the Cross screamed, "Is there anyone who can lower Me from the Cross?"

The pains of both feet pierced by nails
(January 29, 1989)

Jesus was shedding Blood from His forehead because of the crown of thorns that was pressing down on His head and also from His side, both hands, and both feet.





The Pains of the Crucifixion (February 4, 1988)

Whenever the children in the world commit sins, the Sacred Heart of Jesus becomes mercilessly pierced by sharp swords and spears; He becomes crucified again; and He receives whipping and scourging again.

The Stigmata on both hands (February 4, 1988)





Scratches made by the devil

While the devil was scratching, pinching, biting, striking, and grabbing and shaking her hair, she offered the devotion of turning her life into prayers so that the sinners may repent.






The pains in reparation for abortions
(July 29, 1988)

"Many souls are walking toward hell because of abortions.  Through your sacrifices and penances, I intend to rescue the souls who did abortions. How can I not know your pains and your sufferings that you undergo?" (Our Lady's message)

The pains in reparation for abortions
(November 5, 1986)

"I feel pains in my womb as if it were going to become torn apart because of birth controls and abortions.  Little lives are roaming about in limbo after having been deprived of their human dignity and treated only as a lump of bloody flesh, which was a consequence of human cruelty, desecration and failure to recognize the dignity of human life.  Pray and soothe their wounds and offer up atonements for the sins committed at night."  (Our Lady's message)





The pains of the Crucifixion (July 1, 1996)

The Stigmata on Julia's both hands

The pains of the Crucifixion (July 1, 1996)

The Stigmata on Julia's both hands





The pains of the Crucifixion (July 2, 1996)

The Stigmata on Julia's both hands






(July 2, 1996, about 4 p.m.)

A doctor at Namgwang General Hospital in Kwangju examining the Stigmata on Julia's hands.  He wrote a statement testifying that her wounds had no medical explanation.






(July 2, 1996, about 7 p.m.)

A doctor at a local clinic in Kwangju examining the Stigmata on Julia's hands.






The Blessed Mother's most anxious plea

"I have so anxiously implored you and screamed until my throat began bleeding that there is no more time to procrastinate as the cup of God's wrath is overflowing.  Nevertheless, the children in the world are not following this Mamma's words, causing my Heart become torn into pieces." (Our Lady's message)






The pains of vomiting blood and of a burning thirst in the throat.  Also, the pains in reparation for abortions

Julia suffered unceasingly, even vomiting blood. The Blessed Mother loves us so much that she speaks to us even until she vomits blood in order to save even one more soul.

The pains in the chest and the neck

The children in the world are not forming unity in love; they make promises easily but do not keep them; and there are many priests but they do not quench the thirst of the children whom the Blessed Mother loves.  She feels extreme thirst in her throat.





The devil's attack (April 23, 2000)

As the Blessed Mother appeared radiating light, the devils, who had been attacking Julia, lifted charcoals in their hands and pressed down her neck with them, threw the charcoal basket at her, and ran away. She was hit severely on her eyes, face, and chest, and had difficulty opening her eyes.