Turning our lives
into prayers

Turning our lives
into prayers

Jesus and Mary's words


How to practice

Offering up

"To turn our lives into prayers" means to live and converse with Jesus and Mama Mary at every moment, completely offering up the totality of our lives to the Lord through Mama Mary.  Jesus made this devotion known for all the children in the world, saying: "To turn your lives into prayers means to completely offer up the totality of your lives to Me through My Mother as littler and littler persons, even when your thoughts are imperfect." (June 13, 2000)

Thus, we need to offer up everything we do in our lives, even the littlest, most trivial, and seemingly worthless matters. When we do all things (eating, putting on clothes, etc.) in the name of, together with, and for the sake of Our Lord, we are breathing, moving, and living in the Lord, and it is the Lord, not ourselves, who lives in us. This devotion of turning our lives into prayers is an amazing gift of love from the Lord and Mama Mary and is a shortcut to practicing the messages of Our Lady of Naju as well as the spirituality of Our Lady of Naju.

"That is because your turning your life into prayers, which you have been imploring (others to practice) and which is to totally offer up and turn into prayers everything from the moment you wake up to the moment you fall asleep, not neglecting even little and trivial things, becomes dissolved in My Sacred Heart and My Mother's Immaculate Heart and becomes one (with Them); it pulls out the nails one after another which the children of the world have driven into Me by offending (Me); and it becomes prayers of consolation that wipe away My Mother Mary's tears and tears of blood." (November 2, 2000)

Thus, when we make sincere efforts to completely offer up everything in our daily lives to the Lord through Mama Mary, especially not neglecting even the littlest and most trivial things, the Lord and Mama Mary will turn our such efforts into big merits of pulling out the nails driven into the Hearts of Jesus and Mama Mary and stitching up Their torn Hearts.  They (our efforts) will also become immeasurable glory, praise, and consolation to the Lord and Mama Mary and will lead us to walk the way of sanctity and perfection as humble, little souls and, on the last day, entitle us to the right and privilege of picking and eating fruits of the tree of eternal life in Heaven. 

Therefore, this simple and humble devotion of turning our lives into prayer is a certain sign that the Lord and Mama Mary want not just some special souls but all the children in the world to gain and enjoy Heaven.