Dear all friends who love the Blessed Mother of Naju,

We send you our greetings at the end of this year with thankful hearts in the love of the Blessed Mother of Naju, together with Julia Kim.

The little soul has been offering extreme pains of death and sacrifices of atonement for more than 30 years to fulfill the wishes of Our Lord and the Blessed Mother for the salvation of human-race.

The Little Soul, who is the victim soul said, “It would be fine if I should go through all pains of death, physical and spiritual suffering given to me. I can offer up, even to the point of laying down my life. But when people commit sins of judgment against Naju with misunderstanding that makes me most painful because they commit sins because of me.”

We hereby, send you this letter, as you are the ones who love Mama Mary of Naju, should know correctly all the facts and take initiative to spread message of love vigorously with feeling the honor of being the helpers for the Blessed Mother.


Archbishop of Gwangju publicized a letter which was originally supposed to be delivered to Julia and Julio, to all dioceses in Korea before it arrived to Julia and Julio.

(BEFORE IT ARRIVED TO JULIA AND JULIO) The Archbishop required some answers to his questions within a stated deadline indicated in the letter. But He publicized it in advance before the letter was sent to Julio and Julia, it was sent even to foreign countries. Some parish priests openly read the letter to the faithful congregation on Sunday Mass.

As the archbishop instructed Julio and Julia in the letter, they made annual confession and fixed the amount of monthly offering and then contacted the officer of the parish church.

But Fr. Song asked them for an alternative precondition in the condition of accepting them back into the parish.

The preconditions he presented was that if Julio and Julia declare with microphone to the falithful on Sunday mass that all the messages and miracles of Naju had been fabricated by her, provided she close the Chapel, he would then accept them back into the parish. Julio and Julia couldn’t comply with that.

So Fr. Song didn't accept them to the Parish church. That was the very reason why they couldn't come to the Church.

Therefore under this kind of condition it would not be fair if Archbishop told that Julia refused to go to church to lead a normal faith life.

"Reconcile with the Church and lead a life of normal faith" which is mentioned in the letter which means, "Testifying falsely all the Works of the Lord and the Blessed Mother for couple of years are her fabrications before the faithful."

If Julia complied to all these, Julia had to abandon her important mission given by Our Lord and the Blessed Mother, and in so doing deny all the truthful facts on the sublime Works of the Lord and the Blessed Mother just in order to be permitted back to the Church. She could not do that against her conscience.

Fr. Luke Hong-Chul Song, (the Pastor of Naju from 2001 to 2005) severely persecuted Naju, even saying that he would demolish the chapel with a bulldozer and give the statue of the Blessed Mother of Naju to him after prohibiting Julio and Julia to attend Masses in the Naju parish church. Is it right to give the miraculous statue of the Blessed Mother to the Fr. Song who made a proclamation like that?

Also Fr. Song refused to celebrate the funeral Mass for Julio's mother and asked the parishioners not to visit the funeral to offer prayers and threatened the pastor of his mother's parish: "If  you allow even a prayer service for her, I will consider it a scandal in the Church and take appropriate measures." No priest was allowed to celebrate Mass or give a prayer service for his mother.

As we all know, even if the deceased person were a non-practicing Catholic, Mass should still be offered for the salvation of those souls. But Fr. Song didn’t do this ministry.

He went further by sending persons to other parishes to watch Julia if she went to another Parish Churches.

Since then, Julio & Julia could not lead a normal Catholic faithful life, including all local and foreign pilgrims who visited Naju as well.

The Gwangju Archdiocese never became interested in the heavenly signs from the Lord and the Blessed Mother but instead, fastidiously stick to the matters of material wealth of Naju. It even asked Julio and Julia to contribute their wealth totally to the Archdiocese despite the situation that Mother Mary's Working should be continued as the will of the Lord and the Blessed Mother.

(At that time when the Archbishop visited Julio, in the midst of a dialogue with Julia, suddenly he left with anger without waiting for Julio who was about to bring his bankbooks to the Archbishop as he instructed. He then announced later that Julia & Julio didn’t present the financial documents of Naju which Your Excellency had requested nor offer it to the church and they didn’t want to lead a normal life of faith.)

Now the Blessed Mother's House is in the process to be incorporated and protected by government laws and clarifications will be made on the matter of wealth.

Our God Father teaches us to safeguard "truth" and testify it. If a flock of sheep have to wander in the darkness because of the shepherds who would close their eyes to truthfulness compromising with their own safety, then who should be responsible for that?

According to the alleged declaration of the Gwangju Archdiocese, "the species of bread and wine must continue to remain unchanged even after the consecration." (Does not exist in the Church doctrine, the wording "should")

It seems to have been intended to deny the possibility of Eucharistic miracles such as the one in Lanciano, Siena, Orvieto, and so on. It is a grave matter to insert a meaning that is not contained in the words of the doctrine and, thereby, detracted and altered the original meaning of the doctrine.

Why don't the priests try protesting even though they know the truth and why do they close their eyes under the pretense of obedience even when they see the errors? Because of face-saving and others' attention? Or is it because they are afraid of the imminent persecution that is expected when they expose the errors by defending the truth?

A lot of Miracles and signs continue even until now, after 16 years since the erroneous declaration was issued. Telling the truth is not disobedience. We think it's very unfortunate to drive out the faithful who tell the truth. Let us therefore, who love the Blessed Mother of Naju, testify the truth, and not being blinded by that.

To follow the declaration that is filled with errors and defending it openly is disobeying God, the source of truth and at the same time, disobeying Jesus, who said, "For this I was born and for this I came into the world, to testify to the truth. Everyone who belongs to the truth listens to my voice." (John Ch 18, 37)

Let us spread the truth knowing for sure that letting the truth be known and exposing errors are never disobediences.

“Many have been greatly mistaken as to this condition of obedience, believing that it consisted in doing at random whatever should be commanded, even were it contrary to the Commandments of God and Holy Church… In all that relates to the Commandments of God, just as Superiors have no power whatever to give any contrary command, so in such a case inferiors have no obligation to obey - indeed, if they did so they would sin.” (St. Francis de Sales, The Spiritual Conferences, trans. by Canon Mackey, O.S.B., p. 179)

As sins are multiplying in this world, darkness is sweeping down on it and Julia Kim's suffering is just terribly getting intense, it seems that the Lord and the Blessed Mother require more of our cooperation with prayers, sacrifices and our little pains to offer up.

Let us go forward only toward the light of truth. Amen!

May God bless all of  you!