p_5.GIF Holy Triduum in Naju, Korea


Invitation to the Holy Triduum in Naju, Korea!

We warmly invite you

to the Holy Triduum in Naju 2019 !


    1. Date : April 18 ~ 21, 2019

   (Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Vigil)

   The Stations of the Cross offered with Julia Kim at 3.P.M,

   on April 19, Good Friday 2019

2. Venue : The Blessed Mother's Mountain in Naju, Korea

3. E-mail / Tel : marysnaju @ najumary.or.kr / 82-61-334-5003

The Stations of the Cross offered with Julia Kim on Good Friday


"All the children in the world who have been called!  The time for completing your mission has drawn near at hand.  I wish that, in this age when empty heads of grain and good grains are being separated, at least you, who have responded with "Amen" to the call by Me and My Mother, will remember again the truth that one can resurrect if only he dies and do your best by taking even the most wicked sinners on board Mary's Ark of Salvation prepared by your Heavenly Mother so that they may also be saved."  Message of Love from Jesus on September 1, 2007


"Our group for Indonesia had a wonderful experience : Many of them had healing physically and mentally. We had seen the suffering of Julia during the Via Crucis. From there we are sure that Jesus loves His children and many of them received the Sacrement of Ppenance. All of us experienced  that Naju is a place of grace and Julia is an insrument of God to express the love of God to the mankind, to the world. Glory to God and all of us love Mary as Our Mother and protector. We hope that more Christians will come to thank Jesus and His Mother Mary in Naju."

April 4, 2010 in Naju.

Mgr. F.X. Prajasuta.

Bishop of Banjarmasin.

* Annotation The name of town is a steep climb of 413 steps called the Via Crucis which lead up Calvary Hill





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