"If you want the world to be saved,

go out to this world one more time and

work for the repentance of sinners so that all

the children of this world may be perfectly

armed with the Five Spiritualities that

you have been proclaiming in Naju.

Propagate and spread them widely.

That alone is the last weapon

with which they can be saved.


The prayers of life which can be offered most

devotedly at every waking moment are the prayers fulfilled

by My infinite mercy, and so far, through your love

interspersed with sacrifices and reparations during

the journey of your life. Therefore, do not worry at all

but get up and go out to the world and

make the prayer of life known."

(Message from God the Father on April 18, 2014)


"What is "The Five Spiritualities?"

This Spirituality of the Five Ways of the Blessed Mother of Naju is both a sublime prayer and an unprecedented spirituality fulfilled through a little soul’s sacrifices and love which flow continuously like a spring that never dries up. However, it was not simply and randomly given by the Lord and the Blessed Mother but through preparation of utmost care.

The Blessed Mother asked Jesus for a little soul who would help Her work for the salvation of the world; Jesus chose Julia Kim from the multitude of people who are as numerous as the stars in the sky and the grains of sand on the seashore.

Jesus, together with Mother Mary guided Julia through her whole life and personally nurtured her even from the time she was in her mother’s womb, and every step of the way since then.

However, the little soul made good use of her free will and overcame all her pain by endlessly offering up her self-renunciation, love, and Sem-chi-go” (Self-denial for the love of others).

Thus, the little soul matured spiritually and the Five Spiritualities was gradually developed through her life of suffering and pain in the span of 33 years until she met the Lord.

Regardless of our level of education or knowledge, consistent practice of this teaching will help us to acquire virtues quickly, improve our abilities to discern and reach perfection. It will also lead us to a life of repentance, enabling us to make full reparations for our sins in this world.

Looking into how the Lord’s amazing grace had worked through the little soul’s life and how she was raised will help us to understand and appreciate the deep meaning of the Five Spiritualities of Naju.

Julia Kim took care of grandfather Bong, Il-Dong .
She even carried him on her back to the church for his baptism. He had been blind
for 50 years from optic nerve disease (Amaurosis) and had no one to depend on.
Because of Julia Kim’s extremely devoted prayers and sacrifices, he was able
to regain his eyesight and lived 5 more years until his death at 90 years old.


"No matter how unworthy I am and continuously

groaning from the sufferings caused by illnesses,

how graciously and happily I receive the sufferings

so that my little offering though like specks of dust

may contribute to the work of salvation

by the Lord."  Amen !

(Julia's prayer)

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