Turning our lives
into prayers

Turning our lives
into prayers

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Offering up



When we hear the words: "offering up", we may first think about the offerings we make during the collection time at Mass. Actually, it means a lot more than that. When the Blessed Mother used this term while giving messages to Julia Kim, she meant a total offering up of our lives. She wants us to give the Lord through her the entirety of our lives—all our thoughts, words, and deeds and all our other experiences, even including the most trivial things.

"Offering up" that the Blessed Mother mentions is not something that we only need to do occasionally but what we should do all the time, graciously entrusting ourselves and everything in our lives to the Lord through the Blessed Mother. For example, whatever difficulties and pains may befall us, we can offer them up as our little sacrifices in union with the sufferings of the Lord and the Blessed Mother for the benefit of our family and neighbors, for the conversion of sinners, and for the poor souls in Purgatory instead of complaining about them or despairing because of them. This will give much consolation to the Lord and the Blessed Mother and will also become a precious merit for us and bring us a reward.

The fact is that the pains we experience in our lives cannot be removed or lessened by our complaining or resenting about them. If we respond to them with bitterness and sadness, this will only develop into hatred and anger and cause further wounds in us and other people. In such cases, our pains do not bring any good, but are only wasted.

On the contrary, if we graciously offer up the same pains to the Lord for the benefit of others, for the conversion of sinners, and for other worthy intentions, the Lord and the Blessed Mother will be comforted. Because of such gracious offerings, our rewards will accumulate in Heaven. If we just complain about our illnesses and other pains, they will only be wasted. However, if we offer them up graciously, the Lord and the Blessed Mother will use them not only for us but also for saving more souls, which will give more glory to God.

Therefore, let us not complain about the many difficulties and pains that we experience in our daily lives but graciously offer them up as our little sacrifices and gifts of love. This will not only give much joy to the Lord and the Blessed Mother but also give us a laurel crown of victory in the next world. Let us all become little souls who graciously offer up their lives to the Lord through the Blessed Mother at every moment of their lives.


(Sep 17, 1991, Blessed Mother) "Keep in your heart the words of this Mother, who is the Helper in Redemption, and offer up even the pains that cause bleeding inside of you?The souls, who are elevated high on the Cross and offer themselves graciously as victims to the Lord, are truly the souls who glorify the Lord and are the little soul who are closest to me."

(Nov 4, 1991, Blessed Mother) "My beloved children! Now offer even those trivial things in your life to me graciously. I will give you the power to transcend even the most trivial things. When you offer up everything and drink the painful cups of the cross and martyrdom with love, even those who are deserted in the middle of the pains of death will repent and see the light in darkness."

(Jan 21, 1994, Blessed Mother) "My beloved daughter! Thank you. You offered the extreme pains for the conversion of sinners well. The devil afflicts you, but do not forget that I am always protecting you at your side."

(Oct 23, 1994, Blessed Mother) "When all of you, who are following me, live a consecrated life, offering up your sacrifices and penance for the conversion and salvation of sinners, I will guide you all on the road that surely leads to Heaven."

(Jan 18, 1995, Blessed Mother) "Remember that you can arrive at glory only through sufferings. Offer them up well for the conversion of the children in the world?Following this Mother's wish that you pursue the heavenly matters only, offer up your sufferings totally and graciously."

(Jan 3, 2002, Blessed Mother) "My beloved daughter! Your sacrifices and penances are reparations for the sins of obscenity and the sins against chastity that are committed at night, and will help the graces of repentance flow into those who commit these sins. Therefore, offer up the pains given to you more graciously."

(Jan 5, 2002, Blessed Mother) "Your bloody pains will not be fruitless, and, through the sacrifices and reparations that you (plural) offer up, many souls will receive the grace of repentance."

(Mar 28, 2002, Blessed Mother) "My Son Jesus and I, Who are listening to the sounds of your prayers filled with love and sincerity, are greatly consoled by the sacrifices and reparations that you offer up for the conversion of sinners.

(June 11, 2002) "At that moment, I said to the Lord, Lord! I am unworthy and weak, but wish to participate in Thy suffering even a little. The Lord said, "Are you willing to suffer pains in reparation for what the sinners are doing? I answered, "Yes, Lord, if it can be even a little consolation to the Lord and the Blessed Mother and help sinners repent."

 (June 30 ,2002 )  "JESUS: Are you willing to suffer pains for Me and My Mother and for the conversion of sinners? I answered promptly: "Yes, I am so willing."

(Aug 15, 2002, Blessed Mother) "That you may all be counted as good heads of grain on the day of God's stern judgment when He separates weeds from wheat and that you may enjoy Heaven, do not squander any moment of your journey, whether it be short or long, but, displaying the power of love more vigorously, offer up graciously even the pains of internal bleeding."

(Aug 15, 2002, Jesus) "My lovable daughter! Without complaining even when you were attacked and persecuted with all kinds of malicious groundless rumors and preposterous words and when your body and mind were all covered with wounds, you graciously offered up all those pains, which were like being killed twice, as sacrifices, reparations and love for the conversion of sinners. As I have been moved by your love interwoven with your deep trust in Me and total reliance on Me, I cannot help but send down graces upon this world."

(Mar 4, 2006, Blessed Mother) "I want you to become one with my Heart, as you know well that the humiliating insults you suffer in this world are not your share but mine, and offer up your bleeding pains graciously with the heart of sacrifice and reparation so that the children who are spiritually blind and deaf may truly repent and not fall into the fire of sulfur but be saved."